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Dear Colong Foundation supporter,

Colong e-News No. 24

This e-news is about submissions in support of nature conservation. I know everyone is busy, (I blame mobile phones, computers and tablets for that) and somehow with all that connection, finding time to making submissions has fallen away. So could you please take a moment to make submissions on the following proposals. Thank you! 

Keith Muir, Colong Foundation for Wilderness.

URGENT - Make a submission to the Perisher Range and
Charlotte Pass Resorts Management Review

Deadline for submissions is Tuesday 31 May 2016 at 5pm.

Help contain resort expansion in Kosciuszko National Park - make a submission objecting to this management review. 

This NPWS submission webpage on this link requires you to fill in boxes with your name and contact details, and then you must to answer the questions set out below. Please cut and paste these pilot answers below to answer the questions on the NPWS webpage to make a submission, and don't forget to then press submit. (You can also upload a file to the webpage with your submission in it.)

What are your concerns about changing management arrangements?

The NSW Government must present alternatives to the proposed and unacceptable resort expansion plans. I do not support the planned creation of urban villages (towns) within Kosciuszko National Park. The review must provide public sessions that allow adequate public participation on more options for the future of this important national park.

To be worth coming to, what do the resorts need?

The current village-style resorts at Perisher Range and Charlotte Pass were allowed in Kosciuszko National Park because of snow-based recreation. The snow is now disappearing due to climate change. Urban development should not take place inside Kosciuszko National Park, as is the policy for all other national parks in NSW. The special exception granted to these resorts ceases to be valid once the snow is gone.

Urban centres, with facilities such as tennis courts and golf courses, are inappropriate for a national park.

What factors does Government need to consider when making the decision about new management arrangements?

I do not support the Vision Statement of NSW Government that seeks to create a “world class tourism destination with year-round visitor activities” in the alpine regions of Kosciuszko National Park. This vision, which includes everything from apartment blocks to golf courses, is not appropriate for a national park. It is not ecologically sustainable. The vision is outdated. The park’s ecosystems are already threatened. These threats are being increased due to climate change. Protection of nature must be a priority for Kosciuszko National Park.

What are the key characteristics that you would need to see for each option?

I support the “status quo” for management of Perisher Range and Charlotte Pass until the snow resorts cease to be viable. The resorts should then be phased out.

The Office of Environment and Heritage must remain responsible for leases and municipal services as climate change accerates change. I do not support head lease arrangements that delegate powers to a head lessee.

Market interest should not be sought. I do not support government policy that seeks “market appetite” in Kosciuszko National Park. I do not support government seeking “attractive offers” for national park management. The OEH must reconvene IPART in order to gain an independent analysis of the Park’s economic future. This analysis must include a cost/ benefit analysis of the ecological consequences of any proposed use of the resorts.

Stand up for Nature

One hundred thousand native animals will be killed each year if the Baird government scraps our laws that prevent land-clearing.

Find out what is going on - seminars on Biodiversity Law Reform

Stand up for nature - sign the petition to stop Baird's war on trees!

The Environmental Defenders Office - Top 10 Concerns

Other Resources


Make a submission on the Draft Wattamolla Master Plan,
Royal National Park

Deadline for lodging submissions is 5pm, Friday June 3, 2016

The NPWS submission webpage for this national park development proposal is simple. You can email to or fill in your details and lodge a submission on this webpage in just one comment box. You can also upload a file with your submission in it.

Please consider using the following guide to assist you in making a submission -

The master plan must be revised as it has no underlying philosophy to it, other than to provide facilities to meet peak visitor demand.

The carrying capacity of the site must limit the facilities provided. The grassed areas are worn out, particularly around existing picnic facilities, and this degradation extends to Providential Point. This degradation suggests that the site has reached capacity and further development of the site is inappropriate.

The proposed northern loop track, with swing bridge over Wattamolla Lagoon, will divert more visitors onto the beach and lagoon.  This will assist the proposed zip line operation in depositing many more people onto the sand spit area but it is inappropriate because the beach is already heavily used by picnickers. 

Wattamolla does not need additional attractions, particularly the zip line and associated dramatic swing bridge.  These attractions will encourage more visitors to the overused sand spit area and causing further degradation, as well as interfere with families who use the sand spit.

The private camping accommodation (glamping) licence should be terminated and the site given over to DYI campers. The currently proposed DYI campsite can then remain as a picnic ground near the carpark and toilets, which is more appropriate.

I believe that the funds required to achieve this master plan are better invested in repair of the Coast Track.

The planning priority for the master plan should be the proposed on-line booking facility to keep visitor use at Wattamolla to within the carrying capacity of this site. 

Submission regarding the draft wild horse management plan
for Kosciuszko National Park

Deadline for submissions closes 5pm, Friday 19 August 2016.

The NPWS submission webpage for the draft feral horse management plan is simple. You can email or fill in your details and lodge a submission on this webpage in just one comment box. You can also upload a file with your submission in it.

Please consider using the following guide to assist you in making a submission -

I generally support of this plan to significantly reduce feral horses numbers in Kosciuszko National Park, although I would prefer it if the plan required the elimination of all feral horses from the park. The feral horse is not threatened with extinction and does not need to be saved. As an feral animal it does not belong in a national park.

There are 900,000 feral horses in Australia.  The fragile sub-alpine wilderness areas of Kosciuszko National Park are not appropriate places to graze feral horses or ride domesticated horses due to well-known adverse and extensive environmental impacts caused. 

I welcome the integration of feral horse control techniques, as this is the most effective way to control this pest. I am disappointed that aerial shooting is not a part of the integrated program because it is the most effective and humane technique to eliminate high densities of feral horses from remote park areas. 

I believe that pest control should be left up to NPWS staff. Making the feral horse plan contingent on the wishes of the horse lobby will result in inefficient horse controls and will not achieve the necessary population reductions. I support the adoption of the most humane, strategic and effective control methods so that feral horse numbers can be rapidly reduced in Kosciuszko National Park in accordance with the goals of the draft plan. Without effective, humane and adequate control, Kosciuszko National Park will become to contine to lose its heritage values due to the impacts of feral horses on the natural environment.

The target of at least 800 horses eliminated per year must be established to reduce feral horse numbers and beat the horse menace.  

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this draft horse management plan.

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