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Annual Photo Competition

Images from the 2016 competition

The top ten photos are presented here in order of merit:

Overall winner               Michael Hanvey for Variegated Fairy-wren

Second place                  Rob Smith for Silver Gulls on Lighthouse Beach

Single Bird Prize           Alfred Schulte for  Plains Wanderer

Fourth place                   Michael Hanvey for  Eastern Osprey

Fifth place                       Michael Hanvey for  Ruddy Turnstones

Bird In Flight Prize      Tom Wilson  for  Bullers Albatross

Seventh place                Michael Hanvey   for Red-necked Avocets

Group of Birds Prize    Jodi Webber for Forest Kingfishers

Ninth place                    Maria Mazo Lavin  for  Pacific Black Duck

Tenth place                    Christine Schulte   for  Common Noddys




Images from the 2015 competition


Selected images from among the top ten chosen by the judges in the 33rd annual photo competition.

The ranked order of the image and the number of the image in the full display on Tuesday Nov 4 is shown for each image.

no1 53_Yellow-billed Spoonbill
no1 53_Yellow-billed Spoonbill
First prize Copyright © Michael Hanvey
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The application form for the annual photo competition can be downloaded here  ( as a Word file).


Please note carefully, the changes in rules for the competition’

Rules of the Birding NSW  Photographic Competition 2016

  1. Entry is open to all photographers, either financial members of Birding NSW ($40), or on payment of a $50 entrance fee
  2. All entries must be the entrant’s own work
  3. Photographs must be of native Australian birds taken in the wild in Australia or in its waters or territories
  4. There are three entry categories:
    1 – single bird
    2 – group of birds
    3 – bird/s in flight
  5. No photograph or image will be accepted in which a next or a nest site is visible
  6. Each entrant may submit no more than three (3) images in any one category, for a total of not more than nine (9) images
  7. Images may be taken on digital or film camera, but those taken on film camera must be scanned onto a disk or USB drive
  8. Entries must be submitted on disk or USB drive and must include a completed entry form. No emailed entries will be accepted.  Please ensure that your name is written on the disk or USB drive.
  9. Any form of modification to the images is allowed. However, the entrant must state whether the image has been modified or not, and give brief information about the nature of the modification
  10. Do not include your name or anything that may identify you on the images
  11. Competitors are required to submit their entries in standard.jpg format 1600 x 1024 pixels, and, in addition a smaller version of the entry for website publication (.jpg format and no larger than 300 KB)
  12. In submitting entries, competitors acknowledge the right of Birding NSW to publish the top 10 winning images in its newsletter and on its website
  13. No entrant can receive more than one prize
  14. The winner will receive $1,000 and the runner-up $500
  15. There will be three prizes of $250 each for the best entry in each of the three categories, apart from the two main prizes
  16. Criteria on which entries will be judged include photographic technique and composition, clarity of the bird(s) depicted, rarity of the species or apparent difficulty in obtaining the shot and overall visual impact
  17. The judges’ decision is final, and distribution of the prizes is at the discretion of the judges, who reserve the right not to award a prize if the entries are deemed not to be of a high enough standard
  18. The deadline for entries is Tuesday, 4 October. Results will be announced and prizes will be distributed at the 1 November meeting of Birding NSW, at 7:30 pm in the Mitchell Theatre,  Level 1, Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts, 280 Pitt Street, Sydney.  Everyone is welcome to attend.