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Journal of the
Vol. 19 No. 4 August, 1985
ISSN 0311-8150
Registered by Australia Post — Publication No. NBH0790THE N.S.W. FIELD ORNITHOLOGISTS CLUB
PATRON A.R. McGill, 0 A.M.
D. Turner
The object of the Club is to promote the study and conservation of Australian birds and the
habitats they occupy.
Annual subscription rates of the Club (due 1st July each year) are:
Adult Member $15.00
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All correspondence should be addressed to the Hon. Secretary and all membership fees should
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Manuscripts should be sent to the Editor at: Dept. of Ornithology, Australian Museum, 6-8
College Street, Sydney 2000.MinMUM
Volume 19, No 4 August, 1985
This is the fourteenth annual report and covers the period 1 January to 31 December 1983. For
this period, nearly 180 observers submitted some 2,919 records in addition to many general
notes and comments. As before, the chief aims of this report are threefold: to place on record
observations of birds accidental or rare in the State; to record observations that delineate with
greater precision the normal distribution of birds within the State; and to record observations
which may reflect changes in numbers, ranges or movements. All reports are collated and held
on file; those which seem most significant (about 1,100) are presented here
The highlights of the year included the first Australian specimen and first New South Wales
record of the White -necked Petrel, and a dramatic influx of Magpie Geese and Long-tailed
Jaegers. Numbers of Pectoral Sandpipers were also much higher than normal. Drought
continued to modify population patterns, especially among the waterfowl; Freckled Duck,
Pink -eared Duck and Australian Shelducks were among those species present in large
numbers in coastal and near -coastal regions; these birds dispersed rapidly after good rains in
March Serious bush -fires in the south-east in January may also have affected movement
patterns. Breeding success was apparently low due to residual effects of drought; it has also
been suggested that rapid regrowth after fire promotes temporarily abundant insect popula-
tions. which induce many passerines to remain in the area rather than undertake their
customary movements Perhaps these or similar factors contributed to the abnormally slight
honeyeater migration noted through Canberra in autumn, and to other abberrations in the
pattern of reports received for many bush birds66 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 19 (4)
10 7 Grafton
Bourke (
Narrabri /
16 Armidale
Tamworth 4
Port Macquarie
2 if
Broken Hill
17 Newcastle
12 Sydney
Griffith Wagga Wagga Wollongong
KEY: 1 Northern Rivers 10 North-west Slope
2 Mid -north Coast 11 Central -west Slope
3 Hunter 12 South-west Slope
4 Sydney region 13 North-west Plain
5 Illawarra 14 Central -west Plain
6 South Coast 15 Riverina
7 Northern Tableland 16 Upper Western
8 Central Tableland 17 Lower Western
9 Southern Tableland
Fig. 1. Regions of New South Wales, based on Morris, McGill & Holmes, 1981 A handlist of
birds in New South Wales. NSWFOC, Sydney. One -degree intervals marked.AUGUST. 1985 67
Abbreviations are those used in previous reports: STW indicates a sewerage treatment
works or similar installation; HSD indicates a homestead or other privately owned and named
place; and the symbols AM, NP, NR, SF and RS are used for the Australian Museum, National
Parks, Nature Reserves, State Forests and other reserves, respectively. Bird clubs are
abbreviated as follows: Cumberland Bird Observers Club (CBOC), Hunter Bird Observers Club
(HBOC), Illawarra Bird Observers Club (IBOC), NSW Field Ornithologists Club (NSWFOC) and
Canberra Ornithologists Group (COG). Numerals appearing after these initials indicate the
relevant newsletter issue (no number implies a direct communication).
Most place names are shown in the Reader’s Digest Atlas of Australia (1977, Reader’s
Digest Services Pty Ltd, Sydney); exceptions are listed in the Australia 1:250,000 Map Series
Gazetteer (1975, Aust. Govt Publ. Serv., Canberra)or have an explanatory note appended. Bird
Reports similar to this one have been published for 1983 in Queensland (Sunbird 14: 45-65),
Victoria (Bird Observers Club, Melbourne), Tasmania (Tasmanian Bird Report no. 13: 31-40)
and the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra Bird Notes 9: 50-139 and in press): these are
referred to by the symbols QBR, VBR, TBR and CBR respectively. For convenience, two basic
distributional references (Blakers, Davies & Reilly 1984. The atlas of Australian birds,
Melbourne Univ. Press; and Morris, McGill & Holmes, 1981. A handlist of birds in New South
Wales, NSWFOC, Sydney) are referred to simply as the “RAOU Atlas” and the “NSW Handlist”.
Three innovations are introduced in this report. First, a brief analysis of the total data set of
records received is included: bar charts summarising the contributions by region, by month and
(roughly) by taxonomic groups are presented, together with a map on which the records are
plotted. This analysis is designed merely to indicate the major trends in the pattern of reports
received, and to convey an impression of the relative depth of coverage on which the Report is
Second, all records received are here presented by region, rather than in date order as
before. In a few cases (particularly in some summer migrants) this may result in some
awkwardness in the final species account, but I hope that this is offset by a greater ease of
interpretation for the reader. The regions used are those presented in the NSW Handlist (see
Fig. 1), although for greater familiarity the “Central Coast Region” is referred to as the “Sydney
Third, a bibliography of ornithology in New South Wales is included. This is not exhaustive,
but is a selected list of papers, published during 1983, that contain significant data or comment
on the occurrence, distribution, status, movements or population dynamics of birds in New
South Wales. Newsletters were not scanned.
am grateful to R.C. Cooper, J.N. Hobbs, E.S. Hoskin, A.R. McGill, A.K. Morris, A.E.F.
Rogers, and I. Taylor, who all read an earlier draft and made many valuable comments. A.
McBride, D. Larkins and G.M. Griffiths helped in various ways. I.A.W. McAllan provided a list of
specimens acquired by the Australian Museum during 1983. As in previous years, this report68 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 1914)
0 100 200 300 400 500 600
gulls & terns
owls to dollarbird
pittas to cuckooshrikes
robins to warblers
honeyeaters & allies
finches, crows, etc
Northern Rivers
Mid -north Coast
Sydney region
South Coast
Northern Tableland
Central Tableland
Southern Tableland
North-west Slope
Central -west Slope
South-west Slope
North-west Plain
Central -west Plain
Upper Western
Lower Western
Fig. 2. Bar charts indicating major trends in reports received for 1983, analysed a) by taxonomic
group, b) by region (see fig. 1) and c) by month. In b) the analysis yields an unsatisfactory figure
(1303) for Sydney region because of a very high incidence of duplicate records (sightings
independently reported by two or more members of a party of observers) in the data set; a rough
manual check suggests the true figure is about 1040. Duplicate reporting from other regions
was negligible.AUGUST, 1985 69
has profited from much useful discussion with a number of people, including W.E. Boles, I.A.W.
McAllan and Dr H.F. Recher (all of the Australian Museum, Sydney), J. Shields (NSW Forestry
Commission), D.N. Robinson (Records Officer, Bird Observers Club, Victoria) and Ian Taylor
(Records Officer, Canberra Ornithologists Group); Ian Taylor kindly provided me with a
preliminary draft of the Canberra 1983-84 report.
am especially grateful to W.P. Barden and W. Emery of the Hunter and the lllawarra Bird
Observers Clubs respectively; they have continued their practice of supplying the combined
records of their Clubs’ membership, already vetted, collated and summarised. They are, in
effect, regional organizers for the Bird Report, a welcome trend that hope can be developed
Fig. 3. Observations received for 1983, plotted on a map of New South Wales (2327 reports
plotted). The point offshore at about 34°S is an arbitrary position selected for all observations
from Sydney boat -trips; that at the lower right corner represents Lord Howe Island. One -degree
intervals marked.70 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 19 (4)
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L. Lembke HBOC (LL)AUGUST, 1985 73
Emu Dromaius novaehollandiae Central Tableland: 2 seen c 15 km S of Merriwa 4 Oct,
outside range in RAOU Atlas (IMcA).
Great Crested Grebe Podiceps cristatus Sydney region: 2 pairs again bred at Bushells
Lagoon (see 1982 Report) during Jan, adults subsequently reported during Feb and May; also
recorded at Penrith Lakes 22 Jan and (max 10 on 17 Jul) at Prospect Reservoir (J&NR, RW, AC,
AMcG, RB, LG, NSWFOC 69, CBOC 5(1)). Illawarra: 1 at Mullett Creek, Lake Illawarra 23 Feb;
108 at Wingecarribee Dam 11 May (CBOC 5(1)). Southern Tableland: 1 at Hoskins NR 12 Nov
(IBOC per HE). Inland: 1 at Carmel Lagoon, Terridgerie 27 Jul -5 Aug (DJ per AKM); 20 at Narran
Lake 6-12 Nov (CBOC 5(2)).
Little Penguin Eudyptula minor Mid -north Coast: 3 nests at Statis Rock near Seal Rocks 16
Dec (SMI). Sydney region: c 20 off Cape Solander 20 Aug (AMcB).
Wandering Albatross Diomedea exulans Sydney region, summer records; singles off
Sydney Heads 22 Jan, 6 Feb and 10 Dec (AMcB et al, NSWFOC 69). First noted off South Head
13 Apr (AKM, NSWFOC 73).
Black-browed Albatross Diomedea me/anophrys First not-ed off Kurnell, Sydney 14 Apr,
departure 1 Dec (JW); 3 seen 20 km off Sydney Heads 10 Dec rare in summer (AMcB et al).
Sooty Albatross Phoebetria fusca Northern Rivers: 2 seen from land at Skennars Head near
Lennox Head 6 Jun (GH); 2 seen 40 km off Coffs Harbour 25 Sep (NGC, NSWFOC 74). Sydney
region: recorded at sea at the edge of the continental shelf in Jan, Feb, May, and Sep -Dec, max c
75 on 26 Nov, min on 26 Feb and 22 Oct (AMcB et al, NSWFOC 69, 72,77).
White -headed Petrel Pterodroma lessonii seen 30 km off Sydney Heads 24 Sep (AMcB et
al, NSWFOC 73), Illawarra: 1 derelict at Woonona Beach 21 June, now AM unregistered (JS).
Providence Petrel Pterodroma solandri Northern Rivers: 6 seen from land at Skennars Head
near Lennox Head 6 Jun (GH); 2 seen 40 km off Coffs Harbour 25 Sep (NGC, NSWFOC 74).
Sydney region: recorded at sea on edge of continental shelf off Sydney Heads Apr -Jun and
Sep -Nov, max 15+ on 25 Jun; also 1 on 10 Dec, a very late date (AMcB et al, NSWFOC 72, 77).
Gould’s Petrel Pterodroma leucoptera Northern Rivers: male derelict at Minnie Water 30
Nov, now AM unregistered (CL per SGL).
Black -winged Petrel Pterodroma nigripennis 4+ at Mutton Bird Island, Coffs Harbour Dec
but not recorded on four other visits during Dec (SGL).
White -necked Petrel Pterodroma externa at sea off Sydney Heads 26 Feb, photographed,
first NSW record, details in prep. (AMcB et al, Aust. Birds 19(3), pl 3; NSWFOC 69). 1 roadkill
near Kempsey 9 Apr, first Australian specimen (Boles et al 1985. Aust. Birds 19:51-52)
Fairy Prion Pachyptila turtur Reports of 5000 prions off Birubi Beach, Newcastle 26 Jun
(JPr) and 100+ off Red Point, Port Kembla 3 Jul (remained close inshore for about a week) were
almost certainly of this species (IBOC per HE).
Black Petrel Procellaria parkinsoni on edge of shelf 35 km off Sydney Heads 26 Nov,
photographed (AMcB et al, NSWFOC 77)
Westland Petrel Procellaria westlandica 2 at sea off Sydney heads 22 Jan; a Procellaria
seen 16 km off Sydney Heads 6 Feb may have been of this species (AMcB et al, NSWFOC 69).
White -chinned Petrel Procellaria aequinoctia/is seen 36 km off Sydney Heads 25 Jun
(AMcB et a!).
Streaked Shearwater Calonectris leucomelas 1 seen c 5 km off Sydney Heads 26 Feb
(AMcB et a!, NSWFOC 69).
Buller’s Shearwater Puffinus bulleri 1 at sea off Sydney Heads 22 Jan; 1 off Sydney Heads
10 Dec (AMcB et al, NSWFOC 69, 77).
Fluttering Shearwater Puffinus gavia Sydney region: c 1000 off Cape Solander, Sydney 30
July and c 1200-1500 same place 20 Aug (T&CQ, AMcB, NSWFOC 73).
Hutton’s ShearwaterPuffinushuttoni Few reports: 1 off Sydney Heads 26 Mar (AEFR), 3 on
25 Jun and another on 26 Nov (AMcB et a!, NSWFOC 77).
Little Shearwater Puffinus assimi/is South Coast: derelict at Durras 9 Jan (GH)
White-faced Stormpetrel Pelagodroma marina fresh derelict at Obelisk Beach, Sydney
Harbour NP 29 Nov (AKM).
White -bellied Stormpetrel Fregetta grallaria 2 seen at sea 40 km off Coffs Harbour 25 Sep
Australian Pelican Pelecanus conspici!/atus 200+ pairs nesting on mud islands at Peery
Lake, Paroo River in Nov (MM per AKM); also 100+ pairs nesting at Wallis Lake near Forster Aug
and Oct, apparently first NSW coastal breeding record (Moffat 1984. Aust. Bird 19:6-7). Highest
counts, coastal and near -coastal: 50 at Towra Point NR 12 Feb (JW) and 200 at Kooragang
Island NR 28 Feb (AEFR).
Masked Booby Su/a dacty/atra derelict at Pebbly Beach, Yuraygir NP 22 Jan (SJD, GV per
GPC).AUGUST. 1985 75
Darter Anhinga me/anogaster Coastal breeding records, Hunter and Sydney region (see
RAOU Field Atlas): 5 nests at Grahamstown Reservoir 1 Feb (GW, BG); 404 nests at Noraville
STW Jan -Apr (discovered Sep 1982) and again Sep -Dec (SMI); 3 pairs nesting at Queens Hill
swamp near Mulgoa 29 Oct (AMcG).
Great Cormorant Pha/acrocorax carbo 20-30 nests at Noraville STW near Newcastle during
Jan (SMI).
Pied Cormorant Pha/acrocorax varius Counts of 80 at Kooragang Island NR 28 Feb (AEFR)
and 54 at Weeney Bay, Towra Point NR 12 May (JW) suggest that the species may be still
increasing in Hunter and Sydney regions. Breeding: c 25 nests at Noraville STVVJan-Feb (since
Sep 1982) and again Sep -Dec (SMI); c 50 nests at Port Macquarie STW 28 Dec (GPC).
Little Black Cormorant Phalacrocorax su/cirostris Breeding: at Centennial Park, Sydney 15
Jan (ESH, NSWFOC 69); 40-50 nests at Noraville STW Jan, down from 150+ pairs previous
season (SMI).
Little Pied Cormorant Pha/acrocorax melano/eucos Breeding records: Northern Rivers:
many nests in egret colony at Lawrence 12 Jan, with large nestlings; c 10 juveniles in trees at
Boambee egret rookery 28 Feb (GPC). Hunter: 75+ nests at Noraville STW Jan -Mar (since Sep
1982) and again Sep -Dec; 12-15 nests at Shortland Swamp during Dec, with egrets (SMI).
Sydney region: Centennial Park 15 Jan (ESH, NSWFOC 69); 35 pairs nesting in mangroves at
Towra Point NR 18 Dec (AKM).
Least Frigatebird Fregata ariel Several exceptional reports Jan -Mar; a number of SE
Queensland reports same period (QBR). Sydney region: probable at Warriewood Beach,
Sydney 30Jan (TK, NSWFOC 69). 1 seen 5 km off Sydney Heads 26 Feb (AMcB et at, NSWFOC
69). 1 adult male at Curra Morrs, Royal NP 5 Mar, 1 km inland (MC, JJF, NSWFOC 69). Illawarra:
1 at Red Point 5 Mar (DJG et at, IBOC per HE, NSWFOC 69).
Cattle Egret Ardeola ibis Northern Rivers, breeding: 100+ nests at new rookery at Lawrence
12 Jan, rookery last used 1972, see Aust Birds 13:72-74 (GPC); 50+ nesting in melaleuca
swamp between Urungan-Bellingen 2 Dec (RB); c 200 nests at Boambee near Coffs Harbour, c
600 chicks during Feb (GPC); 300+ nests same place 15 Dec (SMI). Hunter, breeding: growing
colony at Shortland Swamp for third consecutive year; 100 nests Nov -Dec (SMI, MMa, RW,
R&BS, AMcG). Inland records: 1 at Coombie HSD near Roto 21 and 23 Jul (JH): 8 at Griffith STW
30 Sep (JGB); 1 in breeding plumage at Dangars Lagoon, Uralla 4 Nov (SJSD). Coastal and
near -coastal: 601- at Yarramundi Lagoon 12 Jun (V&MT, JSc, NSWFOC 72); 3 at Towra Point
NR 29 Oct (JW); recorded near Dharug NP 16 Jul -30 Nov, max 21 on 15 Oct (GPC).
Great Egret Egretta alba Breeding: 5+ nests at Lawrence 12 Jan (GPC). Growing breeding
colony at Shortland Swamp, Newcastle, third consecutive year (SMI, MMa).
Little Egret Egretta garzetta Breeding: Northern Rivers: 2 juveniles at Boambee rookery in76 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 1914)
Feb (GPC). Hunter: growing breeding colony (c 40 nests in Nov) at Shortland Swamp, third
consecutive year (MMa, SMI, J&NR): 12-16 nests at Chittaway Point near Wyong Jan -Feb
(since Sep 1982) and again Nov -Dec (SMI).
Plumed Egret Egretta intermedia 20-30 nests at Lawrence rookery 12 Jan, adults in
attendance (GPC); growing breeding colony at Shortland Swamp, Newcastle, third consecutive
year (MMa, J&NR).
Reef Heron Egretta sacra Sydney region: adult feeding 2 flying young at The Gap, Watsons
Bay 9 Feb (AKM, NSWFOC 73). Perhaps declining far south coast (HFR).
Black Bittern Dupetor flavicollis All reports. Hunter: 1 at Toronto 2 Jan (SH); 1 at Balgownie
26 Feb (IBOC per HE). Sydney region: 1 at Narrabeen Lake 5 Nov (LHJ): recorded Sydney
Autumn Count 28 May (AMcG, NSWFOC 72). lllawarra: 1-2 at Macquarie Rivulet 14 Feb and 19
Mar, and at Mullet Creek 6 May (KAW, AMcG, IBOC per HE, J&NR).
Black -necked Stork Xenorhynchus asiaticus Mid -North Coast: at Bulandelah 22 May
(FvG). Hunter: 1 at Grahamstown Reservoir 9 Apr (ABR); 1 at Hexham Swamp, Minmi 13 May
Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcine//us Northern Rivers: 1-3 in Grafton region Jan -Feb and Apr;
20-30 seen E of Smithtown 18 Feb (GPC). Hunter: 7 at Grahamstown Dam 17 Jan (J&KI).
Sydney region: c 50-60 in Hawkesbury swamps Jan -Jun, max 65 at McGraths Hill STVV 8 Jan
but declining to 2 in Jun (RB, J&NR, AEFR, LG, CBOC 4(3), NSWFOC 69). Southern Tablelands:
1 at Hoskins NR 23 Jan (IBOC per HE). Central Tableland: 7 adults and 1 immature at Mudgee
STW 13 Feb (DIS). North-west Plain: c 500 pairs nesting at Old Dromana HSD 60 km W of Moree
in Dec (RA per AKM). Riverina: 3976 coming to roost at Lake Wyangan, Griffith 3 Jan (JGB).
Sacred Ibis Threskiornis aethiopica Sydney region: noticeably still increasing in number,
now familiar scavenger Hyde Park, Centennial Park, Royal Botanic Gardens and other inner city
parks, highest count 71 at lower Parramatta River 22 Mar (AKM, ESH, LG, MP, LJH, NSWFOC
69, 70, 71). Central -west Plain: c 500 pairs breeding at flooded dam on Baradine Creek at
Come -by -Chance in Dec (RH per AKM). Upper Western: huge nesting colony at Narran Lake in
Dec, with Straw -necked Ibis, estimated total (both species) 400,000 pairs (JG per AKM).
Straw -necked Ibis Threskiornis spinicollis Breeding: c 500 pairs on Baradine Creek at
Come -by -Chance in Dec (RH per AKM); huge nesting colony at Narran Lake in Dec, see Sacred
Ibis (JG per AKM).
Magpie Goose Anseranas semipa/mata Many records, representing an influx unpre-
cedented in recent decades (see also QBR); reported Grafton region, Macquarie Marshes,
Terridgerie and Uralla, bred near Moree; for details see Clancy 1985. Aust. Birds 19:41-45AUGUST. 1985 77
Wandering Whistling -duck Dendrocygna arcuata 7 at Alumy Creek near Grafton 12 Feb; 2
at Port Macquarie STW 22 Feb (GPC); 2 at Dangars lagoon, Uralla Oct -Nov, photographed
Plumed Whistling -duck Dendrocygna eytoni A broadly similar pattern of occurrence and
numbers over the eastern half of NSW as in 1982 (see previous Reports); concentrations
declined markedly in lower Clarence area, and slightly in Hawkesbury swamps, but reports
suggest an overall increase at other centres. Northern Rivers: c 80+ in Grafton area early Feb,
rising to 450-500 later in the month, then 300+ in early Apr (GPC). Hunter: c 85 at Pokolbin 19
Mar (AEFR); 28 same place 20 Mar (JPr); 5 at Upper Monkerai 7 Apr (RAb per WPB); 100+ at
Richmond, Newcastle 24 Apr (TJ). Sydney region: regular near Richmond 3 Feb -14 Aug, min 4
on 3 Feb, max 250 on 27 Apr (RB). South Coast: 6 at Moruya STW 29 Oct (SM). North-west
Slope: recorded at Tamworth 7 Sep (J&NH). North-west Plain: 200+ at Moree STW 19 May
(J&NR); 20 at Round Lagoon near Wee Waa 26 Oct (ABR). Riverina: 400 at Lake Wyangan,
Griffith 17 Apr (JGB).
Freckled Duck Stictonetta naevosa Many coastal and near -coastal records Jan -Mar, none
winter -spring, consistent with pattern noted also in Victoria and SE Queensland (VBR, QBR).
Northern Rivers: 4 at Tomki near Casino 31 Jan (GH). Mid -north Coast: 2-3 at Port Macquarie
SWT 19 Jan, 12 Mar and 14 Mar (GH, GPC). Hunter: a flock of 15 at Shortland Swamp 1 Jan
grew to 57 on 22 Jan and 73 on 5 Feb then declined to 20 on 20 Mar, rapidly dispersing after
drought broke on 21 Mar, none 25 Mar (J&NR, RW, R&BS, AMcG, BT, WC, RB, IMcA, AW,
WPB, CBOC 4(3), 4(4)); also 26 at Morpeth STW 22 Jan, 31 same place 8 Feb, 8 same place 22
Mar (J&KI, WPB); 1 at Ellalong Swamp 6 Feb (R&MW); 1 at Grahamstown Reservoir 6 Feb
(HBOC per WPB); 13 at Lake Liddell 14 Mar (CBOC 4(4)). Sydney region: 1-7 reported variously
at Penrith Lakes, McGraths Hill STW, Bushells Lagoon and West Portland Road 22 Jan -6 Mar
(RB, J&NR, EF, DG, IMcA, AMcB, CBOC 4(3)4(4)). Illawarra: 1 at Kanahooka HSD, Dapto 6 Jan
(IBOC per HE), 3 same place 14 Feb (IBOC per HE). Southern Tableland: several records
Canberra, max 166 at Lake Bathurst Jan -Feb (CBN 9:76). Central -west Plain: 100+ in northern
marshes. Macquarie Marshes NR 22 Dec, reported since Oct (RA per AKM). Riverina: 10 at
Griffith STW 30 Jan (JWH, NK, WS, DIS), 50 same place 1 Feb and 50 at Lake Wyngan, Griffith 2
Feb (JGB). Upper Western: max 100 at Narran Lake Oct -Dec (RA per AKM).
Australian Shelduck Tadorna tadornoides Many coastal and near -coastal records. Hunter:
3 at Morpeth STW 22 Jan (HBOC per WPB); 5 at Grahamstown Dam 17 Jan (AW) and 20 same
place 6 Feb (HBOC per WPB); 1 just S of Broke 20 Mar (WPB, JSt); 69 at Liddell Lake 19 May
(JPr). Sydney region: 19 at Boat Harbour Jan (CBOC 4(3)). Regular at McGraths Hill STW 2
Jan -25 May, max 10 on 5 Feb (RB, J&NR, EF, EG, IMcA, BDn, TJ); also 2 at Bushells Lagoon 13
Feb (LG, NSWFOC 69). Illawarra: 1 male at West Dapto 8 Feb (IBOC per HE); flock of 14-15 at
Lake Illawarra 14 Feb (IBOC per HE, KAW, AMcG); 3 at Albion Park 8 Feb (IBOC per HE). South
Coast: 17 at Brou Lake near Bodalla 12 Feb (SM). Southern Tableland: c 1500 at Lake Bathurst
Jan -Feb, very high count (CBN 9:77). South-west Slope; c 500 at Lake Cargelligo 6 Mfor 1983
4(4)).78 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 19 (41
Mal lard Anas platyrhynchos Northern Rivers: 1 female at Al umy Creek near Grafton 27 Feb
(GPC). Hunter: 35+ at Woy Woy 3 Oct (DCR). Southern Tableland: 1 male at Lake Bathurst 17
Jul, first local record (CBN 10:50). In view of interaction in New Zealand between this species
and Pacific Black Duck (Haddon 1984. Auk 101: 190-191), Australian population levels perhaps
should be monitored.
Blue -winged Shoveler Anas rhynchotis Hunter: 11 at Teralba 3 Jul (SH). Sydney region:
max 60 at McGraths Hill STW 5 Feb, last seen 4 at Pitt Town Lagoon 2 Jul (RB).
Pink -eared Duck Ma/acorhynchus membranaceus Many coastal and near -coastal records
in NSW and SE Queensland (QBR), max 10001 at Morpeth STW near Newcastle 22 Jan (HBOC
per WPB). Sydney region; recorded Hawkesbury swamps Jan -Feb and Jun, max 18 at Bushells
Lagoon 19 Jan (RB, LB, NSWFOC 69). Illawarra: 1 at Mittagong STW 23 Dec, first local record
(CS). South Coast: 2 at Brou Lake near Bodalla 12 Feb (SM). Southern Tableland: very high
counts at Lake Bathurst Jan -Apr, max 1601 in Jan (CBN 9:78). Central Tableland: 4 at Mudgee
STW 13 Feb (CBOC 4(4)); 2 on dam at Balmoral HSD near Mudgee in Dec, rare locally (NK per
AKM). North-west Plain: nesting at Carmel lagoon, Terridgerie 6 Aug (DJ, AKM). Riverina: 800
at Barrenbox Swamp 4 Feb; 2000 at Griffith STW 1 Feb, 200 same place 16 Apr, and 2 same
place 3 Aug (JGB, NSWFOC 69).
Hardhead Aythya australis Mid -north Coast: 143 at Port Macquarie STW 18 Feb (GPC).
Sydney region: fewer in Hawkesbury swamps than in previous years (RB).
Blue -billed Duck Oxyura australis All reports. Hunter: at Shortland Swamp 13 Jan, 28 Jan
and 12 Feb, but not found 21 Mar after drought broke (GA, AW, RB, WPB, FvG, CBOC 4(3)).
Riverina: 3 at Griffith STW 30 Jan (JWH, NK, WS, DIS, CBOC 4(4)), 20 same place 1 Feb and 65
same place 16 Apr (JGB). Lower Western: 9 at Stephens Creek Reservoir 10 km E of Broken Hill
26 Mar (NWSh).
Musk Duck Biziura /obata Northern Rivers: several records near Grafton Jan -Feb (GPC).
Mid -north Coast: ?female at Port Macquarie STW 18 Feb and 14 Mar (GPC).
Osprey Pandion ha/iaetus The usual number of north coast reports, south to Forster (GPC,
DIS). Hunter: pair with 2 young at Eraring Nov -Dec (GHy, DW). South Coast: 1 at Narooma 6 Jan
(GH); at Comerong Island 27 Mar (VAD).
Crested Hawk Aviceda subcristata Hunter: 1 at Ourimbah 8Jan (JP, JJF, NSWFOC 69); 3(1
immature) at Rankin Park near Blackbutt RS, Newcastle 16 Jan (MS). Sydney region: 3 at
Bushells Lagoon 13 Mar (AC, BD per ESH); adult found injured at West Ryde, Sydney after
storm 10 Apr, handed to NPWS (CBe per AKM, NSWFOC 70, 73); 2 at Cattai 11 Jun (BB per
ESH); 2 at Dural 22 Sep (GR per ESH).
Black Kite Milvus migrans An unusual number of eastern reports, a trend noted also in SE
Queensland (OBR). Sydney region: 1 at Bakers Lagoon 6 Apr (DIS); 1 at McGraths Hill STW 12AUGUST 1985 79
Jun (V&MT, JSc, NSWFOC 72); 1 at Colo Valley 31 Jul (T&CO, NSWFOC 72); 1 near Cobbity 31
Jul and again 7 Aug (AMcG); 1 at Kenthurst 16 Oct (AK per ESH); 1 at Kellyville 4 Nov (DIS).
Illawarra: 1 seen 5 km SW of Albion Park 28 Jan (CBN 8:65). Southern Tableland: 1 near
Canberra 2 Apr (CBN 9:80). North-west Slope: 1 at Quirindi 19 Feb (TK); 1 at Tamworth 20 Mar,
and seen regularly at Bingara throughout the year (J&NH). Riverina: pair at nest with 2 young at
Lytton HSD near Barham 5 Nov, observer’s first local breeding record (EBT). Lower Western: c
150 feeding on cicadas at Dareton in Dec (JNH).
Square -tailed Kite Lophoictinia isura Northern Rivers: adult at Romiaka Channel near
Yamba 12 Feb; 2 near Freshwater Beach, Yuraygir NP 2 Apr (GPC); 1 at Myrtle Creek near
Casino 21 Aug (GH). South Coast: 1 at Moruya 16 Sep -4 Nov (SM). North-west Slope: 1 at
Bendemeer 28 Jan (SJSD). North-west Plain: pair nesting at Baradine 15 Oct (DJ, JDi, AMcG).
Riverina: 1 at Deniliquin 29 Jan (CBOC 4(4)).
Black -breasted Kite Hamirostra me/anosternon 1 seen 16 km E of Narrabri 19 Apr (DCR). 5
near Fort Grey, Sturt NP 14 Aug (JNH).
Brahminy Kite Haliastur indus Mid -north Coast: 1 at Mungo Brush, Myall Lakes NP 24 Jan
Grey Goshawk Accipiter novaehol/andiae Hunter: 1 at Blackbutt RS, Newcastle 15 Jun,
first local record (WPB). Sydney region: 1 at Towra Point NR 15 Jan (JW1) and 1 at Cumberland
SF 2 Jul (AC, AMcG per ESH) and again 10 Sep (AEFR). Southern Tableland: at O’Connor,
Canberra late Jan, very unusual ACT (CW per IT, CBN 9(3):80). VBR comment regarding
unusual dispersal in Victoria possibly relevant.
Red Goshawk Erythrotriorchis radiatus Northern Tableland: 1 at Koreelah Creek W of
Woodenbong 23 Apr (GH).
White -bellied Sea -eagle Haliaeetus /eucogaster Illawarra: 1 adult near Barralier 30 Dec
(CS). Riverina: 2 at Dixons Dam, Narrandera 30 Jan, feeding on stranded carp. (JNH).
Wedge-tailed Eagle Aquila audax 56 sightings in far NW during 3 -day period from 29 Mar
(JW, FJ, AMcG); 18 at Sturt NP 13 May (J&NR).
Little Eagle Hieraaetus morphnoides Usual scatter of reports Hunter and Sydney region,
mostly autumn and winter; nesting at Wollombi in Dec (EB et al, RB, AW, GPC, WC, AMcB, ABR,
BH, DL).
Spotted Harrier Circus assimilis Eastern records: Northern Rivers: at Stratheden near
Casino 28 Jan (GH). Hunter: 1 near Lochinvar 23 Jun (DW). Sydney region: 1 at Bushes Lagoon
28 May (AC, KBr, BD per ESH) and 1 at Longneck Lagoon 28 May (BH per ESH, NSWFOC 72); 1
at Pughs Lagoon 3 Jun (AC, CC per ESH); 1 at Windsor 13 Aug (JWH per ESH).80 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 19 (4)
Black Falcon Fa/co subniger An unusual number of eastern reports, mostly in the first half
of the year, a trend also noted in Victoria and SE Queensland (VBR, QBR). Hunter: 1 at
Kooragang Island NR 16 Jan (GH). Sydney region: 1 at McGraths Hill STW 22 Jan (EF, DG,
EMcA); at Castlereagh 16 Apr (CBOC 4(5)); also recorded Sydney Autumn Count 28 May
(NSWFOC 72); 1 at Pitt Town Lagoon 1 Jun (RB). Northern Tableland: 1 at Armidale 10 Sep
(SJSD). Central Tableland: 1 at Gulgong 12 Feb (CBOC 4(4)). Southern Tableland: 1 at Cotton
Creek, Wheeo near Crookwell 8 Feb (FCR); recorded at Lake Bathurst 23 Jan and 13 Feb (CBN
9:82). North-west Slope: 2 near Bingara 6 Feb (DG, IMcA). North-west Plain: 1 seen 10 km E of
Moree 5 Feb (DG, IMcA); 3 at Harparay HSD 10 km NE of Baan Baa 28 Mar (DCR).
Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus Usual number of scattered reports throughout the year
in Sydney and Newcastle metropolitan areas; suspected or confirmed breeding Royal NP,
Dharug NP, near Binalong and in Pilliga Scrub (DL, MC, BH, AKM, J&NR, BDn, FvG, AG, DJa,
DW, RK, JHu, GPC, JNH, NSWFOC 69, 73).
Grey Falcon Falco hypo/eucos 2 seen 12 km NW of Albury in Nov, unusual eastern record
Malleefowl Leipoa oce//ata Central -west Slope: 4 active mounds in Goonoo SF Jul -Oct
(TKo per AKM). South-west Slope: 18 nests and eggs at Yalgogrin from mid -Sep, 2 nests and
eggs at Loughnan NR 30 km E of Hillston from mid -Sep. Riverina: 2 nests and eggs at Pulletop
NR from mid -Sep, and 3 nests and eggs at Buddigower NR from mid -Sep (JGB). Lower Western:
nesting just N of Coombie HSD, bird at mound 7 Dec (JH).
Brush Turkey Alectura lathami ?immature at Mill Creek, Dharug NP 9 Jul -30 Dec,
(working mound from 16 Oct), and disused mound found at nearby Roses Creek 22 Jul (GPC).
Illawarra: at Balgownie 22 Sep, seen irregularly at nearby Rhododendron Park, built mound
but failed to attract female, probably aviary escape (IBOC per HE).
Stubble Quail Coturnix pectoralis Sydney region 7 at Towra Point NR 11 Feb, unusual
locality (AKM).
Brown Quail Coturnix australis Mid -north Coast: 30+ at Crowdy Bay NP 16 Feb (GPC).
Sydney region: 7 at Curra Moors, Royal NP 5 Mar (MC, NSWFOC 69); 1 at Vaucluse, Sydney 23
Mar, crossing road (AKM).
Red -backed Buttonquail Turnix maculosa 1 female at Casino 31 Jan (GH); a known locality
but recorded so infrequently in NSW that all reports seem worthy of comment.
Little Buttonquail Turnix velox Hunter: (adult male?) killed by cat at Wrights Creek near St
Albans 14 Dec (IAC per GPC). Central -west Slope: 1 banded at Back Yamma SF near Parkes 6
Nov (NSW, GB, DIS).AUGUST, 1985 81
Red -chested Buttonquail Turnix pyrrhothorax Northern Rivers: 4-5 at Lagoon Creek near
Casino 31 Jan (GH). Sydney region: female found dead at Lane Cove, Sydney Nov, now AM
0.57172 (TRL). Central Tableland: 1 female found dead at Kanangra Walls, Kanangra-Boyd NP 5
Nov, now AM unregistered (TRL). North-west Slope: recorded at Bingara in spring (J&NH).
North-west Plain: common, breeding at Harparay HSD 10 km N or Baan Baa (DCR).
Pla ins -wanderer Pedionomus torquatus 5 at Conargo 29 Jan (CBOC 4(4)). 1 banded female
retrapped near Conargo 26 Mar (PAD, PM, JW, FJ, AMcG).
Banded Landrail Rallus philippensis Hunter: 1 with 2 young at Wollombi 21 May (DB).
North-west Plain: 1 roadkill 1 km ENE of Wee Waa 27 Oct (ABR). Lower Western: 1 at Coombie
HSD near Roto 7 Aug, caught in garden (JH).
Lewin’s Rail Rallus pectoralis Northern Rivers (the first north coastal records on file):
recorded at Skinners Shoot, Byron Bay 8 Oct, at Burringbar SE of Murwillumbah 30 Oct, and at
Huonbrook near Mullumbimby 12-13 Nov (GH). Hunter: several at Dudley in Feb, May and Jun
(SJ, FvG, DBo). 1-2 heard regularly, seen occasionally at Mill Creek, Dharug NP 12 Aug -9 Dec
(GPC, AMcB, JJF, ADa, MC, NSWFOC 72, 73, 77). Sydney region: 1 at Towra Point NR 11 Oct
(JW); 1 at Manly Dam, Sydney 15 Dec (CBOC 5(3)). Illawarra: 1 probable at Barren Grounds NR
17 Apr (RJ BGBO).
Marsh Crake Porzana pusilla Hunter: numerous at Shortland Swamp during Jan (HBOC per
WPB, J&NR); 1 at Grahamstown Reservoir 6 Feb (HBOC per WPB). Sydney region, few records:
1 at McGraths Hill STW 22 Jan (EF, DG, IMcA); recorded at Bushells Lagoon 13 Feb (LG,
Spotted Crake Porzana fluminea Hunter: numerous at Shortland Swamp during Jan, max
15 on 1 Jan (HBOC per WPB, RW, R&BS, AMcG, J&NR). Sydney region, few records: 3 at
Bakers Lagoon 1 Jan and again 23 Jan (AMcB). Illawarra: 1 at Griffiths Bay 10 Feb and again 15
Mar and 1 at Kully Bay 20 Feb, both localities at Lake Illawarra, rare locally (IBOC per HE).
Spotless Crake Porzana tabuensis Hunter: 2 at Shortland Swamp 6 Feb (JPr et a/). Sydney
region: 1 found dead at Warriewood 21 Jan (ABR); 1 at Longneck Lagoon 1 Mar (CBOC 4(4)).
Black -tailed Native -hen Gallinula yentralis Not reported except from North-west Plain:
seen 10 km W of Garah 5 Feb (DG, J&NH, IMcA); 4 at Yarrie Lake 20 km W of Narrabri 9 Apr
Brolga Grus rubicundus Northern Rivers: 82 in ploughed paddock near Lawrence 12 Feb; 2
at Cori ndi 13 Feb; 37 i at Lawrence 17 Feb; 4 at Everlasting Swamp near Grafton 17 Feb; 48 at
Lawrence 27 Feb(GPC); 13 between Ulmarra and Cowper 18 May (SGL, JWH, DG). South-west
Slope: 25 at Lake Cargelligo 10 Feb (JGB, NSWFOC 69). North-west Plain: recorded at
Mungindi 19 May (J&NR).82 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 19 (4)
Australian Bustard Ardeotis austra/is 1 seen 40 km N of Hay 16 Jan (RV per JGB).
Bush Stone -curlew Burhinus magnirostris Sydney region: reported at Careel Bay in May
and Oct (NSWFOC 72, 77).
Beach Stone-curlewEsacusmagnirostris Northern Rivers: at Sawtell 29 Sep, digging into
dry sand (IE per GPC). Recorded at Red Rock Feb and Oct -Nov, 2 pairs attempted nesting but
eggs apparently taken by collectors (GPC, SGL, AMcG).
Pied Oystercatcher Haematopus longirostris Northern Rivers: 19 at Lake Wooloweyah near
Angourie and 4 at Lawrence 12 Feb (GPC); breeding at Red Rock 15 Nov (SGL, AMcG). Sydney
region: regularly recorded in Botany Bay (especially Towra Point NR) Jan -Feb and Nov, max 15
on 11 Feb and 23 on 20 Nov (JW, AMcB, BDn, JP, AKM, NSWFOC 69, 73).
Sooty Oystercatcher Haematopus fuliginosus Only 17 counted in NSW during National
Wader Count 12-13 Feb (AKM NSWFOC 73). Sydney region: max 9 at Boat Harbour 14 Oct (JW),
No counts from Long Reef.
Banded Lapwing Vanellus tricolor Sydney region: max 12 recorded at RAAF Richmond Jan,
Feb, Apr, Jun, Sep, and Nov; nesting recorded (RB, J&NR, EF, IMcA); also 8 at Jamison Park,
Penrith 28-29 Sep (TS, NSWFOC 73), and recorded at Windsor 5 Sep (J&NR). Central -west
Plain: 440+ in one flock at Pleasant View HSD, Coonamble 17 Feb, unusually high count (DJ per
Grey Plover Pluvialis sguatarola Hunter: at Kooragang Island NR 14 Dec (GH, JI per WPB).
Sydney region: 1 at Port Botany 8 Jan and 13 Feb (DL, DIS, AMcB, TRL, NSWFOC 69).111awarra:
at Windang 13 Sep (AMcG).
Pacific Golden Plover Pluvialis dominica Birds censused in NSW contributed more than a
third of the total national results during the National Wader Count on 12-13 Feb (NSW — 1178,
Australia = 2968); highest local counts, 100 at Kooragang Island NR 28 Feb and 208 in Botany
Bay 20 Nov; 49 at Towra Point NR 11 Feb (AKM, AEFR, JW, JP, AKM, NSWFOC 73). Latest
report, 13 at McGraths Hill STVV 26 Mar (RB), although 1-2 apparently wintered at Botany Bay
(Jun-Aug)(J&NR); no September reports, earliest arrivals apparently 2 at Kissing Point, Sydney
3 Oct (CSa) and 2 at McGraths Hill STW 12 Oct (RB).
Red -kneed Dotterel Erythrogonys cinctus Northern Rivers: 5 at Lawrence 12 Feb (GPC).
Sydney region: recorded Hawkesbury swamps 19 Jan -23 Apr, max 16 at Bushells Lagoon 23
Feb (RB). Illawarra: at Shoalhaven Heads 12 Nov (IBOC per HE). Riverina: pair nesting in rice
paddock at Cambria HSD near Barham Nov (EBT).
Hooded Plover Charadrius rubrico//is None reported in NSW during National Wader Count
12-13 Feb (AKM, NSWFOC 73), but recorded Bherwerre Beach 28 Aug (Stilt 5:27).AUGUST 1985 83
Mongolian Plover Charadrius mongolus Highest count, 200 at Kooragang Island NR 28 Feb
Double -banded Plover Charadrius bicinctus National Wader Count 12-13 Feb revealed
NSW most important state (NSW 523, Australia = 703) (AKM, NSWFOC 73); highest count,
102 in Botany Bay(including Boat Harbour) 16 Jul (JW, JP, AKM). Earliest report at Long Reef
10 Feb (BDn, NSWFOC 69), several other reports in the period 10-14 Feb (earliest Victorian
report 12 Feb (VBR)); latest 1 injured at Marks Point 5 Nov (WC). Lower Western: 1 at Fletchers
Lake, Dareton 23 Jun and again 23 Aug (JNH).
Large Sand Plover Charadrius leschenaultii Hunter: 1 at Swansea 26 Feb, near breeding
plumage (KL, DL, RMu, IMcA); 3 at Kooragang Island NR 28 Feb (AEFR). Recorded Sydney
Spring Count 29 Oct (NSWFOC 77).
Oriental Plover Charadrius veredus 2 at Comerong Island 13 Mar (TRL, GMG, AMcB,
Red -capped Plover Charadrius ruficapillus Central -west Plain: at dam at Pleasant View
HSD, Coonamble 17 Feb, seen occasionally until 9 Mar, rare locally (DJ per AKM, NSWFOC 73).
Lower Western: max 597 at Fletchers Lake, Dareton 5 Dec (JNH).
Black -winged Stilt Himantopus leucocephalus Hunter: 200 at Kooragang Island NR 28 Feb
(AEFR). South Coast: 3 at Jellat Jellat 22 Oct, observer’s first local record in 12 years (DLm).
Banded Stilt Cladorhynchus leucocephalus Hunter: 1 immature at Kooragang Island NR 20
Apr (FvG). Southern Tableland: 1 immature at Lake Bathurst 23 Jan -26 Feb, first local record
(VAD, ML per IT; CBN 8(4):98-99, 9(3):88). Riverina: 400+ at Tullakool salt ponds 17 Sep, c
2000+ same place 9 Oct (EBT). Many thousands on lakes throughout far north-west,
particularly Broken Hill-Tibooburra area Nov -Dec (MM per AKM 45). Lower Western: c 2500 at
Fletchers Lake, Dareton 27 Sep (JC), max 5000 same place 49 Sep (JNH). Large numbers also
widespread in Victoria (VBR).
Red -necked Avocet Recurvirostra novaehollandiae Hunter: recorded at Kooragang Island
NR as follows: 20 on 1 Jan (J&NR), 93 on 16 Jan (GH), 140 on 26 Feb (WPB), and 120+ on 28 Feb
(AEFR). Southern Tableland: 1 at Lake Bathurst 26 Feb (VAD per IT; CBN 8(4):98-99, 9(3):88).
Riverina: 25 at Lake Wyangan, Griffith 3 Jan; 35 at Barrenbox Swamp 4 Feb; 3 nests with eggs
in gravel pit at Galore 40 km SE of Narrandera 21 Sep (JGB). Upper Western: several hundred
pairs breeding at Poloko Lake, Paroo River Aug -Sep (MM per AKM); a pair with 4 chicks at
Wilcannia 10 Sep (HBOC per WPB). Lower Western (Broken Hill): 20 at Stephens Creek
Reservoir Hill 29 Jan; 25 at Imperial Lake 5 Feb (NSWh); also c 500 at Fletchers Lake, Dareton
27 Sep (JC).
Ruddy Turnstone Arenaria interpres Sydney region: highest count 89 in Botany Bay 20 Nov
(JW, AKM) Lower Western. 3 at Fletchers Lake, Dareton 7 Nov (JNH).84 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 19 (4)
Eastern Curlew Numenius madagascariensis Hunter: 500 at Kooragang Island NR 28 Feb
(AEFR). Sydney region: recorded at Towra Point NR as follows: 155 on 1 Jan, 151 on 31 Jan
(JW), 89 on 11 Feb (AKM, NSWFOC 73), present during Jul (JW), 209 on 14 Oct (highest local
count) (AKM), and 106 on 7 Dec (JW).
Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus Sydney region: highest count, 44 in Botany Bay 18 Dec
(AKM). at Long Reef 25 Sep showed dark rump characteristic of American subspecies
hudsonicus (TRL, KB, JMcK, AMcB).
Little Curlew Numenius minutus Northern Rivers: 2 at Stratheden 10 Feb (GH). Sydney
region: 2 at Bushells Lagoon 12 Jan (JW). South Coast: 1 at Greenwell Point 5 Nov, found
distressed, later died (BV, IBOC per HE). Lower Western: 1 at Fletchers Lake, 26 Dec (JNH).
Wood Sandpiper Tringa glareola Northern Rivers: 1 at Casino 26 Jan; 1 at Stratheden 28
Jan -25 Feb; 1 at Tatham near Casino 20 Feb (GH). Sydney region: 1 at Botany ponds 16 Jan
(BDn, NSWFOC 69); at McGraths Hill STW, seen frequently 8 Jan -9 Mar (RW, J&NR, AC,
AMcG, EF, DG, IMcA, RB, AMcB, CBOC 4(4)).
Grey -tailed Tattler Tringa brevipes Sydney region: numbers remarkably uniform through-
out the year in Botany Bay, ie 75 in Jan, 61 in Apr, 48 in Aug, 60+ in Nov (JW, J&NR, AMcG,
ADa, AMcB, NSWFOC 77).
Wandering Tattler Tringa incana Illawarra: at Windang Island 4-26 Mar and 28-29 Oct,
extreme southern record (J&NR, JDi, AMcG, IBOC per HE, BB, KAW; Doyle et al 1985. Aust.
Birds 19:39-40, Stilt 5:25, CBOC 4(5):10).
Common Sandpiper Tringa hypoleucos Mid -north Coast: 1 at Lake Innes 9 Feb, 1 at Maria
River 14 Feb (GPC). Sydney region: 1 at Chipping Norton 6 Mar (JDi, AMcG): 1 at Shell Point,
Botany Bay 20 Nov(AMcB, ADa, NSWFOC 77). Central Tableland: 1 at Burrendong Dam 11 Feb
(NSW, DIS). North-west Plain: 1 at Boolooroo Weir near Moree 5 Feb (DG, IMcA). Riverina: 1 at
Tullakool SP 21 Jan (EBT). Lower Western: 1 at Lake Victoria 10 Sep (SBOC per JC).
Greenshank Tringa nebularia Highest counts, c 100 at Kooragang Island NR 28 Feb (AEFR)
and 14 at Towra Point NR 18 Dec (AKM). North-west Slope: 1 at Keepit Dam near Gunnedah 18
Feb (TK). Lower Western: 1 at Imperial Lake, Broken Hill 5 Feb (NSWh).
Marsh Sandpiper Tringa stagnatilis No spring reports: highest count 50+ at Kooragang
Island NR 28 Feb (AEFR); last reported 2 at McGraths Hill STW 9 Mar (RB). 1 at Old Cooks River
mouth, Botany Bay 19 Feb, an unusual locality (BDn, NSWFOC 69). Southern Tableland: max 41
at Lake Bathurst Jan -Feb (COG per IT).
Terek Sandpiper Tringa terek Highest count, 100 at Kooragang Island NR 28 Feb (AEFR).
Sydney region: 8-9 at Botany Bay in Jan and Nov, rare locally (AKM , ADa, AMcB, NSWFOC 77).
Illawarra: at Windang 24 Oct (Stilt 5:25).
1AUGUST 1985 85
Japanese Snipe Gallinago hardwickii Highest count 50+ at Deepwater Park, Sydney 10 Dec
(GB, DIS); latest report 2 at McGraths Hill STW 9 Mar, earliest 3 at Long Neck Lagoon near Pitt
Town 19 Sep (RB). Sydney region: recorded at Centennial Park, Sydney 15 Jan (ESH, NSWFOC
69); 7 at Eastlakes golf course 12 Feb (AMcB). Illawarra: recorded at Barren Grounds NR in Mar
(RJ); 1 on Wollondilly River at Barralier 29 Dec, observer’s first local record (CS). North-west
Plain: 5 at Round Lagoon near Wee Waa 26 Oct (ABR). Lower Western: in flooded paddock
near Dareton 10 Dec, first local record in 20 years (CS, JC, JNH).
Black -tailed Godwit Limosa limosa Northern Rivers: 31 at Wooloweyah Lagoon, Yamba 5
Nov (GH). Hunter: 300+ at Kooragang Island NR 28 Feb, where a partial albino recorded 21 Aug
and 23 Oct (AEFR, FvG, KL, DL, WPB, IMcA). Sydney region: 2 at Kissing Point 27 Feb (BDn,
NSWFOC 69). Riverina: 1-4 at Tullakool salt ponds 11 Feb -10 Apr (EBT).
Bar -tailed GodwitLimosa lapponica Hunter: 2000+ at Kooragang Island NR 28 Feb (AEFR).
Sydney region: highest count, 764 at Botany Bay 14 Oct (JW, JP, AKM); also total 120 on
Parramatta River 20 Oct (V&MT per AKM); c 350 at Towra Point NR Jan -Feb (JW, AKM,
NSWFOC 73); 1 partial albino at Towra Point NR Nov -Dec (JW, DL, IMcA); 405 at Towra Point NR
7 Dec (JW). Illawarra: 600 at Shoalhaven Heads 13 Jan (GH): flock 32 at Bermagui in Sep (DLm).
Hudsonian Godwit Limosa haemastica 1 at Kooragang Island NR, recorded Jan -Feb, May,
Jul and Dec, see 1982 Report, details in prep. (J&NR, RW, R&BS, AMcG, RB, FvG, TRL, KL, DL,
RMu, WPB, IMcA, AEFR, JI, GH, JNH et al, NSWFOC 69, CBOC 4(3)).
Red Knot Calidris canutus Sydney region: highest count 59 in Botany Bay 14 Oct; 28 same
place 7 Dec (JW, JP, AKM).
Great Knot Calidris tenuirostris Hunter: 3 at Coon Island, Swansea 13 Dec (GH); 3 at
Kooragang Island NR 31 Dec (JP). Sydney region: 3 at Towra Point NR 15 Jan (JW); 1 at Old
Cooks River mouth 14 Oct and 2 at Towra Point NR 14 Oct, 7 Nov and again 18 Dec (JW, JP,
AKM); 2 at Long Reef 19 Nov (AMcB, NSWFOC 77). Illawarra: 2 at Windang 14 Jan (GH).
Sharp -tailed Sandpiper Calidris acuminata Sydney region: recorded at Centennial Park,
Sydney 15 Jan (ESH, NSWFOC 69); 250 at McGraths Hill STW 26 Feb; departure 3 at McGraths
Hill STW 20 Apr, arrival 4 same place 7 Sep (RB). North-west Plain: 5 at Cotton Dam near Moree
5 Feb (DG, IMcA). Riverina: 60 at Lake Wyangan, Griffith 9 Jan; 100 at Barrenbox Swamp 4 Feb
(JGB). Lower Western: arrival Fletchers Lake, Dareton 23 Aug, max 581 on 26 Dec (JNH).
Pectoral Sandpiper Calidris me/anotos An unusual number of reports, an influx noted also
in Victoria and Tasmania, but not Queensland (VBR, TBR, QBR). Northern Rivers: at
Stratheden 26 Jan to 26 Mar; 1 at Tomki near Casino 5 Feb; 1 at Coraki 7 Feb (GH). Hunter: 2 at
Shortland Swamp 5 Feb (FvG, WC); 10+ at Kooragang Island NR 23 Oct (KL, DL, WPB, IMcA);
same place 9 Dec (GH). Sydney region: 1 at McGraths Hill STW 1 Jan and 9 Jan (AMcB); 10 at
Bushells Lagoon 22 Jan (EF, DG, IMcA); 1 at Eastlakes golf course 13 Feb (AMcB, NSWFOC 69);
1 at McGraths Hill STW 6 Mar (AMcB) and 12 Mar (J&NR). South Coast: 1 near Ulladulla 25 Nov,86 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 19 (4)
apparently first record for region (Humphries 1984. Aust. Birds 19:9-10). Southern Tableland:
at Lake Bathurst 12 Mar (CBN 8:108). Riverina: 1 at Barrenbox Swamp 30 Jan (JWH, NK, WS,
DIS, CBOC 4(4)); at Tullakool salt ponds 11 Feb (EBT); 6 at Wakool salt ponds 19 Mar (CBN
8:108). Lower Western: 4 at Fletchers Lake, Dareton 5 Dec (JNH).
Red -necked Stint Calidris ruficollis Sydney region highest count 415 in Botany Bay 14 Oct
(JW, JP, AKM). Lower Western: 142 at Fletchers Lake, Dareton 23 Jun, 1670 on 7 Nov (highest
local count), and 575 on 26 Dec (JNH).
Long -toed Stint Calidris subminuta 1 at Fletchers Lake, Dareton 26 Dec (JNH).
Curlew Sandpiper Calidris ferruginea Sydney region: recorded Bushells Lagoon Jan -Feb,
max 20 on 23 Feb (RB, LG, NSWFOC 69); 30 at Homebush Bay 22 Mar; 20 at Kissing Point Bay
25 Mar (AKM, NSWFOC 70); 3 at Bushells Lagoon 20 Apr; 1 same place 18 May (BR): 2 at
McGraths Hill STW 13 Jun (AEFR); same place 17 Jul (RB); recorded at Towra Point NR in Jul
(JW); no September reports, then recorded at Kissing Point 3 Oct (CSa); 460 along lower
Parramatta River 3 Nov, highest local count for some time (AKM). Lower Western: arrival
Fletchers Lake, Dareton 8 on 14 Jul, max 670 on 7 Nov, 15 on 26 Dec (JNH). 1 at Lord Howe

Island 21 Feb (CBOC 4(4)).

Sanderling Calidris a/ba Sydney region, more reports than usual unusual numbers also
noted Victoria and Tasmania (VBR, TBR): 2 at Boat Harbour, Kurnell 25 Apr (JJF, NSWFOC 71);
2 at Long Reef 15 May (TRL, NSWFOC 71); recorded Sydney Spring Count 29 Oct (NSWFOC 77);
at Long Reef and 1-4 at Botany Bay during Nov (ADa, DJa, CB, DAS, AMcB, NSWFOC 77).
South Coast: 4 at Shoalhaven Heads 13 Jan (GH); 3 at Comerong Island 13 Mr (GMG, TRL,
Buff -breasted Sandpiper Tryngites subruficollis 1 at Bakers Lagoon 1 Jan and again 9 Jan,
subsequently reported at Bushells Lagoon 21 Feb and 6 Mar (AMcB, J&NR); see 1982 Report,
details in prep.
Broad -billed Sandpiper Limicola falcinel/us Few reports: 15 at Kooragang Island NR 28 Feb
(AEFR) and 1 same place 21 Aug, in full breeding plumage (FvG).
Ruff Philomachus pugnax Northern Rivers: 1 at Tomki near Casino 31 Jan and again 5 Feb
(GH). Hunter: 1 at Kooragang Island NR 14 Dec (GH, JI per WPB). Riverina: 1 at Tullakool salt
ponds 4 Mar (EBT).
Australian Pratincole Stiltia Isabella 13 on ploughed paddock at Lytton HSD near Barham
19 Nov, nest with 1 egg (EBT).
South Polar Skua Catharacta maccormiclu 3 seen 5 km off Sydney Heads 22 Oct,
photographed (AMcB, DWE et al).AUGUST 1985 87
Arctic Jaeger Stercorarius parasiticus Sydney region: last seen Sydney Harbour 14 Apr;
first noted Kurnell 12 Oct and Sydney Harbour 16 Oct (JW, AKM, NSWFOC 73); highest count
10+ off Sydney Heads 26 Mar (AEFR).
Pomarine Jaeger Stercorarius pomarinus Highest count, c 50 off Sydney Heads 26 Mar
Long-tailed Jaeger Stercorarius longicaudus An unprecedented number of reports off
Sydney Heads Jan -Mar and Nov -Dec, mainly involving small groups but a total of 38 (including
one flock of 27) on 10 Dec, many photographs; detailed review in preparation (AMcB, AEFR,
TRL, CJC, DWE et a/, NSWFOC 77, 69). A major influx was also noted in New Zealand during
1983 (Melville 1985. Notornis 32:51-73).
Silver Gull Larus novaeho//andiae Mid -north Coast: c 40-50 nests at Statis Rock near Seal
Rocks 16 Dec (SMI). Hunter: c 10 nests on dead stumps in water at Munmorah Power Station
Jan -Feb, c 6 nests same place Oct -Dec (SMI).111awarra: 1 at Mittagong 17 Dec, rare locally (CS).
Upper Western: flock of 500+ on flooded plain c 40 km S of Bourke 2 Apr (JW, FJ, AMcG). Lower
Western: c 10 pairs nesting in dead trees at Hollands Lake, Dareton from Aug (JNH).
Kelp Gull Larus dominicanus 1 of breeding pair found dead at Moon Island in Dec (WC).
Whiskered Tern Ch/idonias hybrida Sydney region: recorded at Centennial Park 15 Jan
(ESH, NSWFOC 69). North-west Plain: 14 pairs nesting at Carmel Lagoon, Baradine in Dec, first
local breeding record (DJ per AKM).
White -winged Tern Chlidonias leucoptera Recorded Sydney Autumn Count 28 May
(NSWFOC 72), the only report received.
Gull -billed Tern Gelochelidon nilotica Highest count, 43+ at Kooragang Island NR 28 Feb
(AEFR). Riverina: 2 nests at Tullakool salt ponds 19 Nov (EBT).
Caspian Tern Hydroprogne caspia Hunter: 15+ at Lake Munmorah 4 Apr (EF, NSWFOC 71),
an unusually high count; 6 at Swansea 3 Sep (RB). Sydney region: 1 at Towra Point NR 15 Jan
(JW). South Coast: 1 at Wapengo 24 Nov (RB). North-west Slope: 1 at Keepit Dam, Gunnedah 18
Feb (TK).
Common Tern Sterna hirundo Reported only Sydney region, fewer reports and lower
numbers than previous two years: highest counts 40+ off North Head 29 Nov (AKM) and 32
loafing at Kissing Point 27 Dec (BDn). Other records of interest: c 4 at Centennial Park during
Jan -Feb (AMcB, DH, ESH, NSWFOC 69); latest report 2 at Kissing Point Bay 25 Mar, earliest 17
in Parramatta River 3 Nov (AKM, NSWFOC 70).
Arctic Tern Sterna paradisaea Recorded Sydney Autumn Count 28 May (NSWFOC 72);
photographed off Sydney Heads 25 Jun (CJC, Sunbird 14:54); 1 seen 35 km off Sydney Heads
22 Oct and 1 at Long Reef 19 Nov (AMcB).88 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 19 (4)
White -fronted Tern Sterna striata Recorded 26 Mar -26 Nov, Sydney region and South
Coast only; reports few, numbers unusually low.
Sooty Tern Sterna fuscata Several probable seen off Sydney Heads 26 Feb (AMcB,
NSWFOC 69); 1 at Long Reef 3 Jul (AMcB, TRL). 1 derelict at Durras 9 Jan, juvenile (GH).
Little Tern Sterna albdrons Species declining, endangered (Morris 1979. Corella 3:105-
109); all reports listed. Northern Rivers: runner banded at Sawtell 20Jan; adults feeding 5 juv
at Nambucca heads 17 Jan (GPC); 5+ pairs breeding at Red Rock Oct -Dec, 5 nests with eggs,
first laying disappeared, (taken by collectors?), second clutch hatched 1 Dec (SGL, SMcG); 1
derelict at Sawtell 18 Dec, now AM 0.57810 (SGL). Mid -north Coast: 1 in breeding plumage at
Harrington 7 Jan; adults with a juv at Pelican Island, Port Macquarie 14 Feb (GPC); 10-12 pairs
with eggs near Dark Point, Myall Lakes NP in Dec (RMo per AKM). Hunter: 1 at Wentworth
Swamp 23 Jan (HBOC); 200+ at Kooragang Island NR 28 Feb (AEFR). Sydney region: c 25 nests
at Botany Bay during Jan (RBa, KL, IMcA, DL, see also Larkins 1984. Corella 8:1-10). Illawarra:
pair nesting at Shoalhaven Heads 13 Jan (GH). South Coast: 3 pairs nesting at Coila Lake 7
Jan (GH).
Fairy Tern Sterna nereis A small tern at Tilba Tilba Lake 6 Jan showed several features
characteristic of this species; investigation proceeding (GH).
Crested Tern Sterna bergii Mid -north Coast: none nesting at Statis Rock near Seal Rocks 16
Dec (SM1), see previous reports and Lane 1979. Corella 3:7-10.
White -capped Noddy Anous minutus 1 derelict at Brunswick Heads 5 May; 1 at Cape Byon
12 May (GH).
White Tern Gygis a/ba Sydney region: on edge of shelf off Sydney Heads 26 Feb; 2,
perhaps 3, seen 36 km off Sydney Heads 26 Mar (AMcB, TRL, AEFR, NSWFOC 69).
White -headed Pigeon Columba leucomela Normal scatter of reports Northern Rivers,
Hunter and upper Lane Cove River area, Sydney (GPC, HBOC, DW). Sydney reports of interest
include 2 at Palm Jungle, Royal NP 2 Jan (PGH) and 1 at Mackerel Beach, Pittwater 8 Jan
Spotted Turtledove Streptope/ia chinensis Mid -north Coast: recorded at Hat Head and at
Kinchela 3 Mar (GPC). Illawarra: 3 at Barralier 26-31 Dec; now common and established
Berrima district (CS). North-west Slope: recorded at Bingara 14 Mar and again 1 Sep, observer’s
first local record (J&NH).
Peaceful Dove Geope/ia p/acida Southern Tableland: 2-4 at Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra
2-19 May and 11 Jun, rare ACT (ADR per IT, CBN 9(3): 92).
Diamond Dove Geope/ia cuneata While not exceptional, the following records togetherAUGUST. 1985 89
suggest a somewhat more easterly trend than normal, a trend also noted in Victoria (VBR).
Northern Rivers: 1 at Kalang 7 May (RB). Sydney region: 1 at Lake Parramatta 23 Jan, presumed
escape (F&DM). Central Tableland: 1 at Burrendong Dam 11 Feb (NSW, DIS). Southern
Tableland: 1 at Mount Ainslie, Canberra mid -Apr and 1 at Black Mountain Peninsula 1-2 May
(per IT, CBN 10:62). North-west Slope: recorded at Bingara 6 Feb and again in autumn (DG,
IMcA, J&NH). Central -west Slope: 1 at Back Yamma SF near Parkes 6 Nov (NSW, GB, DIS).
North-west Plain: 2-3 near Baradine 16 Oct (DJ, JDi, AMcG).
Bar -shouldered Dove Geopelia humera/is Sydney region: 2 seen regularly at Towra Point
NR 21 Sep -18 Dec (AKM, DL, IMcA). Illawarra: 1 at Barren Grounds NR 19 Jan, seen regularly
thereafter (IBOC per HE, RJ); 1 at Jerrarra Dam 24 Sep and 1-6 at Bass Point 25 Sep -9 Dec
(IBOC per HE). Lower Western: nesting at Coombie HSD near Roto (JH).
Brush BronzewingPhaps elegans Hunter: several pairs nesting at Dudley during Aug (FvG,
DW); 1 at Girrakool, Brisbane Waters NP 20 Oct (GPC). Sydney region: 2 at Menai 31 Jul and
again 8 Sep (J&NR).
Crested Pigeon Ocyphaps lophotes Reports suggested that the species continues to
increase in coastal regions, especially lower Hawkesbury, Sydney and Illawarra; also in the
Canberra region (COG per IT). Northern Rivers: 16 near Southgate 12 Feb (GPC). Mid -north
Coast: 3 near Nabiac 22 Apr (GPC). Hunter: several seen frequently at Gunderman, Dharug NP
and Mangrove Creek Jul -Aug and Oct -Dec (GPC). Sydney region: reported regularly at
Turramurra, Westleigh, Mosman and Centennial Park (DJP, ESH, TRL, AEFR, NSWFOC 69).
Illawarra: 1-5 at Albion Park, Dapto 6 May -12 Dec, first local record (IBOC per HE); 2 at Burradoo
near Bowral 16 Dec; now established and breeding Berrima district 1983 (CS).
Glossy Black Cockatoo Ca/yptorhynchus /athami Central Tableland: 2-3 at Burrendong
Arboretum 9 Oct, reported present some weeks before and after (DIS). South Coast: possibly
declining far south coast (HFR). Southern Tableland: recorded at Mount Ainslie, Canberra 9
Apr -29 Jun, max 14 on 3 May (CBN 9(3):93). Central -west Slope: recorded in NE section
Goonoo SF mid -Jun to mid -Jul, max 25 early Jul feeding in Casuarina distyla, largest local
count (TKo per AKM). North-west Plain: 7 at Harparay HSD 10 km N of Baan Baa 1 Feb (DCR).
Gang -Gang Cockatoo Callocephalon fimbriatum Hunter: recorded at Carrowbrook 23-25
Apr (HBOC per WPB).
Long -billed Corella Cacatua tenuirostris Hunter: recorded at Kotara 8 Jul, presumed escape
(RBr); 3 seen 7 km S of St Albans 21 Sep (RB). Sydney region: 3 at Bushells Lagoon 9 Apr, with c
300 Little Corellas(AMcB, NSWFOC 72); 1 at Bonnie Vale, Royal NP 25 Oct and 22 Dec (JW, EF,
MA, IMcA); 1 at Dee Why Lagoon 27 Nov (LJ Heeney 34); 3 at South Richmond 17 Dec (RB).
Little Corella Cacatua pastinator Hunter: 1 in flock of 100 Galahs at Morpeth 23 Dec (DJa).
Sydney region: c 300 at Bushells Lagoon 9 Apr (AMcB, NSWFOC 72), now frequently seen
Royal NP and Narrabeen Lake. North-east Plain: 2 seen 20 km SE of Narrabri 12 Jan; 1 at
Harparay HSD 10 km N of Baan Baa 16 Mar (DCR).90 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 19 (4)
Musk Lorikeet Glossopsitta concinna Mid -north Coast: recorded at Wallingat SF 12-13 Jun
(HBOC per WPB); 2 at Kilaben Bay, Lake Macquarie 10 Oct (EF, NSWFOC 71); 4 nests in one tree
at Cumberland SF during Sep (ESH, AEFR). Central Tableland; 2 at Burrendong Dam 9 Oct (DIS).
Southern Tableland: 2 at Deakin, Canberra 1-12 Aug, first ACT record for at least a decade (per
IT, CBN 10 (2):52). Riverina: many at Deniliquin in May, feeding in flowering Eucalyptus
sideroxylon in garden (JH).
King Parrot Alisterus scapu/aris Sydney region (inner city): 2 (1 adult male) at Woolloo-
mooloo 19 Aug (EC). Southern Tableland: present at Canberra in unprecedented numbers all
year (COG per IT, CBN 9(3):95).
Red -winged Parrot Aprosmictus erythropterus Several reports Sydney region, presumably
escapes: adult at Mosman 19 Feb (AKM, NSWFOC 73); also recorded Sydney Autumn Count
28 May and Spring Count 29 Oct (NSWFOC 72, 77).
Superb Parrot Polytelis swainsonii All reports. South-west Slope: 2 at Ingalba NR 8 May
(JGB); 7 at Boorowa 29 Oct (J&NR). North-west Plain: 2 at The Ranch (HSD 12 km N of Baradine
13 Mar, an early date (DJ per AKM, NSWFOC 73). Riverina: 10 at Yalgogrin 11 Jan; 25 at
Berrigan 24 Jun; 3 at Yalgogin 17 Nov (JGB). Also an adult male regularly at Turramurra,
Sydney, Jan -Jun, presumed escape (DJP).
Regent Parrot Polytelis anthopeplus 31 nests found from Ma Ilee Cliffs SF near Mildura east
to Manie SF during joint NPWS/Forestry Commission nest site survey along the Murray River
Sep -Dec; Paiko Forest Reserve was also identified as an important breeding area (per J Shields;
see also Beardsell 1985. ANPWS, Report series 1); remarkably, this appears to be the first
breeding in NSW on record.
Cockatiel Nymphicus hollandicus Hunter (presumed escapes): recorded at Kotara 8 Jul
(RBr); at Lochinvar 20 Sep (DJa). Lower Western: small parties passed through Dareton from
late Sep but few if any remained to breed (JNH, JC).
Swift Parrot Lathamus discolor Far more reports than usual, a trend noted also in Victoria
(VBR). Hunter: 10 at Dudley 1 Jun (SJ); “large flocks” at Wangi Wangi 14 Sep and at Warners
Bay 20 Sep (R&MW), 12 same place 24 Sep (DW); 3 at Toronto 11 Sep (FvG). Sydney region: 2 at
Kellyville 28 apr (CBOC 4(5)); 2 at Scheyville 7 May (AMcB); 3 at Northmead 14 May (CBOC 4(5));
flock of 7 at Cronul la golf course 18 May (AKM, NSWFOC 73); recorded Sydney Autumn Count
28 May (NSWFOC 72); present Liverpool-Moorebank area 13 Aug -8 oct (AMcG, JDi, AEFR).
Illawarra: 6-12 at Bass Point 8 May -29 Aug; 8-35 at Bellambi Point 28 May -1 Jul, seen
regularly, unusually common especially in coastal dune woodland (IBOC per HE). South Coast: c
10 at Moruya from 16 Jul -20 Aug, first local record in 9-10 years (SM). Southern Tableland: 2 at
Hughes, Canberra during Oct, seldom reported ACT (RS per IT).
Crimson Rosel la Platycercus elegans South-west Slope: 6 seen 15 km NW of Temora 6 May
and seen 15 km SW of Temora 7 May (TPJ, DSc per JGB).
1AUGUST 1985 91
Pale -headed Rosella Platycercus adscitus North-west Slope: 1 at Bingara 6 Feb and a
hybrid (x Eastern Rosella) 32 km N of Bingara 5 Feb (DG, IMcA). North-west Plain: 1 seen 15 km
SE of Narrabri 28 Mar (DCR).
Mallee Ringneck Barnardius barnardi Sydney region 1 at Cumberland SF 26 Mar,
presumed escape (BDn).
Port Lincoln Ringneck Barnardius zonarius Several coastal or near -coastal reports,
presumably escapes. Hunter 1 at Dharug NP 20-21 Aug, 2-4 Sep and 16-17 Sep (GPC). Sydney
region: 1 at Castle Hill 22 Jan (RB). Central Tableland: 1 at Govetts Leap Lookout 12 Jan, in
company with Crimson Rosellas (R&RI).
Red-rumped Parrot Psephotus haematonotus Sydney region (inner city): recorded at
Centennial Park 15 Jan (ESH, NSWFOC 69); 2 at Kensington 5 Feb (AEFR).111awarra: 9 at Barren
Grounds NR 24 Apr (LES per RJ, NSWFOC 71).
Bourke’s Parrot Neophema bourkii 3 at Morden NW of White Cliffs Apr (JW, FJ, AMcG).
Blue -winged Parrot Neophema chrysostoma Riverina: 1 at Tullakool salt ponds 24 .Sep; c
100 in rice stubble c 10 km N of Cambria HSD near Barham 24 Sep (EBT). Lower Western: 10-15
at Dareton 10-22 Oct (JC).
Turquoise Parrot Neophema pulchella Hunter: 6 seen S of Garland Valley, Singleton Road
28 Jan (RB). Sydney region: 1 at Ku-ringai Chase NP in Feb (CBe per AKM, NSWFOC 73);
recorded Sydney Spring Count 29 Oct (NSWFOC 77). Illawarra: 2 at Barren Grounds NR 6-9
Mar, one caught, photographed, banded (RJ, NSWFOC 69). Central Tableland: 3 at Burrendong
Dam 11 Feb (NSW, DIS, CBOC 4(4)); 3-4 at Colo Heights 2 Jul and 12 Aug (RB). South-west
Slope: 4 at Back Yamma SF near Parkes 6 Nov (NWS, GB, DIS).
Oriental Cuckoo Cucu/us saturatus Northern Rivers: at Crystal Creek near Murwillumbah
6 Mar (DAS, NSWFOC 72); at Kyogle 29 Mar (GH).
Pallid Cuckoo Cuculus pallidus Sydney region. Juvenile fed by Red -whiskered Bulbuls at
Camp Cove, Sydney Harbour NP 19 Feb, ?unusual host (AKM, NSWFOC 73); departure Bushells
Lagoon 23 Feb; recorded near Pitt Town 14 Aug (RB). South Coast: arrival Moruya 24 Sep, no
autumn records (SM). North-west Slope: arrival Armidale 2 Sep (SJSD). Riverina: 1 at Cambria
HSD 5 Jul, unusual date (EBT).
Brush Cuckoo Cu/cu/us vario/osus Northern Rivers: arrival Ballina 2 Oct (GH). Hunter:
arrival Dharug NP 8 Oct (GPC). Sydney region: departure Castle Hill 16 Feb (RB); arrival at
Thornleigh 7 Oct (BH); arrival Glossodia 12 Oct (RB). South Coast: arrival Moruya 29 Sep, no
autumn records (SM)
Fan -tailed Cuckoo Cucu/us pyrrhophanus Lower Western at Dareton through Jun until
30 Jul. rare this far west (JNH)AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 19 (4)
Black -eared Cuckoo Chrysococcyx oscu/ans Sydney region: 1 at Glenhaven 16 Aug (S&CZ
per ESH).
Shining Bronze -cuckoo Chrysococcyx lucidus Northern Rivers (subspecies lucidus): 1
found dead at Rous Mill, Lismore 16 Feb, now AM 0.56923 (GF per AM); 1 at Kyogle 12 Mar and
again 17 Apr (GH). Subspecies plagosus: Hunter: 1 at Dharug NP 15 Aug -2 Sep (GPC). Sydney
region: at Cumberland SF 16 Jul (BDn). Illawarra: recorded at Barren Grounds NR Jan, Mar
and Apr (RJ). South Coast: arrival Moruya 28 Aug, no autumn records (SM). Lower Western: 1 at
Coombie HSD near Roto 6 Aug, in Callitris gully (JH).
Little Bronze -cuckoo Chrysococcyx malayanus Arrival Casino 11 Sep; 1 at Yamba 4-6 Nov
Common Koel Eudynamis sco/opacea Earliest record 1 at Cumberland SF, Sydney 9 Sep
(J&NR), latest 1 at Saltwater 17 Mar (GPC). Sydney region: last seen Castle Hill 26 Feb (RB); 1
male at Beacon Hill 6 Mar, no young seen this season (LJH); departure Westleigh 15 Mar
(AEFR). North-west Slope: recorded at Coolatai 2 Jan; arrival Bingara 3 Oct (J&NH).
Channel -billed Cuckoo Scythrops novaehol/andiae Northern Rivers: arrival Lennox Head 3
Oct (GH). Hunter: widely reported in Newcastle region Jan and Oct -Dec, for second season
remained at Blackbutt RS perhaps because of increasing breeding of Pied Currawongs and
Australian Ravens (HBOC per WPB); 1 at Sunnyvale, Lower Macdonald 18 Sep, thereafter a
number of reports St Albans-Dharug NP area (IAC per GPC, CBOC 5(2)). Sydney region: many
reports, earliest near Wilberforce 9 Oct (IMcA, J&NR, RB, DL, ABR); recorded “far more often
than usual” at Castle Hill 21 Oct -29 Dec (RB). South Coast: arrival Moruya 22 Sep, but no
autumn records (SM); first noted Bega 26 Oct, “about normal” (DLm); flock of 3 at Bawley Point
near Ulladulla 3 Dec(BVH). Central Tableland: recorded at Winmallee 10 Sep (CBOC 5(1)) and at
Munghorn Gap NR 18 Sep (CBOC 5(1)). North-west Slope: arrival Bingara 17 Oct (J&NH).
North-west Plain: recorded at Warrumbungle NP 18 Oct (WPB).
Powerful Owl Ninox strenua Northern Rivers: 1 at Sawpit Creek, Border Ranges NP 9 Apr; 1
at Mount Belmore SF near Casino 29-30 Aug (GH). Hunter: 1 at Woko NP 30 Jan, with dead
Tawny Frog mouth (WC). Central Tableland: 1 at Bylong 12 Jan (CBOC 4(3)).
Barking Owl Ninox connivens Sydney region: 1 at Castle Hill 23 Jun (CB per ESH); 2 at
Berowra Creek, Hornsby Heights, early Dec (LB per ABR 29). South Coast: 1 seen at Nelsons
Lake near Tathra 15 Sep (D Latham). Central Tableland: 1 at Bylong 12 Jan (CBOC 4(3).
Central -west Slope: at Back Yamma SF 6 Nov (NSW, GB, DIS). North-west Plain: 3+ pairs seen
and heard along Namoi River 10 km NE of Baan Baa throughout the year (DCR).
Barn Owl Tyto a/ba Northern Rivers: 1 at Mutton Bird Island, Coffs Harbour 29 Jan (AMcB,
NSWFOC 69). Hunter: 1 at Mill Creek, Dharug NP 21 Aug, rare locally (GPC). Sydney region: 1 at
North Sydney 28 Mar (AMcB); max 11 in Hawkesbury district through winter, none after 29 Sep
(DIS).AUGUST, 1985 93
Masked Owl Tyto novaehollandiae Northern Rivers: at Mount Pikapene SF near Casino
1-2 Sep (GH). Hunter: at Carrowbrook 24 Apr (HBOC per WPB).
Grass Owl Tyto capensis at Ballina 23 Jan (GH) and again 22 Oct (DS, NSWFOC 77).
Sooty Owl Tyto tenebricosa 1 at Horseshoe Creek, Border Ranges NP 29 Jan; 1 at Beaury SF
near Woodenbong 16 May and again 9 Jun; at Benandarah SF near Batemans Bay 9 Jan (GH).
Marbled Frogmouth Podargus ocellatus Recorded at Leycester Creek, Border Ranges NP 29
Jan, at Rocky Creek, Nightcap NP 24 Mar and 8 Oct, at Brindle Creek, Border Ranges NP 6 Oct
and 18 Nov, and at Terania Creek, Nightcap NP 7 oct (GH).
White -throated Nightjar Caprimulgus mystacalis South Coast: arrival (heard) at Bega 16
Sep (DLa); arrival Moruya 9 Oct, departure 28 Feb (SM). Southern Tableland: 1 at Ainslie,
Canberra early Mar, rare ACT (COG per IT).
Spine -tailed Swift Hirundapus caudacutus Hunter: none recorded at Dharug NP Jul -Dec
(GPC). Sydney region: departure Gordon 21 Mar (AEFR), Gymea 24 Mar (JJF), Cremorne 24 Mar
(TRL), Castle Hill 26 Mar (RB), Epping 27 Mar (BDn); 3 at Thornleigh 6 Apr (BH); 50+ at Ryde,
Sydney 25 Oct (CSa, NSWFOC 77); arrival Castle Hill 27 Oct (RB) and large numbers at South
Turramurra same day (IMcA). South Coast: departure Moruya 28 Feb, arrival 27 Oct (SM).
Central Tableland: recorded at Glenbrook 4 Apr (JJF). North-west Plain: “immense flock” for 4
km along Namoi River near Baan Baa 10 Mar (DCR). Lower Western: large flocks at Coombie
HSD near Roto 27 Nov (JH).
Fork -tailed Swift Apus pacificus An unusual number of coastal and near -coastal reports
(mostly associated with Spine -tailed Swifts). Hunter: 10+ at Merewether Heights, Newcastle in
Mar (BM). Sydney region: 6 at Port Botany 3 Jan (DL, KL, NSWFOC 69); 150 at Blacktown 9 Jan
(MSt); 3 at Bakers Lagoon 9 Jan; 60+ at Kellyville 9 Jan (AMcB); 1 at Curra Moors, Royal NP 5
Mar (MC, NSWFOC 69); 3 at Long Reef 9 Mar (IMcA); 20+ at Neilsen Park, Sydney Harbour NP
10 Mar (AKM, NSWFOC 73); 2 at Neutral Bay 14 Mar (AMcB, NSWFOC 69); recorded Sydney
Spring Count 29 Oct (NSWFOC 77); 1 at Mount Colah 25 Nov (ABR). South Coast: 30 at Durras 9
Jan (GH). Central -west Plain: thousands near Coonamble 13 Mar, in 12 km along Coonamble-
Baradi ne road (DJ per AKM, NSWFOC 73). Lower Western: recorded at Coombie HSD near Roto
in Apr (JH).
Sacred Kingfisher Halcyon sancta Sydney region (inner city): recorded at Centennial Park
15 Jan (ESH, NSWFOC 69) and at Mosman 20 Apr (NWL); arrival at Thornleigh 23 Sep (BH).
1 1
South Coast: departure Moruya 10 Jan; at Moruya Heads 16 Jul (unusual winter record),
arrival 22 Sep (SM). Riverina: arrival at Griffith 13 Sep (JGB), at Cambria HSD near Barham 23
Sep (EBT); in red box at Coombie HSD near Roto 24 Sep (JH).
Mangrove Kingfisher Halcyon chloris Recorded at Cobaki Broadwater 28 Feb (GH).94 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 19 (4)
Rainbow Bee -eater Merops ornatus Hunter: at Dudley 3 Sep (FvG, GW); arrival Dharug NP
19 Sep (GPC). Sydney region: departure Stannix Park, Wilberforce 9 Mar (RB). North-west
Slope: departure Bingara 17 Apr, arrival 4 Sep (J&NH). Riverina: arrival 2 near Pulletop NR 13
Sep (CD per JGB); arrival Cambria HSD near Barham 23 Sep (EBT). Lower Western: 2 at Lake
Nearie NR 4 Apr (JC); 5 at Euston 13 Sep, an early record (JNH).
Dollarbird Eurystomus orienta/is Northern Rivers: departure Grafton 26 Feb (GPC); arrival
Kyogle 18 Sep (GH). Mid -north Coast: departure Port Macquarie 18 Mar (GPC). Hunter:
departure North Entrance 9 Mar (GPC). Sydney region: departure Cattai Park 2 Mar (RB); arrival
Beacon Hill 22 Sep (LJH). South Coast: departure Moruya 10 Feb, arrival 29 Sep (SM). North-

west Slope: arrival Bingara 3 Oct (J&NH).

Albert’s Lyrebird Menura alberti Recorded at Boundary Creek SE of Kyogle 30 Jun new
locality (GH).
Rufous Scrub -bird Atrichornis rufescens Northern Rivers: recorded at Best -of -all Lookout
NW of Murwillumbah 7 May (GH). Mid -north Coast: 4 Gloucester Tops 11 Aug (FvG); 1 male
seen and heard same place 19 Nov (IMcA).
White -backed Swallow Cheramoeca leucosternum Apparently still expanding in range and
number in the Sydney region: 20+ at Scheyville 22 Jan (CBOC 4(3)); flock of 22 over vineyard at
Chipping Norton 25 Jan (JDi, AMcG); 4 at Prospect Reservoir 30Jan (MSt); 5 at Baulkham Hills
12 Mar (CBOC 4(4)); c 10 at Pitt Town Lagoon 13 Jun (AEFR); 4 at Sackville 16 Jul (RM,
Little Cuckooshrike Coracina robusta Upper Western: recorded at Cobar 12 Jun, not listed
in Schmidt 1978. Aust. Birds 12: 61-86 (T&CC1).
Barred Cuckooshrike Coracina lineata Mid -north Coast: adult seen regularly at Macquarie
NR, Port Macquarie, 3 Jan -6 Feb feeding 1 young (GPC).
Cicadabird Coracina tenuirostris Hunter: arrival St Albans 21 Sep (RB). Sydney region:
departure Cattai Park 2 Mar (RB). South Coast: departure Moruya 28 Jan, arrival 5 Oct (SM).
North-west Slope: 1 heard 5 km NE of Bingara 6 Feb (DG, IMcA).
Ground Cuckooshrike Coracina maxima Hunter: at Lochinvar 15 Jun (DJa); at Dunnes
1 1
Creek 20 Nov (WC). Central Tableland: 4 at Burrendong Arboretum 11 Jun (DIS). North-west
Plain: 4 at Kelvin SF near Boggabri 2 Apr (TJ).
White -winged Triller Lalage sueurii Riverina: arrival 1 seen 20 km E of Hillston 8 Aug (JGB).
Lower Western: arrival Dareton 6 Aug, early; abundant in the area Sep -Oct, prolific breeding
(JNH).AUGUST, 1985 95
Red -whiskered Bulbul Pycnonotus jocosus Northern Rivers: common in lantana at North
Beach, Bellingen River estuary 15 Jan (SJSD). Hunter: several at Mill, Webbs and Roses Creeks
in Dharug NP Sep -Nov, apparently rare locally (GPC). Illawarra: recorded at Shoalhaven Heads
13 Jan (GH).
Common Blackbird Turdus merula Sydney region: at Towra Point NR 2 Nov, an unusual
locality (JW). Riverina: 3 near Cambria HSD near Barham 17 Aug; same place 17 Nov (EBT).
Pink Robin Petroica rodinogaster South Coast: 1 pair at Tennyson Creek FR, Bondi SF 3 Jan,
nesting suspected (GH). Southern Tableland: brown birds 15 km N of Mount Coree, Brindabella
Range 16 Jan (SD, IMcA).
Eastern Yellow Robin Eopsaltria austra/is Lower Western: in pine gully at Coombie HSD
near Roto 20 Jun (JH).
Shrike -tit Falcunculus frontatus 1 at Buddigower NR near West Wyalong 10 Nov (JGB).
Gilbert’s Whistler Pachycephala inornata Central -west Slope: 2+ at Back Yamma SF 5-6
Nov (NSW, GB, DIS). South-west Slope: common at Weddin SF near Grenfell 1-3 Oct (PF,
NSWFOC 74). Lower Western: 1 in broombush in mallee at Coombie HSD near Roto 23 Jul (JH).
Crested Bellbird Oreoica gutturalis 1 at Munghorn Gap NR 30 Sep (J&KI)
Black -faced Monarch Monarcha melanopsis Northern Rivers: arrival Whiporie 8 Sep (GH).
Sydney region: arrival South Turramurra 6 Oct (IMcA), Glossodia 12 Oct (RB); female or
immature in Neilson Park, Sydney Harbour NP 28 Oct (AKM). Illawarra: arrival Barren Grounds
NR 23 Sep (RJ). South Coast: departure Moruya 8 Feb, arrival 26 Sep (SM). Central Tableland:
departure Wheeney Creek, Wollemi NP 16 Mar (RB).
White -eared Monarch Monarcha leucotis Northern Rivers: recorded Toonumbar SF near
Kyogle 8 Apr, Horseshoe Creek near Kyogle 18-21 Sep, Theresa Creek near Casino 25 Sep, and
Terania Creek, Nightcap NP 7 Oct (GH).
Leaden Flycatcher Myiagra rubecula Northern Rivers: arrival Mount Belmore SF near
Casino 28 Aug (GH). Hunter: arrival Dharug NP 24 Sep; partial albino at Mill Creek, Dharug NP
10 Oct (GPC). Sydney region: 1 at Chipping Norton 6 Mar (JDi, AMcG); 1 at Thornleigh 22 Sep
(BH). South Coast: departure Moruya 17 Mar, arrival 30 Sep (SM).
Satin Flycatcher Myiagra cyanoleuca Sydney region: 1 at Collaroy 1 Nov (DS, NSWFOC 77);
1 male at Scheyville 2 Nov (RB). North-west Plain: recorded at Mount Kaputar NP 26 Sep (CBOC
Rufous Fantail Rhipidura rufifrons Hunter: arrival Dharug NP 24 Oct (GPC). Sydney region:96 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 19 (4)
1 at Deepwater Park and 1 at Yeramba Lagoon 17 Apr (MP, NSWFOC 71); 1 in garden at South
Head, Sydney Harbour NP 17 Nov (AKM). South Coast: departure Moruya 6 Apr, arrival 30 Sep
Logrunner Orthonyxtemminckii Hunter: recorded at Woko NP 29-30Jan (JPr). Illawarra: 1
at Barren Grounds NR 5 Mar, previously recorded 3 Oct 1982 (RJ, S&CZ)
Spotted Quailthrush Cinclosoma punctatum Southern Tableland: 3 seen 5 km N of Mount
Coree, Brindabella Ranges 16 Jan (IMcA)
Pilotbird Pycnoptilus f/occosus South-west Slope: 1 found dead near Tumut (date not
supplied), now AM 0.58083 (MC).
Rock Warbler Origma solitaria Hunter: 6 at Somersby Falls 6 Aug (HB, NSWFOC 73).
Sydney region (inner city): at Dobroyd Point, Sydney Harbour NP 13 May (CBOC 4(5)); 2 at
Elouera Bushland RS, Westleigh 26 Nov (AEFR).
Chestnut-rumped Heathwren Hylacola pyrrhopygia Sydney region: 2 at East Wahroonga 13
Feb (EF, NSWFOC 71); at Towra Point NR 5 Nov (DL, IMcA).
Shy Heathwren Hy/acola cauta South-west Slope: nest and eggs at Yalgogrin 45 km W of
West Wya long Sep (JGB).
Eastern Fieldwren Ca/amanthus fu/iginosus 10+ at Little Forest Plateau near Milton 12 Jan
Mangrove Warbler Gerygone levigaster Sydney region: recorded at Bonna Point, Kurnell
and nearby Towra Point NR Jan and Oct -Dec, significant range extension, see McGill 1984,
Aust. Birds 18:33-35 (JW, IMcA, DL, NSWFOC 77).
White -throated Warbler Gerygone o/ivacea Hunter: arrival Mangrove Mountain 24 Sep;
Mill Creek and Ten Mile Hollow, Dharug NP 25 Sep (GPC). Sydney region: departure Westleigh
19 Mar (AEFR); recorded at Stannix Park, Wilberforce 1 Sep (J&NR). South Coast: departure
Moruya 3 Mar, arrival 16 Sep (SM).
Inland Thornbill Acanthiza apicalis Riverina: 3 at Cambria HSD near Barham 24 Sep, rare
locally (EBT).
Little Friarbird Philemon citreogularis Hunter: 1 at Dudley 8 Apr (SJ); 6 at Shortland Swamp
25 May (FvG, WPB). Riverina: arrival Cambria HSD near Barham 10 Sep (EBT).
Regent Honeyeater Xanthomyza phrygia Status uncertain (see Peters 1979. Aust. Bird
Watcher 8:117-123; Morris & Kurtz 1982 Aust. Birds 16:48-52), all reports listed. NorthernAUGUST 1985 97
Rivers: 1 at Koreelah Creek near Woodenbong 17 May (GH). Mid -north Coast: 20+ a Wall ingat
SF 11 Jun (JPr). Hunter: 1 at Dudley 2 Aug (SJ); 10 at Wollombi 14 Aug (DB); 1 at Mount
Manning 11 Sep (AA); 3 at St Albans 21 Sep (RB); 1 at Rankin Park, Newcastle 31 Oct (JSt); 7 at
Widden Valley 3 Oct (HBOC per WPB). Sydney region: 1 at Wilberforce 8 Jan (CBOC 4(3)); 2 in
flowering eucalypts at Scheyville 25 Jul (KS); regular at Stannix Park, Wilberforce 24 Sep -29
Oct, max 5 on 19 Oct, nest found (KL, DL, IMcA, J&NR, NS, KAW, FJ, AMcG, TS, NSWFOC 73,
77, CBOC 5(1)). South Coast: 2 at Moruya 5 Aug (SM). Central Tableland: 4 at Colo Heights 26
Mar (CBOC 4(4)). North-west Slope: breeding at Upper Bingara 30 Dec (J&NH).
Blue -faced Honeyeater Entomyzon cyanotis Hunter: 1 at Wrights Creek 24 Jul (IAC per
GPC); recorded at Garland Valley 12 Aug (RB). Central Tableland: at Barina Drive, Colo Heights
2 Jul (RB); 1 seen 16 km S of Merriwa 3 Oct (IMcA)
Noisy Miner Manorina melanocephala Apparently still increasing in Sydney region,
especially city centre: breeding at Cumberland SF 15 Oct (LG, NSWFOC 74); established at
Beacon Hill, second year recorded (LJH).
Lewin’s Honeyeater Meliphaga lewinii North-west Slope: 1 on the Gwydir River at Bingara
6 Jun and again 6 Oct (J&NH).
Yellow -faced Honeyeater Lichenostomus chrysops Southern Tableland: great reduction
noted in number migrating through Canberra region in autumn (COG per IT, CBN 9(3):120).
Mangrove Honeyeater Lichenostomus fasciogularis Recorded at Cobaki Broadwater 28
Feb; 6-8 at Rabbit Island at Freeburn Island, Yamba 20 Aug (GH).
White -eared Honeyeater Lichenostomus leucotis South Coast: arrival Moruya Apr,
departure 13 Sep (SM).
Yellow -tufted Honeyeater Lichenostomus me/anops Large colony at Mount Belmore SF
near Casino 30 Aug, scarce North Coast (GH).
Fuscous Honeyeater Lichenostomus fuscus South Coast: arrival Moruya 12 May, departure
27 Sep (SM). Southern Tableland: great reduction noted in number migrating through Canberra
region in autumn (COG per IT, CBN 9(3):120).
Black -chinned Honeyeater Melithreptus gu/aris Sydney region: 1+ at Scheyville 25 Jul
(KS), the only local report.
White-naped Honeyeater Lichenostomus lunatus Southern Tableland: great reduction
noted in number migrating through Canberra region in autumn (COG per IT, CBN 9(3)120).
Painted Honeyeater Grantiella picta Northern Rivers: recorded at Maria River SF 5 Oct (RB).
Central Tableland: breeding 16 km S of Merriwa 24-27 Nov, 2 nests found, feeding young
Crescent Honeyeater Phy/idonyris pyrrhoptera South Coast: arrival Moruya 10 May,
nesting in Aug, departure 4 Sep (SM).
Eastern Spinebill Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris North-west Slope: recorded at Bingara 12
Jun (J&NH).
Black Honeyeater Certhionyx niger Lower Western: 2 at Dareton 19-28 Oct, the only local
sightings despite good flowering of Eremophila (JNH).
Pied Honeyeater Certhionyx variegatus Lower Western: male at Dareton 23 Jul (JC); max
3 same place 27 Sep -5 Oct (JNH).
Scarlet Honeyeater Myzomela sanguinolenta South Coast: arrival Nelsons Lake near
Tathra 15 Sep (DLm). Southern Tableland: 1 at O’Connor late Oct, second Canberra record (JV
per IT, CBN 10(2)).
Crimson Chat Ephthianura tricolor Central Tableland: 2 at Munghorn Gap NR 30 Sep
(J&KI). South-west Slope: 2 males at Charcoal Tank, Wyalong 2 Oct (RB); 1 at Buddigower NR,
West Wyalong 10 Nov (JGB). North-west Plain: flock of 6 at Goorianawa near Coonabarabran
16 Oct (DJ, JDi, AMcG); nesting at Warrumbungle NP 17 Oct (RF et al); small flocks W of
Warrumbungle NP 20 Oct (WPB et al). Riverina: pair at Barrenbox Swamp 30 Jan (JWH, NK,
WS, DIS); 3 at Hillston 29 Oct (JGB); 4 pairs near Cambria HSD near Barham 9 Oct (EBT); none in
Griffith area Oct -Nov (JGB); 4 pairs at Tullakool salt ponds 19 Nov (EBT). Upper Western:
common Tibooburra-Packsaddle area 11-15 Aug (JNH). Lower Western: several pairs near
Thackaringa c 30 km W of Broken Hill 18 Sep, observer’s first local record since 1980 (NSWh);
small flock at Mallee Cliffs NP 17 Sep (WPB et al); 3 nests at Round Hill NR 28 Oct (JGB); many,
including immatures at Coombie HSD near Roto in Oct (JH). massive irruption Dareton region
Sep -Oct (extending into Victoria (VBR)); arrival 6 Sep, abundant breeding, far exceeding
anything in 20 years experience, most left the area by mid -Nov (JNH, JC); common at Lake
Victoria Sep -Oct (JC per JNH).
Orange Chat Ephthianura aurifrons Upper Western: 4 near Adelaide Gate 1 Apr, only
sighting on lengthy inland trip, severe drought (JW, FJ, AMcG). Lower Western: 8+ at Fletchers
Lake, Dareton 27 Sep (JC), common Dareton area mid -Nov (JNH).
Gibberbird Ashbyia lovensis Recorded at Sturt NP c 25 km NW of Tibooburra 13 May
Spotted Pardalote Pardalotus punctatus Marked decline noted in Canberra region over past
2 years (IT per COG).
Red-browed Pardalote Pardalotus rubricatus 10 at Fort Grey, Sturt NP 12 Aug (JNH)
Striated Pardalote Pardalotus striatus Drastic decline noted in Canberra region over past 2AUGUST. 1985 99
years (IT per COG). Subspecies striatus (Yellow -tipped Pardalote) reported only from Sydney
region, May -Jun (NSWFOC 72, 73).
Silvereye Zosterops lateralis Lower Western: recorded in mulga at Coombie HSD near Roto
Jul -Aug (JH).
Double -barred Finch Poephila bichenovii Riverina: 18+ at Lake Wyangan near Griffith 24
May (MCt, NM). The species has undergone a significant but largely undocumented range
expansion in the SW over the past decade.
Plum -headed Finch Aidemosyne modesta Central Tableland: 34+ at Burrendong Dam 11
Feb (NWS, DIS). North-west Plain: small flocks recorded often along Maules Creek 30 km SE of
Narrabri throughout 1983 (DCR). Upper Western: c 100 at Lightning Ridge 16-17 Sep (NM, AC,
Chestnut -breasted Mannikin Lonchura castaneothorax Hunter: 30 including immatures at
St Albans 29 Oct (TD, DIS); 4+ at Roses Creek, Dharug NP 5 Dec (GPC).
Nutmeg M-an nikin Lonchura punctulata Hunter: 10+ at Cockle Creek, Edgeworth 6 Mar (HBOC
per WPB) not listed in Morris 1975, Aust. Birds 9:37-76, no previous Hunter records on file.
Sydney region: recorded at Centennial Park 15 Jan (ESH, NSWFOC 69).
Common Myna Acridotheres tristis Hunter: 7 at Singleton 27 Apr, observer’s first local
record (DCR); also recorded at Wyong, Ourimbah, St Albans, Spencer, Gunderman, Mangrove
Mountain, Lower Macdonald and (regularly) at Roses Creek, Dharug NP (CPC). Southern
Tableland: still increasing in Canberra region (IT per COG, CBN 9(3):129).
Olive -backed Oriole Oriolus sagittatus South Coast: arrival Moruya 22 Jul, no autumn
records (SM).
Spangled Drongo Dicrurus hottentottus Hunter: 2 at Norah Head 24 Mar (WM); 6 at
Adamstown Heights 19 May and 3 Jun (DW); 1 at Dudley 6 Jun (DBo). Sydney region: 1 at
Neilsen Park, Sydney Harbour NP 4 Feb, seen occasionally until 7 Apr (AKM); at Deep Creek,
Narrabeen Lake 24 Feb (NM): 1 at Epping 5 Mar (BDn); recorded at Dural 27 Mar (CBOC 4(4));
recorded at Wamberal NR 15 May (V&MT, JSc, JD, NSWFOC 72); 2 at Berry Island,
Wollstoneeraft 1 Jun (DJP); recorded at Centennial Park 5 Jun (V&MT, NSWFOC 72); recorded
Sydney Autumn Count 28 May (NSWFOC 72). North-west Plain: 1 at old Dromana HSD near
Moree in autumn, watched for several days then found dead; extreme western record (B&JS
per RCC).
Satin Bowerbird Ptilonorhynchus violaceus Central Tableland: 4 at Munghorn Gap NR 2
Apr (DIS).
Paradise Riflebird Ptiloris paradiseus Mid -north Coast: 2 females at Barrington Tops 4 Jun
(KS). Northern Tableland: 1 at Gibraltar Range NP 10 May (MN).100 AUSTRALIAN BIRDS 19 (4)
Apostlebird Struthidea cinerea Sydney region flock of 9 at Heathcote 21 May (AMcG,
CBOC 4(5)); recorded Sydney Autumn Count May (NSWFOC 72)
Magpie -lark Grallina cyano/euca North-west Plain. 115 feeding in flooded lucerne at
Harparary HSD 10 km N of Baan Baa 2 Sep (DCR).
Masked Woodswallow Artamus personatus Sydney region: at Deepwater Park, Milperra 3
Jan (BDn). Lower Western: numbers passed through Dareton area 6 Sep to mid -Nov (JNH).
White-browed Woodswallow Artamus superciliosus No eastern records, in contrast to
recent years. Large numbers passed through Dareton area 6 Sep to mid -Nov, few bred locally
Little Woodswallow Artamus minor North-west Slope arrival Bingara 30 Aug (J&NH).
North-west Plain: nesting at Warrumbungle NP 16 Oct (LL et al). Upper Western: nesting at
Mootwingee 13 Sep (HBOC per WPB)
Pied Currawong Strepera gracu/ina South-west Slope: arrival heard in Ingalba NR 6 Apr
(ITh per JGB). Riverina: arrival heard in Griffith 16 Apr (JGB); 1 at Cambria HSD near Barham 1
Nov (EBT).
Grey Currawong Strepera versicolor Hunter: 1 at Wrights Creek near St Albans 26 Jul -1
Aug (IAC per GPC).
Forest Raven Corvus tasmanicus Mid -north Coast: breeding at Mungo Brush and Valla
Beach in Jan, see Aust Birds 17:79 (TRL, SJSD); heard at Devils Hole, Barrington Tops 20 Nov
Little Raven Corvus mellori Central Tableland: several at Moonan Outlook 20 Nov (IMcA).
North-west Plain: flock of 900 at Pleasant View HSD 14 Apr, large flock, scarce locally (DJ per
Torresian Crow Corvus orru North-west Plain 1 heard at Boolooroo Weir near Moree 5 Feb
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