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About Birding NSW

BIRDING NSW is ‘Birding NSW – New South Wales Field Ornithologists Club Incorporated’. Our aim is to share the joy of bird watching with others and support conservation of bird life. We’re a not-for-profit organisation run by a voluntary committee of elected officials.

Our objectives

  • To encourage bird watching as a leisure activity.
  • To promote the study and conservation of Australian birds and their habitat.
  • To publish pamphlets and periodicals that promotes and furthers these objectives.
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What We Do

Field trips

  • Guided outings held on Saturdays, Sundays and midweek.
  • Regular campouts at rural destinations in NSW.
  • Longer camping and/or accommodated trips to destinations around Australia.
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  • Monthly meetings featuring a guest speaker followed by socialising over tea and coffee.
  • Yearly photographic competition with all entries shown at a monthly meeting where winners are announced.
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  • Publish a bi-monthly informative Newsletter available online or by post.
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Action for Conservation


New members  are welcome:

Go to the online membership application page and complete the application there.


The Club’s Constitution

You can read or download our Constitution hereBirding NSW Constitution


The History of Birding NSW 1970- 2020


The first part of this history recorded the Club’s beginnings in 1970 and its  progress to 2000. This was published as Volume 32 No. 2 of Australian Birds (the Journal of the NSWFOC) in 2000. Tom Karplus (the current President in 2020) suggested that a further segment of the club’s history up to 2020 be written as part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the club. The two sections were combined and published as a Supplementary Newsletter No. 311 in May 2022.

It automatically downloads at the following link:

Birding NSW History 1970-2020

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