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Volume 10, No. 4 June, 1976

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Volume 10, No. 4 June, 1976
Edited by ALAN E. F. ROGERS
There has been a significant increase in the number of contributors to this Sixth Annual
Report and much useful data has been added to the cumulative species files. Two new species,
Tahiti Petrel and White -bellied Storm -petrel, were added to the N.S.W. list during the year as
a result of seabird studies off Coffs Harbour. Other highlights were records of Sooty Alba-
tross, Grey -headed Albatross, Black -bellied Storm -petrel, Green Pygmy -goose, Black -breasted
Button -quail, Beach Stone -curlew and Marbled Frogmouth, coastal records of Black -tailed
Native -hen, Crimson Chat and Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater and exceptional numbers of Marsh
Sandpipers at Kooragang. Inland there were interesting distributional records of Bar -shouldered
Dove, Yellow Robin, Gilbert Whistler, Brown Honeyeater and Banded Finch and it was pleas-
ing to find that the mallee species have apparently survived the recent fires better than might
have been expected.
This year for the -fir st time information was sought from the records scheme in support
of a conservation issue the preservation of Kooragang. Although in this instance it was
possible to provide comparative numbers of waders for some estuaries the exercise emphasized
the need for exact counts or at least accurate estimates for all the species observed. While
it is the more unusual records that form the basis of this report it is detailed information
on the more common species that is needed for conservation purposes.
During the preparation of this report Alan Morris and Ernie Hoskin once again provided
additional records and much helpful comment while Margaret Cameron and my wife Margaret
assisted with typing and proof-reading. am especially grateful to John Hobbs for advice on
distributions and for his detailed vetting of the final draft and to the observers who submitted
their records at an early date as requested.62. AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 10 (4)
I. Archibald B. Finch J. Klapste P. Roberts
K. Avery B. S. Forrest B. Knight J. Robertson
H. Axell J. M. Forshaw N. Kurtz G. Rodwell
J. Francis A Rogers
M. Baldwyn G. Fraser J. Land A. B. Rose
C. Beckett P. Fullagar S. G. Lane
K. Bigg B. Larkins D. Sawyer
K. Schaefer
R W. . B Bi og lg e s JF .. DV .a n G ibG se os nse l D N. . L Lea er kins N A.
S Sc eh ftr oa nd er
C P.. M Bo. uB rko ens er H. B. Gill J. H. Lewis J. Shawyer (JSh)
D. Bowrey B. Gilligan A. G. Lindsey J. Sinclair
J. Brickhill D. Gosper T. Lindsey D. I. Smedley
J. A. Broadbent R. Graves R. Litting C. Sonter
D. F. Gray W. Longmore A. P. Sourry
M. A. Cameron J. Grieve L. C. Sourry
M. Carter Canberra Ornith.Grp. A. McCutcheon J. Spry (JSp)
A M. Cartwright J. McDonald D. M. Stenhouse
A S. Cartwright B. V. Hannan A. McGill G D. . S S.t e Sve trn ins gfellow
S. Chittick F. Harrap J. McKean J. Strudwick (JSt)
G. Clancy L. J. Heeney I. McRae W. Sweeny
G. S. Clark V. Higgins P. Mallard
N. Clark J. Hobbs B. Mannes M. Talbot
M. J. Cochrane G. Holmes G. Mendel E. Thomas
A. Colemane J. Hone (JHo) D. Milledge G. Thomas
R. Cooper E. Hoskin R. Miller M. C. Thomas
C. J. Corben J. A. Howe R. Moffat (RMo) B. Tibbits
K. Cox L. Howe A. Morris J. Todd
F. M. Crawford B. Howie D. Turner
C. Crouch A. Huggett D. Nichterlein R. Turner
R. Noske J. Warbrick (JWa)
J. Debert (JDe) C. Izzard W. Watson
G. Dibley J. Izzard M. O’Mahoney J. Waugh
M. Dibley G. Weatherstone (GWe)
J. Disney V. Jenkins M. Paul J. Weatherstone (JWe)
J. F. Dixon F. Johnston H. Payne E. Wheeler
T. Dixon D. Johnston B. Pennefather G. White
R. Johnstone J. M. Pegler P. White
S. Ebb R. Poulton A. Williams
Y. Ebb T. G. Kendall W. Poulton J. Willows (JWi)
T. Kenney J. PurnellJune, 1976 63.
Emu Further records this year (EW, GH) confirm that there is a resident breeding popul-
ation in the area bounded by Wooli-Ulmarra-Iluka.
Great Crested Grebe It can now be assumed that this species has attained regular breed-
ing status at Dangars Lagoon near Uralla, nesting having occurred again in the 1974-75 and
1975-76 seasons. Adults are apparently absent during winter returning about Sept (RN, GS).
Sydney area: 3 at Bakers Lagoon 26 Oct (AC).
Hoary -headed Grebe Numbers increased steeply between April and Dec at Dangars and
Racecourse Lagoons near Uralla, with a corresponding decline in the number of Little Grebes,
generally considered the commoner species on the Northern Tablelands. In Dec there were
over 400 Hoary-headeds in the general area and only about 90 Littles (RN). 3 in breeding
plumage at Cobham Lake S of Milparinka 18 Sept (WL). Sydney area: up to 10 at McGraths
Hill in March (AC, EH, WS et al) and 30 at Quibray Bay 31 May (AC, AMcG, JFD et al).
Wandering Albatross Present off Coffs Harbour 1 June -28 Nov, max 11 on 15 Sept (GH).
Black-browed Albatross Present off Coffs Harbour 1 June -15 Sept, max 8 on 25 June (GH).
Grey -Headed Albatross One beach washed at Austinmer Beach 21 June (JDG). An immature
seen at sea about 20 km off Eden 7 Sept (MC), photographs submitted with this record were
diagnostic. An adult beach washed at Woody Head near Iluka 23 Sept (GH). These are the
sixth -eighth N.S.W. records.
Yellow- nosed Albatross Present off Coffs Harbour 7 May -3 Sept, max 10 on 5 July. North-
ern record: an adult beach washed 10 km N of Woody Head 30 July (GH).
White -capped Albatross Present off Coffs Harbour 25 June -11 Sept, max 3 on 12 Aug (GH).
Northern record: one beach washed at Ballina 21 Sept (WW).
Sooty Albatross The occurrence of six individuals of such a rare species within 12 days is
exceptional. One at Summerland Bay Beach near Jervis Bay 15 June (CS). One found alive at
Garie Beach 20 June died 4 days later, now AM 0.45371 (per JD). 2 beach washed at Stan –
well Park Beach 21 June (CB per AS). One beach washed at Bulli Beach 22 June (AS) and
an immature beach washed at Garie Beach 27 June (AMcG) now AM 0.45265.
Light -mantled Albatross One found alive at Port Kembla 23 June recovered and was
later released (KC per AS).
Antarctic Fulmar Detailed notes were supplied of single birds off Green Cape 5 Sept
and at sea about 28 km off Eden 7 Sept (MC). These are only the second and third live
records for N.S.W. Beach washed birds were found at Caves Beach near Jervis Bay 5 Sept,
now AM 0.45370 (GW per JD) and at South Ballina 21 Sept (CJC, WW).
Cape Petrel Present off Coffs Harbour 26 June -9 Nov, max 12 on 13 Aug (GH).
Great -winged Petrel Sight records: one about 20 km off Sydney Heads 5 July (AR et al);
single birds near the edge of the continental shelf off Coffs Harbour 10 June and 7 July and
one off Green Cape near Eden 28 Sept (MC). At least 10 beach washed mostly in late June.
See also Corrigendum.64. AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 10 (4)
White -headed Petrel At least 10 beach washed or blown inland in the Sydney -Wollongong
area 21 June -2 July (many obs); this is many more than usual. One beach washed at Lennox
Head 18 Sept (JWi per WW).
Providence Petrel Seen on 10 occasions between 10 June and 17 Oct near the edge of the
continental shelf off Coffs Harbour, max 25 on 1 July (GH). See also corrigendum and addenda
Tahiti Petrel 2 seen separately near the edge of the continental shelf SE of Coffs Harbour
31 Dec were the first records for N.S.W. (GH). Description and sketch submitted. Reports by
professional fisherman R. Smith indicate that this species may be a regular visitor in small
Kerguelen Petrel Single birds beach washed at Tweed Heads 9 Sept and near Byron Bay 14
Sept were the ninth and tenth N.S.W. records, see Sunbird 6: 90-92.
Gould Petrel One beach washed at Cronulla 27 May (FJ), an unusually late date.
Black -winged Petrel Present on Muttonbird Island Coffs Harbour 11 Jan -12 March, 3 occupied
burrows found and 6 birds banded, see Aust. Bird Bander 13: 53-55. Returned to the island on
22 Dec when 2 were seen (GH). These are the first live records for N.S.W. and it seems conceiv-
able that breeding may follow.
Antarctic Prion One beach washed at Coffs Harbour 18 Nov (GH), a very late date.
Flesh -footed Shearwater Absent at sea off Coffs Harbour 10 May -10 Sept (GH).
Wedge-tailed Shearwater Absent from the Coffs Harbour area 10 May -11 Aug. From the
evidence of 140 burrows sampled on 25 March the population on both plateaux of Split
Solitary Island was estimated at 400 breeding pairs (GH). This differs markedly from previous
data, see Aust. Bird Bander 12:79.
Grey -backed Shearwater One or two birds reported at sea off Coffs Harbour by profess-
ional fisherman R. Smith on five occasions 5 Jan -11 May and on 26 Oct (per GH).
Sooty Shearwater Heard calling at four localities on Muttonbird Island Coffs Harbour Oct –
Dec. One bird traced to a burrow had a well developed brood patch but no egg was present
(GH). Seen off Green Cape near Eden 8 on 28 Sept and one on 2 Nov (MC).
Short -tailed Shearwater One freshly beach washed at Coffs Harbour 14 June (GH) and
one seen off Eden 7 Sept (MC) were unusually late and early records respectively.
Hutton’s Shearwater Several seen near Eden 2-3 Nov (MC).
Wilson’s Storm- petrel Off Coffs Harbour: hundreds passing north 7 April, 7 on 25 June and
a southward passage observed 15 Sept -28 Nov with max 30+ on 21 Oct (GH).
Black -bellied Storm- petrel 2 of a group of 6 Storm -petrels seen about 20 km off Batemans
Bay 21 Sept were identified as this species by observing the black line and belly patch; the
other birds although not allowing as close an approach were almost certainly this species also
(JMcK, JHL). This is the only record of this species since specimens were taken “off the east-
ern coast of New South Wales” in May 1875, see McGill (Hand List of the Birds of New South
Wales).June, 1976 65.
White -bellied Storm -petrel Present near the edge of the continental shelf off Coffs Harbour
as follows: 3 on 23 May, 3 on 1 July, 9 on 7 July, 2 on 15 Sept and 2 on 30 Sept (GH).
Although this species breeds on Lord Howe Island these sightings are the first records for
mainland N.S.W.
Diving Petrel sp Single birds off Eden 7 and 28 Sept (MC).
Darter 7 nests with eggs and young at Grahamstown Water Supply Dam near Raymond
Terrace during Nov (FG, TGK, BG), coastal breeding records are scarce. 2 at Woody Head
June-Aug and 2 at Coffs Harbour in Oct feeding in littoral habitat at times up to 25 m
offshore (GH). Many more present in the Sydney area during the year than usual with max
counts of 25 at Bushel’s Lagoon 4 Jan (EH, RN et al) and 24+ at Bakers Lagoon 4 March
(DMS, MT, ASC); a female at Dee Why Lagoon 30 March (BH) and 6 at Narrabeen Lagoon
24 July (LJH).
Pied Cormorant Inland: the dominant cormorant throughout the year at Teryawynia
Lake 110 km NW of Ivanhoe with up to 200 present (JH), 6 on Perri Lake Paroo River
area 6 May (JI) and one at Willandra NP 12 Sept (BK). Sydney area: one at Longneck
Lagoon 12 July (WS), 4 at Narrabeen Lagoon 3 Sept (RB). One made occasional visits to
a dam at Wirrimbirra Sanctuary near Bargo Feb-April (BK).
White-tailed Tropicbird An immature beach washed at Coffs Harbour 5 May (GH).
White-faced Heron 30+ flying north in a coastal movement over Garie Beach Royal NP
10 Jan (MP).
Cattle Egret 1,000+ nests at the Carrs Creek Junction colony near Grafton in both the
1974-75 and 1975-76 seasons (EW). Over 200 in the Richmond -Windsor area 2 Aug
(AC, WS, RG), the largest number recorded for the County of Cumberland. 28 present at
Chipping Norton 8 June -2 Oct (AMcG). Up to 130 present at Albion Park.
Reef Heron A white phase bird at Batehaven near Batemans Bay 29 June was probably
the most southerly record of this phase on the east coast of Australia (JMcK, JHL, HBG)
see Sunbird 7:20-21.
Mangrove Heron Southern record: one at Wonboyn about 28 km S of Eden 30 March
(JSp) see Bird Observer 523:45.
Little Bittern Riverina: 2 at Finley Sewage Farm 15 Nov and up to 6 at Randalls Swamp
near Finley during Dec with 2 nests found on 26 Dec, 1 seen and 2 heard calling at Lalaity
30 Dec (JI); one flew across the Barham to Moulamein road near the Niemur River 29 Nov
(RMo); present on Cambria property near Barham during Dec, nest found 15 Dec (ET).
Western records: an immature at Duck Creek, Quinine Park Station near Willie in the Mac-
quarie Marshes 20 Nov (RP); a few seen on Willandra Creek Mossgiel during Dec (JH).
Coastal: one at Kooragang 25 Oct (AW per FG).
Black Bittern A pair apparently resident in a stand of paperbarks along a small creek
at Schofields (JAH, LH). One at Wyong 5 April (AC, RB, WS). An adult male by the
Castlereagh River at Coonabarabran 25 June appears to be the first record for this region
Brown Bittern 14 at Burchitts Lagoon 25 km N of Finley 7 Jan (GT, JI), an unusually
large number. 3 at Macquarie Marshes NR 17 Oct (AM).
Glossy Ibis 3 on a swamp opposite Cronulla High School 24 March (JW). One at the air-
port pond Mascot 23 Dec (FH).
Royal Spoonbill One feeding in the grounds of Normanhurst High School 5 March (BH),
an unusual location.
Plumed -Tree- duck Large numbers continue to be recorded and only a summary of records
is possible. North coast: up to 23 in the Casino-Tatham area March-May (DG), present at
Cowans Creek Reserve near Grafton March-Dec max 400+ on 25 July (EW), 75 at Ulmarra
26 Jan (GH). Hunter: 250+ on floodwater residue near Tarro railway station inside the New-
castle city limits 8 March (PB). Sydney area: in the Richmond-Windsor area occasional
birds seen March and April, 202 on 12 July, 225 on 5 Aug and 250+ on 16 Aug (AC, WS,
BSF, DL, AMcG et al). Griffith area: 60+ at Stanbridge Swamp 14 km W of Leeton 2 Feb,
up to 250 at Barrenbox Swamp during March (RMo) and 400, 700 and 250 at Lake Wyan-
gan on 8 April, 12 June and 18 Nov respectively (RMo, JI). Other significant records were
11 at Racecourse Lagoon near Uralla 8 Dec (RN), 12 at Winton property 22 km N of
Coonabarabran 12 Dec (per AM) and 250 near Lake Cowal 27 Dec (BF, VH, JT).
Freckled Duck Frequently seen in the first half of the year in the Ivanhoe district,
max 18 on 16 June at Hartshorn Station (JH, NS). 2 at a tank on Willandra Station 25
Feb, 3 taken by shooters at Barrenbox Swamp near Griffith 15 March and 3 seen at Lake
Brewster 5 April (RMo). 8 at Salt Lake near Milparinka 9 May (JI). Single birds at Boogan-
billa Swamp near Condobolin 15 March (ABR) and at Mootwingee 7 Sept (JAH, LH).
Mountain Duck c.200 at Hartshorn Station near Ivanhoe 16 June (NS), a large number
for this area. 2 at Kooragang 12 April (FG, TGK).
Chestnut Teal North Coast: at Yamba 45 on 27 Jan (GH) and at least 20 males in a mixed
flock of 300 Grey and Chestnut Teal on 6 July (EW), 11 at Ballina 19 April (DG), one near
Lawrence 20 July (EW). Observations indicate that small numbers are present in the Armid-
ale region each year (RN). 450 at Woolooware Bay 28 Aug (JW).
Shoveller Sydney area: up to 9 on the Hawkesbury Swamps 8 March -4 Oct (AC, KA,
WS, EH, RB, CMB et al) with larger counts of 34 at McGraths Hill 22 March (AC), 117+ on
a combined count of swamps 15 Aug (AM) and 33 at Bakers Lagoon 17 Aug (EH); 10 at
Yeramba Lagoon 25 Feb (AMcG). 60 near Berrigan 4 Sept (JI). 17 and 19 at Kooragang on
12 and 19 April respectively (FG, TGK). 14 at Racecourse Lagoon near Uralla 5 July
(JHo per AM).
Pink -eared Duck North Coast: up to 2 in the Casino-Tatham area May-June (DG), one
at Nambucca Sewage Works 20 July (GH). Hunter: 11 and 12 at Kooragang on 17 and 23
May respectively (FG, TGK). Sydney area: present in increasing numbers in the Hawkesbury
area 8 Feb -27 Sept, with up to 6 Feb-June, then 11 at McGraths Hill 19 July (KA), 16+
at Bakers Lagoon 15 Aug (AM), 21 at Bushells Lagoon 21 Sept (AR, MAC) and 40+ on
27 Sept (AC, WS); 5 at Homebush Bay 9 July (ASC).June, 1976 67.
White -eyed Duck 200+ at Bushells Lagoon Wilberforce 19 July (AC, TD, JFD et al), a
large number for the Sydney area. 100+ at Sportsmans Creek near Lawrence 20 July (EW).
Green Pygmy -goose A female at Swan Bay 8 km S of Coraki 2-3 March was only the
third record for N.S.W. The previous records were also from the Richmond River area in
1956 and 1967 (DG).
Blue -billed Duck A pair at Ledsam Swamp in the Maitland City area 24 Oct remained
for at least a week (PB); these were well east of the normal range and the first record for
the County of Northumberland. Present at Dangars Lagoon near Uralla from 5 July -31 Dec,
max 12 on 16 July (RN).
Musk Duck A pair nested on a creek -like section of the Wingecarribee River near Burradoo
late Nov (CS), an unusual breeding site.
Osprey North coast: single birds at Sawtell 16 Aug (GH) and at Urunga 7 and 13 Sept
(GH, JW, JF, FJ, DT) may have been the same individual; one at Port Macquarie 16 Sept
(JW, JF, FJ, DT); a pair at Iluka 15-16 March and 15-20 Nov, each time observed briefly
attending a large stick nest (DIS). South coast: single birds seen near Moruya Heads 12 Sept
and 20 Nov (GSC, NC/COG) and frequently at Guerilla Bay 15 km S of Batemans Bay in
late Dec (JL/COG) may also have been the same individual.
Crested Hawk 4 at Tumbi Umbi 19 Jan were thought to be a pair of adults and 2 imm-
atures (GC). Nearby at Matcham 3 were seen on 23 June and one on 25 Aug (LCS, APS).
Black Kite Very common in the 500+ estimated at
Narriearra and Teurika. The property owner at Narriearra considered that up to 5,000 were
present in early April and that the influx was due to a plague of Long-haired Rats (JI).
200+ present in the same general area 16-18 Sept (WL).
Square -tailed Kite 3 hawking for insects near Monkeygar Creek Macquarie Marshes NR
11 Oct (DL).
Black -breasted Kite One at Ivanhoe 7 Aug (NS).
Brahminy Kite The following are all south of the Nambucca River, see Report for 1974.
2 immatures on 25 May and an adult on 30 Nov at Grassy Head 6 km S of Scotts Head,
one near the Macleay River mouth 27 July and an adult at Port Macquarie 27 Sept (GH)
Grey Goshawk Inland records: 2 flying low over rice fields adjacent to Barrenbox
Swamp near Griffith 31 March (RMo); one at Weddin Mountains NP 4-6 Oct (RT).
White -breasted Sea -eagle One at Morrisons Lake near Ivanhoe 12 April (JH). An adult
near Lake Comayjong 8 km N of Oxley 4 Oct (RMo). A pair nested on the Wingecarribee
River between Burradoo and Berrima in Nov, a new breeding record for the district (CS).
Spotted Harrier Coastal records: single birds at Bakers Lagoon near Richmond 12 June
(TL, AGL, BF, MAC), at Myall Lakes 26 July (TL, AGL) and at Cudgen 20 Sept (CJC
et al per WW). Many more inland records than usual.
Black Falcon Many inland records; an interesting occurrence was of a pair hunting
White-browed Wood Swallows about 30 km S of Balranald 15 Oct (DSS).68. AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 10 (4)
Grey Falcon One seen about 10 km W of Blayney 19 July (IMcR) was east of the usual
range, see Canberra Bird Notes 3/5:13. Single birds near Tibooburra 15 May (per GC), in
Cocoparra NP 20 Aug (GD, MD) and at Round Hill 14 Nov (RM). 2 near Perri Lake Paroo
River area 26 Aug (RM, CC). A pair present for two weeks near Ivanhoe in early Nov (JH).
Malleefowl Despite the devastating fires that destroyed much mallee in western N.S.W.
active mounds were reported in burnt mallee at Gol Gol Station 110 km SW of Ivanhoe and
Berangabah Station 80 km N of Ivanhoe (JH). Reports of from 2 to 5 birds between Roto
and Mellelea near Round Hill NR in all months of the year, personally seen in Feb, June
and Sept (NS). An active mound at Round Hill NR 23 Aug (RMo).
Brush -turkey Studies at Tumbi Umbi show that the local population numbers at least
24; small young seen 18-19 Jan (GC et al).
Brown Quail 12 seen about 70 km S of Ivanhoe 2 May (JI).
King Quail 2 at Bakers Lagoon near Richmond 18 Jan -22 Feb (DS, AC, AR et al).
Red -backed Button -quail A female seen in sugarcane at Lawrence 26 Oct (GH).
Black -breasted Button -quail One flushed in a rainforest section of Whian Whian SF about
18 km N of Lismore 23 Nov (WW, GF). Seen briefly but at close range the bird was ident-
ified by the black breast and the markings on the upperparts. This appears to be only the
second recorded occurrence for N.S.W., the previous record being from below Mount Hobwee
near the Queensland border in 1933, see Emu 34:194. Further details in press.
Red -chested Button -quail Up to 6 at Finley 6-20 Jan and one on 1 March, 4 about
25 km NW of Finley 17 Jan, one 10 km S of Finley 12 Dec (JI). Scattered single birds
in the Ivanhoe area Jan-Oct with 2 at Abbotsford Station 11 Feb and 10 on 27 Oct
(JH, NS). Single birds at Perri Lake Paroo River area 7 May, at Pulletop NR 12 June (JI),
at Widgiewa 28 Dec and near Narrandera 30 Dec (GC). 4+ at Round Hill NR 15 June
(WL, BF, TL, AGL). 2 in wheat stubble at Dandee property 8 km E of Coonabarabran
20 Dec (AM). None recorded in the Mudgee-Cooyal district, the first negative year since
1965 (NK, AM).
Plains -wanderer 2 males caught and released and a female found dead at Aloe Hill
Station Morundah in April (MO’M per JI).
Land Rail 6 at Burchitts Lagoon 25 km N of Finley 7 Jan (JI, GT). Up to 3 seen in
the Kurnell Dunes during Dec and Jan 1976 (BF). One found dead at sea near the edge
of the continental shelf off Coffs Harbour 20 Nov (GH).
Water Rail One seen at Tumbi Umbi 19 Jan and 22-23 Feb (GC, DIS, PW). One killed
by a cat near Bensville in the Gosford area 18 Feb (per ABR).
Marsh Crake 15 and 8 on 7 and 17 Jan respectively at Burchitts Lagoon 25 km N of
Finley (JI, GT). 4+ on a small swamp 14 km NW of Baradine 20 Aug (DJ). One on a
swamp at Pilliga Town 27 Aug (per AM).
Spotted Crake Present at Armidale Sewage Works 17 March -13 Aug, max 5; 2 at
Dangars Lagoon near Uralla 26 Feb -30 April (RN). 3 at Kooragang 22 Feb (FG, TGK).
One at McGraths Hill near Windsor 24 May (AC, WS, KA).June, 1976 69.
Spotless Crake Single birds at Burchitts Lagoon 25 km N of Finley 7 and 17 Jan, at
Delta Swamp N of Wanganella 27 Jan (JI, GT) and at Barrenbox Swamp near Griffith
1 July (RMo). Up to 6 present at Finley Sewage Farm 15 Nov (JI).
Black- tailed Native- hen One at Bushells Lagoon Wilberforce 18 Feb was only the fifth
record for the County of Cumberland and the first for the Hawkesbury Swamps (ASC).
The only other occurrences for the County apart from those listed by Hindwood and
McGill (The Birds of Sydney) were 3 birds seen in swampy ground on the perimeter of
Mascot Airport on 19/2/63 by G. van Tets and 8/1/64 by H. J. Frith (per EH). 20+
on a dam at Pilliga Town 27 Aug (AMcG, EW, FMC et al).
Coot Large numbers for the County of Northumberland were present at Wamberal
Lagoon April-July, max 1,000+ on 7 July (APS, LCS).
Brolga Macquarie Marshes area: a pair at Eulalia near Quambone 10 April (AM). 3
pairs bred during Oct at a lagoon on the Marthaguy Creek on Karelah property about
16 km W of Gilgandra (AMcC per AM), one and 2 on 11 and 17 Nov respectively on
the southern section of the Nature Reserve (DL, AM, DJ). Riverina: 46 reported near
Urana in early Nov (per RMo), 7 high over Finley 28 Oct (JI), 2 about 8 km E of Mor-
undah 28 Nov (RMo) and 24 flying in single file 20 km N of Urana 29 Dec (GC). One
at Trida about 60 km E of Ivanhoe 10 Oct (JH). Continuing records in the Clarence
area (EW).
Bustard 4 seen from a train in grassland country about 10 km W of Grong Grong 20
May (CI per JI). Although this rare sighting was made by a young observer he had seven
days previously seen the species in SW Queensland.
Bush Stone -curlew All records listed in view of the apparent increasing rarity of this
species. Sydney area: one calling before dawn at Scheyville 18 Jan (DS) and a pair at
the established locality at Careel Bay Avalon 5 Oct (RC). Inland: 2 on Keringal property
near Hay 21 Aug (RP), one calling at Round Hill NR 22 Aug (RMo) and a pair present
at Morundah 26-31 Dec (GC).
Beach Stone -curlew One at Sandon River 8 km S of Brooms Head 26 Feb (GH) was
only the fourth N.S.W. record; the date and locality are both closely similar to the pre-
vious record, see Birds 8:7.
Painted Snipe Sydney area: 6 at Longneck Lagoon 12 Jan (JAH), 3 at Bakers Lagoon
22 Feb and 4 on 23 Feb (AR, KA et al). Breeding reported at Barham (ET) see Aust
Bird Watcher 6:133, and at Burchitts Lagoon 25 km N of Finley 17 Jan (JI). 16 at
Barrenbox Swamp near Griffith early Feb (RMo). Single birds near Pilliga Town 27 Aug
(FMC) and on a farm dam at Baradine same date (per AM).
Pied Oystercatcher Recorded throughout the year at Botany Bay, max 10 at Towra
Point 24 July (BSF).
Sooty Oystercatcher 3 at Towra Point 4 March and one on 24 July (JW, BSF).
One at Kurnell 25 April (FH).
Banded Plover Numbers at Chipping Norton built up from 2 on 30 May to 34 by
year end after successful nesting in Oct (JFD, AMcG). 25 at Bankstown Aerodrome 11
Sept (BL). 1-2 at Casino in July (DG). 2 on a saltmarsh at Moruya Heads 26 Aug (DM).70. AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 10 (4)
Grey Plover Up to 2 at Botany Bay late Sept and Dec (AMcG, JW, BSF et al). One at
Hat Head 30 Nov (GH).
Red -kneed Dotterel North coast: up to 14 in the Casino-Coraki-Bungawalbyn area April-
Oct (DG), one on Pelican Island at the mouth of the Macleay River 30 Nov (GH). Hunter:
at Kooragang 14 on 22 March (EH, KA) and 12 on 5 April (AC, WS, RB). Sydney area:
present in the Richmond-Windsor district 22 Feb -20 Dec; usually up to 5 but with an
increase up to 13 Aug-Sept (AC, EH, WS, RG, AR, MAC et al): 8 at Bringelly 26 April
(AC, WS). An unusual influx in the Armidale area with up to 5 at the Sewage Works 17
March -1 Dec, up to 2 at Dangars Lagoon 25 May -16 Aug and up to 13 at Racecourse
Lagoon 23 March -8 Dec; there is apparently only one previous record for the region, see
Aust. Bird Watcher 5:35-39 (RN).
Double -banded Dotterel Far inland record: 2 at Retreat Station 50 km S of Ivanhoe 17
April, one still remaining 11 May (JH). A part albino bird at Windang 30 Nov (AMcG), see
Aust. Birds 10:57.
Large -billed Dotterel 2 at the Macleay River estuary 31 Jan (GH). 17 and 32 at Woody
Head near Iluka on 26 Feb and 23 Nov respectively (GH). 20+ at Yamba 22 Dec (RC).
Australian Dotterel One at Keringal Station near Hay 21 Aug (RP). 25 at Wonaminta
Station Koonenberry Mountains 7 Sept (RM).
Pied Stilt 4 at Gloucester 29 Aug (ABR) appear to be only the second district record;
in 1959 2 were observed on the Karuah River between Dungog and Gloucester (per JH).
Banded Stilt An immature at Imperial Lake Broken Hill 15 May (JI).
Red -necked Avocet One at Pitt Town Lagoon 6 July (ASC, AMC). Apart from historical
records prior to 1887 there have been only three previous records for the County of Cumb-
erland, those listed by Hindwood and McGill (The Birds of Sydney) and one seen at Botany
Bay on 24/1/65 (per EH). Present at Kooragang April-Dec, max 11 on 17 April (FG, TGK,
RJ, HA et al). 4 at Lawrence 15 May (GH) were unusual for the north coast.
Eastern Curlew Over 200 wintered at Kooragang May-July, max summer count 700+
on Nov (FG, TGK).
Whimbrel 23+ at Kooragang 28 June and 32 on 22 Nov (FG, TGK). 23 at Yamba 22
Dec (RC).
Little Whimbrel 2 at Kooragang 15 Feb (EH, KA, JDe). 2 at Long Reef near Collaroy
12 Dec (EH).
Wood Sandpiper Single birds at Kooragang 5 Jan and 22 Feb (FG, TGK), at Coraki Sept-
Oct (DG) and at Bushells Lagoon Wilberforce 5 Dec (TL, AGL, HA).
Wandering Tattler Single birds on South Solitary Island 16 Jan, at Delicate Nobby 8 km
S of Crescent Head 22 Feb and at Woody Head near Iluka 23 Sept; 2 on South-west Solit-
ary Island 7 Feb (GH).
Common Sandpiper Only new locality records are listed, see Aust. Birds 10:1-9. North
coast: single birds at Spencer Creek Macleay River 21 Feb (GH), at Iluka 18-19 Nov (DIS),
at Goodmans Island near Iluka 21 Dec (RC) and at Brooms Head near Angourie 29 Dec (GH);June, 1976 71.
2 at the Macleay River entrance 31 Dec (GH). Sydney area: one at Bushells Lagoon 4 Jan
(EH, RN et al) was the first record for the Hawkesbury Swamps, 2 at Salt Pan Creek Pad –
stow Heights during most of Feb (DIS). Inland: one at Perri Lake Paroo River area 7 May
Greenshank Inland: 8 at Abbotsford Station near Ivanhoe 11 Feb (NS), 5 at Macquarie
Marshes NR 17 Oct (AM).
Marsh Sandpiper Numbers at Kooragang increased during spring to at least 500 on 22 Nov,
far exceeding previous counts for this locality and the state (FG, TGK). North coast: 2 at
Pelican Island Macleay River estuary 16 Feb and 30 Nov (GH), one at Yamba 22 Dec (RC).
Sydney area: one at Bushells Lagoon 19 Oct and 9 Nov (AGL, TL, BF). Inland: one at
Conoble about 35 km E of Ivanhoe (NS).
Japanese Snipe 3 at Longneck Lagoon near Cattai 21 Aug (RB, CMB), the earliest
arrival date for the County of Cumberland.
Black -tailed Godwit One at Bushells Lagoon Wilberforce 21 Sept was the first record
for the Hawkesbury Swamps (AR, MAC).
Knot 600+ at Kooragang 26 Sept (FG, TGK).
Pectoral Sandpiper At Kooragang: one banded on 1 Jan, 5 seen on 9 Feb, 4 on 15 Feb
and one on 22 Nov (FG, TGK). 2 at Abbotsford Station near Ivanhoe 11 Feb INS). 2 at
Teven near Ballina 21 Feb (DG, WW). One at Bushells Lagoon Wilberforce 17 March
Curlew Sandpiper Inland records: one in full breeding plumage at Retreat Station 50 km
S of Ivanhoe 17 April (JH), 2 at Lake Brewster 5 Oct (AGL, TL), single birds at Racecourse
Lagoon near Uralla 20 Sept and at Armidale Sewage Works 27 Oct (RN).
Ruff Reeves at Towra Point 22 Feb (AC, RC, EH, JW, GD, MD et al) and at Bakers
Lagoon near Richmond 1 March (AC) were thought to be different individuals because of
plumage differences.
Oriental Pratincole One at Kooragang in Jan (GR per EH).
Australian Pratincole Small parties of up to 7 between Packsaddle and Tibooburra 17-18
Sept (WL) and 23-30 Sept (JK) see Bird Observer 530:7. A pair about 40 km NE of Hay
14 Oct (DSS). 12 about 25 km W of Hillston 20 Oct (RMo).
Great Skua Single birds off Coffs Harbour 18 July, 15 and 23 Sept (GH).
Pomarine Skua Max present off Coffs Harbour 19 in late Nov (GH).
Silver Gull 100+ pairs nested near Bonville Head Sawtell Sept-Dec (GH).
Pacific Gull An immature present with Silver Gulls on the River Murray at Mildura 11
Sept (JH). This was probably the bird seen at Mildura Garbage Tip some 4 weeks earlier,
see Bird Observer 523:20. Observed taking and eating a dead European Carp.
White -winged Black Tern One at Tuncurry 5 Jan (GH), 2 at Arrawarra just N of Wool-
goolga 6 April (RN). 4 and 7 at Gullivers Swamp near Finley on 20 and 24 Dec respect-
ively (JI).72. AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 10 (4)
Gull -billed Tern Seen throughout the year on regular beach patrols between Crowdy Head
and Evans Head on the north coast (GH). Sydney area: one at Bakers Lagoon 24 May (KA,
WS, AC), one at Pitt Town Lagoon 1 July and 3 on 5 July (RB, AMcG, AC et al). 3 at
Perri Lake Paroo River area 7 May and 2 near Finley 20 Aug (JI) were of interest since this
species is normally only a summer visitor inland.
Caspian Tern Inland: 2 at Perri Lake Paroo River area 7 May and one at Cobham Lake
Milparinka 9 May (JI); further information on the status of this species in the far north-west
would be of interest as its movements in this area are imprecisely known. Absent from beaches
on the north coast between Crowdy Head and Evans Head 1 April to end of year (GH). 3 at
Iluka 20-21 Dec and 20 at Yamba 22 Dec (RC). Single birds at Botany Bay 30 Aug (JW)

and 19 Sept (BM).

Common Tern Absent from beaches between Crowdy Head and Evans Head 16 May
22 Sept, max during season 418 at Nambucca Heads 4 Dec (GH). 500+ at Boat Harbour
near Kurnell 20 Dec (BF).
Arctic Tern An immature in Eden Harbour 2 Nov, seen at very close range and photo-
graphed (MC).
White -fronted Tern Moderate numbers on beaches between Crowdy Head and Evans Head
16 June -20 Aug in contrast to 1974 when none was seen (GH). 50+ present in the Ballina
area in late June including several picked up dead (DG, WW).
Sooty Tern 10 seen in flight over Thirroul Beach 21 June (JDG). 2, 2 and one, all
adults, seen at sea off Coffs Harbour on 21 Jan, 15 Sept and 25 Nov respectively (GH).
Little Tern A pair nesting at Point Plomer 15 km N of Port Macquarie 28 Dec (GH);
this appears to be a new breeding locality. Absent from beaches between Crowdy Head and
Evans Head 16 May -22 Sept (GH).
Common Noddy An immature seen alive at Woody Head near Iluka 15 May (GH). A
juvenile picked up alive at South Ballina 20 Dec later died (DG, GF).
Grey Ternlet Single birds seen alive at South Solitary Island 16 Jan and 10 km N of
Port Macquarie 30 Jan (GH). Beach washed birds picked up at Windang 19 Jan (CS) and at
Bundagen Head near Sawtell 2 Feb (PR). All Australian records of this species have recently
been summarised, see Aust. Birds 10:50-53.
White -headed Pigeon Southern record: 3 flying over forest country on the south-eastern
edge of Myall Lake 12 July (WL).
Brown Pigeon One at Thirlmere Lakes SP 28 June (BK). One killed by flying into a
window at Ku-ring-gai Chase NP 12 Dec appears to be a first record for the park (ABR).
Peaceful Dove 2 on properties near Ivanhoe 5 and 17 Jan and one at Ivanhoe 26 Nov
(NS) were unusual for this area.
Diamond Dove One at Balmoral property near Mudgee 28 March (NK). Although
recorded in the 1880’s by Cox and Hamilton as uncommon in the Mudgee district no
occurrences have been recorded in the past 11 years of regular observation. Possible escape
(per AM).June, 1976 73.
Bar -shouldered Dove The following records are of considerable interest as the inland
range of this species requires clarification. One at Round Hill NR 22 Feb (RMo) and
recorded as common throughout the year nearby at Mellelea (NS). Also in this region 2
at Matakana about 35 km W of Round Hill 2 Nov (NS). Further north single birds were
seen at Cobar 20 Sept (WL) and near Cumbine SF between Nymagee and Bobadah 22
Oct (RT). Two recorded at a tank 60 km NW of Cobar on the Louth road 27 Dec
(BF, VH, JT). may be the most westerly records for the state. Previously recorded inland
at Round Hill, near Cobar and at Brewster Weir on the Lachlan River (see Reports for
1971 and 1972).
Emerald Dove Southern records: one feeding on berries of the Peppercorn tree at
Yarramundi Lagoon near Richmond 22 March (AC) and one at Tumbi Umbi 12 July
and 2 Aug (GC).
Common Bronzewing A flock of 12 in a melon patch at Annangrove 22 March (AC).
Squatter Pigeon One seen in Back Creek SF about 15 km E of West Wyalong 25
April (WL). The validity of this record is unquestionable as the observer has seen and
photographed the species many times in Queensland; there only remains the remote
possibility of it being an escape. Further details in press.
Red-tailed Black Cockatoo Eastern record: c. 12 present on Evergreen Hills property
48 km W of Quambone on the edge of the Macquarie Marshes 3-14 Nov (per AM). The
owner advises that this is only his second sighting in this area.
Glossy Black Cockatoo In the Pilliga area: flocks of 39, 30, 3 and 3 at the Nature
Reserve on 12 Feb (AM), 3 pairs nesting in the Scrub on 18 May (RM), 7 at Borah
Creek 6 June, 2 at Duck Creek Pilliga East SF 3 Oct, 5 in the Salt Caves area 8 Dec
and 4 in Orr SF NE of Baradine 8 Dec (AM). In the Rankins Springs area: 3 and 8 in
Cocoparra NP on 21 Feb and 4 May respectively (RMo, VJ) and a nestling taken by a
timber cutter from a felled tree 5 km W of Rankins Springs 24 June died 2 July (RMo).
These and records in previous years clearly establish these two areas as extensions in
range as stated by Forshaw (Australian Parrots). A pair bred near Wardell June-Oct see
N.S.W. F.O.C. Newsletter 13:3 (GM).
Gang -Gang Cockatoo Northern record: 5 seen on several days in mid March at
Broke (NS).
Galah c. 100 on a playing field at Woolooware High School 24 May (JW) was a
large number for the Sydney area.
Long -billed Corella Up to 100 in wheat stubble at Cambria property near Barham Jan
and March (ET). One at Grose Vale in company with about 100 Little Corellas (BP per GC).
Little Corella Records of 2 at Goorianawa 15 km SW of Baradine 28 Aug (per AM) and
one in Pilliga NR 9 Oct (JMP, JSt, DL) may not have been of truly wild stock. There has
been a noticeable increase in the County of Cumberland. The population which has been
resident in the Windsor area for some years appears to be approaching 200 (AC), previous
highest count c. 140, and there have been increasing records in the metropolitan area as
follows: several records of up to 8 in the Hornsby-Pennant Hills area (AR, RC), 5 in74. AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 10 (4)
Ku-ring-gai Chase NP 31 March (RL), one in Hyde Park 29 Oct (LJH) and up to 6 at several
localities in Royal NP (AC, RG, AMcG, WB, JW).
Pink Cockatoo Several flocks in excess of 100 birds recorded in the Lower Darling region
(PB, GC, DIS, PW).
Little Lorikeet Plentiful throughout the year in the Pilliga region (AM, DL). This area
appears to be west of the range indicated by Forshaw.
King Parrot A flock of 70+ along Cattai Creek Annangrove 19 July (AC, TD, JFD et al)
was the largest number recorded for the County of Cumberland.
Red -winged Parrot A pair 9 km NW of Cobbora 14 July (AM) were just south of the
usual range.
Swamp Parrot A population survey carried out at the Barren Grounds 25-27 April
located approximately 50 individuals. On the basis of the proportion of the reserve covered
during the survey the total population was estimated at 80-100 birds (JMF, PF et al).
Swift Parrot Far inland records: one about 18 km N of Ivanhoe 4 May (JI); up to 20
feeding on lerp scale on Red Gums at Sandy Creek near Warren 1 Sept (JH). Comparatively
plentiful at Ingalba NR from June onwards with parties of up to 12 seen at several localities,
4 still present 13 Sept (MJC, JWa). 8 at Northmead 11 May (AC, WS) and 1 at Kurnell 30
Aug (FH) appear to be the only Sydney area records. One in the Newnes Valley 14 Sept
(TL, BF et al).
Crimson Rosella A bird of the race flaveolus (Yellow Rosella) at Kinchega NP 8 May
(GC) was at the northern limit of this subspecies’ range along the Darling River.
Pale -headed Rosella Southern records: one at Gumin in the western part of the Warrum-
bungle NP 28 July (AM, RC), a pair at Bucklebone Bridge 5 km N of Pilliga (DJ). One seen
just east of Walcha 24 Dec (RC) was well outside the known range and may have been an
escape although a check on local aviaries proved negative.
Turquoise Parrot Localities not previously noted in these reports: at least 3 in the Beth-
ungra Hills south of Cootamundra 24 Jan (MJC, JWa), 2 near Bucketty 20 km NW of Kul-
nura 26 Jan (RC), one at the head of a rainforest gully in Dorrigo SP 1 April (ABR, IA),
2 at McCleymonts Crossing near Maraylya 24 May (AC, WS, KA), a pair at Yarrigan SF
15 km SW of Baradine 30 Aug (FMC), single birds at two localities in the Upper Horton
area 28 Aug and 5 Sept (MJC), 2 in Pilliga NR 8 Oct (DL) and one on 22 Dec (AM) and
recorded throughout the year in pine/box woodland in the Bearbung district 18 km NE of
Gilgandra (per AM). Again reported from Warrumbungle NP (AM, RP) Weddin Ranges (RT,
MJC, JB per RMo), the Widden Valley (NK) and the Annangrove area (AC, WS, KS, RB
et al).
Oriental Cuckoo One watched for 30 minutes at West Pymble 23 Feb (DMS, MT); obser-
vers have had previous experience of this species in Papua-New Guinea.
Pallid Cuckoo Winter record: one at Wallacia 8 July(AMcG). One at Gilgai 29 July was
the earliest known record for the district (MB).
Fan -tailed Cuckoo One at Gilgai 27 July was also the earliest district record (MB).June, 1976 75.
Black- eared Cuckoo Eastern records: near Bulga 2 on 4 Jan (EH, AR, RN, TK et al) and
one on 19-20 Oct (JP).
Horsfield Bronze -cuckoo One at Gilgai 12 July was the earliest district record (MB).
Shining Bronze- cuckoo Nominate race: one observed at very close range in Naghi SF
near Eden 1 March (DM). Single birds caught and banded at Woolooware 2 March (GC),
at Shaws Creek near Castlereagh 1 June (DIS et al) and at Tumbi Umbi 12 Oct (GC). A
specimen from Avalon 25 March now AM 0.45362 (SGL). The June record is of consider-
able interest since the 10 records for 1972-1975 fall clearly into migration periods i.e.
29 Sept -20 Oct and 22 Feb -25 March. Subspecies plagosus: 2 juveniles trapped at Zara
property 12 km W of Wanganella 26 Jan, this species is rare in this area and occurs chiefly
as a passage migrant in spring (JI).
Indian Koel One heard calling loudly at Coonabarabran 15 Nov appears to be the
first record for this area (AM) and may be the furthest inland record for the state. Single
birds near Moruya Heads 11 Nov (DMS, MT) and at Merricumbene 40 km NW of Moruya
15 Nov (GSC, NC/COG) were at the southern limit of the range. One at Thirlmere 27 Dec
(AH). Arrivals in the Sydney area were later than usual (6-14 Oct) however one remained
in bushland at Thornleigh until the late date of 30 March (BH).
Channel -billed Cuckoo A flock of 10 at Dalmorton on the Boyd River about 65 km W
of Grafton 26 Jan (EW). Numbers seen during Sept-Dec far exceed the total for the prev-
ious 4 years and cannot be detailed in full. Southern records: 2 near Bawley Point 30 km
S of Ulladulla 12 Nov (DMS, MT, BVH) and 1 on 1 Dec (AMcG); several birds frequented
the Wollondilly River near Barallier during Dec with up to 9 present in early Jan 1976 (CS).
Sydney area: 8-10 flying low over Ku-ring-gai Chase NP on 7 Sept (JP) were an early record;
several observations of up to 2 in the Wisemans Ferry and Richmond areas (AC, DMS, MT,
GD, MD et al); one in bushland at Thornleigh 10 Dec (BH). County of Northumberland:
up to 7 at Kulnura in Oct (JG), up to 4 at Matcham late Nov (APS, LCS) and 4 along
Darky Creek Gorge about 15 km S of Bulga 6 Dec (AC, WS, RG). In the Mudgee area:
first arrival at Cooyal 1 Nov, common at Buckaroo during Dec (NK). 1 in Gibraltar Range
NP 17 Sept (SE, YE).
Pheasant Coucal One seen and heard at Beacon Hill during Feb-March (LJH). One in
the reserve at North Head, Sydney Harbour 29 July (AMcG). One seen at Bargo Weir near
Picton 2 Aug and heard calling on later occasions (AH). One calling above Wattamolla Royal
NP 10 Dec (GD, MD, AMcG). Seen and heard near the Wakehurst Parkway, Frenchs Forest
Oct-Dec, possibly breeding (BT). One resident in the Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden St. Ives
for most of the year (JSh per DL).
Powerful Owl One heard calling and seen at Beecroft 29 April (per DL) may have been
the same bird heard nearby at Wahroonga 5 May (ABR) and Turramurra 11 May (DL).
Also in the Sydney area heard calling at Church Point 6 and 24 April (GS) and seen off
Lady Carrington Drive Royal NP 26 Oct (MAC, JT). 2 in the Kalang Valley near Bellingen
7 May (RB). A pair in a reserve between Mittagong and Bowral 17 Aug (CS et al) was a
new district record. A pair seen and photographed at the Mundoonan Reserve near Gunning
during the last week of Sept (GWe, JWe per CS).76. AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 10 (4)
Boobook Owl One at Observatory Hill in the inner Sydney City area 5 and 20 July (GC).
Barking Owl Heard calling regularly in the Turramurra area Jan-June, particularly vocif-
erous in May (DL). One calling at Wahroonga 26 July (ABR). Often heard calling at Kulnura
during the year (JG).
Masked Owl One watched with the aid of a floodlight in a garden at Hornsby Heights
13 Nov ( RC). Found dead by the roadside at Bulandelah 28 March, near Bellingen 30 March
(GC) and at Nabiac 31 Oct (GH).
Grass Owl One at Tyagarah near Lismore 23 Sept (DB) see Bird Observer 529:92.
Sooty Owl One heard calling at McLeods Gully near Tenterfield 17 June (SGL). One
found dead by the roadside 16 km S of Cobargo in July (DN) now AM 0.45268.
Tawny Frogmouth Far inland record: one found dead by the roadside in open country
near Milparinka 18 Sept (WL).
Marbled Frogmouth One seen in the Kalang Valley near Bellingen 15 May identified by
orange eye colour, prominent narrow white eyebrow and browner colouration in comparison
with Tawny Frogmouths seen nearby. Verified by examination of Museum skins. It is now
believed that birds seen at this locality on 26 Aug and 3 Sept 1974 were also this species
(RB). One in Goonimbar SF near Terania Creek about 30 km N of Lismore 2 Aug. Observed
with a spotlight at 10 m and identified by orange eye colour and plumage pattern of under-
parts (JAB, WB). These appear to be the fifth and sixth NSW records (see 1972 Report);
the fourth record was of a bird seen in rainforest at Dorrigo but full details are not to
hand (per ABR).
Owlet- nightjar Breeding proved at Annangrove, juveniles with down seen at a hollow on
15 Oct (JP).
White -throated Nightjar One found with a broken leg at Randwick an inner city suburb
4 March died later, now AM 0.45299 (per JD, WB). One at Cumberland SF West Pennant
Hills Oct (JP).
Spotted Nightjar One hawking moths at 05.00 hrs on Kilfera Station 15 km S of Ivanhoe
5 June. The weather at the time was unseasonably warm and night flying insects were
abundant. This is the first winter record by this observer in 20 years of living in Spotted
Nightjar country. Repeated searching later when the weather had reverted to normal winter
conditions proved fruitless and the possibility of the bird having been roused from a period
of hibernation or torpidity by the abnormal heat was considered (JH). One 3 km N of
Baradine 27 Aug was close to the locality where a White -throated Nightjar was found dead
in early 1976 (AM).
Fork -tailed Swift 20 at Ingalba NR near Temora 12 April (BF, AGL, TL, MAC), a
late date.
Azure Kingfisher One seen on Berida property on the Marthaguy Creek about 16 km
W of Gilgandra in April, the first record in the area since 1938 (AMcC per AM). One in
the southern section of the Macquarie Marshes NR 11 Oct (DL, JMP, JSt).
Kookaburra Small numbers, up to 5 at a time, were seen near Ivanhoe Jan-March.
This species is very rare in this area and it seems likely that these birds were driven west
by the bush fires in mallee country to the east (JH).June, 1976 77.
Rainbow Bee -eater 6 at Lynch’s Creek on the Springwood to Richmond road on 9 Sept
were the earliest record for the Sydney area (AMcG).
Dollarbird Riverina records: single birds at Morundah 6 Oct, 25 and 30 Dec (GC) and
at Narrandera 28 Dec (RMo). One at Gilgai on 23 Sept was the earliest known district
record (MB).
Welcome Swallow One part albino among a flock of about 100 normal birds at
Arcadia for at least 2 weeks in April (HP).
Tree Martin One nearly pure white bird with flocks of normal birds at Cambria prop-
erty near Barham 16-17 Dec (ET).
Ground Cuckoo -shrike 3 between East Maitland and Thornton 25 April were the most
easterly record for the Hunter Valley (PB per EH). 2 adults and 2 immatures seen in an
open grassy field near Bulga 6 Dec and 3, presumably the same birds, nearby on 27 Dec
(AC, EH, KA et al). These appear to be the third and fourth records for the County of
Northumberland. Up to 4 in the Mudgee-Cooyal area during the year (NK). 4 at Ingalba
NR near Temora 13 Sept where the species is rare (MJC). Many western records.
Little Cuckoo -shrike A group of 5 at Myall Lakes 12 July were all dark phase varying
from a sooty colouration to a paler but darker than normal plumage. A party of 10 at the
same location 2 weeks later were all normal plumaged birds (WL). One dark phased bird
at Louth 15 Sept (WL). A pair nesting at Copeton Dam near lnverell 4 Oct were of mixed
phase, one light one dark (JW).
Barred Cuckoo -shrike One at Sea Acres near Port Macquarie 30 Nov (GH) and 18 Dec
(RC). 2 in a small patch of rainforest at Yamba 22 Dec (RC).
Cicada Bird In the Sydney area: first arrival 12 Oct at Thornleigh (BH), last seen at
Castle Hill 28 March (RB). Southern record: a pair in Naghi SF near Eden 2 Nov (DM, MC).
Red -whiskered Bulbul Again observed throughout the year at Tumbi Umbi (GC) where
it is now clearly resident. Recorded in the Wollongong area at Helensburgh, Thirroul,
Woonona and Mount Kembla (FH).
Ground Thrush One at Cumberland SF, West Pennant Hills 31 May and 14 June (EH).
Blackbird One at Goodmans Ford Barallier 25 Jan (JW). Resident in thickets along
the Lane Cove River at Turramurra (DL). One at Towra Point 22 Feb (GD, MD). Inland:
now regarded as common in built-up areas and orchards at Leeton, Griffith and Narrandera
(RMo). One at Murrumburrah 4 Oct (GC). One at Broken Hill 19 Sept (WL).
Spine -tailed Logrunner 2 in littoral rainforest at Bundagen, 6 km S of Sawtell 13 Feb
Spotted Quail -thrush A pair in partly cleared forest at Nortons Basin Mulgoa 16 Aug
(AC, WS, BSF, DL).
Chestnut Quail -thrush Following the 1974 bush fires a few were seen in the immediate
vicinity of Ivanhoe in atypical habitat of Belar and Yarran during the winter months. Last
seen August when they presumably returned to regenerating mallee (JH).78. AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 10 (4)
Chestnut- breasted Quail -thrush 6 near Perri Lake Paroo River Area 26 Aug and a pair in
the Koonenberry Mountains 4 Sept (RM). 4 at Louth Rubbish Tip 27 Dec (BF, VH, JT).
Grey -crowned Babbler 4 at Broke 13 and 21 Sept (SE, YE).
Hall’s Babbler A pair at Mootwingee 9 Sept; 3 parties of White-browed Babblers also seen
nearby (RM).
Tawny Grassbird One possibly 2 at Bakers Lagoon 8 Feb (AC). Single birds at Brick –
makers Creek Liverpool 20 Oct (MP) see Bird Observer 531:15 and at a swamp opposite
Cronulla High School 20 Dec (BF, VH) appear to be new locality records for the Sydney
Brown Songlark Sydney area: a male at Towra Point 19 Sept (JW) and 20 Dec (BF) and
a female at Warriewood 1 Nov (SGL). Present throughout the year at Coonabarabran with
no apparent fluctuation in numbers (AM); in the Mudgee district, however, birds were absent
from mid -May until the beginning of Aug (N K).
Rufous Songlark A pair at Chipping Norton 27 Dec appeared from their behaviour to
be breeding (AMcG, JFD).
Blue and White Wren 3+ about 20 km SE of Finley 24 Dec (JI) were at the extremity
of this species’ range.
Mangrove Warbler 9 singing males at Kooragang 26 Oct (FG, TGK).
Western Warbler One about 6 km W of Tibooburra 10 May (JI) was outside the range
shown by McGill (Australian Warblers). Nesting recorded at Bulga 19 Nov (JP).
Weebill Single birds at Maclean 27 Jan and at Halfway Creek 25 km NW of Woolgoolga
13 July (GH). Records of this species on the north coast appear to be scarce.
Little Thornbill The following records were at the north western limit of this species
range in N.S.W. Breeding recorded in Yarran scrub habitat 10 km W of Ivanhoe during
Oct (JH); one on 14 Sept (WL) and several parties on 25 Dec (BF, VH, JT) near Byrock.
See also addenda below.
Chestnut -tailed Heath Wren Regularly recorded at Kulnura (JG), previously stated (Aust
Birds 9:68) only to occur in the County of Northumberland from East Maitland to New-
castle. Present during the year in both the Pilliga NR and Warrumbungle NP (AM).
Striated Field Wren A bird at Towra Point 8 Feb was considered to be this species
(GD, MD, JW et al), see N.S.W. F.O.C. Newsletter 9:3-4. This locality is about 150 km
N of the known range of this normally sedentary species.
Rufous Field Wren Common at Wonaminta property Koonenberry Mountains 1 Sept
(RM, CC). Present at Stephens Creek about 8 km E of Broken Hill 26 Sept (GSC).
Rock Warbler Inner Sydney record: a pair at Castle Rock, Clontarf 22 March (PM).
Striated Grass Wren Despite the bush fires which destroyed most of the mallee on Red Tank
and adjoining properties NE of Ivanhoe this species has survived in reasonable numbers e.g.
16 on Red Tank 29 March and 10, including 2 young being fed by parents out of the nest, on
15 Nov (JH, NS).
Grey Grass Wren c. 14 at Carapundy Tank 50 km NE of Tibooburra 12 May (JI).June, 1976
White- fronted Chat A pair at Cooyal 28 Feb, the first record for this area in 11 years of observ-
ation (AM, NK). 8 at South West Rocks 21 Feb (GH), further north coast information would be
of interest since there appear to be few records.
Crimson Chat A single male observed at close range in rough grass near the edge of a playing
field at Scotts Head just south of the Nambucca River 30 Nov (RP, WP). This is an exceptional
record as this is a typically inland species in N.S.W. normally occurring only west of the Dividing
Range. The observers are familiar with the species and had encountered it five days previously
during a trip inland. On several occasions the bird was heard to give a sharp “ting ting” call.One
in brown plumage at Retreat Station 30 km S of Ivanhoe 11 May was the observer’s first
winter record in some 20 years of observation (JH). A large influx occurred in the general
area surrounding Ivanhoe starting in late August with subsequent breeding into December
(JH, NS).
Gibber Bird Frequent searches were made in the areas around Ivanhoe where this species
nested in earlier years, (see Reports for 1972 and 1973), but none was found. It now seems
certain that the continued excellent rains with resultant vegetation growth have forced this bird
to move away if not die out (JH).
Scarlet Robin One near Finley 21 March (JI) was an early winter arrival.
Pink Robin One at Castle Hill 6, 11 and 14 April frequented densely overgrown shubb-
ery in a suburban garden (RB); details of plumage and behaviour submitted include the lack
of white in the outer tail feathers. 2 at Tennyson Creek Flora Reserve about 30 km S of
Bombala 10 April (DM).
Rose Robin Western record: an adult male at Pilliga NR 17 April (GSC).
Yellow Robin Seen in mixed Bimble Box and pine scrub country just W of Canbelego
in Feb and Sept (JH). This further extends the range to the north and west of the records
quoted in the 1974 Report.
Grey Fantail 2 about 5 km E of Barooga 20 and 30 Dec (JI); this species is mainly a
winter visitor in this area but breeds at various points westwards along the Murray River
(per JH).
Rufous Fantail Inner Sydney record: one at Bronte 4 Nov (JR).
Leaden Flycatcher Single birds at Gilgai 2, 6 and 10 Nov and a pair nest building near
Ashford 19 Nov (MB) appear to be the first records for the Inverell area see Emu 75:
113-120. A flock of 10+ on 2 Nov near Bowral kept together as a close group as they
worked their way slowly through the bush (CS).
Satin Flycatcher First arrivals: at Warrumbungle NP 10 Oct (NL), at Ku-ring-gai Wild-
flower Garden St Ives 11 Oct (FMC) and Thornleigh 15 Oct (BH). A male at Ingalba NR
near Temora 26 Oct (MJC, JWa). One at Mount Kembla 8 Nov (FH).
White -eared Flycatcher At Iluka, a pair seen in courtship display 18-19 Nov (DIS)
and 2 seen separately 23 Nov (GH). Although this is a known locality for this species
records for N.S.W. are very scarce.
Golden Whistler Appears to be a winter visitor to the Coonabarabran area, seen common-
ly April-Sept but absent after 19 Sept (AM).AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 10 (4)
Gilbert Whistler Present on Berida property 16 km W of Gilgandra for many years alth-
ough records have never been published (AMcC per AM). This and the record by Heron
(Emu 73:121) appear to define the north-eastern limit of this species range. A female on
the boundary of Red Tank and Keewong Stations about 110 km NE of Ivanhoe 22 Sept
(JH, AMcG); although previously recorded commonly last century by Bennett at Moolah
just S of this locality there are few recent records for the area.
Olive Whistler 2 at Petrol 25 km S of Ebor 4 Oct (GH). One along the Maria River
Forest Walk near Telegraph Point 30 Nov (RP, WP). An immature on Monkey Mountain
about 5 km NW of Termeil 31 Dec (DMS, MT).
Crested Bellbird One seen near Pilliga Town 27 Aug (EW). This was the only record
during a campout in the Baradine-Pilliga area where previous authors considered the
species to be reasonably common. Also now rare in the Inverell area where once common,
see Emu 75:113-120.
Orange -winged Sittella Western records: observations at 3 localities between Nyngan and
Bourke, Gumbalie 60 km W of Bourke, Cobar and Round Hill (WL, BF).
White-browed Treecreeper A pair in low scrub near Byrock 14 Sept (WL).
Spotted Pardalote A pair seen carrying nesting material into a hole about 20 m up in
a large Red Gum at Cambria property near Barham 30 Aug. This is the first record of
“high altitude” nesting in this area where the species is uncommon (ET).
Yellow- tipped Pardalote c. 200 at Longneck Lagoon near Cattai 17 June (RB), a large
number for the Sydney area. Again wintered at Oatley Park arriving in June and last birds
departing first week Nov, max c. 40 (BF).
Brown Honeyeater One calling loudly at Coonabarabran 17 Aug (AM) was about 130 km
SW of the previously known inland range, see Report for 1972. However, this was eclipsed
by the following remarkable series of records in the Darling region:- single birds 31 km SE
of Bourke on the Mitchell Highway 25 Dec and at North Bourke Tank 26 Dec, up to 4
in low scrub along the Darling River at Hamilton Park approximately midway between
Bourke and Louth 27 Dec and several at a tank about 60 km NW of Cobar on the Louth
road 27 Dec (BF, VH, JT).
Scarlet Honeyeater Again recorded at Munghorn Gap NR, 10 in Feb (per AM).
Black Honeyeater Many more records than usual late Aug-Dec. Main localities: Paroo
River area, between Nyngan and Bourke, around Ivanhoe, Mootwingee and Tibooburra
(RM, WL, JH, NS et al).
Pied Honeyeater A pair near Perri Lake Paroo River area 25-26 Aug (RM, CC). A
female at Pulletop NR 4 Oct (BF). 2 pairs at Baupaume Station near Ivanhoe 3 and 11
Nov (NS).
Singing Honeyeater Records at Goorianawa, Baradine and Pilliga Town in late Aug
appear to mark the species’ eastern limit in this area (AM, AMcG).
Mangrove Honeyeater One seen in mangroves and park trees at Stuarts Point about
15 km SE of Macksville 28 Oct (GH) was at the southern limit of this species’ range. One
in mangroves on a sandbar near Yamba 22 Dec (RC). Records of this species in N.S.W.
are rare.June, 1976 81.
Yellow- fronted Honeyeater As with the Striated Grass Wren this species has survived
well in remnants of mallee after the bush fires NE of Ivanhoe (JH).
Yellow- plumed Honeyeater Observed at Wilga Downs about 15 km N of Hermidale 20
May (AM); this is at the extremity of the range shown by Gannon (Emu 62:145-166) and
is perhaps the most northern record for the state.
Brown -headed Honeyeater Small flocks at Cobar and Muriel Tank 20 km W of Hermi-
dale 20 Sept (WL) and a pair nest building 10 km E of Cobar during Sept (JH) were west
of the range shown by Gannon.
Blue -faced Honeyeater 10+ including several juveniles near Putty on the Windsor -Singleton
road 4 Jan (BF, AR, EH et al). This species is clearly well established in this area and
further records will not be listed.
Little Friarbird Coastal records: several at Doonside for a few weeks in March (per EH);
one at Nelson Bay 21 Sept (GC).
Noisy Friarbird One at Cambria property near Barham 16 May was unusual as this is
normally an uncommon summer visitor to this area (ET).
White-cheeked Honeyeater Southern record: a small party at Meroo Beach 10 km S of
Ulladulla 30 Dec (DMS, MT).
White -fronted Honeyeater Several in Kinchega NP 15-21 Sept appear to be a new
species for the park list (BK).
Striped Honeyeater 12+ around Balmoral property near Cooyal May-Aug appear to be
the first occurrence in the area for many years (NK, AM). There are historical records for
the Mudgee district last century.
Painted Honeyeater Coastal record: one on Mitchell Island near Taree 15 Aug (AMcG)
see Aust. Birds 10: 36-8. 2 at Ingalba NR near Temora 15 Oct (MJC). One near Mount
Hope 18 Nov (RM). Several records at the established area near Bulga with 4 pairs nest-
ing (JP, EH, AR, AC et al).
Regent Honeyeater 4 pairs nested at Bookam Nov-Dec (JP). A pair nested near Bar-
allier in both Jan and Dec (CS, SC et al).
Noisy Miner Fair numbers present and nesting in Bimble Box/callitris country on
Red Tank and Keewong Stations about 110 km NE of Ivanhoe. This locality, surrounded
by Mulga and Mallee country occupied by the Yellow -throated Miner, probably represents
the western extremity of this species range in this area (JH).
Yellow -throated Miner Single birds near Inverell 18 June and 29 Oct, (MB) see Report
for 1973.
Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater One at Pelican Point Woolooware Bay 14 June -30 July
was only the third Sydney record (DL, JS et al) see Aust Birds 10: 39-40. Single birds
near Barham 24 April (ET) and near Finley 10 Oct (JI) were unusual for these areas.
Diamond Firetail 3 seen in Belar scrub near Dareton 31 Aug (CS). Although this
species used to nest on Mildura Golf Course and at Gol Gol Lake it is only very sparsely
scattered along the Murray River between Euston and Mildura with odd birds westwards
at Wentworth (per JH). 4 and 2 on 17 and 23 Jan respectively at Monivea Station near
Ivanhoe (NS).82. AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 10 (4)
Red-browed Finch Resident in Pilliga NR (AM); apparently not previously recorded in
this area.
Banded Finch The following all appear to be outside the known range; 3-4 at Yathong
NR in company with Diamond Firetails 8 April (RT), 6 at Cocoparra NP 19 April (RMo),
8 and 5 on 15 June and 29 Aug respectively at Willandra NP (RMo) and 2 at Mount Annan
near Holbrook 15 Sept see Bird Observer 528:92.
Plum- headed Finch c.20 at a tank about 60 km NW of Cobar on the Louth road 27 Dec
(BF, VH, JT).
House Sparrow Recorded by several observers at Tibooburra and in the surrounding
area at Olive Downs, Mt. Wood and Narriearra homesteads (WL, JI, GSC, GC et al).
Tree Sparrow c. 6 at Keringal property near Hay 21 Aug (RP, WP) and at least 3 at
Weethalle 25 Aug (PB per EH) represent extensions of the known range.
Olive -backed Oriole Present throughout the year around Coonabarabran with no apparent
increase in spring (AM). One at Ivanhoe 23 Jan (NS).
White -breasted Wood Swallow About 75 flying NW along with 200+ Dusky Wood Swallows
at Gilgai 19 Sept were a first record for the Inverell area (MB).
Masked Wood Swallow A few present with thousands of White-browed Wood Swallows
near Wallangra 16 Oct were a first record for the Inverell area (MB).
White-browed Wood Swallow Several thousands moving N over Ivanhoe 11 May, a late
date for such large numbers (JH).
Dusky Wood Swallow 6 at Willandra Creek Mossgiel 27 Aug (NS).
Pied Currawong A part albino bird seen regularly at Asquith during March and infrequ-
ently thereafter (JMcD).
Grey Currawong One at Kulnura 7 Aug was the first record for the County of North-
umberland (JG).
White -backed Magpie One at Boggy Swamp Creek 21 km S of Howes Valley 14 June
Green Catbird One at Oatley 17 Jan (BF) was unusual for the metropolitan area.
Spotted Bower Bird A pair at old homestead site Kinchega NP 16-21 Sept (BK)
appears to be the first record for the park.
Paradise Riflebird A female in Nothofagus forest in New England NP 22 March (RN).
Forest Raven 2 at the Ranger residence New England NP 11 May (RN, RJ). 2 flying
overhead about 55 km from Armidale on the Kempsey road 10 July (RN).
Crow Southern record: a pair at Mungo Brush Myall Lakes 6 Dec (FG, SGL)
The record of small numbers of Great -winged Petrels at sea off Woolgoolga on 14
Aug 1974 was submitted in error. The species observed was the Providence Petrel and the
number recorded was 22 (GH).June, 1976 83.
Appendix B ADDENDUM: 1973 REPORT
Little Thornbill A party of 5 in Box woodland at Kinchega NP 5 Aug 1973 (BK). This
represents an extension in range as in the far south west this species is normally confined
to the Box fringe along the Murray River.
Providence Petrel The identity of a bird photographed at sea about 25 km off Sydney
Heads on 22 June 1974 was finally confirmed as this species and constitutes the first live
record for this region (MAC, AR).
Common Sandpiper 4 feeding along Currumbene Creek about 2 km from its entrance
into Jervis Bay at Huskisson on 5 March 1974 (DSS).
The following records result from information obtained during visits by Glenn Holmes
(5-19) April) and Peter Fullagar and John Disney (May and late Nov-early Dec). Several
important specimen records were supplied by islander Ray Schick. A feature of the year
was the large number of species added to the Island list.
Hoary -headed Grebe One found on 4 June now Australian Museum (AM) 0.45342 (RS).
First record.
Little Grebe 9 (2 in breeding plumage) at Blinky Beach 9 April (GH). At least 4 and
possibly up to 12 on the Island 24 May (PF, JD). First records.
Little Penguin One found beach washed in July now AM 0.45364 (RS).
Great -winged Petrel One found beach washed during winter (RS); specimen identified
by PF. Second record.
White -headed Petrel One picked up alive near the airstrip during winter later died;
specimen and details forwarded to Australian Museum (per JD). First record.
Gould Petrel A bird considered to be this species was seen at very close range about
mid way between the main island and Ball’s Pyramid on 11 April. Identification was
based mainly on the demarcation between the dark head and the paler mantle (GH).
Black -winged Petrel One found dead in rainforest at the summit of Transit Hill 10
April. 7 chicks located at North Head 13 April (GH).
Fairy Prion One found beach washed in July (RS), specimen identifiied at Aust-
ralian Museum.
Flesh -footed Shearwater The colony at Old Settlement Bay appears to bave been
deserted probably due to the building of new amenity blocks (GH).
Grey -backed Shearwater One seen at sea near the Admiralties 14 April (GH). Second
Little Pied Cormorant 22 on the airstrip pond 24 May and 7 on 4 Dec, 4 off Flagstaff
Point 3 Dec (PF).
Little Black Cormorant 8 on the airstrip pond 24 May (PF).84. AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 10 (4)
Cattle Egret 3 behind Pinetrees 19 April (GH). First record.
Large Egret One present in May (PF).
Glossy Ibis One reported by islanders during May (per PF); further confirmation is
desirable as this species has not previously been recorded on the Island.
Royal Spoonbill One found dead on 6 June now AM 0.45253 (RS).
Black Duck 8 at Blinky Beach swamp 8 April (GH). 19 at the airstrip pond 24 May
of which at least 8 showed male Mallard characteristics. Of 32 at the same locality 27 Nov,
12 were Black Ducks and 20 were Mallard hybrids (PF).
Grey Teal One at the airstrip pond 24 May (PF).
Land Rail A bird found injured during July was transported to Sydney and taken to
Taronga Zoo (RS per JD).
Moorhen One at Blinky Beach swamp 9 April (GH). First record.
Coot 2 at Blinky Beach swamp 9 April (GH) and 4 at the airstrip pond 24 May (PF).
First records.
Turnstone 56 at the main jetty 7 April (GH), a large number for the Island.
Whimbrel One at Ball’s Pyramid 11 April (GH).
Grey -tailed Tattler One at North Bay 6 and 13 April (GH).
Wandering Tattler Single birds at Signal Point 7 April and Ned’s Beach 17 April (GH).
Arctic Tern One picked up on 25 April after gale force winds, now AM 0.45291 (RS).
First record.
Sooty Tern 2 adults at Old Gulch 6 April and one at Malabar 11 April (GH). This
species is normally absent from April to August.
Little Tern A specimen from Gower Island 15 Dec (per J. Pickard) now C.S.I.R.O.
collection Canberra No. 18253.
White -capped Noddy Single birds at Old Gulch 6 April, Ned’s Beach 7 April (GH), off
North Head 29 Nov, off Little Slope 1 Dec and off the main reef 2 Dec (PF). 30 at Ball’s
Pyramid 11 April (GH).
Fairy Martin One at the airstrip 25 May (PF). First record.3

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