Birding NSW Volunteers 2022

Ancillary Volunteers

Ancillary Tasks change from time to time.
Over 2023 these are the people with specific roles.

Alan Morris: Records Officer.
Norma Ikin:Manages the delivery of Club Name Tags and Kingfisher Badges ordered by some members.
Lindy Jones: Manages the Sales desk at Club Meetings
Ian Bailey: BNSW representative on the Regent Honeyeater Recovery Project Capertee tree planting group.

The Central Coast Management Group
Group Coordinator: Michael Scobie
Treasurer: John Carpenter
Outings Organiser: Christina Port
Meetings Organiser: Allan Benson
Meeting Logistics: John and Carole Carpenter
Newsletter: Editor: Allan Benson, Publisher: Wendy Mitchell, Distribution: Robyn Price
Liaison Sydney, Judy Clark
Facebook Page, Malcolm Hill

Field Outing Leaders.
Over the years, many members have volunteered as field outing leaders.
This list records just the leaders for 2022.
Many of them led several outings during the year.

Alan MorrisSteve Howard
Allan RichardsGraeme Robinson
Christina PortGraham Nelson
Coleen SouthallJohn and Carole Carpenter
Daniel McKeonJudy Clark
Dick DallimoreMargaret and Kaye Pointer
Doug HockingMeryl Newton
Eileen DavyPaul Johnstone
Elisabeth HodsonPhilip Brook
Frik GautschiSue Willis
Gabrielle ReesTrevor Waller
Edwin VellaLeeanne Lemke