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Vol. 16, No. 1 September, 1981

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Vol. 16, No. 1 September, 1981
This is the Eleventh Annual Report, and covers the period 1 January to 31 December,

  1. For this period, 124 observers submitted a total of 1,931 sightings, plus a quantity of
    general notes and comments. The species files also contain a scattering of other significant or
    interesting records gleaned from the literature for the current year, and this report is a distil-
    lation of this combined date. Details of about 800 individual sightings (or somewhere between
    one-half and two-thirds of the total number of reports received) are given in the following
    pages. It is pleasing to note such continued enthusiastic support for the Annual Report, and
    again my thanks are due to all of the observers who submitted records.
    Highlights for the year include reports of a White -headed Petrel off Sydney, a Tahiti Petrel
    and a Streaked Shearwater off Ballina, a great -billed Heron near Yamba, a Letter -winged Kite
    near Gilgandra, a Banded Stilt near Wollongong, a Ringed Plover at Botany Bay, and a White-
    rumped (Grey) Swiftlet at Iluka, to mention just a few. The Beach Stone -curlew again bred at
    Red Rock NP, and our knowledge of the status of the Marbled Frogmouth, the Pink Robin,
    and several other species in NSW continues to grow.
    Perhaps more interesting however, are the effects of the lengthy and severe drought over
    most of the State during 1980. Observations received indicated significant population move-
    ments in a number of species, including in particular the following: Freckled Duck, Blue -winged
    Shoveler, Pink -eared Dyck, Hardhead, Bustard, Rainbow Lorikett, Horsfield’s Bronze -Cuckoo,

Black -eared Cuckoo, White -winged Triller, Rufous Songlark, Brown Songlark, White-cheeked

Honeyeater, Orange Chat, Masked Woodswallow and White-browed Woodswallow most
spectacular of these, perhaps, was the influx of Bustards extending south and east at least as
far as the Darling R. In a normal year this species is represented by only a cattering of reports
within the State, but during 1980, one report, for example, gave an estimate of more than 600
individuals in the Wilcannia area during a week of aerial surveys.2 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS (16) 1
These obvious and widespread invasions were apparently not the only effects of the
drought, however. Every year a few observers report some species or other as new to their
particular area. These reports are entered on the relevant species files, but unless especially
interesting or unless they seem to have a broader significance, such reports are not generally
incorporated into the Annual Report. On going through this year’s observations, however, I
was struck by the unusual number of reports of this type. and the notes for species after
species contained some reference to minor aberrations in distribution. Several common species
were also reported in unusual places, such as a small flock of Weebills in the unlikely inner
Sydney suburn of Bronte. While not particularly significant when taken in isolation, reports of
this type were so numerous as to suggest at least local movements of a number of common
species, presumably related in some way to the drought. Nor were such observations limited to
resident species, and several observers commented on an influx of migratory waders to the
South Coast and central tablelands.
In an attempt to maintain editorial consistency in these Reports, two conventions are here
introduced. Sewerage Treatment Works are popular places for birds, and hence for bird -watch-
ers, but such installations are of several distinct types, and it is difficult to name them consist-
ently. Accordingly, the abbreviation STW is introduced to indicate “sewage farm”, “sewerage
works” or any variation thereof. Also the names of private properties are often used in giving
details of sightings of birds in NSW, and such places are variously referred to as “homesteads”,
“properties”, “stations” and so on; the abbreviation “HS” is here used to cover all of these
terms. The implication is that the place is privately owned and named.
am grateful to A.K. Morris and A.E.F. Rogers for much help in the preparation of this
repoI r t. Alan Rogers in particular gave freely of his time in studying the first draft and in dis-
cussions on various aspects of the Report.September, 1981 3
J. Alan R. Harmer National Parks & Wildlife
R. Aldis L.J. Haeney Service (NPWS)
N. Anderson N.L. Hermer J.E. Noyce
J. Auld (JAu) C. Heynatz
J. Hobbs J. O’Malley
T. Balfour D. Hobcroft
W.P. Barden G. Holmes R. Paine
D. Best R. Holmes (RHo) J. Pegler
R. Bigg E. Hoskin C. Pratten
D. Bishop (DBi) B. Howie M. Price
G. Blackwell F.G. Hunt
W.E. Boles Hunter Bird Observers Group T. Quested
P. Bolger (HBOG)
C.M. Bonser J. Imrie (Jim) D.C. Richards
P.A. Bourke J. lzzard J.H. Robertson
W.J.L. Brooke A.E.F. Rogers
M. Brooker W. Jeffs A.B. Rose
C. Johnson J. Russill (JRu)
M.A. Cameron D. Johnston N. Russill (NRu)
G.A. Campbell G. Saals (GSa)
J. Carey T. Kendall N.W. Schrader
M. Carey J. Shearer
M.A. Christiansen S.G. Lane R. Shearer
G. Clancy S. Larsson E. Small
A.W. Clucas P. Lester L. Smith
A. Colemane A.I.G. Lindsey N. Smith
M. Crawford (MCr) T.R. Lindsey P. Smith
F. Creer E. Lisser G. Snodgrass
G. Croft (GCr) K. Lisser C. Sonter
N.W. Longmore L. Sourry (LSo)
A. Dampney B. Stokes (BSt)
P. Davies P. Maher R. Stokes (RSt)
J. de Hose (JdH) S.J. Maher
S. Debus B. Mannes D. Turner
J. Dengate (JDe) S. Marchant
J. Dixon R. Mason H. Vamos
T. Dixon I. McAllan F. van Gessell
A. McBride P. van Herk
B. Eggins A.O. McCutcheon B. Virtue
J. Eveleigh A.R. McGill
R. McKay N. Wakeling
W. Filewood G.J. Mendel R. Walker
B.W. Finch E. Meyers J. Waugh
E. Finley R. Miller (RMi) E. Wheeler
R. Moffat (RMo) B. Williams
L.M. Gibson A.K. Morris J. Wilson (JWi)
W. Glynn J.D. Woodhouse
B. Goldstein
H. Goldstein
M. Goodwin
Gould League Camp (GLC)4 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS (16)

Great Crested Grebe 7 at Fitzroy Falls Reservior 10 Dec (JH). 64 at Prospect Reservior

20 Jul a notably large number for the Sydney area (TO).

Hoary -headed Grebe Recorded in Centennial Park, Sydney 9 Feb see NSWFOC News-
letter 45, 2.
Yellow -nosed Albatross Recorded off Ballina 14 June, not seen after 13 Aug (JI); c 30 off

Sydney Heads 31 May (AR et al)

Cape Petrel 1 off Sydney Heads 31 May (AR et al) a very early date.
Great -winged Petrel 3+ recorded 44 km off Sydney Heads 11 Oct (AmcB, GB, AR, et al).
White -headed Petrel 1 about 44 km off Sydney Heads 11 Oct (AmcB, AR, GB et al).
Providence Petrel c 10 recorded 44 km off Sydney Heads 11 Oct (AmcB, GB, AR et al).
Tahiti Petrel 1 seen 29 km ESE of Ballina 20 Mar (JI I. ( See Aust. Birds 16:24).
Black -winged Petrel Several at Muttonbird Is. 21 Feb (JI).
Buller’s Shearwater Recorded at North Wall, Ballina as follows: 2 on 7 Jan and 9 Jan, 1 on

24 Jan and 30 Jan, 2 on 17 Dec and 1 on 31 Dec (JI).

Short -tailed Shearwater 1 off Sydney Heads 31 May a very late date (AR et al).
Streaked Shearwater 1 seen 6 km off Ballina South Beach 9 Mar (JI).
Hutto -n ‘s Shearwater 25+ mixed Fluttering and Hutton’s Shearwaters off Sydney Heads 31
May at least 4 were conclusively identified as Hutton’s by the extensive dark around the face
and throat and by the extensive brownish areas on the underwings (AR et al).
Little Shearwater 1 derelict on Big Marley Beach, Royal NP 12 May (now AM 0.54883),
apparently the first record for the Park (DT).
Wilson’s Storm -Petrel 4 seen 29 km ESE of Ballina 20 Mar, an early date (JI). 3 off Sydney

Heads 31 May (AR et al).

Diving Petrel sp. 1 recorded 44 km off Sydney Heads 11 Oct (AMcB, AR et al) seldom
seen in NSW coastal waters; presumably P. urinatrix.
Brown Booby 1 at North Wall, Ballina 10 Jan and again 28 Feb (JI).

Darter A pair breeding at Queens Hill Drive Swamp near Mulgoa on the outskirts of Sydney

2 Feb Sydney breeding records are few (AMcG).

Little Black Cormorant c 8 pairs breeding at Queens Hill Drive Swamp 2 Feb Sydney
breeding records are few (AMcG).
Great -billed Heron 1 reported at Romiak -a Channel 5 km S of Yamba 23 Apr had apparent-
ly been seen previously on several occasions see NSWFOC Newsletter 47,4.September, 1981 5
Cattle Egret Nesting again at Seaham NR 6 Jan (RMo per AKM). Dozens of adults at nests
at the Carss Creek rookery 31 Oct an -d 1 Nov, 1000+ pairs nesting 7 Dec (GC). Inland records
10+ at Mogriguy near Dubbo 28 Oct did not stay long, perhaps enroute to coastal rookeries
(per AKM). 10 in breeding plumage at Parkes STW 2 Nov (JDW). 3 in breeding plumage in the
northern section, Macquarie Marshes NR 19 Dec, where they had been present for three days
(AKM). South Coast records: Recorded in the Bega Valley and at Pambula 27 Aug – 4 Sept,

including 27 roosting in a swamp at Bega (GLC). First arrivals in Berry-Nowra area 3 on 9 Mar,

then lower numbers than in previous years max 316 on 7 Jun most; had left by 26 Oct
when 30 were counted, but single birds still present until 4 Dec (JH).
Little Egret 1 at Centennial Park, Sydney 31 May (JHR).
Mangrove Heron 1 at Deep Creek, Narrabeen 7 Sept and 1 at Careel Bay 12 Apr (AL, EM).
Rufous Night Heron Recorded at Mt Wilson 19 Oct (JHR).
Black Bittern 1 at Flemings Creek near St Albans 13 Aug (CMB, RB). 1 at Yarramundi
Bridge 26 Apr (RB).
Brown Bittern 2 on Oxley HS wetlands, Macquarie Marshes 5 May (RA per AKM).
Black -necked Stork 1 adult male at Warrell Point near Nambucca Heads 23 Jun; 1 adult
male at Brunswick – Heads 27 Jun; 1 immature at Re -d Rock 30 June (GC); 1 at Woodview, W
of Casino 2 May perched in a dead tree (NWS) other reports were almost all from well –
documented localities in the lower Clarence R. region; recorded breeding near Jackadgery in
Aug (EW).
Glossy Ibis North Coast records: 4 at Grafton 5 Mar; seen near Cowper March -April on
( 1
13 Mar, 5 on 16 Mar, 23+ on 19 Apr, 27+ on 21 Apr), 9+ at Cowans Pond 17 May and 3 on
25 May; 5 at Lawrence 16 Jun; seen at Sportsman Creek July -August (4 on 6 Jul, 9 on 2 Aug
and 5 on 10 Aug) (GC). 3 at Lennox Heads 29 Oct and same place 25 Nov; at Ballina STW
1 1 –
3 Nov (JI). South Coast records: 4+ on a swamp between Berry and Toolijooa 25-26 Nov
observer’s first record for the Shoalhaven region (JH, BV). Sydney region: 1-2 at McGraths
Hill through March and April, present at least until 11 May; max 8 at McGraths Hill and else-
where in the Hawkesbury Swamps 31 Oct – 7 Dec (GB, JEN); also 30 at Penrith Lakes 22 Nov
(RB) and 2 at Cranebrook Quarries 7 Dec (AR).
Sacred Ibis 95 in one flock at Towra Point, Sydney 21 Jan notably large group (JW).
Magpie Goose 3 at Beresfield 28 Jul (PAB).
Plumed Whistling -Duck Inland records: 100+ at Kinross 35 km W of Gilgandra 24 Aug
(AOMcC). 400+ at Buddah Lake near Trangie 9 Oct (AKM). 60+ camping at Carrana, near
Coonamble 23 Jan (per AKM). 2 adults and 12 downy young on a billabong along Marthaguy
Greek, Berida HS, Gilgandra 21 Feb (AOMcC). 2 at Parkes STW 16 Feb (NSW), and 10 same
place 18 Dec (JDW). 30 at Kiacatoo 21 Nov (NWS). Coastal and near -coastal records: seen at
Waterview near Grafton Jul -Dec, max 500+ on 2 Aug; also 200+ at lower Southgate 19 Sept
(GC). Present in numbers (max 300+) at Doughboy Hollow, 5 km S of Singleton Jul -Nov
(DCR). In the Sydney region, numbers seen (min 6, max 110, usually 80+) throughout the year
in the vicinity of Bakers Lagoon, usually at Killarney Horse Stud or Fearnleys Lagoon (RB,


Freckled Duck Seen at Fort Grey Basin Lake, Sturt NP a-s follows 153 at Fort Grey Basin
Lake 13 Jan, 1 on 27 Aug, 10+ on 22 Sept (AKM, GB see also Aust. Birds 15, 33); also
2 at O.Y. Tank, Sturt NP 13 Jan. 4 at Nocoleche NR near Wanaaring 18 Jan (RHo per AKM).
35 at Teasdale Reservoir near Warren 20 Dec (GG per AKM). 9 at Parkes STW 26 Jan; 2 same
place 10 Aug, then 4-18 present September -December (NWS, JDW). See regularly at Waterview
near -G rafton July -Dec, max. 12 (GC). Recorded at Forbes STW during the Labour Day Week-
end see NSWFOC Newsletter 50,4. Sydney region: 6 at Cranebrook Quarry swamps 6 Nov,
(see Aust. Birds 15,72) then seen regularly by various observers until the end of the year
(AMcG, AR, JRu, N Ru).
Australian Shelduck A pair at the southern end of Macquarie Marshes NR near Oxley HS
15 Jun (RA per AKM). A pair in pastures around Jellat Jellat 27 Aug -4 Sept (G LC). female
at Bakers Lagoon 9 Feb (RB).
Mallard 1 drake at Bega STW 3 Sept (GLC).
Blue -winged Shoveler 21 at Fort Grey Basin Lake, Sturt NP 13 Jan (NPWS per AKM).
Small numbers on all temporary waters in the Coonamble-Teridgerie-Baradine area during July
and August – unusual for these localities (AKM). Recorded (max 20) in the Bega swamps 27
Aug -4 Sept (GLC). A pair at Port Macquarie 27 Apr, a pair at Cowans Pond 19 Jul, and a pair
at Waterview near Grafton 27 Jul (GC); 1 on a stockdam 10 km NW of Lawrence 15 Jul (DCR).
Pink -eared Duck Recorded (max 11) on the Jellat Jellat s -w amp 27 Aug -4 Sept (GLC). 4
at Bomaderry STW 9-10 Mar and 8 at Nowra STW 11 Dec occurrence probably drought
induced (JH). Seen frequently at Waterview near Grafton July -Dec max. 32 on 26 July; also 2
at Cowans Pond 19 Jul and 4 same place 13 Dec (GC). Sydney region: 2 at Killarney Horse
Stud Lagoon, Richmond 22 Apr (CMB). A few at Chipping Norton 2 Oct (AMcG). 3 at Home –
bush Bay 25 Oct (AMcB). 20+ at Cranebrook quarries 7 Dec (AR).

Hardhead A flock of 1500 on Flat Rock Dame, Nowra July -September when they left,

leaving only one pair with young; 2300 counted at Nowra STW 11 Dec exceptional numbers
for Nowra, occurrence probably drought induced (JH). Royal NP: 7 at -M arley Lagoon 12 May,
1 at Audley 23 May, 9 at Marley Lagoon 31 May, 1 at Audley 15 Jul these appear to be the

first records for the Park (DT).

Maned Duck 150 seen at a stockdam near Picton 8 Mar, see NSWFOC Newsletter 45,3
a notably large flock.
Blue -billed Duck 16 at Fort Grey Basin Lake, Sturt NP 13 Jan (NPWS per AKM). at
Broinowskis Dam near Cobbity 7 Apr; apparently the first occurrence in the County of Cum-
berland (JD, AMcG) – details in Press.
Musk Duck Single birds at Sportsmans Creek 6 Jul and 2 Aug; seen regularly at Waterview
near Grafton July -December (3 on 19 Jul, 4 on 26-27 Jul, 4 on 2 Aug, 3 on 10 Aug, 3 on 4 Oct,
1 on 7 Dec, 3 on 13 Dec) (GC).
Osprey 9 pairs nested Oct -Dec from Forster north to the Queensland border, by only five
chicks were fledged from three nests (NPW -S survey by GC, per AKM).
recorded on the
Sydney District Autumn Bird Count 31 May see NSWFOC Newsletter 48, Suppl.

Letter -winged Kite 1 at Berida HS near Gilgandra 28 Feb (A0McC).September, 1981 7

Black Kite 1 at Kinghorn Point between Currarong and Culburra 19 Jul heading north
along the tideline; observer’s first record for the Shoalhaven region (JH). 1 seen on several
occasions through the year to 6 Aug at Uralla (SD). 1 at Cronulla 26 Jun (JW)..
Square -tailed Kite 1 seen 2 km south of Goolgowi 30 Aug (WEB, NWL). 1 near Seelands 20
Jan; single birds seen regularly at Grafton throughout most of the year; also at Waterview
Heights 17 Nov (GC).
Black -breasted Buzzard 1 at Kinchega NP mid -July (CJ per SD). 1 seen at Macquarie
Marshes NR 23 Apr (see Aust. Birds 15,4).
Brahminy Kite 1 at Dawson R., 10 km NE of Taree 12 Jul southern record (DCR).
Whistling Kite A flo -ck of 29 immatures in ragged plumage at Comonderry Swamp near
Shoalhaven Heads 24 Nov occurrence probably drought induced (JH).
G – rey Goshawk One recorded for three days from 10 Mar in the Coonamble township area
white morph, well t -o the west of the species’ normal range (AKM). 2 in a suburban garden at
Oatley, Sydney 2 Apr 1 a white morph (LMG).
Red Goshawk 2 at Ballina 30 Mar and at East Ballina 23 May (JI).
White -bellied Sea -Eagle Three pairs in Macquarie Marshes NR; one pair in the northern
section raised one chick Oct -Dec, but it is not known how successful the other pairs were
(AKM). A pair successfully reared young at Lake Keepit (MC per AKM).
Wedge-tailed Eagle Nest with two young near Wollombi 17 Dec (DCR).
Little Eagle 1 near Tanja 27 Aug – 4 Sept (GLC). 1 at Meroo 23 Nov (JH). 2 at the southern
end of Wises Track, Royal NP 7 May (DT). 1 near Windsor 9 Jul – a very light phase (CMB),
and at South Windsor 25 Jul (JEN). Single birds recorded at Thornleigh 25 Feb, 9 May, 16

May, 2 Jun, 23 Jun (BH).

Marsh Harrier Recorded in Centennial Park, Sydney 9 Feb see NSWFOC Newsletter 45,2.
Black Falcon
at Goolgowi 30 Aug (WEB, BWF, NWL, AL). A pair of Ken -tu cky (near
Uralla) 8 Apr and 1 at Werrikimbe NP 4 Sept (SD). 1 at Bakers Lagoon 25 Jun extended
views, sitting on an exposed branch -o f a willow tree, eating a feral pigeon (AMcG). 1,20 km N
of Singleton 5 Nov and again 1 Dec observer’s first records for the area (DCR). One seen over
semi -cleared heathland on Caves Beach Road, Jervis Bay, ACT 14 Jan (CS).
Peregrine Falcon 1 at South Grafto -n 1 July (GC). A pair near Jellat Jellat 27 Aug -4 Sept
(GLC). near Wentworth Falls 20 Jul attempting to take a Sulphur -crested Cockatoo (GB).
1 at the Visitor Centre, Royal NP 26 Sept (DT). 1 at Curra Moors, Royal NP 1 Nov (JHR).
Single birds recorded at Thornleigh 12 May, 1 Jun, 2 Jun, 16 Oct, 25 Nov (BH). 1 at Pitt
Town Bottoms 21 Jun (GAC). Breeding records from several parts of NSW, including Pilliga

NR and the northern and southern tablelands (AKM, SD, JHR).

Grey Falcon 1 at Mt King HS, Sturt NP 30 Aug (GB). 1 at Gunebang 6 Oct attacked by
a Brown Falcon which pirated its prey (NWS).
Malleefowl One corssing the Dubbo road 40 km from Mendooran 11 Jul (GCr per AKM).

1-2 birds recorded near Windera HS 35 km NE of Cobar between Nov 1980 and Jan 1981

in Bimble Box scrub well to the north of other recent records (RMcK per AKM).8 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS -(1 6) 1
Australian Brush -turkey One feeding in a suburban garden at Killara, Sydney 3 Aug key

points in the description were black plumage, red head, A -shaped tail (FGH). Recorded during

the Sydney District Autumn Bird Count on 31 May see NSWFOC Newsletter 48, Suppl.
Brown Quail Further Northern Tableland records (see 1979 Report). 1 female at Wool –
brook 19 Apr; remains of 3 found in a feral cat stomach at Mt. Yarrowyck in July (PVH per
SD); at Armidale mid -August (SD).
King Quail 1 at Comerong Island 19 Oct (JH).
R – ed -chested Button -quail 1 in male plumage flew into the side of a house at Grafton 15 Oct
died later (GC). 1 about half -way along the Cobar-Louth Road 5 Apr (AMcB). 1 killed by a
cat at Skibo HS 12 km of N – E of Gloucester 21 Oct (ABR). A female seen in a dry creek -bed 20
km N of Singleton 7 Sept appears to be the first record for the Hunter Valley for many years
Plains -wanderer A pair 80 km of Deniliquin 17 Aug (PM).
Banded Landrail 1 at Centennial Park, Sydney 15 Nov (see NSWFOC Newsletter 52, 4)
and again 31 Dec (GC).
Lewin Water R-a il 1 at Shoalhaven Heads 26 May and 1 at Vinc -e ntia 29 Jul (JH). 1 at Towra
Point 21 Jan flushed from lantana, and 1 same place 11 Oct in sedge and samphire (JW).
1 at Kurnell 5 Oct (JRu, N Ru). 1 at American Bay, Kuring-gai Chase NP 14 Sept (WG).
Marsh Crake 1 at Tura Heads STW 2-3 Sept (G LC). 1 at Centennial Park, 31 Dec (GC).
Spotted Crake 1+ at Fort Grey Basin La -k e, Sturt NP 13 Jan (NPWS per AKM). Recorded
at Comerong Island 19 Oct – 13 Nov, max 7 observer’s first record for the Shoalhaven region
Bush -hen Calling at East Ballina 6 Nov (JI).
Black -tailed Nativehen 1 on Boundary Road, Marylya 29 Mar (AMcB, TQ, LS, REB et al).

Brolga A number of records spanning most of the year from the Macquarie Marshes and

other mid -western areas max 50 at Glenmore HS near Collie 10 Mar (AOMcC, AKM, NA,
RA, GG). Several records from the Riverina and other southern localities: 17 on Lake Cowal
23 Feb (ABR); 5 at Wee Waa STW 25 Aug (AL); 2 in flood -pasture at Dareton for a week from
20 Nov, and 4 in saltbush paddocks at Kelso HS near Wentworth Oct -Dec (CS). Also recorded
at Telephone Lake, Sturt NP 13 Jan (NPWS per AKM). Breeding reported at Charnley near
Gilgandra during Feb, at Carrana near Coonamble during Jan, at Woodford Is. in the lower

Clarence R. in Aug, and (unconfirmed) at Kiacatoo in Oct (AOMcC, AKM, GC, NWS).

Australian Bustard The unu -s ual number of reports received indicates a large-scale irruption
presumably drought -induced well to the south and east of the normal range; in view of wide-
spread interest in this species, the records are here given in full: at Yarrawonga HS near War
gett in early Apr (NS). 1 at Fowlers Gap Research Station N of Broken Hill 19 Aug (SL).
14 at Little Topar and 11 at Lake Tandou (near Menindee) 1-8 Aug (JE per AKM). 600+ in
the Wilcannia area during aerial kangaroo surveys carried out by NPWS 1-8 Aug (AKM). seen
7 km east of Little Topar 8 Aug; 40+ on Glen Lyon HS 93 km west of Wilcannia 1 Aug; 3+ on
Ravendale HS near Mootwingie 13 Aug; 5+ on Cymric Vale 13 Aug; 6+ in the Gnalta Section of
the Mootwingie-Wertago-Gnalta NPWS reserve 13 Aug (WJ per AKM). 9 on Olive Downs sect-
ion of Sturt NP throughout July; a pair around Mt. King section, Sturt NP 1-15 Aug; recorded
in small numbers (2-6 birds) near Olive Downs, Pine Hole Tank and Twelve -mile Creek, SturtSeptember, 1981 9
NP 1-23 Sept (RHO per AKM). A number of reports of flocks of 10-20 birds and single birds
around Ivanhoe and Wilcannia through the winter months (NWS).
Bush Stone -curlew Two pairs nested on the Gulargambone-Curban Stock Route during
Sept -Oct (DJ, AKM). 3 at Merryoula between Baradine and Coonamble 18 Jan (AKM). A pair
at Clarenza 26 Jul (BE per GC). 2 at Taylors Beach, Lemon Tree Passage 28-29 Jun and 2 at
nearby Bulls Is -. 1 Nov (HBOG). A breeding pair reported on Rileys Is., Brisbane Water 7 Jun
(AMcB, CMB see NSWFOC Newsletter 47, 3). 1 at Careel Bay, Sydney 12 Apr and again 1
Nov (EM, AL).
Beach Stone -curlew A pair seen regularly at Red Rock NP raised two young in succession
that surv -iv ed to the end of the year. First runner found on 1 Apr, the second on 2 Nov, both

banded see Aust Birds 14, 55 (GC, RB).

Painted Snipe Recorded at a swamp near Wanganella 50 km N of Deniliquin 3 Jan (PM)
the only 1980 record received.
Pied Oystercatcher Found nesting at Wapengo Inlet and seen on beaches from Merimbula
to Naroma 27 Aug – 4 Sept (G LC). Recorded breeding at Comerong Is. 8 Nov (JH). 1 at Long

Reef 26 Apr (AMcB).

Masked Plover A pair nested on the flat roof of a building in Turramurra during Sept see
Newsletter 50, 4.
Banded Plover Recorded breeding at Numbaa near Nowra during Nov (JH); a pair bred on
Jamieson Park fields near Penrith during Nov (PL); nesting reported at RAAF base Richmond
Jan -Mar (MAC, AL, RB) and again Aug -Sep (JEN, CMB).
Grey Plover at Comerong Is. 19 Oct and 8 Nov (JH). 3 at Towra Point 16 Sept (JW).
1 at Windang 3 Jul (TQ, AMcG). 1 at Empire Bay 30 Sept (MC, AMcG). 1 at Taylors Beach,
Lemon Tree Passage 1 Nov (HBOG).
Lesser Golden Plover 1 at Parkes STW 18 Dec (JDW).
Red -kneed Plover Seen frequently at Cowans Pond near Grafton from Ma -y to December,
max 5 on 25 May, 1 at Trenayr 14 Dec (GC). 43 at Coonamble STW 19 Dec an area of less
than one hectare (AKM). Frequent on the Northern Tablelands through the year, max 9+ at
Llangothlin Lagoon 7 Jun (SD). 14 at Wilberforce Lagoon 2 Apr (CMB). 1 with 4 chicks at
McGraths Hill 23 Aug (BSt, RSt, AMcG). 175 at Barren Box Swamp near Griffith 1 Mar (ABR).
Ringed Plover
at Old Cooks R. mouth first seen 26 Jan, thereafter reported r -eg ularly by
many observers until at least 1 Nov; seen once (5 Apr) at Boat Harbour (LS, RB) see Aust.
Birds 14, 54.
Double -banded Plover Maximum count at Com -e rong Is. 56 on 16 Jul (JH). 5 at Old Cooks
R. mouth 6 Feb (AR). 1 at Bushells Lagoon 15 Jun see NSWFOC Newsletter 49, 3.
Large Sand Plover 1 at Boat Harbour 23 Feb (JW). 1 at Old Cooks R. mouth 29 Sept (JRu,
NRu, MAcG).
Oriental Plover at Kooragang Is. 6 Dec (AMcB).

Red -capped Plover 1 at Parkes STW 5 Oct (JDW) and 29 Nov (NWS).

Banded Stilt Recorded in the I Ilawarra area 1 Nov see NSWFOC Newsletter 51, Suppl.10
Little Whimbrel 1 at Harrington 21 Oct associating with Bar -tailed Godwits – key points in
description: noticeable eyebrow, crown maybe striped, bill downcurved, slightly longer than
head, tip blackish, basal two-thirds pinkish, dark rump in flight, size slightly smaller than god

wit (LJH). –

Whimbrel 45 at Towra Point 16 Sept (JW) an unusually large number for the Sydney
Wood Sandpiper Seen near Wanganella, 50 km N of Deniliquin 3 Jan (PM). 2 at Cobar STW
6-7 Nov (AR). 1 at Nowra STW 11 Dec (JH). 1 at Hexham 8 Nov, 2 same place 9 Nov, then
m 12a x A p3 r t (h Tr Oo ,u g Ah Mo cu Gt , D Re Bc , ( LA SM , c GB B, ).H BOG). 1 at Kurnell 16 Jan (JW). 1 at McGraths Hill 9 Feb –
Wandering Tattler 1 at Kooragang Is. 6 Dec (AMcB).
Greenshank Recorded at Fort Grey Basin Lake and at Telephone Lake, Sturt NP 13 Jan
(NPWS per AKM). 1 at Euabalong 6 Apr (AMcB). 4 at Booberoi near Euabalong West 21 Nov.
2 at Cobar STW 7 Apr (WG, BH), and 1 at Cobar STW 6-7 Nov (AR). 1 at Lauradale Claypan
42 km NW of Bourke 3 Oct (WJB). Recorded often at Macquarie Marshes NR, arrival 29 Oct,
departure 8 Apr (AKM). 1 at Parkes STW 23 Nov-8Dec (NWS). Seen at Spring Creek Reservoir
near Orange on 9 occasions between 13 Sept -22 Nov, max 3 on 8 Nov; 1 about 5 km S of

Goolma 14 Nov (WJB).

Marsh Sandpiper 2 at Coonamble STW 28 Jul (AKM) seldom recorded in NSW in winter.
Other records: 1 at Corunna Lake 2 Sept (GLC) and at Telephone Lake, Sturt NP 13 Jan
(NPWS per AKM). 1 at Lauradale Claypan 42 km NW of Bourke 1 Oct and 3 Oct (WJB). 1 at
Olepoloko Lake near Lake Peri 5 Nov (AR). 1 at Teasdale Reservoir near Warren 20 Dec (GG
per AKM). Several records from the Macquarie Marshes, max 19 at Old Buckiinguy HS 19 Dec
(AKM, MB). 4-8 at Parkes STW from 1 Oct to the end of the year (NWS, JDW). 1-2 seen at
Spring Creek Reservoir near Orange 29 Nov -9 Dec; 1 near Spring Terrace 14 km S of Orange 18
Oct (WJB). 1 near Grafton 14 Dec (GC). 10+ at Uralla 2 Mar (SD). 1 seen 12 km N of Singleton
28 Nov (DCR). 9 at Lake Tabourie near Nowra 25 Dec (JH). Sydney region: 1 at Mascot 22
Nov; 1 at Old Cooks R. mouth 26 Nov (JP); 2 at McGraths Hill 7 Dec (AR); at Cranebrook
Quarries 30 Nov (JRu, N Ru). 1
Japanese Snipe Several observers reported unusually early arrival dates. at Coonamble
STW 18 Aug (AKM); 2 at Longneck Lagoon 20 Aug (CMB); 1 at Bega 1 Sept (GLC); arrival
Werrikimbe NP 4 Sept (SD); 10+ at McGraths Hill 10 Sept (CMB). Inland record: at Laura
dale Claypan 42 km NW of Bourke 3 Oct (WJB).
Black -tailed Godwit Inland records: 1 at Parkes STW 18 Dec (JDW); 5 at Old Buckiin -g uy,
Macquarie Marshes NR 1 Dec (MB per AKM); 1 at Fort Grey Basin, Sturt NP 27 Aug (GB see
also Newsletter 49, 4); 1 at Parkes STW 19 Dec (NWS). Sydney region: 1 at Towra Point 21
Jan (JW); 1 at McGraths Hill 28 Sept (TQ, AC, AMcG); 1 at old Cooks R. mouth 14 Dec (JP).
South Coast record: 1 at Comerong Is. 8 Nov (JH).September, 1981 11
Curlew Sandpiper 1 at Parkes STW 28 Oct and 4 Nov (NWS, JDW). 1 near Spring Terrace
14 km S of Orange 18 Oct and 1 at Kellys Swamp, Canberra 3 Nov (WJB).
Broad -billed Sandpiper Recorded at Kooragang Is. 6 Dec (AMcB). at Old Cooks R. mouth
29 Jan (AR).
Ruff 1 male at McGraths Hill 16-22 Nov (AMcB, RB). 1 at a swamp near Wanganella, 50
km N of Deniliquin 6 Nov (PM).

Australian Pratincole 2 at Kyogle 19 Sept and 13 Oct (GH).

Arctic Jaeger 1 off Sydney Heads 31 May a rather late date (AR et al).
Pacific Gull Immature viewed for 10 minutes by many observers off Green Cape, Ben Boyd
NP 2 Sept (GLC). 2 immatures at Bermagui 29 Jul (PS, LS). 1 immature at Windang 16 May

(TQ, AC).

White -winged Black Tern 1 in non -breeding plumage at Bakers Lagoon 26-27 Jul very

unusual in winter (AC, AMcG, RB, TQ).

Caspian Tern Adult at Coonamble STW 24 Jul an unusual locality (AKM). 6 at Fort Grey
Basin Lake, Sturt NP 13 Jan (NPWS per AKM). Sydney records: 3 at Narrabeen Lakes 25 Jan

(AL) and 10 at Towra Point 16 Sept (JW), also recorded on the Sydney Birds Counts on 31

May and 1 Nov see NSWFOC Newsletter 51, Suppl and 48, Suppl.

Arctic Tern 1 seen off Sydney Heads 31 May see NSWFOC Newsletter 48, Suppl. (AR).
Roseate Tern 1 at North Wall off Ballina 7 Jan; 1 at Flat Rock 4 Nov (JI).
Little Tern North coast: breeding attempted at Forster, Nambucca Heads, Sawtell, Red
Rock, Station Creek, Wooli, Jerusalem Creek, Byron Bay, Brunswick Heads, and Pottsville
(GC). South coast: 10 pairs breeding at Tilba Tilba Lake during Dec (PB per AKM); recorded at
Lake Wollumboola and at Comerong Is. but no evidence of breeding (JH). Nested at Botany
Bay (NLH).
Fairy Tern A bird showing the characters of this species found incubating an egg, mated
to a Little Tern and nesting with about 10 pairs of Little Terns at Tilba Tilba Lake during Dec

(PB per AKM).

Crested Tern 500 pairs ready to lay on North Solitary Is. 27 Oct this compares with
estimates of 2000 pairs in both 1978 and 1979 breeding seasons (GSa per AKM).
Black Noddy 1 at Nambucca Heads 11 Dec, had been reported about a fortnight earlier
(NW, GC).
S -u perb Fruit -Dove An adult male flew into a window at Killarney Heights, Sydney 21 Apr
now AM 0.53226 (TR L).
Topknot Pigeon Southern record: 2 at Nelson Creek near Bega 30 Jan (LS, PS).
White -headed Pigeon Sydney records: 1 at Avalon 26 Aug (JDe); 17 at Wahroonga 28 Jul;
5 same place 7 Oct (ABR); 1 a -t Cheltenham 27 Sept (MP, DBi, AL). Also recorded on Sydney
Bird Counts 31 May and 1 Nov see NSWFOC Newsletter 48, Suppl and 51, Suppl.
Brown Cuckoo -Dove 3 near Bega 29 Jan (PS, LS).12 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS (16) 1
Diamond Dove at Pulletop NR 30 Aug (AL, BWF, NWL, WEB).
Bar -shouldered Dove 22+ drinking at one of the few remaining waterholes along Wambelon -g
Creek, Warrumbungle NP 24 May (AKM); 50 at Lawrence 8 Aug and 25+ on 10 Aug (GC)
these are large numbers for NSW.
Common Bronzewing at Trenayr 16 Sept (GC).
Brush Bronzewing at Beacon Hill, Sydney 3 Feb (AL) and 8+ same place 28 Aug (BWF,
Glossy Black Cockatoo Northern and northwestern records: 6 at Carramah HS 20 km SE
of Gilgandra 22 Mar (NA per AKM); 15 in scrub 25 km NE of Binnaway 15 Aug (per AKM); up
to 6 on Yarrawonga HS near Purlewaugh E of Coonabarabran 14 Sept (per AKM); 1 flew across
the Oxley Highway in the Pilliga Scrub 22 Dec (MAC); 2 in the Wittenbra section of the Pilliga
West ‘SF -( 12 km NE of Bugaldie) 19 Apr (DJ); 1 found shot near Coutts Crossing near Grafton
18 May died later; 2 (both males?) in Casuarina torulosa at Glenugie SF 21 Jun (GC); 2 at
Cathedral Rocks NP near Armidale 19 Apr (LJH); 2 seen 30 km NW of Singleton 26 Aug

(DCR). Other records: several at Basin Camp, Wattagan SF; Wyong 15-16 Feb (LJH); recorded

at Burralow Creek, Blue Mountains NP 5 May see NSWFOC Newsletter 49,3; 4 flying over

Nowra 11 Sept (JH), and max 9 at Bournda 30 Aug -2 Sept (G LC).

Gang -gang Cockatoo 4 at Matcham near Gosford 25 Jan (LSo) observer’s first local
record in 27 years of residence in the area; 4 at Hornsby Heights in Aug (HV per MCr); 7 at
Trevallyn HS 20 km N of Singleton 7 Jan (DCR); 8 at Hornsby 20 Apr (RM); recorded on both
of the Sydney District Bird Counts on 1 Nov and 31 May, see NSWFOC Newsletter 48, Suppl
and 51, Suppl.
Long -billed Corella A flock of 10 birds feeding in lucerne stubble for several days at Gad-

sens Bend on the NSW side of the Murray R. 10 km from Robinvale in early Dec (CS).

Little Corella 31 at Mosman Bay, Sydney 26 Jun playing on yacht masts and perched in
coral trees (NWL).
Sulphur -crested Cockatoo 300+ at Milbrodale 25 km SW of Singleton 5 Dec notably
large flock (DCR).
Rainbow Lorikett A number of reports indicate major movements, involving several species
of lorikeets but especially Rainbow Lorikeets, over much of eastern NSW during the year. Rain-
bow Lorikeets were reported as common around Jellat Jellat 27 Aug – 4 Sept (GLC), and as
unusually common at Moruya (especially in woodlands away from the coast) 25 Apr – 4 Sept
(SM). The species, together with Musk and Little lorikeets, invaded the Nowra area in very large
numbers throughout Oct and early Nov; they flocked into crimson bo -t tlebrushes planted as
street trees and were a very conspicuous and noisy feature of the town this coincided with a
similar invasion of honeyeaters (JH). Rainbow Lorikeets were also reported in numbers N of
Singleton during Sept, where they had not been seen for five years (DCR). A large influx of
lorikeets to Armidale March -May consisted mainly of Rainbow and Scaly -breasted Lorikeets,
but with some Musk Lorikeets (which remained until at least Nov); none of these species were
noted in the area during 1979 (SD).

Scaly -breasted Lorikeet A pair seen feeding in flowering eucalypts at South Durras 13 Jan

rarely this far south in their known range (CS). See also Rainbow Lorikeet.September, 1981 13
Musk Lorikeet A pair in the eastern section of Pilliga NR 7 Jul (RMi per AKM); and record-
ed at Coonabarabran 21 Nov (AKM). Lorikeets were reported as “few and far between” in the
Parkes area during 1980, due to drought (NWS), although 10 were seen in flowering eucalypt
on the Kangaroobie road 8 km N of Orange 13 Apr (WJB). There was a major influx of this
and other species of lorikeets onto the New England Tableland March -May, with some Musk
Lorikeets remaining until Nov (SD). On the South Coast, an irruption was reported in the
Shoalhaven area Oct -Nov (JH), and the species w -a s noted as common in coastal forests in the
Tanja-Merimbula area 27 Aug – 4 Sept (GLC) see also Rainbow Lorikeet. In the Sydney
region, 10+ were seen at Castle Hill 31 May (CMB), and 6 were present for most of Nov at
Oatley (JWi). Other records: 4 seen 30 km N of Singleton 7 Aug (DCR) and 4 at Norfolk
Falls near Coolah 6 Apr (WPB).
Purple -crowned Lorikeet A flock of 5 flew from – a flowering black box into river red gums
on Loch Island in the Murray R. at Mildura 28 Jun the birds had been s-e en feeding in lemon –
scented gums in the streets of Mildura during the previous week (CS) seldom reported in
Little Lorikeet A major influx into the Shoalhaven Oct -Nov, see Rainbow Lorikeet (JH),
and reported as rare in the Parkes region during 1980 (NWS), but there was little to suggest
any abnormal movements of this species in reports from other parts of the state. Recorded near
Jellat Jellat 27 Aug – 4 Sept (GLC); 21 at Rich -m ond RAAF base 17 May (JEN); recorded on
the Sydney Bird Counts 31 May and 1 Nov see NSWFOC Newsletter 48, Suppl and 51,
Suppl.; 6 near Katoomba 25 Apr (GB), and a flock at Capertee near Glen Davis 18 May
Australian King -Parrot Small flocks of up to 5 at various localities in the Pilliga NR 6-11
Jul (RMi per AKM).
Superb Parrot Northern records (See Aust. Birds 14, 45-50 and RAOU Newsletter 48,
10); 40-50 in three flocks near Ewenmar Creek near Warren 22 May (per AKM); a small flock
at Walgett 21 Mar (PD per AKM): a few at Tooraweenah 7 Jul and 20 Aug – (DJ); 3 at Berida
HS near Gilgandra 15 Jun, then present during July (max 50 on 19 Jul) none seen after
30 Jul (A0McC); 4 at Kinross near Collie 9 Aug (A0McC); flocks of 50+ at Cubbaroo near
Wee Waa 11-21 Mar (also recorded Jun – -J ul 1977 and Jun -Jul 1978, JAu per AKM). Southern
record: 2 at Young Racecourse 17 May this appears to be unusual date for this area (N LH).
Ground Parrot 15 individuals seen over a half -hectare area in regeneration heath between
Carrington Falls and Ebbs Pass 23 Jan (CS).
Budgerigar SeveralNws).observers commented on the scarcity of this species in inland NSW
during 1980 (AKM,
Eastern Rosella 6 near Ewenmar Creek, 12 km from Warren on the Gilgandra road, 16 Mar –
furthest west the species occurs in this area (AOMcC).
Blue Bonnet 6 at Maules Creek 50 km ESE of Narrabri 26 Nov (DCR), close to the eastern
limited of the species’ range.
Turquoise Parrot 2 in the Wittenbra section of the Pilliga West SF (12 km NE of Bugaldie)
19 Apr (DJ). 4 at the foot of Mr. Kaputar 20 Aug (AL). 3 at Cooranbong airport 10 Dec
(JO’M per HBOG). Several near Grassy Hill on the Putty Road in Oct and again 8 Dec, 3 at
Glen Davis 15 Nov (TQ). male near Yarramundi 31 May (RB).
Pallid Cuckoo Arrival dates: Gulargumbone Aug (DB), Berida HS near Gilgandra 9 Aug,
Coonabarabran 23 Aug (AKM), 1 near Bournda 31 Aug (GLC), Scheyville 10 Sept (CMB),
Red Gables 10 Sept (RB), Armidale 11 Sept (SD), Gloucester 13 Sept (ABR), Hornsby Heights
13 Sept (MCr), Grafton 17 Sept (GC), Royal NP 11 Sept (DT), Warrimoo 26 Sept (PL),
Moruya 26 Sept (SM), Shoalhaven region 28 Sept (normally absent to rare in the area, became
very common and recorded daily until 24 Nov, JH), and Penrith 29 Sept (PL).
Brush Cuckoo Arrival dates: Warrumbungle PO 24 Sept (AKM), Moruya 2 Oct (SM),
Castle Hill 3 Oct (RB), Iluka 5 Oct (GC), Warrimoo 13 Oct (PL), Armidale 19 Oct (SD),
Hornsby Heights 22 Oct (MCr). Departure dates: Warrimoo 4 Jan (PL), Moruya 7 Jan ISM).
Black -eared Cuckoo No records from the Coonabarabran region this season (AKM) and
notably few from other inland areas, but several records from eastern NSW; at Glen Davis
16 Nov, 1 at Warkworth 8 Dec (TQ), and 1 at Scheyville 16 Sept (WF).
Horsfield’s Bronze -Cuckoo Arrival dates: Warrumbungle NP Aug (AKM), Grafton Sept
1 1
(GC), Scheyville 10 Sept (CMB), Armidale 25 Sept (SD), Red Rock NP 3 Oct (GC). At least
two reports indicated an influx to the South Coast in Sept -Dec, reported as “conspicuous” in
the Moruya area 29 Sept – 12 Nov (not seen thereafter), with at least two breeding records
(SM), and as “very common and recorded daily” in the Shoalhaven area 12 Sept – 20 Dec (JH).
The species is normally uncommon to rare in both of these areas.
Shining Bronze -Cuckoo 2 records of the New Zealand subspecies lucidus: 1 found dead at
South Grafton 29 Sept (GC) and 1 found dead at Newcastle 17 Sept (now AM 0.54012, TR L).
Common Koel Arrival dates: South Grafton 1 Sept (GC), Gloucester 17 Sept, Wahroonga
6 Oct (ABR), Thornleigh 20 Sept (1 female) and 31 Sept (1 male) (BH), Hornsby Heights
2 Oct (MCr), Narraweena 5 Oct (AL), Royal NP 16 Oct (DT), Warrimoo 13 Oct (PL), Nowra
area 29 Sept (and subsequently had an unusually successful breeding season, JH). Departure
dates: Royal NP 22 Jan (DT), Warrimoo 15 Feb (PL), Thornleigh (a pair) 11 Mar (BH), luka
25 Jan, South Grafton 20 Mar (GC). Also seen again (see 1979 Report) at Kennington HS near
Coonabarabran 14-18 Oct (AKM).
Channel -billed Cuckoo Arrival dates: Coonabarabran 11 Oct (AKM), Warrimoo 30 Oct
(PL), Gloucester 24 Oct (ABR), Armidale 2 Nov (SD). Departure dates: Warrumbungle NP 22
Jan (AKM) and Tooloom Scrub 3 May (SD). Other records: 1 at Thornleigh 7 Nov (BH) and
1 at St. Ives 1 De -c (JA). Breeding recorded at Moruya in Dec (SM) and at Matcham near Gos-
ford in Jan (LSo) in both cases Pied Currawongs were the fosterers.
Powerful Owl 1 at Moruya 28 May (SM). 2 in Washpoo -l SF 7 Jul (GH). 1 at Cumberland
SF 12 Apr (AMcB). Present at Mitchell Park, Cattai 17 Apr identified feather and numerous
large casts found (LS, CMB). at Kuring-qai Chase NP Nov (FC).
1 1
Boobook Owl A pair bred at Stannix Park near Sydney Jan -Feb, seen feeding two young
Barking Owl at Glen Acre HS between Walgett and Brewarrina 19 Mar (NS). Nest with
3 young on the Castlereagh R. near Gulargambone in Oct (DJ, AKM).
Masked Owl roadkill at South Grafton 30 May (GC), picked up dead in the bush at
1 1
Tobins Creek 74 km W of Port Macquarie 8 Oct (ABR), 1 roadkill at Seven Mile Beach NP near
Nowra 25 Feb, 1 roadkill 17 km N of Bega 2 Feb (LS).September, 1981
Sooty Owl Recorded at Wiangaree SF 14 Mar and 16 Aug; Toonumbar SF 12 Apr and 19
Apr; Beaury SF near Woodenbong 14 Apr, Terania Creek 13 Jan and 26 Dec, and at Gibraltar
Range NP 17 Nov (GH).
Marbled Frougmouth 1 seen at Terania Creek 16 Feb (WEB, NWL, TRL et al) and 18 Mar,
and heard calling 26 Dec, feathers found in Wiangaree SF 16 Feb and 5 Apr (GH). 1 at Kalang
Valley 27 Aug (RB).
Australian Owlet -nightjar 1 juvenile found on the road at Mylneford 5 Jan, 1 spotlighted at
Fortis Creek SF 23 Jan (GC). 1 at Eden 29 Dec (TO).

Spotted Nightjar Breeding near Wyalong 13 Oct (AMcG)

White-rumped Swiftlet 1 at Iluka 1 June see Aust. Birds 15, 4 (GC).
Spine -tailed Swift Arrival dates: Station Creek near Grafton 31 Oct, Sydney region Nov
(ABR, DT, BH), Moruya 27 Oct (SM), Gulargambone 11 Nov (DB per AKM). 20 recorded in
the Illawarra area on the Sydney District Bird Count 31 May, an exceptionally late date – see
NSWFOC Newsletter 48, Suppl.
Fork -tailed Swift Coastal records: A few (7+) in a large flock of Spine -tailed Swifts at Tun –
curry 4 Mar (AKM). 3 at South Grafton 3 Feb (GC). 20-30 in a flock of 200 Spine -tailed Swifts
at Mungo Brush 20 Jan (PL). 150 at Caringbah 18 Jan, recorded at Yadboro on the Clyde R.
14 Mar. (JW).
Azure Kingfisher Inland records: 1 along the Murray R. near Mathoura 3 Feb (PM), 2 on
the Belubul -a R. (westward flowing) 20 km E of Canowindra 7 Sept (WJB). 1 at Mt. Wilson 19

Oct (JHR) not often reported from the Blue Mtns.

Red -backed Kingfisher Found breeding in Warrumbungle NP 14 Oct first breeding record
for the Park (AKM). A pair at Cranebrook Quarry swamps west of Sydney was seen regularly
by a number of observers from early Sept until the – e nd of the year, found nesting on 3 Dec
(AMcG, JRu, NRu, TQ, AD, AMcB, EH, AR et al) the first breeding record for the Sydney
region. Arrival dates: Coonabarabran 17 Sept (AKM), Gulargambone 26 Aug (DB), Repton near
local record (DCR), 1 at Spring Creek Reservoir near Orange 12 Apr (WJB), 1 in Gibralar Range
NP 11-12 Nov (GH).
Sacred Kingfisher Arrival dates: Trenayr near Grafton 17 Sept, Yamba Oct, Toormina
near Sawtell 8 Oct, Iluka 21 Sept (GC), Armidale 25 Sept (SD), Warrimoo 29 Sept (PL),
Penrith 7 Oct (PL), Hornsby Heights 21 Oct (MCr), Moruya 11 Oct (SM), Coonabarabran 17
Sept (AKM), Gulargambone 18 Sept (DB). Departure dates: Moruya 24 Feb (SM), Warrimoo
11 Feb (PL), Coonabarabran 31 Mar (AKM), Iluka 19 Apr (GC). 1 in mangroves at Wapengo

near Bega 2 Sept (GLC).

Mangrove Kingfisher Nesting pair at South Tweed Heads 17 Oct female flew from nest
hole in termite nest in forest red gum, joined male in mangroves (GC).
Rainbow Bee -eater Arrival dates: South Grafton 19 Aug (GC), Red Rock NP and Corindi
29 Aug (RB), Woodford Island 1 Sept, Wolli 2 Sept, Warrell Point near Nambucca Heads 10
Sept, Macksville 10 Sept, Kremnos Creek 14 Sept, Glenreagh 14 Sept (GC), Armidale 15 Sept
(SD), Carrs Creek 16 Sept, Trenayr 17 Sept (GC), Warrimoo and Penrith 20 Sept (PL), Everdale
HS 120 km SW of Cobar 29 Sept (CMB), Berida HS near Gilgandra 1 Oct (AKM), Clarenza 416 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS (16) 1
Oct (GC), Timor Rock 11 Oct (AKM), Nowra 12 Oct (JH). More common and widespread than
usual in the Shoalhaven area Oct -Dec, normally avoiding coastal areas and not found E of Burr-
ier, the species in 1980 extended right into Nowra and to the Princes Highway across the Shoal –
haven R., and numbers upstream were three times normal (JH). Departure dates: South Grafton
1 Mar, Station Creek near Grafton 14 Mar (GC), and Coonabarabran 20 Mar (AKM). The usual
scattering of winter records on the far North Coast (GC).
Dollarbird Arrival dates: Moruya 25 Sept (SM), Armidale 1 Oct (SD), Thornleigh 5 Oct
(BH), Toormina near Sawtell 8 Oct (GC), Warrumbungle NP 14 Oct (AKM), Castle Hill 16
Oct (RB), Royal NP 16 Oct (DT), Broadwater 17 Oct, Rileys Hill near Broadwater 18 Oct
(GC), Cumberland SF 19 Oct (CMB), Warrimoo 19 Oct (PL), South Grafton 20 Oct (GC),
Parkes 4 Nov (NWS) and Wahroonga 14 Nov (ABR). Departure dates: Parkes 29 Feb (NWS),
Moruya 15 Feb (SM), Warrimoo 14 Jan (PL), Royal NP 29 Jan (DT), Castle Hill 7 Mar (RB),
Coonabarabran 22 Feb (AKM), and Grafton 16 Mar (GC). Recorded at Thredbo R. 28 Jan


Noisy Pitta 1 picked up alive at Bondi Junction, Sydney at 0915 hrs, 2 May taken to
Taronga Zoo (JdH). 1 at Pimlico Island in the Richmond R. 13 Jul (GJM, see NSWFOC News-

letter 48, 4). 1 near Barnard R. N of Gloucester 27 Sept (FvG, WPB).

Albert Lyrebird 1 at Toonumbar SF 1 Nov possibly the first record for the Richmond

Range (GH). Several seen and heard at Terania Creek 16-17 Feb (TR L).

Rufous Scrub -bird 9 different males heard in Wiangaree SF recorded in Feb, Aug, Oct,
Dec (GH).
Barred Cuckooshrike 30 at Old Grevillea 8 Feb (GH).
Cicadabird Arrival dates: Piggabeen 17 Oct, South Grafton 19 Oct (GC), Castle Hill 19 Oct

(RB), Cumberland SF 22 Oct (CMB), Hornsby Heights 20 Oct (MCr), Thornleigh 17 Oct (BH),

Warrimoo 26 Oct (PL), Warrumbungle NP 21 Nov (AKM), and Moruya 29 Sept (male seen)
recorded regularly from 11 Oct onwards (SM). Departure dates: Moruya 23 Feb (SM),
Warrimoo 24 Feb (PL), Hornsby Heights 2 Mar (MCr).
Ground Cuckoo -shrike 1 at Everdale HS 120 km SW of Cobar 2 Oct (CMB). 3 at Lake Peri
5 Nov (AR). 4 about 3 km NW of Singleton 28 Oct, 5 at Trevallyn 20 km N of Singleton 14
Dec (DCR).
White -winged Triller Reported as much more common than usual during spring in both the
Shoalhaven and Hawkesbury river valleys. Around Nowra, a large movement of the species 6-24
Oct coincided with a similar movement of woodswallows; however, only a few pairs remained
to breed in what are probably regular or traditional sites; breeding numbers normal (JH). In the
Windsor -Richmond area, several observers noted an increase in numbers during Sept -Nov; a nest
with 3 young found at Bakers Lagoon 12 Nov (JEN). Arrival dates: Armidale 11 Sept (SD),
Berida HS near Gilgandra 1 Sept, Goorianawa 14 Sept (AKM), Gullargambone 6 Aug, (D8);
also reported at Everdale HS 120 km SW of Cobar 29 Sept (CMB). Reported from various
North Coast localities during Oct -Nov (JI, GC).
Vaired Triller 1 male at Maclean Lookout 2 Feb, 1 adult male at Evans Head 18 Jun, 1
adult male at Sherwood NR 14 Sept, 1 adult male carrying food at Tweed Heads South 17 Oct
(GC), 2 at Bonnie Hills 1 Sept (TO), 1 near Barnard R. N of Gloucester 27 Sept (FvG, WPB).

Red-wiskered Bulbul Recorded at Deniliquin 27 Sept (PM).September, 1981 17

Ground Thrush 2 in wet forest on Mt. Duval near Armidale 25 May perhaps an isolated
population at the western limits of range (SD).
Rose Robin Arrivals in the Sydney area: Warrimoo 7 Apr (PL) and Hornsby Heights 19 Apr
(MCr), last seen at Warrimoo 22 Oct (PL).
Pink Robin 1 “brown” bird near Wapengo Inlet near Bega 2-3 Sept (GLC). Fairly common
in suitable habitat at Bondi SF near Bombal -a 22-29 Jan (TRL). 1 seen in the Illawarra area 31

May, during the Sydney District Bird Count see Newsletter 48, Suppl.

Flame Robin 3 pairs at Moruya 18 Aug -1 Nov, two of which bred successfully observer’s
first local record in 6 years (SM). 1 male near Tucklan 15 km S of Dunedoo 7 May (WJB).
Scarlet Robin 1 at Kyogle 15 Jul (GH). A pair nested Aug -Sept at Mt Dyrring 20 kms N of
Singleton Aug -Sept, 400 m a.s.l. (DCR).
Red -capped Robin Unusually common in the Armidale district from 28 Sept (SD). Sydney
records: a pair at Marylya 6 Aug (RB), 1-2 birds recorded at South Windsor 16 Feb, 25 Jul, and
31 Oct (JEN).
Hood -ed Robin Arrival Armidale 4 Oct (SD). A pair nesting by the roadside at Cobbity 11
Sept nest with one egg (AMcG).
Olive Whistler Fairly commmon in suitable habitat at Bondi SF near Bombala 22-29 Jan


Red-lored Whistler 1 immature male near Cobar 6 Apr seen well and detailed description
on file (BH).
Rufous Whistler Arrival dates: Borah HS near Rocky Glen 7 Sept (AKM), Scheyville 10
Sept (CMB), Coonabarabran 11 Sept (AKM), Warrimoo 14 Sept (PL), Moruya 22 Sept (SM),
Gulargumbone 28 Sept (DB), Penrith 29 Sept (PL), Royal NP 22 Oct (DT). Departure dates:
Warrimoo 10 Feb (PL), Moruya 3 Apr (SM), Coonabarabran 17 Apr (AKM), and Gulargumbone
12 May (DB).
Black -faced Monarch Arrival dates: Sherwood NR near Grafton 14 Sept, luka 5 Oct (GC),
Royal NP 17 Oct (DT), Castle Hill 23 Sept (RB), Moruya 26 Sept (SM). Departure dates:
Moruya 19 Feb (SM), Ca -st le Hill 9 Feb (RB), and Warrimoo 11 Feb (PL), 1 seen during Sydney
Bird Count on 31 May an exceptionally late date, see Newsletter 48, Suppl. A pair found
nesting in an Araucaria cunninghamia tree at Cumberland SF Nov (CMB).
Spectacled Monarch Arrival -Il uka 21 Sept (GC), reported “in flocks” at Sea Acres Sanct-
uary near Port Macquarie 1 Oct very active, appeared to have just arrived on the way south
(DCR). 3 seen near Barnard R. N of Gloucester 27 Sept (FvG, WPB), and recorded at Barring-
ton Guest House 25 Oct (TD). Two Sydney records: on the edge of mangroves at Careel Bay

  • 1 –
    18 Feb full details supplied (BW), and 1 at Pelican Point in Botany Bay 12 Oct feeding in
    lantana near mangroves (KL, EL, JP).
    White -eared Monarch A party on the edge of rainforest at Terania Creek 17 Feb adults
    and 2 immatures (TRL et al), recorded again at Terania Creek 19 Jul and 6 Oct (AMcB). 2+
    at luka 21 Dec (GC).
    Leaden Flycatcher Arrival dates: Sherwood NR near Grafton 14 Sept (GC), Moruya 28
    Sept (SM), Warrimoo 2 Oct (PL), Timor Rock 11 Oct (AKM), South Grafton 19 Oct (GC),18 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS (16)
    Castle Hill 22 Oct (RB), Hornsby Heights 25 Oct (MCr), Cumberland SF Nov (CMB), Thorn-
    leigh 1 Nov (BH) and Red Rock NP 2 Nov (GC). Departure dates: Coonabarabran 3 Feb (AM),
    Moruya 17 Feb (SM), Warrimoo 24 Feb (PL), Gulargumbone 15 Mar (BD), Hornsby Heights
    25 Mar -( 3M Cr) and East Ballina 7 Jun (JI). Breeding reported in Bunberry SF, E of Parkes
    26 Nov pairs, 1 pair nesting on the side of a ridge in stringy -bark (NWS).
    Satin Flycatcher Arrival dates: Armidale 22 Sept (SD), Castle Hill near Sydney 22 Oct
    (CMB, RB), Cumberland SF and Thornleigh 1 Nov (CMB, BH), also recorded at Glen Davis
    16 Nov (TO). Last seen at Warrimoo 10 Feb (PL).
    Rufous Fantail Arrival dates: Iluka 21 Sept (GC), Warrimoo 26 Oct (PL), Wahroonga
    3 Nov (ABR), Cumberland SF 22 Oct (CMB), Thornleigh 1 Nov (BH), and Moruya 3 Nov (SM).
    Departure dates: Moruya 13 Apr (SM), Royal NP 12 Mar (DT), Warrimoo 5 Apr (PL), Wilber-
    force 9 Apr, Mitchell Park, Cattai and Marylya 16 Apr, Cumberland SF 19 Apr (RB, CMB),
    and Iluka 2 Feb (GC). Other records of interest: 1 fou -n d in a house at Bronte, Sydney 30 Mar
    (JHR), and 1 in dry scrub 10 km E of Manildra 17 Mar presumably on migration (WJB).
    Willie Wagtail 21 feeding in a loose flock amongst grazing cattle at Trevallyn 20 km N of
    Singleton Aug (DCR).
    Spotted Quail -thrush 1 adult and 2 feathered young in Bunberry SF near Parkes 26 Nov

Grey -crowned Babbler 4 at Central Macdonald near St. Albans 2 Aug (TO), 10 at Flemings

Creek, St Albans 13 Aug (CMB). Recorded at Pebbly Beach 14-16 Jun see NSWFOC News-
letter 48,3.
White-browed Babbler 7 at Glen Davis 16 Nov (TO).
Hall’s Babbler 6 adults seen twice 50-52 km NNW of Bourke on the road running NE from
the Hungerford Road through Lower Lila Station to the Mitchell Highway 20-22 Sept. Another
6 adults with 2 young seen 10 km from the first sighting. Another group (uncounted) seen
7 -5 km NW of Bourke on the road running N from Fords Bridge to Ella Vale on 25 Sept (AWC)
these sightings further extend to the SE the known range of the species.
Clamorous Reed -Warbler Arrival dates: Lawrence 10 Aug (GC), Magomenton near Coon –
amble 17 Aug, Coonabarabran 23 Aug (AKM), Sydney 28 Aug (CMB), Bega 31 Aug (GLC),
and Armidale 8 Sept (SD). Last seen Coonabarabran 14 Feb (AKM). Reported to be resident
throughout the year at Dareton STW (CS).
Tawny Grassbird Arrival Armidale 27 Sept (SD), reported 15 km S of Merriwa 5 Oct
(I McA), seen in heath just north of Tuncurry 4 Mar (AKM). 1 at Woolaware Swamp, Sydne -y 10
May (AMcB), and recorded on the Sydney District Bird Counts on 1 Nov and 31 May see
NSWFOC Newsletter 48, Supp and 51, Suppl. 3 pairs with recently fledged young at Comon-
derry Swamp, Shoalhaven Heads 24 Nov (JH).
Rufous Songlark North Coast records: 1 at Grafton 19 Sept, 2 at Macksville 23 Oct (GC),
and 1 at Ballina STW 17 Sept (JI). A large moveme -n t of this species in the Nowra region
19 Sept – 8 Nov , only a few pairs remained to breed numbers about normal (JH). Regularly
seen in the Hawkesbury Swamps area from 10 Sept until the end of the year, with reports
from McGraths Hill, Richmond, Bakers Lagoon and Castle Hill (LS, JEN, CMB et a!), found
nesting at Yarramundi 25 Oct (TO).September, 1981
Brown Songlark Common and regularly recorded in the Hawkesbury Swamps area from
13 Sept until the end of the year (TQ, LS, CMB et al), also several records from various places
in Sydney during the year. 1 at Cammeray 28 Jun (EF), 1 at Chipping Norton 2 Oct (AMcG),
1 at Boat Harbour 3 Jan, 5 males at Pelican Point 9 Oct (JW). In the Nowra region a massive
invasion of this species began 19 Sept, it became common to abundant not only on the Shoal –
haven R. flats but in hill pastures in Kangaroo Valley and on coastal heathlands at Currarong
and Jervis Bay, many remained to breed and were still p -r esent at the end of the year (JH).
Other records: 1 killed by a cat a night at Moruya 14 Dec specimen sent to AM (SM), 1 male

at Jerusalem Creek near Ballina 17 May and 1 at Ballina STW 15 Nov – 12 Dec (JI).

Variegated Wren 5 at Bermagui 2 Feb in spotted gum forest w -it h mainly cycad under –
storey, and 1 near Barragoot Swamp 10 km S of Bermagui 27 Apr in coastal sand dunes,
banksia and dense understorey (LS, PS) were close to the southern limit of distribution.
Southern E – mu -Wren Recorded at Mt. Clunie near Woodenbong 9 Apr and at Beaury SF 16
Apr (GH) interesting northern highland localities.
Eastern Bristlebird Four birds seen in regeneration heath and scrubland between Carring-
ton Falls and Ebbs Pass 23 Jan (CS).
Rock Warbler Recorded at Porters Creek Dam near Ulladulla 16 Jun (AMcB).
Speckled Warbler 2 near South Grafton 19 Oct (GC).
Weebill Recorded near South Grafton 7 Apr and 25 May, 1 near Ramornie 9 Aug (GC).
10 at Bronte, Sydney Jun (JHR).
Brown Warbler Usually common around Moruya but only a few records this summer (SM).
1 in dry open forest near So -u th Grafton 25 May, 1 in a garden at South Grafton 28 May (GC).

1 at Kooragang Island 8 Nov singing in mangroves (FvG per HBOG).

Mangrove Warbler 1 at East Ballina 18 Apr, in Tuckeroo Cupaniopsis anacordioides 150
m from the nearest mangroves (JI). Recorded at Swansea 29 Nov (DH).
Western Warbler 1 at Alleena 21 Dec, 1 seen 12 km S of Dubbo 22 Dec (MAC). 1 at Kyogle
10 Apr (GH). Arrival Coonabarabran 22 Aug, departure Warrumbungle NP 24 Jan (AKM).
Southern Whiteface Recorded at Capertee near Glen Davis 18 May (AMcB).
White -throated Warbler Arrival dates: South Grafton 29 Aug, Urunga 10 Sept, Warrell Point
near Nambucca Heads 10 Sept (GC), Red Gables 10 Sept (RB), Armidale 11 Sept (SD), Coon-
abarabran 13 Sept (AKM), Warrimoo 14 Sept (PL), Glenreagh 14 Sept (GC), Hornsby Heights
21 Sept (MCr), Penrith 29 Sept (PL), and Moruya 30 Sept (SM). Departure Dates: Warrimoo
10 Feb (PL), Coonabarabran 25 Mar (AKM), Red Gables 2 Apr (RB), Hornsby Heights 10 Apr
(MCr); 1 near South Grafton 7 April and 25 May (GC).

White-browed Treecreeper Very common at Mallee Cliffs NP 12-15 Jul (CS).

Red Wattlebird 70+ moving NNW at Winton near Bathurst 10 May in small groups (GC).

Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater Recorded at Capertee near Glen Davis 18 May small flocks
passing N overhead (AMcB). 500 at Wannara Creek 10 km E of White Cliffs 5 Nov (AR). 1 at
Gunnedah 8 Oct (DCR). Several records in the Dunedoo-Elong area Feb -Apr, also several seen
near Cumnock 1 Jun and 24 km N of Yeoval 3 Aug (WJB).20 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS (16)
Noisy Friarbird 1000+ moving south through banksia scrub and heath at Red Rock NP
25 Apr (GC). Unusual numbers recorded in the Nowra region Oct -Nov (JH). Inland records:
2 at Tullamore, 4 at Tottenham, and 6 at Albert, all on 8 Nov (NWS).
Regent Honeyeater 1 in crimson bottlebrush in the main street of Kangaroo Valley town-
ship 9 Oct (JH). 4 at Burrendong Dam 27 Sept, feeding 2 young on nectar from Grevillia long-
ifolia, 6 with 2 young at Glen Davis 15 Nov (CMB, TQ). 3 about 12 km N of Singleton 16 Aug
(DC R).
Yellow -faced Honeyeater Abundant at Jellat Jellat 27 Aug – 4 Sept, with a marked south-
wards movement noted 31 Aug – 4 Sept (GLC).
Singing Honeyeater A pair frequenting Golden Cypress and wattle in gardens at Jellat Jellat
27 Aug – 4 Sept (GLC).
Yellow -tufted Honeyeater Usually common -a round Moruya but only a few records during
1980 (SM). 1 at Beacon Hill, Sydney 3 Feb (AL) an unusual locality.
Fuscous Honeyeater Winter visitor a -t Moruya 13 Apr – 5 Aug (SM). At South Grafton,
single birds on 28 Apr, 30 Apr, 27 May observer’s first local records (GC). Recorded at
Deniliquin 12 Jul (PM).
White -plumed Honeyeater – 1 at Barcoongere SF 3 May; at South Grafton 1-2 present
between 1 May and 6 Aug observer’s first area records (GC). Minor influx to the Northern
Tablelands May -June, including Llangothlin Lagoon near Guyra at about 1400 metres asl (SD).

Brown -headed Honeyeater Recorded at Port Macquarie 14 Jun (GH). Recorded at Hornsby

Heights 26 Oct (MCr) and at Dawsons Hill 30 km N of Singleton Sept – Oct (DCR) both

were the respective observers’ first local records in many years.

White -throated Honeyeater Recorded at Smoky Cape 4-6 Oct (GH) close to the southern
limits of the normal range.

Painted Honeyeater Present near Sandy Camp, Macquarie Marshes NR in Jan and again in

Dec (MB per AKM). Present at Armidale from 16 Oct display flight suggested breeding (SD).
1 male at Wyatong 12 Oct (AMcG). Common in redgum forests with mistletoe 20 km S of
Deniliquin Jan -Feb and Nov -Dec (PM). Small flocks 18 km NW of Manildra 12 Oct, at Koole-
wong HS 16 km NW of Orange 14 Oct (CP per WJB), and near Abercrombie Caves 19 Oct
(WJB) were all close to the SE limits of the normal distribution.
Crescent Honeyeater Reported as much more common than usual in the Blue Mts Apr –
Aug (GB).
New Holland Honeyeater 2 in rainforest trees at Willow – ie Scrub, Washpool SF 9 Nov (GC).
Much more common than usual in the Nowra region numbers about double (JH), see
comments under White-cheeked Honeyeater.
White-cheeked Honeyeater An irruption into the Nowra area 29 Sept – 15 Nov, which peak-
ed in early Oct, was especially obvious in flowering crimson bottlebrush planted along streets in
Nowra, Berry, and Kangaroo Valley. At the peak of the influx there were probably 200-300
birds in the built-up areas of these towns (JH), the Shoalhaven is approximately the southern
limit of distribution for this species (but see Core//a 2, 97-163). Single birds were also recorded
at Tathra 29 Aug and Sept, and at Bermagui 27 Aug (GLC).

1September, 1981 21

Tawny -crowned Honeyeater 1 at Moorebank, Sydney 29 Dec (AMcG) an unusual
suburban record.
Eastern Spinebi -ll Single birds at South Grafton Apr – Jul (GC). In flocks at Cape Hawk,
Forster 12 Jul feeding on lantana flowers (DCR). Unusual numbers recorded in the Nowra
region Oct -Nov (JH). Recorded at Deniliquin 12-30 Jul (PM).
Black Honeyeater 6 south of Bourke 3 Sept, 2 at Round Hill NR 4 Oct (NWS) and 9 Oct
(RB). 30-40 at Wannara Creek 10 km E of White Cliffs 5 Nov (AR). Recorded 70 km N of
Deniliquin 18 Oct and 120 km N of Deniliquin 19 Oct (PM). Several birds -s een during banding
operations between Dareton and Wentworth, a female mist -netted 5 Oct reported also from

the Victorian side of the Murray R. (CS).

Pied Honeyeater 4 (males and females) at Byrock 16 Aug feeding on emu -bush (NWS).
Scarlet Honeyeater Nowra region: a few were in the area from 22 Jun, but irrupted into the
street crimson bottlebrushes 7 Oct – 2 Nov, numbers about half those of White-cheeked Honey-
eater (see comments under that species) (JH). 1 male at Leura Falls 18 May (JEN). Several
Sydney records: 2 at Cumberland SF 28 Aug (CMB), 1 feeding on bottleb -ru sh in a garden at
Thornleigh 7 Oct (ES per MCr), 1 male at Thornleigh 30 Oct and 18 Nov feeding on coach –
wood blossom along -c reek (BH), and a total of 29 recorded on the Sydney District Spring
Bird Count on 1 Nov see NSWFOC Newsletter 51, Suppl.
Crimson Chat Small flock at Tibooburra Airport 21-23 Sept (AKM). 10+ on Gumin Road
just W of Warrumbungle NP 29 Oct (AKM). 2 near Gamboola 26 Dec (NWS). 2 south of Cobar
7 Oct (CMB). Nested both at Spring Creek Reservoir near Orange (two young produced but did
not survive) 15 Nov – 9 Dec and 11 km NE of Orange (WJB).
Orange Chat 60+ near Sandy Camp on the eastern side of Macquarie Marshes NR 15 Jan
(MB per AKM). Reported in spring and early summer from a number of localities, extending
much further E than in most years, 3 at Mt Grenfell 4 Oct (RB), an adult male on Pleasant
View HS 36 km SE of Coonamble 14 Sept (DJ, AKM), widespread and common throughout
the Macquarie Marshes NR area during Oct – Dec, especially in areas where scotch thistle was
common, breeding in Dec (MB, AKM), recorded at Tinderra Tank N of Cobar 3 Apr, breeding

in Dec (MB, AKM), recorded at Tinderra Tank N of Cobar 3 Apr, breeding (nest with 2 eggs)

near Wamboyne Hill, Lake Cowal 2 Oct (JW), many in the Wyalong area 12 Oct certainly
nesting by their actions (AMcG).
White -fronted Chat Up to 11 birds in two localities in the Foster-Tuncurry area 25 Feb –
6 Mar (AKM). 30+ seen in open field 3 km W of Jeerabung 16 Jan (NWS). Present at Spring
Creek Reservoir – near Orange 7 Feb – 26 Apr and 11 Oct – 14 Dec, also near Spring Terrace 27
Apr and 8 Dec not often seen in the area (WJB).
Striated Pardalote P. striatus (“yellow -tipped” subspecies), 1 at South Grafton 5 Aug (GC),

1 at Hornsby Heights 6-31 Jul (MCr).

Beautiful Firetail 1 at Flat Rock Creek, Jervis Bay, ACT (JH), an unusual locality see
Canberra Bird Notes 5 (3) (JH).
Diamond Firetail 1 near South Grafton 7 Apr (GC). 1 stunned against w -in dows at New
Visitiors Centre, Royal NP 23 Jan, bird subsequently recovered and released appears to be
the first record for the park since 1904 (DT).
Star Finch 3 at Bakers Lagoon 23 Feb (JP), and 1 adult same place 6 Jun (TO).22 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS (16)

Chestnut -breasted Mannikin Seen throughout the year in the Shoalhaven region, max 70

(including some juveniles) at Terara 25 Jun, nest building seen at Toolijooa 20 Oct now well
established in the Shoalhaven area (JH).
Common Mynah 2 seen 15 km S of Wollombi 20 Dec (DCR). South Coast records: seen

throughout the year at Berry, Meroo, Shoalhaven Heads and Greenwell Point, with breeding

noted at the latter place obviously establishing itself in the Shoalhaven area (JH), a floc -k of
50+ seen on the edge of dense dry schlerophyll forest 25 km SW of Mittagong 20 Jan no
houses within several k -ilo metres, also seen on the Wombeyan Caves Road 17 km from
Mittagong 20 Jan (CS) these localities are outside the limits of distribution given by Hone,
Emu 78:227.
Green Figbird Departure Nowra 8 Apr, arrival 19 Aug, breeding noted at Greenwell Point
as well as Nowra (JH).
Spangled Drongo Several autumn records at Armidale by local observers (SD). at North
Beach near Urunga 26 Aug (RB). 1 at Bennetts Green S of Newcastle 27 Jul (DCR). Sydney
records: present in Royal NP 27 Apr – 1 Oct (DT), 1 at Narraweena 4 Jun (AL), 2 in Centennial

Park, Sydney 31 May (JHR).

Masked Woodswallow A pair nesting at Cobbity Oct -Nov the first breeding record in the
Sydney area in thirty years (EH, AMcB). Numbers present in a movement of White-browed
Woodswallow (qv) in the Nowra area 6-18 Oct (JH). Also reported at Goorianawa 14 Sept
(AKM), Gulargambone 31 Jan (DB), near Cobar 7 Oct (moving S with White-browed Wood –
swallows, often settling to feed on the gound, CMB), and at least 1 in a large flock of White-
browed Woodswallows at Orange 14 Apr (WJB).
White-browed Woodswallow Exceptional numbers reported from many places in eastern

NSW, with breeding confirmed at several localities:

Moruya fa -ir ly large flocks 29 Sept – 18 Nov (SM).
Braidwood very large flocks appeared in late Oct or early Nov and bred everywhere
about the town; “on 14 Dec could find only two nests with eggs, but there were hundreds of

birds about, some with flying young” (SM).

Nowra a large movement through the area 6-18 Oct, 2 pairs bred near Comerong Island
(see 1977 Report), and nest -site prospecting was noted many times, but most of the birds

moved on (JH).

Sydney reports from many observers at several places west of the city 10 Oct – 1 Nov
(AMcG, LS, JEN et al), 6 pairs nesting near Cobbity 29 Oct (EH), and a pair nesting nea -r Wil-
berforce 29 Oct (CMB), a total of 151 was recorded on the Sydney Bird Count 1 Nov see

NSWFOC Newsletter 51, Suppl.

Singleton 100+ bred in scrub 15 km N of Singleton, they vanished after 100 mm rain

fell in the area 28 Dec (DCR).

New England Tableland 11 at Uralla 6 Sept, followed by an exceptional spring influx
to the Armidale area (SD), numerous, breeding suspected at Gibraltar Range NP during Nov
Also noted at Mungo Brush 28 Sept (FvG per HBOG), Red Rock NP 18 Sept, Grafton
area 19 Sept, Trenayr 21 Sept (GC), and East Ballina 22 Sept (JI).
Inland, movements were noted at Goolgowi 30 Aug (WEB, BWF, AL), Goorinawa 14
Sept, Coonabarabran 21 Sept (AKM), and near Cobar 7 Oct (CMB), also recorded at Orange 14
Apr (WJB).September, 1981 23
Little Woodswallow Several at Toonumbar SF 12 Apr and 7 Jun (GH), and at Lightning
Ridge 4 Jan (AL). A pair watched building a nest at Everdale HS 120 km SW of Cobar 3-4 Oct

(CMB, RB).

Pied Currawong 30 at Condobolin 31 May – 1 Jun apparently representing a winter move-

ment down the Lachlan R. (NWS). “Several hundreds” seen in open plains up to 36 km W of

Hay 18 Jul some distance from the Murrumbidgee R. the main habitat of the species in this

area (CS).

Forest Raven Common in Werrikimbe NP early Sept (SD) this record fills the gap bet-
ween Doyles R. and New England NP (see Aust Bird Watcher 8:194-198). 1 along a beach S of
Port Macquarie 5 Sept (TO). 2 at Mungo Brush 2 Aug (BH). 5 at Seal Rocks 28 Sept (FvG per
Little Raven Several pairs found breeding at Barrington Tops in Jan and again in Nov (BH).
Torresian Crow Present at Armidale throughout the year, confirmed breeding Dec (contra
Rowley, CSI RO Wild/. Res. 15, 27-71, who stated it to be an autumn visitor -(S D). 1 recorded
on the northern outskirts of Sydney during the Sydney Bird Count 1 Nov see Newsletter
51, Suppl.
The following typographic and other errors have been brought to my attention:
In the list of contributors, the name G. Clancy is incorrectly spelled G. Clancey.
Osprey Only 1 pair at I luka, not 2 as stated.
Masked Lapwing The record quoted concerns 1 bird of the southern subspecies
novaehollandiae incubating eggs on the taxi runway at Tamworth airport, not of the nominate
subspecies miles as stated.
Rainbow Bee -eater Coraki is a typographical error for Cobaki (on the Tweed R.).
Common Mynah The record at Peats Ridge should be attributed to GC, not GCP as shown.
Red -backed Kingfisher 1 was wa -t ched closley for about 10 minutes at Camden, just W of
Sydney on 20 May (A.R. McGill) this appears to be the fifth record for the County of
Cumberland, see 1980 Report.24
The distribution of the Tahiti Petrel Pterodroma rostrata is not adequately documented,
King (1967) speculated that it occurs essentially in the south-west Pacific Ocean, west to the
eastern coast of Australia. Recorded nesting localities include the Society Islands, Marquesas
Islands and New Caledonia.
Tahiti Petrels were first identified in the waters of central eastern Australia near Swain
Reefs and Marion Reef in July 1962 and near Kenn and Wreck Reefs in October 1963 (Norris
1967). The description of several unidentified petrels observed in the same region, south of
Cato Island in October 1960 and November 1961 (see Hindwood et a/. 1963, p. 8), clearly
indicates that they were also Tahiti Petrels. Beach -washed specimens were found in south-
eastern Queensland at Fraser Island in May 1969 (OM011165, see McKean and Vernon 1970)
and at North Stradbroke Island in March 1974 (QM015341, see Corben 1975). In north-eastern
New South Wales, I observed Tahiti Petrels in continental shelf waters near Coffs Harbour in
December 1975, December 1976 and April 1977 and obtained additional reports from pro-
fessional fisherman R.C. Smith in January and March 1976 and January 1977 (see details in
Rogers 1976, 1977; and Rogers and Lindsey 1978). Another record concerns one bird off
Ballina in March 1980 (J. Izzard, pers. comm..
Occurrence of the Tahiti Petrel in the offshore waters of northern New South Wales
exemplifies the influence of the complex East Australian Current. This current, which trans-
ports Coral Sea water southward by residual drift, is strongest and most persistent during Jan-
uary and February and least intense from May to Aug (Hamon et a/. 1975). From 1974 to 1977
I recorded surface temperatures exceeding 25 degrees C only from December to April, corres-
ponding to the period when Tahiti Petrels have been observed.
Standard references concerning seabirds (e.g. Alexander 1955, King 1967, Harper and
Kinsky 1978) describe the Tahit Petrel as moderately large, with upperparts, underwings, throat
and upper breast sooty brown, sharply demarcated from the white abdomen and undertail
coverts. These characters were described for birds observed by Norris (1967). Birds observed
by Hindwood et a/. (1963) differed by the possession of a white underwing stripe. Consequent-
ly they were not accorded a specific identity. However, in both specimens from south-eastern
Queensland and all birds observed in north-eastern New South Wales, there is a conspicuous
white underwing stripe extending from the axillaries to the base of the primaries. Accordingly,
it seems reasonable to conclude that at least two forms of the Tahiti Petrel occur in eastern
Australia. A small form P.r. becki has also been described, known only from specimens collect-
ed near the Solomon Islands (Mayr 1945).
Alexander, W.B. 1955. Birds of the Ocean. New York: Putnam.
Corben, C. 1975. Number of beach washed birds for 1973 and 1974 at Main Beach, Stradbroke Island, south-
east Queensland. Aust. Seabird Group Newsl. 6, 8.
Hamon, B.V., J.S. Godfrey and M.A. Greig. 1975. Relation between mean sea level, current and wind stress
on the east coast of Australia. Aust. J. Mar. Freshwat. Res. 26, 389-403.
Harper, P.C. and F.C. Kinsky. 1978. Southern Albatrosst.s and Petrels. Melbourne: Price.
Hindwood, K.A., K. Keith and D.L. Serventy. 1963. Birds of the South-west Coral Sea. CSIRO Div. Wildl.
Res. Tech. Paper No. 3.
King, W.B. 1967. Seabirds of the Tropical Pacific Ocean. Washington D.C.: Smithsonian Inst.
Mayr, E. 1945 Birds of the Southwest Pacific. New York: Macmillan.
McKean, J.L. and D.P. Vernon, 1970. New records of tube -nosed birds (Order Procellariiformesl from
Queensland. Mem. Old. Mus. 16, 141-144.
Norris, A.Y. 1967. Seabird observations from the south-west Pacific in the southern winter. Emu 67, 33-54.
Rogers, A.E.F. 1976 N.S.W. Bird Report for 1975. Aust. Birds 10, 61-84.
Rogers, A.E.F. 1977. N.S.W. Bird Report for 1976. Aust. Birds 11, 81-104.
Rogers, A.E.F. and T.R. Lindsey. 1978. N.S.W. Bird Report for 1977. Aust. Birds 12, 1-22.
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    Finch, B.W. and M.D. Bruce 1974 The Status of the Blue Petrel in Australian Waters
    Aust. Birds 9, 32-35
  13. Acknowledgements to other individuals should include Christian names or initials.Vol. 16, No. 1 September, 1981
    Lindsey, T.R. N.S.W. Bird Report for 1980
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    Systematic List 3
    Holmes, Glenn Occurrence and Identification of the Tahiti Petrel in

central eastern Australia 24

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