About Us

Birding NSW is an incorporated and not-for-profit organisation, registered as a recreational Club. All aspects of its management are carried out by various groups of volunteers. These are the Committee members who are elected by members present at the annual AGM.

Several ancillary roles with quite specific tasks necessary for running the Club, but not requiring committee commitment, are filled by another group of volunteers. A third group of Central Coast members manage all the activities for that branch. Field outings leaders make up an essential fourth group without which our birding activities would be severely restricted. There would be no Club without the generous donation of time, energy, experience and good will from all these people. See BNSW volunteers

Long and outstanding contribution to the Club is recognized by the bestowal of Honorary Life Membership. The Club’s constitution allows for five Honorary Life Members at any one time. Current Life Members are Peter Roberts, Allan Richards, Alan Morris, Elisabeth Karplus. Past Life Members are Marie Dibley, Ern Hoskin, Jim Francis, Norma Maxwell, Barrie Ayres and Tom Karplus.

You can find short summaries of their contributions (See Life Members) or read more about them in Birding NSW History 1970-2020

Club Patrons
Alex Chisholm, Patron 1970-1977
Alex was an eminent ornithological authority of the mid-1900s. A journalist and a prolific author of articles on native birds in many publications, he provided invaluable support enthusiasm and birding support for the new Club.

Arnold McGill, OAM, Patron 1977-1988
Arnold has legendary status in Birding NSW, for his encyclopaedic knowledge of birds, his vast contribution of articles and reports to Club publications, and especially for the enthusiasm and birding support he gave to Club members.

Alan Morris, AM, Patron 2020 –
Alan has made many significant contributions to the Club since its beginning, in both management and its publications, for which he was made a Life Member in 2006. His prodigious birding knowledge and wide involvement in birding activities in NSW make him a worthy successor to our first two Patrons.

The Club’s Constitution can be found here: See Birding NSW Constitution.

And our Club History here: See Birding NSW History 1970-2020

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