<h2>Celebrating <strong>Beauty</strong> & Diversity</h2><h3>Superb Fairy-wren</h3> <h2><strong>Bringing Back</strong> Vanishing Species</h2><h3>Regent Honeyeater</h3> <h2><strong>Sharing,</strong> Exploring & Discovering</h2><h3>Discovering Shorebirds outing</h3> <h2><strong>Connecting</strong> with Nature's Wonders</h2><h3>Double-banded Plover</h3> <h2>Sharing Nature's Awesome <strong>Majesty</strong></h2><h3>Yellow-nosed Albatross</h3> <h2><strong>Reducing</strong> the Threat of Extinctions</h2><h3>Superb Parrot</h3>



Birding NSW caters for all interests – beginners, experts and professional ornithologists alike.

  • Beginners – Regular weekend and weekday outings are held in a number of locations with an emphasis on enjoyment. Beginners mix with more experienced birders and get lots of advice on bird identification, behaviour, bird calls etc. Binoculars are available for newcomers. Experienced advice is available on field guidebooks, bird call audio and video material, binoculars and spotting scopes.
  • Experienced birders – Opportunities to join other experienced birders on field trips, 4WD trips, boat trips, campouts, surveys, tree planting and various other activities.
  • Access to the Birding NSW Discussion Forum (more information later this year).


How to Join

Go to the online application for membership page and complete the form.

Please contact the Membership Secretary at membership@birdingnsw.org.au

  • for alternative methods of payment
  • if you are wanting to give a gift subscription
  • to make a membership application for a Junior
  • any queries re membership.



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