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October 18, 2017

Sponsor your club’s team in the 2017 NSW and ACT Twitchathon

The club’s team, the “Champagne Shriketits” are ready to go all out to raise money for the “Bitterns in Rice” project in the Riverina.  Donations can either be given directly to the team members, Philip Brook, Elisabeth Karplus or Tom Karplus at the Club meetings or people can donate via Just Giving (https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/twitchathon-nsw-act-2017). Anyone donating via Just Giving must specify in the comments section that the donation is for the Champagne Shriketits taking part in the NSW Twitchathon. Any donation you make via the team members will be collectively submitted on behalf of Birding NSW.

The Champagne Shriketit







Fix these mighty champions in your mind and lend them your  support – and if you like, see the other teams, which have so far entered this year’s Twitchathon  https://www.birdlifetwitchathon.org.au/2017-teams.


October 3, 2017

Latest Club Newsletters now on line

September TWITCHER



August 25, 2017

Volunteers needed

The club runs on work by a number of volunteers.  Office bearers volunteer their time and skills to keep the club going.  Volunteers organise and  carry out surveys, keep club records, maintain databases of membership and of bird surveys, lead outings and social gatherings, respond to enquiries from members and non-members alike, publish newsletters, organise meetings and speakers, provide club pins and badges, maintain registers of sightings, maintain a website and a host of other seldom seen administration.  Every function really needs a backup person.   

We are in need of volunteers to back up some of the work we do.

 Do you have skills you would be willing to use to keep the club going?

Adequate training can be provided.

It may be possible to job share by carrying out only some of the functions. If you are interested in joining in or assisting as back-up person,  please contact one of the Committee members.

July 27, 2017

Bird song: Is it music?

Hollis Taylor takes you on a journey around this question.  Be sure to leave time to listen to the songs.

July 15, 2017

Tim Low to speak on “Where Song began”

Tim Low, author of the acclaimed “Where Song Began” will speak to the topic at the October club meeting. Says Sean Dooley of the Sydney Morning Herald, “Tim Low is the rare author who is able to turn complex and sophisticated research into a form digestible to the general reader without ‘dumbing down’ the science.”

For a few more details about the book and a whole lot more about Tim Low’s work  visit his web page.

June 6, 2017

Amended and revised Constitution adopted

The Special General meeting of 2 May 2017 resolved, nem con, to approve the revised constitution as it has appeared on the website.  The revised constitution can be downloaded here: