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new south wales
field ornithologists club
No. 6 PRICE 25c.BIRDS 97. 1 May 1974
The number of observers whose records comprise this Fourth
Annual Report has risen by over 30% to 111, an encouraging increase.
In addition the Australian Bird Atlas project has contributed valuable
information on distribution within the study area Jervis Bay south to
Wallaga Lake and inland to Lake George.
During the year records adding three new species to the N.S.W.
list were received. The most outstanding of these was the occurrence
of Bush Hens in the Ballina area which culminated in successful breed-
ing early in 1974. Less unexpected perhaps were the additions of
Light -mantled Sooty Albatross which is not uncommon in southern Aust-
ralian seas and Long-tailed Skua in view of recent reports from other
States. Other notable records were those for Black -winged Petrel,
Cape Barren Goose, Beach Stone Curlew, Flock Pigeon, Plain Wanderer
and Gibber Bird, the last two concerning breeding. Features of the
year were the favourable conditions inland which led to overwintering
and early spring arrival of migratory species and the large wash-up of
seabirds in July.
For various reasons (rare or uncertain status, subject of special
study, apparent expansion of range etc.) information was particularly
sought for the following species and all records have been published.
This policy will continue during 19711. Little Bittern, Plumed Tree
Duck, Freckled Duck, Bustard, Australian Dotterel, Australian Pratin-
cole, White winged Black Tern, Glossy Black Cockatoo (inland only),
Long -billed Corella, Turquoise Parrot, Bourke Parrot, Pink Robin, Red-
lored Whistler, Eastern Bristle -bird (excluding Barren Grounds),White-
browed Treecreeper, Yellow -fronted Honeyeater, Dusky Miner and Plum –
headed Finch (south of Sydney -Parkes).
I gratefully acknowledge assistance from the following people in
the preparation of this report: Ernie Hoskin and Alan Morris for
supplying details of many obscure records, my wife for typing, Arnold
McGill and John Hobbs for their valuable corments on the final draft
and lastly to the many contributors who sent in their records promptly
as requested*
Alan E. F. Rogers
(Records Officer).BIRDS. 98. 1 May 1974
Australian Bird Atlas B. Gall U. Palmer
B. Amey F. van Ges6e1 T. Poynton
K. Avery J. D. Gibson J. Purnell
M. Goodwin
A. Bainbrigge P. Roberts
D. Gosper
M. Baldwin J. Robertson
R. Gray
S. Barclay I. Robinson
P. H. Barnes G. R. Haddon V. Robb
C. Bennett D. Hicks A. Rogers
R. Bigg J. Hobbs A. B. Rose
D. Bleach G. Holmes M. Rowe
C. M. Bonser E. Hoskin
B. Booth B. Howie D. Sawyer
A. Sefton
P. Bourke C. Humphries
J. Broadbent N. Schrader
G. Bryant J. Izzard D. I. Smedley
E. Smith
V. Jenkins
M. A. Cameron L. Smith
F. Johnston
C. Campion P. Smith
R. Johnstone
A. S. Cartwright C. Sonter
I. Chalmers T. G. Kendall D. M. Stenhouse
S. Chittick T. Kenney G. Stevens
M. J. Cochrane H. van del- l’sley D. S. Stringfellow
A. Colemane W. van der Kley W. Sweeny
P. Cooper N. Kurtz
R. Cooper E. Thomas
F. M. Crawford C. Lampe G. Thomas
D. Crawford S. G. Lane M. Thotas
B. Larkins P. Thomas
M. J. Denny D. Larkins M. C. Thomas
G. Dibley A. Leishman
M. Dibley G. Vincent
T. Lindsey
J. Disney
B. Wallace
J. F. Dixon A. McGill
K. Waishaw
T. Dixon G. Mendel
W. Watson
A. D’Ombrain D. Milledge
J. Waugh
B. Miller
R. Edden E. Wheeler
L. Miller
J. Eveleigh H. Wilton
R. Miller
W. J. Wright
B. Finch A. Morris
A. Fox K. Muller ;3. Zucker
J. Francis
R. Noske
G. FraserBIRDS. 99. 1 May 1974
Edited by Alan E. F. Rogers
Black-browed Albatross Northerly records: 1 off Flat Rock near Ballina
5 May (JI, WW); 3 beach washed near Ballina mid July (GF, WW).
Yellow -nosed Albatross Northerly record: 2 at sea off Forster 21 April
(AL). Maxima off Sydney Heads 40+ on 17 July and c30 on 5 Sept. mostly
immatures (DM).
Grey -headed Albatross Beach washed near Broadwater 14 July and at Sth.
Ballina 22 July, both immature (GF, WW). These are the first positive
records of this species since July 1952 and are also notable for their
northerly occurrence.
Light -mantled Sooty Albatross One beach washed at Mona Vale 12 July (DS)
and 2 beach washed near Broadwater 14 July (GF, WW). On 7 Oct an adult
in poor condition was caught at Evans Head; fed on squid and pilchards
it made a good recovery and was released after banding on 18 Nov (GB).
These are the first records for N.S.W., details in press.
Silver-grey Petrel One beach washed at Wairo Beach 5 km S of Ulladulla
on 17 June following a period of very strong southerly winds and swell
(HG). Fifth N.S.W. record.
Cape Petrel More plentiful than usual off Sydney Heads June -Oct with
max. 250+, possibly up to 500 on 1 Sept. The first sighting, a single
bird on 23 June appears to be the earliest record for the Sydney area
(AR,TL,MAC,RC. et al). 14 beach washed, 4 on the far north coast,
between July and Oct (per AM).
Great -winged Petrel 8 beach washed Jan -Oct, 5 on the far north coast
(per AM).
White -headed Petrel Beach washed: one about 20 km S of Ulladulla 10
July (CH) now Aust. Museum (AM) 0.44723; one at Mona Vale Beach 12 July
(DS) and 2 near Broadwater14 July (GF, WW). The close proximity of
dates at widely separated localities is notable.
Gould Petrel One beach washed at Warriewood Beach 12 Feb (DS).
Black -wined Petrel One beach washed at Durras Beach Batemans Bay 7
March (DB) was only the second definite record for NSW.
Brown -headed Petrel One beach washed at Boat Harbour near Kurnell 3
Nov (FJ).BIRDS. 100. 1 May 1974
Blue Petrel Two beach washed at Palm Beach 12 July (DS) and one beach
washed at Wanda Beach near Cronulla 14 July (BF), details in press.
Broad -billed Prion 4 beach washed in July, at locations from Nadgee
north to NewcaLtle (per AM).
Medium -billed Prion One beach washed at Five Mile Beach near Sussex
inlet 7 July (DS, AB).
Dove Prion 194 beach washed May -Oct. mostly in July, from Ulladulla to
Tweed Heads. Of about 100 unidentified prions collected during the
year, the majority were almost certainly this species (per AM).
Thin -billed Prion 14 beach washed in July from Ulladulla to Tweed Heads
(per AM).
Wedge-tailed Shearwater Five nests containing young found on Little
Mutton Bird Island off Coifs Harbour, a new breeding locality (PR) see
BIRDS 8:8.
Butlers Shearwater 3 off Malabar 19 Dec (DM) were only the second
definite sight record for Sydney waters.
Sooty Shearwater Up to 3 seen at sea off Sydney Heads on 3 occasions
Sept -Dec (AR, RC, TL et al).
Short -tailed Shearwater One found in a burrow on Lion Island on 22 Dec,
the first record for the island (SGL, AM) see BIRDS 8:81.
Little Shearwater 9 beach washed during July; 8 near Ballina (GE, Wd)
and one in the Wollongong area (AS).
White-faced Storm Petrel Breeding proved for the first time on Inner
and North Rocks in the Broughton Group on 10 Dec (SGL, AM). Again pres-
ent over Mutton Bird Island, Coffs Harbour in spring as in 1972 (PR, GH).
2 at sea off Sydney Heads 15 Dec (TL, MAC, BF).
Diving Petrel sp. One off Port Stephens 4 March (AD) see BIRDS 8.61.
Darter 40-50 pairs breeding at Cawndilla Creek. Kinchega NP 14 Jan (JE).
Seen on several occasions on Blowering Dam, Kosciusko N)? in Oct. (PT,MT).
Frigate Bird sp. A frigate bird seen briefly pursuing a Silver Gull at
Comerong Island 18 March seems likely to have been a Lesser Frigate Bird.
Later flew out to sea and joined 3 apparently similar birds (CS, SC).
White-tailed Tropic Bird 4 beach washed in the Ballina area in July,
all juveniles (GF, WW).
Crested Grebe Une at Goulburn on 19 Dec appears to be the first record
for this area (CS). Several pairs nested or attempted to nest at
Willandra Creek Mossgiel during Nov -Dec. (JH).BIRDS. 101. May 1974
Mangrove Heron Numerous records from Jervis Bay to the Narooma area
(ABA) confirming the extension of range suggested by McKean and Simpson
EMU 63:342; see also EMU 72:116.
Cattle Egret The new colony at Carrs Creek Junction near Grafton (see
1972 report) expanded to at least 130 visible nests in Jan; also nesting
were several White Egrets and at least 3 Plumed Egrets. In the foll-
owing season on 1 Dec there were at least 1,000 nests at the colony, the
great majority Cattle Egrets with small numbers of White and Plumed
Egrets and Little Pied and Little Black Cormorants. It is notable that
on 8 Dec neither nests nor Egrets were present at the original Gilletts
Ridge Colony; an apparent transfer perhaps due to the dying of the trees
there (EW). Sydney area: 83 at Wilberforce 9 June was the largest
number recorded in the County of Cumberland since first observed on 11
June 1960 (EH, KA). 21 in tall grass on vacant ground between factories
at Bankstown 27 June (JFD, TD) an unusual locality. South coast: at
Moruya 20+ on 21 May (CS) and 12+ on 21 Aug (AM). Inland: at Lake
Brewster 1 Oct (BF, MAC, TL).
White Egret 50 nests most with large young in dead timber in the centre
of Lake Brewster 8 March (BM). 100-200 nests at Menindee Lake, Kinchega
15 March (JE).
Plumed Egret 73 at Wilberforce 9 June (EH, KA) a large number for the
Sydney area. 7 in full breeding plumage, perched in mallee bordering a
barren paddock near Round Hill Nature Reserve 1 Oct (RN, RJ, IC).
Little Bittern One at Ballina 17 March (DG). Two nests found and up to
6 adults seen in the Finley area 19-23 Dec (JI). 3 calling at Boorooban
30-31 Dec (JI).
Jabiru One at McGraths Hill 18 March (MAC), the only Sydney area record
for the year. A pair seen in the Shoalhaven Heads area in early June
and Dec. All records in this area are thought to refer to the same birds
which apparently inhabited the region for a number of years and have
nested, without success, at Commonderry Swamp (CS). An immature found
dead near Wee Waa 4 April (per AM).
Straw -necked Ibis A prolonged and spectacular southwards migration took
place over Ivanhoe from early June to the first week in Sept. It was
estimated that up to 10,000 birds passed over each day in skeins of 200-
300 (JH).
Glossy Ibis Present in the Casino area May -Dec with a max. of 11 in
Aug (DG). 120 at Black Swamp about 15 km N of Wanganella 2 Dec. (JI).
Yellow -billed Syoonbill c.50 pairs nesting in trees in the centre of an
isolated lake in the Paroo system 21 May. Eggs and chicks of all ages
(BM).BIRDS. 102. 1 May 1974
Magpie Goose A flock of 20 at Barren Box Swamp 28 March (IR).
Plumed Tree Duck The explosion of this species within the State cont-
inues. Until this year the majority of reports were from the Sydney
area and the north coast; in 1973 there were many more inland records.
Sydney area: recorded in the Windsor -Richmond area in Jan, March -June,
Oct and Dec with maxima of 97 on 17 Jan, 70+ on 9 May and c.265 on 16
June (AC, AMcG, ASC, RN et al). North Coast: recorded throughout the
year at several swamps within a 16 km radius of Grafton, max. 400 at
Cowans Creek 9 June (EW, AMcG). 12 at Boambee near Coffs Harbour 4 May
(AM). Riverina: 600 at Barren Box Swamp 17 Feb (per AM), present at
Finley from 8 July to 4 Aug max. 250 and from 19 Oct to the end of the
year max. 18 on 11 Nov. (JI). c.2,000 reported from Blighty near Finley
(GT per JI) and c.800 reported from N of Jerilderee by wildfowlers in
Sept (per JI). 800 at Lake Urana Sept -Oct (WJW), present and breeding,
one nest with eggs and 2 pairs with young Oct -Dec in the Barham area (ET)
Inland: 22 at Dangars Lagoon, Uralla 26 Jan (BW), 3+ at Lake Cowal 17
Feb (AM),1at Morrisons Lake near Ivanhoe 4 March (NS), 40 at Lake Brew-
ster 8 March (BM), 1,000+ at a billabong near Warren on 19 Aug had inc-
reased to 2,500+ on 22 Oct (JH), 60+ at Cudgewaa Station, Wee Waa 5-7
Sept (AM), 4 about 40 km W of Cobar 4 Nov (LS), 2 at Wire Lagoon near
Wee Waa 10-11 Nov (TGK), large numbers heard calling as they flew
northwards over Ivanhoe late on 31 Dec (JH).
Freckled Duck 4 on 14 Jan and 3 on 11 Feb at Kinchega NP (JE). 3+ on
1 Sept and 9 (4 pairs and an immature male) on the following day at
Quamby Lake about 30 km W of Ivanhoe (JH, AR, TK, JP).
Cape Barren Goose 6 at Morrisons Lake 35 km S of Ivanhoe 19 Feb.
According to the Water Supply attendant at the Lake up to 8 had been
present in the preceding three weeks (JH). This exceptional record
represents the most northerly occurrence in NSW and is probably the
first since the species was reported from the Deniliquin area during the
Murray floods of 1956. Property owners have reported this goose between
Mossgiel and Clare, an area subject to much local flooding in times of
heavy rain; details are vague in terms of time – about 10 years ago –
but physical descriptions cannot fit any other species (per JH).
Mountain Duck At Kinchega NP: 2 on 14 Jan, 4 on 11 Feb and Lic)+ on
25 Feb (JE). Present at Ivanhoe Jan -April with maxima of 18 on 19 Feb
and 17 on 9 April (JH). 25 at Morrisons Lake near Ivanhoe 4 March (NS).
It can no longer be doubted that the Ivanhoe area is within the regular
range of this species. Coastal records: at Bushells Lagoon, Wilber-
force 4 on 7 Jan and 2 on 14 Jan (TL); at Bakers Lagoon 2 on 14 Jan (TL)
and one on 3 Feb (EH). One at Towra Point 22 Feb (RN, RJ, DS) see also
1972 report. Up to 5 at Kooragang early March to 1 June (FG, EH, TGK,
GS et al). 2 near Central Tilba 3 Dec (ABA).BIRDS. 103. 1 May 1974
Grey Teal At least 10 separate broods seen at Carrs Creek, Trenayr,
Lawrence and Gilletts Ridge (EW); these along with earlier information
indicate that this species is a regular breeder in the Lower Clarence
area. Further records will not be published.
Chestnut Teal North coast: single birds at Casino 1 July and 17 Nov
and at Ballina 29 Aug (DG). 4 at Carrs Creek Junction 1 Dec (EW).
Blue -winged Shoveler Common at Ivanhoe Jan -Feb after the Jan rains,
max in one flock 250 on 19 Feb (JH).
Wood Duck Pair with 8 young near Camden 6 Jan (AMcG). Breeding records
for the Sydney area are scarce.
Blue -billed Duck Small parties appeared very quickly on flooded dep-
ressions following heavy rain in the Ivanhoe area in Jan and some rem-
ained through to Aug. This species is not normally associated with such
transitory waters. 1,000+ at Morrisons Lake near Ivanhoe 21 Aug (JH).
15 on 14 Jan and 2 on 25 Feb at Kinchega NP (JE).
Crested Hawk One in motel grounds at Coffs Harbour 15 April seen to
eat a stick insect (AM).
Fork -tailed Kite One at Gilgai 29 April (MB). One flying W over North –
mead 7 March (AC) and one seen at Ermington 27 July (ASS) were unusual
for the Sydney area.
Square -tailed Kite One in flight over Greendale 14 Jan (AMcG) was only
the fourth record for the Sydney area. Single birds seen near Finley
6 and 19 Jan and 8 and 24-27 Dec (JI). One at Tingha 21 Oct (MB).
Black -breasted Buzzard Single birds at Tongo Lake and Goorimpah Station
on the Paroo River System 22 May (BM).
Grey Goshawk One white phase bird seen among a flock of White Cockatoos
and Long -billed Corellas about 25 km N of Barham 16 Feb. Yellow legs
and feet, black claws and bill, yellowish cere and all white plumage
noted (ET). A record in 1970 at nearby Wakool Junction on the Murray
was also a white phase bird, see Aust Bird Watcher 4:63. Sydney area:
single birds seen at Concord (ABR) and Oatley (BF).
Little Eagle Numerous observations of single birds from the Sydney
area April -Oct. Further records will not be published.
White -breasted Sea Eagle Single birds at Morrisons Lake near Ivanhoe
19 Feb (JH) and at Barrallier on the Upper Wollondilly River 29 April
(CS), unusual localities. An adult near Bowral 23 June made 5 attacks
on a half grown Black Swan before being driven off by the adults (CS).
A pair nested unsuccessfully in an Ironbark tree on a timbered ridge
above Bushells Lagoon, Wilberforce July -Aug. (AC, EH).BIRDS. 104. 1 May 1974
Spotted Harrier An adult seen at close quarters near Marley Track Royal
NP 21 July; slate -grey upperparts, spotted underparts and dark rump
noted (DIS).
Osprey Single birds recorded in the Atlas area March -Aug, at Wallaga
Lake, Toubouree, near Moruya and near Batemans Bay (ABA).
Grey Falcon 2 at Woolahra Station near Ivanhoe 20 June remained for
about a week (NS, JH). A pair at Ballandry Station adjoining Cocoparra
NP 12 July (VJ). One about 30 km E of Menindee 28 Sept. (GP).
Nankeen Kestrel A pair watched diving at 3 small kittens near Gilgai
4 March (MB).
Brush Turkey Several seen and up to 3 mounds located in the Kincumber
area Nov -Dec (BB, DH, BM). An adult near St. Albans 14 April (BM).
Single birds on 2 March and 22 July in temperate rainforest near Ebor at
1,200 m, probably close to the altitudinal limit for this species (GH).
One active and one disused mound found on the eastern edge of the Pilliga
in from Boggabri during Sept (MG).
King Quail Present throughout the year in wet heathland in Crowdy Bay
NP near Harrington; breeding recorded in March (per AM). One called
throughout the day from a small swamp on the Macquarie University campus
20 April (MAC). Single birds at Dharug NP 8 April (GD, MD et al) and
10 June (DIS) and at Bakers Lagoon 18 Feb, 10 and 17 March and 28 April
(AC, RN, RJ). A pair at Pitt Town Bottoms 23 April (AC).
Red -chested Quail 2 flushed on the Breeza Plain near Breeza 3 Feb and
at Carroll near Gunnedah 12 Feb (MG). A female killed by a cat 21 June
and 4+ on 30 Oct at Balmoral property near Mudgee (AM, NK). Recorded on
7 occasions 26 Oct -18 Dec, max 22 on 25 Nov, in the Cooyal district near
Mudgee (NK). A female found dead at Dee Why Lagoon 25 Oct (DS) was the
fourth record for the County of Cumberland. One about 16 km S of Ivanhoe
23 Sept and one killed by a car at night 65 km SW of Ivanhoe 25 Sept (JH),
Recorded at Finley 8 to 23 Dec, max 15 on 23 Dec when eggs found and
small young seen. 4, 20 km SE of Finley 15 Dec and 1 at Tuppal Creek
near Finley 21 Dec (JI). 4 in wheat stubble 30 km W of Eugowra 8 Dec(KW)
Plain Wanderer An adult flushed and a chick found and photographed S of
Ivanhoe on 29.Sept (JH, RN, RJ, IC).
Brolga Common, perhaps 30+ usually in pairs, in the Paroo Channels late
May (BM). 2 pairs nesting on Wallara Station, Paroo River 25 May, eggs
seen (RM). Pair with eggs at Melrose Swamp near Finley 23 June and up
to 4 observed in the Finley area on 6 other occasions (JI). Several
observations in the Lower Clarence area, mainly pairs, but with 8 at Law-
rence on 2 May(AM, EW). A pair 32 km E of Euabalong West 10 May(NS).BIRDS. 105. 1 May 1974
Lewin Water Rail Present all year at the Terrey Hills locations (see
1972 report) where at least 2 adults, 3 immatures and 6 chicks were
identified (GP). flushed from a small swamp at Mill Creek, Georges
River 20 April (DIS). Heard calling at Towra Point 24 Feb (DS) and at
Kirkconnell 29 Sept (RC).
Banded Landrail Pair with 7 young near Cronulla 14 Oct (JW).
Marsh Crake at Woolahra Station near Ivanhoe 8 Sept (NS). Up to 12
seen and heard in the Finley area 18 Nov -23 Dec (JI). 1 climbing in
lignum at Black Swamp 15 km N of Wanganella 31 Dec (JI).
Spotted Crake 2 at Bushells Lagoon Wilberforce 7 and 14 Jan (TL).
Spotless Crake One at Bakers Lagoon, Richmond on 10 and 24 March (RN,
RJ, JP). 2 at Dareton on 17 May appear to be the first winter record
for the far west (JH). 7 seen at a small swamp in the same area 23 Aug
(CS). Present throughout the year at Ballina (JI, WW). Seen and heard
calling at Finley Sewage Farm 17 Nov -23 Dec. 2 at Lalalty near Finley
20 Dec. and 2 at Wanganella 30 Dec (JI).
Bush Hen One found dead by a roadside swamp on the Pacific Highway 12km
S of Ballina 13 Jan was the first record for N.S.W. (GF). On 13 Dec a
further dead bird was same locality (GM). On 4 May
one was seen alive at a swamp in E. Ballina (JI). Further details in press.
Bustard A pair observed on several days in Feb in Sturt NP (MJD). Also
observed in the park singly in May and July (BG). One seen regularly on
Caringal Station near Narrandera from Oct 1972 to Jan 1973, the first
occurrence there since one appeared for one day in Oct 1923 (CL).
Painted Snipe Two nests found at McGraths Hill near Windsor were only
the second and third breeding records for the County of Cumberland. Up
to 5 birds seen 20 Jan to 19 Feb. The first nest later deserted had 3
eggs on 24 Jan, the second found on 16 Feb had 4 eggs two days later
(AC, AMcG, EH, JP, AR, DS et al). 4 (3 females, 1 male) at the same
location on 4 Aug (AC) and 3 on 18 Aug (EH) were exceptional winter rec-
ords. 3 at Black Swamp 15 km N of Wanganella 2 Dec, 1 at Finley Sewage
Farm 16 Dec (JI).
Pied Oystercatcher One at Towra Point 17 Feb (DS, EH, GD, MD et al) was
the first Sydney record for almost 11 years. One at Woolooware Bay 6
Oct (JW). 3 seen intermittently from 20 Nov to the end of the year at
Old Cooks River Mouth, North Botany Bay (BF).
Sooty Oystercatcher 2 at Balmoral on 18 Sept were an unusual inner
harbour record (BA).BIRDS. 106. 1 May 1974
Banded Plover Pair with 2 chicks at Bankstown Aerodrome 19 Sept (BL).
Red -kneed Dotterel 1 at McGraths Hill near Windsor 19 May (RN) was the
only Sydney area record for the year, see 1972 Report.
Hooded Dotterel Northerly records: a pair at Shoalhaven Heads 1 June (CS)
pairs recorded at two localities near Sussex Inlet in July & Oct (ABA).
Double -banded Dotterel Up to 260 at Kooragang July -mid Aug, the largest
number recorded at this locality (FG, TGK).
Large Sand Dotterel Moderately common on the Richmond Estuary at Ballina
with maxima of 33 in autumn on 10 Mar and 45 in spring on 1 Oct (DG). The
latter is perhaps the largest gathering of this species recorded in NSW.
Australian Dotterel Usually quite common in the Ivanhoe area; 1973:odd
birds were seen March -early Aug and breeding was recorded. Heavy winter
rains brought a rapid growth of grasses and most birds seemed to leave
the area returning in late Sept. From then numbers increased rapidly
particularly in bare saltbush country N of Mossgiel where several nests
were found in Nov and post breeding flocks numbered up to 160 birds (JH,
NS). Several sightings including records of juveniles, in Sturt NP
Jan -Feb (BG).
Eastern Golden Plover Inland record: one 35 km SW of Ivanhoe 18 Sept (JH).
Grey Plover One at Kooragang 24 Nov (FG, TGK). 2 at Old Cooks River
Mouth Botany Bay from 14 Nov to the end of the year, 4 on 29 Nov (BF, EH).
Japanese Snipe 1 at Abbotsford Station 15 km S of Ivanhoe 27-28 Jan (JH,
NS). 1 on leaf litter in mallee at Pulletop near a small dam 28 Jan
(MAC, TL).
Little Whimbrel 1 at Morrisons Lake near Ivanhoe 19 Feb (JH).
Whimbrel 30+ at Moruya Heads 4 Dec (ABA).
Marsh Sandpiper Inland record: 4 at Griffith Sewage Farm 1 Jan (RC).
Max at Kooragang 60+ on 27 Dec (TGK). 2 at Bakers Lagoon, Richmond 3
and 10 March (EH, KA). 1 at Red Gables Swamp Maraylya 3 and 10 March
(AC, EH).
Greenshank Up to 80 present at Kooragang in Aug may have overwintered.
140+ at the same locality 27 Dec (FG, TGK).
Wood Sandpiper Inland records: 2 at Griffith Sewage Farm 1 Jan (RC) and
one 35 km N of Ivanhoe 20 April (JH). One at McGraths Hill near Windsor
3 and 17-18 Feb (AR, EH, KA, MAC) and 22 April (LS).BIRDS. 107. 1 May 1974
Common Sandpiper Inland records: 1 at Tocumwal 10 Jan (Jr and 1 at
Bourke weir 12 Oct (LS, PS), see also 1972 report. Sydney area: single
birds on the Lane Cove River, Lane Cove 25 Mar (CC) and at Homebush Bay
16 April (CMB); one at Gore Bay Northwood 11 Oct was joined by a second
bird on 1 Nov and both remained until the end of the year (RN). One
overwintered at Kooragang May -Aug (FG, TGK).
Grey -tailed Tattler Up to 40 overwintered at Kooragang (FG, TGK).
Wandering Tattler 1 at Boat Harbour near Kurnell 27 March (DS). 4 on
North Solitary Island 14 April (AM, PR).
Terek Sandpiper 5 overwintered at Kooragang May -Aug (FG, TGK). Up to
65 present at South Ballina in March and Dec (DG). Single birds at Boat
Harbour near Kurnell 12 May (RN, RJ) and at Old Cooks River Mouth, Botany
Bay 19 Dec. (BF).
Knot Up to 40 at Kooragang May -Aug (FG, TGK). 500+ at the same locality
17 Nov (AC).
Great Knot Max at South Ballina was 11 on 1 Dec (DG). Single birds at
Long Reef 6 Oct and 10 Dec (RN, RJ). Up to 4 at Old Cooks River Mouth
14 Nov to the end of the year (BF, EH, AC).
Pectoral Sandpiper 2 caught and banded at Bakers Lagoon Richmond 6 Jan
(SGL). Single birds seen and heard 3 and 17 Feb at McGraths Hill near
Windsor (AR, EH). One banded at Kooragang 22 Dec and another heard at
the same time (FG, TGK). Inland records: 1, 10 km S of Ivanhoe 25 Feb
(JH) and 2, 15 km N of Hatfield 25 April (NS).
Curlew Sandpiper 3 at Coraki 24 June apparently wintering on a fresh
water swamp well away from the coast (DG). One 25 km N of Ivanhoe 7 and
9 Nov (JH, NS). 3,500 at Kooragang 1 Dec (GH).
Sanderling Present at S. Ballina from 11 Nov to the end of the year with
a max of 15 on 1 Dec (DG). 1 at Kooragang 4 Nov (FG, TGK). 3 at Old
Cooks River Mouth 29 Dec. (EH, AC).
Black -tailed Godwit Upwards of 200 at Kooragang Jan -April with a max of
700 in March. Up to 30 overwintered May -Aug (FG, TGK).
Bar -tailed Godwit 1,500 at Kooragang on 9 Jan is the largest count for
this area. Up to 400 present May -Aug (FG, TFK).
Ruff One at McGraths Hill 17 Jan -11 Feb (AC, JR, AL, AMcG et al) see
BIRDS 8:43. A Reeve at Kooragang 1 Dec (FG, TGK).
White -headed Stilt 4 at Apple Tree Bay, Kuring-gai Chase NP 30 Nov (ABR).BIRDS. 108. May 1974
Banded Stilt 14 at Lake Marimley near Balranald late April (see Bird
Observer 499:3). An immature feeding with godwits at Windang 29 Nov
Red -necked Avocet One at Kooragang 22 Jan and 1 Feb (FMC, DC, GH).
Beach Stone Curlew One near Station Creek 40 km N of Coffs Harbour 13
Feb and 3 March (PR) see BIRDS 8:7. Third N.S.W. record.
Australian Pratincole 2 about 15 km N of Carrathool 1 Jan (RC). 6 at
a canegrass swamp near Ivanhoe 26 Jan (JH). In most years this species
is scattered in small colonies around the Ivanhoe area leaving in Jan
and Feb. In 1973 only small numbers appeared in Nov probably due to long
grass in many of their haunts. Up to 10 pairs were present in saltbush
N of Mossgiel and 3 nests were found (JH). 4 between Ivanhoe and Booliga
18 Oct (NS). Large numbers in Sturt NP usually on stony plains Sept -Dec.
Numerous breeding records. Flocks in excess of 500 seen in Nov (BG).
12+ near Menindee 28 Sept (GP). c15 between Broken Hill and Packsaddle
6-7 Nov. 4 about 60 km E of Broken Hill on the Wilcannia Road 8 Nov
(LS, PS).
Oriental Pratincole 1 at Bakers Lagoon 3 Feb (AC).
Southern Skua 1 seen off Ballina 15 May (JI) and one beach -washed at
the same locality 8 July (GF, WW). Seen at sea off Sydney Heads from 23
June to 11 Aug, max 4 on 17 July (AR, DM, TL, MAC, RC et al).
Pomarine Skua Max at sea off Sydney Heads 70+ on 19 Dec (DM).
Arctic Skua Single adults seen off Sydney Heads 6 and 23 June (DM, TL,
BF, MAC et al). Winter _:cords for this species are very scarce.
Long-tailed Skua 1 off Sydney Heads 24 March (TL, RN, DS, RC, MAC).
This is the first definite record for N.S.W.; full details in press.
Pacific Gull An immature at Windang 23 June (AMcG). Southern Black –
backed Gulls present for comparison.
Silver Gull 2 pairs nesting on a small saline lake between Fletchers
and Holland Lakes near Dareton 25 Aug (CS). At least 3 pairs nested on
a small lake 30 km SW of Ivanhoe in Dec (JH).
Marsh Tern Early record: 50+ at Lake Cowal 8 Sept (AC).
White -winged Black Tern At the Hunter River Estuary: 8 on 10 March (EH,
AC), 20 on 31 March (FG, TGK), 23 (7 in full breeding plumage) on 9 April
(AM) and 2 on 16 Dec (BF).
Caspian Tern Inland: 3 at Morrisons Lake near Ivanhoe 19 Feb (JH) andBIRDS. 109. May 1974
3 flying over plains by the Ivanhoe to Roto road near Conoble 30 Sept
(RN, RJ, IC). Sydney area: 1 at Towra Point 17 Feb (DS, EH et al) and
2 at Boat Harbour near Kurnell 27 Oct (EH).
Gull -billed Tern One in breeding plumage over Bushells Lagoon 1 July
(AC). Ninth Sydney record.c.300, at least half being immatures, at a
lake 30 km SW of Ivanhoe in Dec; 7 nests with eggs found on old Black
Swans’ nests, others could not be reached (JH).
Common Tern 166 at Iron Cove during rough weather 13 March (AM).
Arctic Tern One at Towra Point Botany Bay 17 and 22 Feb (DS, RN, NJ) and
at Old Cooks River Mouth Botany Bay 3 May (AR, TL, BF et al) and 6 May
(DS, AMcG) see BIRDS 8:89. One found dead at Batemans Bay on 15 Sept had
been banded on the Farne Islands in England on 21 July 1969. One picked
up alive at South Thirroul 28 Nov died later (per AS).
Sooty Tern 20, mostly juveniles, beach washed between Wollongong and
Wooli Feb -April (AM, AS). Single adults seen at close range off Long
Reef 17 Jan (GP) and flying north about 20 km off Sydney Heads 15 Dec
(BF, MAC, TL).
Noddy One present among a large flock of Sterna sp. on a sandspit just
inside the river mouth at Ballina 2 Jan (DG). One beach washed at Dee
Why 10 Jan (DS).
Purple -crowned Pigeon One picked up dead at Raymond Terrace in March
was thought to be a juvenile male just into first plumage and apparently
had come from a nest nearby (AD, PB). It is thought that this species
still nests in rain forest gullies in the Maitland area particularly N
of the Williams and Paterson Rivers (per PB). A male found dead at Lane
Cove 5 May now AM no. 0.44483 (per JD).
Wompoo Pigeon One picked up injured at Kooragang 1 Aug died later, now
AM no. 0.44726 (RE, FG, TGK). First record for the area.
Top -knot Pigeon Sydney suburban records: single birds at South Turra-
murra 25 Jan (DL), Kurnell 24 Feb (DS) and Castle Hill 27 March (RB); 23
flew over Macquarie University 9 March (RJ). 80 at Waterfall, Royal NP
9 July (GD, MD). 5 at Kooragang 1 Sept (FG, TGK).
White -headed Pigeon 2 about 8 km N of Gosford 24 June (GP). 2 at Wyong
24 Nov (EH). 3 just N of Sublime Point Thirroul 2 Dec (RN, NJ, SB).
Several fed in street trees in Grafton 21 July -11 Aug (EW).
Brown Pigeon 10 sightings from Jervis Bay south to Wallaga Lake incl-
uding a breeding record near Penders Hill about 15 km W of Termeil (ABA).
These confirm the extension of range indicated by Wilson Aust. Bird
Bander 3:72 and predicted by Schodde EMU 64:206.BIRDS. 110. 1 May 1974
Bar -shouldered Dove One with Crested Pigeons at Gilgai 27-28 July (MB);
uncommon in this area.
Diamond Dove Records from the Paroo River system, Sturt NP, near Milpar-
inka, Cobar, Bourke, Wanaaring and Engonnia indicate thatthis species is
moderately common in the far NW of the State (BM, RN, LS, PS, AM).
Green -winged Pigeon 1 near St. Georges Basin 7 Oct (ABA).
Brush Bronzewing A pair flushed from heathland at Yeramba Lagoon 6 May
Crested Pigeon Recorded in every month in the shale areas around Sydney,
a most noticeable increase (AMcG). 1 on 19 Feb and 3 on 23 Feb at
Hornsby Heights (FMC). 2 at Macquarie University 9 Mar (MAC).
Flock Pigeon A pair seen about 30 km NW of Tilpa 10 Nov and up to about
80 present in the same area on several days in early Dec; usually seen
in early morning and late evening watering along roadside drains (RM, LM).
One about 15 km S of Ivanhoe 24 Oct (JH).
Wonga Pigeon One in temperate rainforest near Ebor at a height of 1,200
m 22 July; probably close to the altitudinal limit for this pecies (GH).
One calling loudly at Bobbin Head Kuring-gai Chase NP 9 and 12 Dec app-
ears to be the first record for this area (ABR).
Rainbow Lorikeet Large flocks recorded in the Oatley-Lugarno area from
May to Oct (GD, MD, BF); residents of 20 years or more claim never to
have seen this species before. There was no marked diminution in num-
bers N of Sydney Harbour where the species is a common resident. An irr-
uption of this species was also apparent in the Wollongong area for most
of the year (AS).
Scaly -breasted Lorikeet Records from Douglas Park 15 April (AMcG) and
Thirroul 31 Oct (JDG) were close to the southernmost limits for this
Musk Lorikeet Records from the Sydney area May -Oct are too numerous to
detail. 1 at Finley 9 Jun and 2 on 4 July (JI).
Purple -crowned Lorikeet Present at Finley 21 on 28 May, 10 on 9 June
and 1 on 29 July (JI).
Swift Parrot 30+ at Oatley Bay 5 May (GD, MD) 2 at Terry Hills 7 May
(GP), 15 at Westmead 8 May (AC) and c.12 at Scheyville 20 May (TL) poss-
ibly indicate a passage movement through the Sydney area during May.
20 at Northmead 15 July (AC) and 10 at Taronga Park Zoo 27 July (KM).
5 at Tocumwal 27 June (JI).BIRDS. 111. 1 May 1974
Glossy Black Cockatoo Inland: pairs observed at Cocoparra NP 12 April,
9 July and 14 Sept (VJ). 16 at Tunmallmalle Creek in Pilliga Nature
Reserve 21 June appear to be a new area record (AM). Coastal: 3 near the
northern boundary of Cudmirrah Nature Reserve 9 Jan (EW); 1 at Maraylya
2 Dec (AC, RB) and 3 at Hornsby Heights 8 Dec (FMC, RC) were unusual for
the Sydney area. 15 at Tea Gardens 10 Dec (HW).
Red-tailed Black Cockatoo 500+ near Brewarrina 20 Jan (CB).
Long -billed Corella 6 on sunflowers near Finley 23 June (JI).
Superb Parrot 3 seen 5 km W of Hermidale 14 June (AM, AF), about 100 km
west of previous records.
King Parrot 100+ in one flock at Colo 9 June (EH, KA).
Eastern Rosella 4 in Cocoparra NP 8 May were the first for this area
Bourke Parrot At Tongo Station on the Paroo River: 8 on 27 May and a
pair on 1 July; 2 nests found on 1 and 5 Sept, both with eggs. When
these nest holes were revisited on 21 Dec they were again occupied hold-
ing 3 young and 1 young; whether these were new tenants or second broods
is not known (RM, LM). Flock of 11 in the Scopes Ranges 70 km W of Wil-
cannia 14 June (AM, AF). 4 about 8 km N of Ivanhoe 25 Aug (JH). 5+
about 5 km S of Packsaddle 7 Nov (LS, PS).
Blue -winged Parrot 3 near Cobham Lake 55 km S of Milparinka 16 June (AM).
c.12 about 10 km N of Hatfield 31 Aug (AR, TK).
Turquoise Parrot New localities not previously recorded in these reports:
a male W of Tenterfield 1 May (WW); present throughout the year in the
Inverell area and thought to be increasing (MB); 36 taken illegally in
traps in the Bingara district during June, offenders successfully pros-
ecuted (CB); 8 at Appin 7 April (per AM); 2+ near Sackville 22 April (LS)
and a pair about 30 km E of Parkes 21 May (per AM). Again reported from
Munghorn Gap (GRH), the Wiciden Valley (GD, MD), Ingalba Nature Reserve
(GD, MD, MJC), Warrumbungle NP (BA), Kurrajong (DMS) and the Annangrove-
Kenthurst area (AC, AR, RB et al).
Ground Parrot 5 found dead on the beach at Nadgee after bushfires 5 Jan
(AM). 2 just north of Red Rock State Park 24 April (PHB).
Oriental Cuckoo One watched for six minutes in a suburban garden at
Northmead on 1 Dec was heard to give a tri-syllabic call (AC). A further
bird seen nearby at Glenhaven 20 Nov (SL) was thought to be this species
and may have been the same individual.BIRDS. 112. May 1974
Brush Cuckoo First spring record for Sydney 24 Sept at Hornsby Heights
(RC). 3 in dense mangrove forest at Kooragang 17 Nov (AC).
Fan -tailed Cuckoo Fairly common in the Ivanhoe area May -Sept, not rec-
orded in previous two winters (JH). 4 birds recorded between 12 April
and 1 June in Cocoparra NP and 6 birds between 6 and 30 August in the
Griffith-Cocoparra-Pulletop area were further evidence of inland mig-
ration in this species, see also EMU 61:42 (VJ, MAC).
Black -eared Cuckoo 1 near Balranald late April see Bird Observer 499:4.
1 about 10 km N of Hatfield 31 Aug (AR, TK).
Shining Bronze Cuckoo One found dead at Hurstville 1 Oct now AM No.
0.44679 (per JD). One caught and banded at Scheyville 14 Oct (SGL).
Koel Recorded on six occasions in the Atlas Area south to Moruya, all
on the coastal plain (ABA). This species is normally rare south of the
Illawarra region. Heard calling at Westleigh on 21 Sept, an early date
for the Sydney area (AL). Other arrival dates: Coffs Harbour 22 Sept.
(PR), Hornsby 26 Sept (HK), Thornleigh 26 Sept (BH) and Balmoral 27 Sept
(BA). A female at Mill Creek Georges River on 21 April was an except-
ionally late occurrence (DIS).
Channel -billed Cuckoo 6 records, 5 coastal and 1 in the Araluen Valley,
in the Atlas Area as far south as Wallaga Lake (ABA). Early sightings:
Gilgai 14 Sept (MB), St. Albans 29 Sept (AC) and Coffs Harbour 9 Oct (PR).
One observed at Albion Park from early August, joined by a second bird
at the beginning of October (MCT).
Powerful Owl Heard calling from gullies and ridges in the West Pymble-
South Turramurra area in April; similar calls heard during winter in
1971 and 1972 (BL, DL). One at Terrey Hills 20 June and 14 July (DS, AB,
TK, MAC). Evidence of breeding at Normanhurst was established when a
young bird, fully grown but still retaining some down on the head was
found in a gully on 2 Dec (per ABR).
Barking Owl Pair with 2 young Tumbarumba State Forest 18 Feb; 1 at Maude
23 April (RM). One heard calling regularly near Hornsby from late Aug
to the end of the year appears to be the first Sydney record for many
years (HK, WK).
Boobook Owl One in Centennial Park, Sydney 10 June (EH).
Tawny Frogmouth A pair nested and reared 2 young in Belar timber near
Ivanhoe during Aug, the first occurrence in the area for at least 3
years (JH).
Owlet Nightjar Sydney area: 1 dead by the roadside near Bobbin Head 9
Sept (GV), single birds at Glenhaven 11 Nov and Annangrove 27 Dec 11C).BIRDS. 113. 1 May 1974
Spotted Nightjar Winter record: 1 on the road at night about 15 km N E
of Euston 10 June (MAC, TL, BF).
Spine -tailed Swift Late records: very large numbers passed over Khan-
coban 3 April, the only day passage was observed (MR) see Canberra Bird
Notes 2(8):14. 4 flying N at Glen Innes 7 April (AMcG). c.20 feeding
high,Gilgai 19 April (MB). Early record: about 40 at Castle Hill 18 Oct
(RB). Inland records: seen on 6 occasions at Finley Jan, Feb, Oct, Dec
max 50 on 20 Feb; 3 at Deniliquin 3 Dec (JI). Up to 10 at Pulletop 27
Jan and a few at Lake Brewster 29 Jan (MAC). 1 at Ingalba Nature Res-
erve 22 Feb (VJ).
Fork -tailed Swift Coastal records: a few at Pennant Hills Park 20 Jan
(GD, MD et al) and 1000+ flying W over Northmead 6 Feb about 20 minutes
ahead of a southerly change (AC).
Kookaburra One at Ivanhoe 15 Feb remained for about 2 weeks, the first
record for the town. Some weeks later a second bird was found huddled
in an open rail truck and it seems likely the bird had entered the truck
somewhere between Sydney and Ivanhoe, perhaps also accounting for the
first extra-limital record (JH).
Red -backed Kingfisher Winter records: single birds at Goorimpah on the
Paroo River 20 May (BM) and at Casino on 24 June and 29 July (DG); a few
wintered in the Ivanhoe area (NS, JH).
Sacred Kingfisher Winter records inland: 1 at Tilpa, 2 at Tongo Lake
and 1 at Goorimpah all on the Paroo River in late May (BM). 1 at Ivan-
hoe 19 June and 2 July (JH).
Dollar Bird One seen and heard at Hornsby 29 Sept (HK, WK) an early
arrival date for the Sydney area. First seen at Gilgai on 30 Sept (MB)
and at Finley on 17 Oct (JI).
horsfield Bushlark A minor invasion of this species occurred into cane
grass areas around Ivanhoe Aug -Sept (JH).
White -backed Swallow 2 pairs nested in an excavated edge at Liverpool
Rubbish Tip in Dec following a marked increase in numbers in the area
in the late part of the year (AMcG).
Ground Cuckoo Shrike Eastern records: up to 3 at Balmoral property near
Mudgee 1 March to 4 May (NK); 1 at Gilgai 26 May (MB). Inland records
are too numerous to detail.
Barred Cuckoo Shrike 2 at Woolgoolga 15 and 19 Feb (GH).
Cicada Bird Widely distributed throughout the Atlas area from coastal
plains to tablelands (ABA). Records at Hornsby Heights on 5 Oct (FMC)BIRDS. 114. May 1974
and at Hornsby (HK) and Thornleigh (BH) on 6 Oct appear to be the ear-
liest known arrivals for the Sydney area; 18 Oct being the previous ear-
liest date. First arrivals at Gilgai 20 Sept (MB) and at Coffs Harbour
8 Oct (PR). 1 at Woolgoolga on 1 May was a late record (GH).
White -winged Triller Present in very large numbers in most inland areas
during spring and summer (many obs). Arrived in the Ivanhoe area as
early as 10 July, all birds being in eclipse plumage. Breeding commenced
in Aug and continued through to the end of the year (JH). First arrival
near Finley 9 Aug (JI) and at Gilgai 31 Aug (MB). Sydney area winter
records: 1 near Freemans Reach 4 May (LS, RB, GMB and 3 at Ccbbity 8
July (AC).
Red -whiskered Bulbul Present throughout the year in gardens at Kincumber
(DH, AM).
Southern Scrub Robin A pair near Glenlea Station about 120 km S of Cobar
25 Feb mark the present NW limit of this species range in the State (RM).
Blackbird 8 records of pairs in widely distributed localities in the
Atlas area, usually associated with habitation (ABA). A pair bred at
Castle Hill Sept -Oct (RB).
Chestnut Quail Thrush One at Berangabah Station about 100 km N of Ivan-
hoe 18 May probably marks the NW limit of this species range (JH).
Chestnut -crowned Babbler Again seen near Nyngan, 6on44 April (AR); this
area is clearly within this species normal range.
White-browed Babbler Eastr,rly record: 6 at Widden Brook near Sandy
Hollow 25 April (GD, MD).
Tawny Grassbird One flushed from tall cane -grass in a casuarina swamp
Dharug NP 22 April (AC).
Brown Songlark Wintered in large numbers throughout the Ivanhoe area(JH)
Rufous Songlark Huge numbers wintered in the Ivanhoe area (JH). Obs-
erved in very large numbers inland during spring and summer (MAC et al).
Red -backed Wren Two separate parties seen several times in the Tibbuc
area about 30 km NW of Gloucester 3-10 Nov. Each group comprised about
5 birds and included one in male plumage (RE). These appear to constit-
ute the most westerly records of this species for the State, other rec-
ords for this area are from Belbora similar distance E of Gloucester.
Southern Emu -wren A party of 5 at Tinda Creek on the Putty Road 26 May
(DIS). 2 at Tiwilla Plateau Kanangra Boyd NP 12 Aug appear to be the
first record for this area (TP).BIRDS. 115. 1 May 1974
Western Warbler Numerous winter records around Ivanhoe May -July; nesting
in Aug (JH). 1 seen closely and heard singing about 15 km N of Braid –
wood 22 Sept was east of the normal range (MAC).
Striated Thornbill 2+ in whipstick mallee near West Wyalong 1 Oct (RN,
RJ, IC), close to the species western limit in this area.
Chestnut -tailed Heath Wren 1 on 23 May (JI) and 2, an adult and a juv-
enile, 29 Sept -1 Oct (MJC et al) at Ingalba Nature Reserve near Temora;
close to the western limit for this species.
Striated Grass Wren Following the re -discovery of this species in N.S.W.
in late 1972 further birds were located up to 48 km S and up to 38 km W
of the original sighting (RM, VJ, JI) see BIRDS 8:9 and 8:51.
Eastern Bristle -bird Recorded from two localities in the Jervis Bay
area (ABA).
Gibber Bird Recorded in all months May -Dec at a second new colony loc-
ated in the Ivanhoe area, max 14 on 1 July; 3 nests found during Aug –
Sept (NS, JH). A third colony found N of Mossgiel in Nov was sited on
wind scalded flats in saltbush; breeding had probably finished (JH).
Flame Robin 1 brown bird at a swamp 25 km N of Ivanhoe 31 May (JH);
probably the furthest inland record of this species in N.S.W. Also of
note were 3 (2 coloured, 1 brown) at Binya State Forest near Cocoparra
NP 29 July (VJ).
Grey Fantail Winter records far inland: 2 at Tongo Lake and 1 at Goor-
impah Station both on the Paroo River 21 May (BM). 2 in Red Gums near
Silverton 16 June (AM).
Rufous Fantail 1 in a garden at Deniliquin 27 and 29 Nov (VR) see Bird
Observer 507:11.
Leaden Flycatcher Winter record: a male at Seal Rocks 22 July (MAC).
Early arrivals: 9 Sept at Coffs Harbour (PR) and 28 Sept at Berowra
Waters (RC).
Satin Flycatcher A male caught and banded at Scheyville 14 Oct (SGL).
A pair at Thornleigh 17 Oct remained for several weeks (BH). Seen in
the Longueville area for the third year running, a pair on 10 Nov (RN).
1 at Roseville 13 Nov (PC). A male at Mitchell Park 3 Feb (AC).
Black -faced Flycatcher 1 in grassy forest at Ebor 4 and 14 March at an
altitude of 1,200 m (GH).
Syectacled Flycatcher 1 at Woolgoolga on 1 May (GH), a late record.BIRDS. 116. May 1974
Golden Whistler 2 near Trida in Willandra NP 25 June and 2 at Booligal
1 Dec (NS).
Olive Whistler 2 observed in a clearing in thick brush at Mount Keira
Scout Camp 10 June (AC, WS).
Sittella sp. 2 pairs nesting at Ivanhoe in Dec were assumed initially to
be Black -capped Sittellas the common local species. However, on closer
examination they proved to be of intermediate race and much more akin to
the Orange -winged Sittella differing only in the sparsity of streaking
on the underparts (JH).
White-browed Treecreeper An abundant bird in scrub country N, E and W
of Ivanhoe; 10 nests located in 1973 with a minimum of effort (JH). A
pair between Dareton and Wentworth 23 Aug thought to be nest building
(CS). 1 about 40 km from Bourke on the Wanaaring road 13 Oct first drew
attention by its plaintive trill call (LS, PS).
Eastern Striated Pardalote A striated pardalote at Tuppal Creek 30 km
SW of Finley on 3 Aug had narrow white wing bars characteristic of this
species (JI).
Brown Honeyeater A few resident in the Gilgai district about sheltered
streams (NB). Sydney area: c.20 singing in mangroves on the Kurnell Pen-
insula 19 Aug (BF), up to 6 at Salt Pan Creek Padstow Nov -Dec (DIS).
Black Honeyeater A pair nesting on Goorimpah Station, Paroo River 31
Aug; others sighted throughout the winter (RM). A pair seen in Sturt
NP 18 Sept (BG).
Pied Honeyeater A female seen in low scrub near Silverton 15 June and a
male near Wyjonta Tank 40 km E of Milparinka 18 June (AM).
Fuscous Honeyeater 1 at Finley 9 June (JI). Not reported by Hobbs EMU
61:21 although he later recorded a big influx into mallee country near
Buronga in the winter of 1966 see Sunraysia Naturalists Research Trust
4th Report.
Yellow -fronted Honeyeater A common resident of the mallee strip about
100 km N of Ivanhoe extending through Berangabah and Yallock Stations
and linking eastwards with the Yathong and Round Hill mallee areas. It
is very antagonistic to the smaller population of Yellow -plumed Honey –
eaters (JH). Large numbers noted in the Glenlea-Yathong areas during
visits in Feb, March (RM, LN, VJ, JI, GT) and Sept (RN, RJ, IC). 2 near
Ivanhoe on 1 March; there are no large stands of mallee near Ivanhoe and
the species is consequently rare (JH). 2 small flocks of about 6 at Dare –
ton 18-19 May the first records there in 20 years of observation and the
first for the Sunraysia district (JH). A few seen in mallee about 10 km
E of Cobar on the Nyngan road 8 Nov (LS, PS).BIRDS. 117. 1 May 1974
Yellow -faced Honeyeater 1 in Red Gums on the Lachlan River at Booligal
17 Nov (NS), well westward of this species normal range.
Brown -headed Honeyeater Recorded about 100 km NW of Nyngan on the Bourke
road. 12 Oct (LS, PS) just outside the range given by Gannon see EMU
White-naped Honeyeater Recorded on 6 occasions near Finley 28 May -4 Aug
with maxima of c.50 on 9 June and c.40 on 29 July (JI). Remarks for
Fuscous Honeyeater above also apply.
Blue -faced Honeyeater 4 with Noisy Miners at Tinda Creek, Putty Road
26 May (DIS). One feeding on a Coral Tree near Bungwahl 1 July (AR).
Little Friar Bird 6 at Balmoral property near Mudgee 3 March were only
second record for the district (AM). 3 on 2 June and 1 on 22 July near
Ivanhoe were unusual winter records (JH).
Crescent Honeyeater 5+ at Dharug NP 27 May (GP). 1 at Curra Moors
Royal NP 29 July (TL).
White-cheeked Honeyeater 4 separate records in the Atlas area from
Conjola, Pointer Mountain near Milton, Broulee NE of Moruya and Wallaga
Lake. 2 of these were associated with feeding on Coral Trees (ABA).
This species is scarce on the south coast especially south of Ulladulla.
Painted Honeyeater seen about 100 km from Nyngan on the Bourke road
12 Oct (LS, PS).
Regent Honeyeater 40+ at Munghorn Gap near Mudgee 19 April (AM). Up
to 2 at Kurnell 12-21 Aug (BF, JF).
Yellow -throated Miner 4+ feeding and calling in a garden at Gilgai 21-
22 June. First record for the area which marks the extreme eastern edge
of this species range (MB).
Diamond Firetail Single birds and occasional pairs recorded around Ivan-
hoe during winter were unusual and probably due to the lush conditions(JH)
Banded Finch Fairly widely distributed on the southern tablelands within
the Atlas area, also on the coast from Moruya southwards. Apparently
absent on the coast from Jervis Bay to Moruya (ABA).
Plum -headed Finch Southerly records: 4 at Gooloogong 8 April (BF, JB)
and 3 in the same locality 3 Sept (AR, TK).
Spice Finch 30+ on farmland near Moruya 21 Aug (AM).
Tree Sparrow 3 observed at close range at Northmead 30 June (AC).
Second Sydney area record.BIRDS. 118.
1 May 1974
Olive -backed Oriole Winter records inland: 1 in Boree at Wanganella
25 April (MAC). 1 at Menindee 16 May (RJ). A few birds present at
Ivanhoe from 1 June to early Sept (JH). 1 at Finley 29 July (JI).
Spangled Drongo Southerly records: 1 near Ulladulla in April (ABA) and
1 in poor condition near Moruya Heads 20 May (CS). Summer records: up
to 8 at Warriewood from late Sept to early Nov (ES, RG), an exceptional
number for the Sydney area; 1 at Roseville 10 Feb (PC) and 2 in a
garden at Wollongong 29 March (AS).
White -breasted Wood Swallow Winter records: 20+ at Sturt NP 18 June and
3 at Mungindi 20 June (AM); present at Ivanhoe throughout the winter
when usually absent, max 38 on 17 June (JH). 300 at Lake Brewster 1 Oct
Masked Wood Swallow Winter records: small numbers in the Paroo River
area in late May (BM) and at Sturt NP 18 June (AM).
White-browed Wood Swallow Winter records: 1,000+ in the Paroo River
area in late May (BM), 3 groups 20+, 80+ and 500+ at Sturt NP 18-19 June
(AM); present in small numbers at Ivanhoe, max 16 on 13 June. At last
locality migrants arrived very early on 6 Aug and even nested in that
month (JH, NS).
Dusky Wood Swallow Far inland records: 2 on the Darling River near
Bourke 22 April (AR); 11 on 19 June and 1 on 1 Sept near Ivanhoe, the
only records for this area in recent years (JH, AR, TK).
Little Wood Swallow 18 about 50 km NE of Coonabarabran 6 April (AMcG);
1 about 30 km from Bourke on the Wanaaring road 13 Oct (LS, PS).
Paradise Riflebird Up to 4 in wet sclerophyll at Moonpar State Forest
11 km N of Dorrigo in May and Aug (GH).
Forest Raven Recorded in Dorrigo State Forest in April, May and August
(2 dates), possibly the most easterly sightings so far (GH).
Little Raven Recorded throughout the tableland sector of the Atlas area
and particularly around Braidwood (ABA). 50+ at Sunny Corner 32 km E of/
Bathurst were north of the usual range (DS), see BIRDS 8:81.BIRDS. 119. May 1974
Appendix A.
Records from Lord Howe Island are fewer this year as only one
visit of ornithological interest has been fully reported; this was from
29 Nov -6 Dec by R. Swaby, A. Griffin and F. Foster. Other contributors
are:- P. Fullagar and D. Retmock.
Black -winged Petrel The recently discovered colony at North Head now
appears to be well established and progressing (PF). A pair began
burrowing in the garden of Mr. King’s residence in early Dec (RS, AG,
Straw -necked Ibis One present for about the first 6 months of the year
apparently completing a residence of almost 234 years (DR) see Reports
for 1971-72.
Black Duck Again present throughout the year and breeding (DR).
Woodhen An unbanded juvenile and 2 downy chicks seen on top of Mount
Gower in early Dec were additions to the 1972 population of 21 (AG);
losses not known.
Common Sandpiper One seen at Johnsons Beach 29 Nov (RS, AG, FF).
Sooty Tern During the 1973-74 breeding season nesting occurred at both
the northern and southern ends of Neds Beach; at the latter locality the
colony continued south to Hells Gates and 400-600 chicks were estimated
in early 1974 (PF). Islanders claim this is the first major recolonis-
ation of the main island in living memory.
Shining Bronze Cuckoo One found dead at the south end of the island
17 March had apparently killed itself by flying into a window (DR);
specimen preserved.
Welcome Swallow An apparent colonisation of the island took place about
the middle of the year. Breeding occurred for the first time and by
early 1974 it was considered that more than 20 birds were present spread
around the island (DR). 2 nests in the pump house of Sea Breeze Lodge
early Dec (RS, AG, FF).BIRDS. 120. May 1974
16 May A. R. McGill “Northern Australia”
20 June R. Mason Chairman’s Address.
18 July A. Brown “Birds of Northern Chile”
15 August Members Night
(All meetings commence at 8.00 p.m. in the Lecture Room, Australian
Museum, College Street, Sydney. Meetings close 10.00 p.m.
10 June J. De S. Disney “Birds and Pine Forests”
(Meetings commence 6.19 p.m. in Room 1, 7th Floor, G.U.O.O.F. Building
149 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. Meetings close 7.45 p.m. Cost per
lecture – N.P.A. Members $1.00, Non-members $3.00 – payable at door).
21 February 1974 David Milledge spoke on Albatross Island, which is
located off the north-west coast of Tasmania. The island is one of the
two breeding areas in Australia of the White -capped Albatross (Diomedea
cauta cauta). A brief description of the distribution of this species
and the other two races was given. David was able to visit Albatross
Island with the A.B.C. Television Unit which was filming for its “Wild
Australia” series. Photographs of the albatrosses in flight, landing
and feeding the large downy chicks were screened. A discussion foll-
owed in which David enlarged upon the breeding behaviour of these large
21 March 1974 Ron Orenstein spoke about a recent trip he made to Ceylon,
India, Nepal and Thailand. From Ceylon – photographs of endemic birds
screened included the Ceylon Hanging Parrot. From India – were phot-
ographs of Painted and Open -billed Storks, a White -eyed Buzzard Eagle,
Yellow Wagtail, Indian Dipper, Hoopoe and others. Beautiful slides of
the landscape in Kashmir and Nepal were shown, while the Taj-Mahal at
Agra and contrasting slides of Katmandu were most interesting. Mention
was made that in Thailand the large teak forests were rapidly being
felled with only 10% remaining and conservationists there seemed power-
less to excercise any restraint.BIRDS. 121. 1 May 1974
Saturday 18 May – Annangrove and Scheyville.
Leader: E. Hoskin – Tel. 88-9200
Meet 8.30 a.m. Rogans Hill in Old Northern Road near Aylward and
Kennedy’s Store.
Sunday 23 June – Heathcote State Park.
Leader: Marjorie Barnes – Tel. 524-7321
Meet 9.45 a.m. in parking lot at Heathcote Station, off Princes Highway.
Cronulla train, 8.50 a.m. ex Central, change to rail motor at Sutherland.
Carry lunch, track and road walk for a total of five (5) miles.
Saturday 20 July – Royal National Park.
Leader: G. & M. Dibley – Tel. 570-1298
Meet’9.30 a.m. Curra Moors parking area on Stevens Drive between Watta-
molla turnoff and Garie turnoff. Forest, moors and cliff -top and views
of seabirds. Walk on track, total of 6 miles. Early arrivals could
drive along Lady Carrington Drive looking for Lyrebirds.
Saturday 27 August – Hawkesbury Swamps
Saturday 21 September – Menangle
Saturday -Monday 5-7 October – Munghorn Gap.
23 February 1974 50 members took part and although time was limited,
good views were obtained of Terek and Broad -billed Sandpipers, Mongolian,
Double -banded and Black -fronted Dotterels, Black -tailed Godwit, Knot,
Grey -tailed Tattler, Whimbrel and Greenshanks as well as the more common
waders. Among the terns were Common, Gull -billed, Little and 20 White –
winged Black Terns. A Mangrove Warbler called briefly just prior to
our departure but time prevented members from searching for it. An
immature Mangrove Heron demonstrated its cryptic plumage amongst the
rocks. 67 species were recorded including 19 species of waders and
although our lunch spot was frequented by ravenous mosquitos, a good
time was had by all. (B. Finch).BIRDS. 12?. 1 May 1974
N.S.W. Bird Report for 1973. 99

  • A. E. F. Rogers
    Patron: A. H. Chisholm, C.B.S.
    Hon. Sec. -Treasurer: Mrs. L. Smith 42-2418
    84 Arabella St., Longueville. 2066
    Field Day Organiser: Mrs. M. Dibley 5?0-1298
    18 Russell St., Oatley. 2223
    Hon. Editor: A. K. Morris 631-7892
    20 Harrison St., Old Toongabbie. 2146
    The following notes were omitted from the article entitled
    “Honeyeaters of Toongabbie Creek, Northmead” by A. Colemane (1974 BIRDS
    Noisy Miner – A very common resident species, found in the more open
    forest areas surrounding the Reserve. (P.70).
    Noisy Friarbird – An occasional visitor, passing through at intervals
    during the year. (P.82).
    Scientific and Vernacular names used in this journal are in accordance
    with “An Index of Australian bird Names” C.S.1.R.O. Tech. Mem. No.5 1969
    (Registered for posting as a periodical – Category B)