<h2>Celebrating <strong>Beauty</strong> & Diversity</h2><h3>Superb Fairy-wren</h3> <h2><strong>Bringing Back</strong> Vanishing Species</h2><h3>Regent Honeyeater</h3> <h2><strong>Sharing,</strong> Exploring & Discovering</h2><h3>Discovering Shorebirds outing</h3> <h2><strong>Connecting</strong> with Nature's Wonders</h2><h3>Double-banded Plover</h3> <h2>Sharing Nature's Awesome <strong>Majesty</strong></h2><h3>Yellow-nosed Albatross</h3> <h2>Planting a <strong>future</strong> for threatened species</h2><h3>Capertee Valley tree planting</h3> <h2><strong>Reducing</strong> the Threat of Extinctions</h2><h3>Superb Parrot</h3>


The Club meets monthly at two venues. Meetings include presentations by guest speakers, information on activities and trip programs, and listing of unusual sightings. And yes, visitors are most welcome!


When: 7.30 pm on the first Tuesday of the month from February to December. Doors open 7.00 pm.
Where: Mitchell Theatre Level 1
Sydney Mechanics School of Arts
280 Pitt Street, Sydney, situated between Park and Bathurst Streets.

Closest train stations: Town Hall and Museum.

Closest car parking stations: World Square and Piccadilly.

Central Coast

When: 7.30 pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month from February to December.

Where: Progress Hall, Anzac Rd, Tuggerah, diagonally opposite McDonalds Tuggerah.

Meeting Calendar

February 2017

  • Tuesday 7 February Club Meeting: “Magical Ecuador – from cloud forest to the Galapagos” with speaker Trevor Waller.
  • Tuesday 28 February Central Coast Meeting: “Birding in Sri Lanka”. Speaker: John Rawson

March 2017

  • Tuesday 7 March Club Meeting: “Regent Honeyeater Research Project” with speaker Ross Crates
  • Tuesday 28 March Central Coast Meeting: “Birding the United Kingdom’s Far North – Fair Isle to Muckle Flugga” with speaker: Jay Nicholson

April 2017

  • Tuesday 4 April Club Meeting:  ” Sulphur-crested Cockatoos and nesting hollows” with speaked John Martin
  • Tuesday 25 April Central Coast Meeting: “Bird Life of Sydney Olympic Park over Time” with speaker Judy Harrington

May 2017

  • Tuesday 2 May Club Meeting:  “Powerful Owls” with speaker Lisa Harvey
  • Tuesday 23 May Central Coast Meeting: “Cowra Woodland Bird Surveys” with speaker Rex Schmidt

June 2017

  • Tuesday 6 June Club Meeting:  “Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos research project”  Speaker Jessica Rooke
  • Tuesday 27 June Central Coast Meeting: “Birding in Norway” Speaker Greg Miles

July 2017

  • Tuesday 4 July Club Meeting:  “Water management in the Darling-Murray Basin”  Speaker Terry Korodaj
  • Tuesday 25 July Central Coast Meeting: “Birding in Central Chile and Northern Argentina” Speaker Allan Richards

August 2017

  • Tuesday 1 August  Club Meeting:  “The Plains Wanderer”  Speaker David Parker
  • Tuesday 22 August Central Coast Meeting: “Birding in South Africa” Speaker Mike Kuhl

September 2017

  • Tuesday 6 September Club Meeting: “Penguins of the World”  Speaker Trevor Waller
  • Tuesday 26 September Central Coast Meeting: “Iceland and Spitzbergen” Speaker Michael Scobie

October 2017

  • Tuesday 3 October Club Meeting:  “Bird Song” Speaker Tim Low
  • Tuesday 24 October Central Coast Meeting: “Powerful Owl Project – Update” Speaker Beth Mott

November 2017

  • Tuesday 7 November Club Meeting:  Awards for the 50th Annual Photographic Competition
  • Tuesday 28 November Central Coast Meeting: “Cairns & Atherton Tablelands” Speaker Daniel McKeon

December 2017

  • Tuesday 5 December Annual General Meeting:  Arnold McGill Memorial Lecture on “Working with the Night Parrot” Speaker Penny Olsen followed by the Christmas party.

February 2018

  • Tuesday 6 February Club Meeting: “Gould’s Petrel” Speaker Nicholas Carlile (NPWS)

March 2018

  • Tuesday 7 March Club Meeting: “The southern race of the Black-throated Finch” Speaker Stanley Tang