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If You’re a Beginner

Come to one of our outings! You’ll be surprised and amazed at how enjoyable and informative they can be. You’ll meet members with a wide range of knowledge of birds and their behaviour who are always willing to share their experience. There’s no need to birdwatch alone. Just turn up at any outing or meeting and introduce yourself. You’ll be welcome.

Why Go Birding?

A world of amazing colours, beautiful plumages, songs and fascinating habits await you:

  • Discover the beautiful Diamond Firetail, the Rainbow Bee-eater, Turquoise Parrots and other birds.
  • Listen to the unforgettable songs of the Superb Lyrebirds, Rufous Whistlers, Bowerbirds and Skylarks.
  • Experience the sight of birds of prey soaring on summer thermals.
  • Hear the haunting calls of our Bush Stone-Curlews, Nightjars and Owls.
  • Be enchanted by our delightful Pardalotes and Robins, be entertained by the antics of Babblers and Choughs.


Birding NSW caters for all interests – beginners, experts and professional ornithologists alike.

  • Beginners – Regular weekend and weekday outings are held in a number of locations with an emphasis on enjoyment. Beginners mix with more experienced birders and get lots of advice on bird identification, behaviour, bird calls etc. Binoculars are available for newcomers. Experienced advice is available on field guidebooks, bird call audio and video material, binoculars and spotting scopes.
  • Experienced birders – Opportunities to join other experienced birders on field trips, 4WD trips, boat trips, campouts, surveys, tree planting and various other activities.
  • Access to the Birding NSW Discussion Forum (more information later this year).

How to Join

Use the online membership application form for new membership(s).

Download new membership form April 2018. Save the completed form on your desktop, fill it in and email as an attachment to info@birdingnsw.org.au
Download the new membership form April 2018, complete it, print it and mail to:
Birding NSW
PO Box Q277
Queen Victoria Building

Payment can be made using the online banking information:

Account Name:     Birding NSW

BSB:                    062169

Account No.:         10193174

or by post with a cheque made payable to ‘Birding NSW’.

The application form is available as a Word file here.



For members who want to renew their membership, please use the online membership renewal form 

A copy of the 2018 membership renewal form, which you can post along with your cheque the Membership Secretary at the above address can be downloaded here.