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Vol. 26 No. 2
Journal of the
Volume 26, Number 2. December 1992
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2259.Vol 26, (2) December 1992
The Twentieth Annual Bird Report covers the period 1 January to 31 December
1989 and summarises the more significant observations of birds in NSW during that year.
The main aims of the NSW Bird Report continue to be:

  • to record reported observations of species accidental or rare to NSW;
    -to record observations which more precisely define the normal distributions of the
    birds within NSW; and
  • to record observations which may indicate changes in species’ distribution and
    The format maintains the conventions established in the 1985 report. The Location
    Guide, at Appendix 1, lists locations not referred to in the 1985-1988 reports. This guide is
    intended to assist readers to better determine the general location of reported observations.
    The production of future reports will be greatly assisted if observers provide location map
    references in the manner set out in the Appendix. For those unable to cope with this, an
    accurate description of the location of sightings would be valuable.
    Information on 333 species is contained in the 1989 report. This information was
    obtained from 196 sources, including 184 observers and a number of bird associations and
    Page 41 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2the publications of such organisations. Abbreviations forthose organisations are as follows:
  • ABW = Australian Bird Watcher; AMSR = Australian Museum Specimen Record; ARA =
    Australian Raptor Association; CABR = Canberra Annual Bird Report 1.7.88 – 30.6.89,
    Canberra Bird Notes 15: 82-122; CBOC = Cumberland Bird Observers Club Newsletter;
    ENHS = Nature in Eurobodalla 1989 (1991), Eurobodalla Natural History Society; IBOC =
    Illawarra Bird Observers Club Newsletter; MVBW = Manning Valley Bird Watchers Newsletter;
    QMSR = Queensland Museum Specimen Record; TBO = The Bird Observer.
    A number of unusual or otherwise significant records were received. These
    records include reports for Tahiti Petrel (3), Kermadec Petrel, Mottled Petrel, White -necked
    Petrel (2), Cook’s Petrel, Black -bellied Storm -petrel, White -bellied Storm -petrel, Great
    Frigatebird (2nd published record), breeding of the Magpie Goose at five separate locations
    in NSW, Red Goshawk, Grey Falcon, White-rumped Sandpiper, Ruff, Shining Flycatcher
    (1st published record) and Hall’s Babbler. Many of the seabird records are attributable to
    tropical a cyclone storm of the coast of Queensland and NSW 24-26 April 1989.
    With the operation of both the RAOU Records Appraisal Committee (RAOURAC)
    and the NSW Ornithological Records Appraisal Committee (NSWORAC) now underway,
    many records of vagrants are now being reviewed. The first report of the NSWORAC giving
    the results of its decisions in 1992 will be published elsewhere in this Journal while those
    of the RAOURAC have been published by the RAOU. It is likely that in the future, unless the
    record has been received and the results published by either the NSWORAC or the
    RAOURAC, the record will not be listed in the Annual Report.
    On the 19th December 1991 the NSW Parliament passed the Endangered
    Species (Interim) Protection Act which includes a revised Schedule of Endangered Species.
    The Act was amended in March 1992, expired in December 1992 and subsequently
    extended. All observations of Endangered Bird Species listed on the Schedule are
    published in this report to ensure that accurate distribution and status of all species can be
    recorded. The exceptions are the Osprey and the Black -necked Stork where only records
    outside the Northern Rivers and Mid -north Coast regions are published but a summary is
    provided of their status within the areas mentioned. Red Goshawk records are identified by
    Region only.
    We gratefully acknowledge the assistance provided by R. M. Cooper and Ian
    McAllan in the preparation of these reports. R. M. Cooper has prepared and edited these
    reports since 1984 and has worked hard to get the information published. His commitment
    to the publication of records in NSW is greatly acknowledged. The long hours spent collating
    and checking records, and the time spent keying the information onto the computer should
    not be underestimated by anyone. Ian McAllan and R. M. Cooper also enhanced the reports
    by including unusual records provided to the NSW Bird Atlassers. It is proposed to publish
    two Annual Reports per annum and bring them up to date.
    A. K. Morris, 1 Wombat St., Berkeley Vale, NSW 2259.
    A. C. G. Burton, 4 Sydney St., Willoughby, NSW 2068.
    December 1992 Page 42SYSTEMATIC LIST
    Emu Dromaius novaehollandiae 3 just south of Taralga 11 Mar (CJC).
    Great Crested Grebe Podiceps cristatus Adult plus 8 young at Taloumbi NR 19 Aug (GC);
    122 (30% immatures) Wingecarribee Dam 17 Apr (CJC); 24 adults, many
    juveniles and a pair feeding 2 downies, Ben Chifley Dam, Bathurst 7-11 Apr (JH);
    1 Troy Sewage Ponds, Dubbo 2 May (T&FB); Nesting Lake Cowal 19 Nov, 5 pairs
    per hectare (Aust. Birds 23:32-35); 300 birds and 200 nests Lake Brewster 18 Jan.
    The nests contained eggs and some young and were confined to an area of 30 by
    250 metres each side of a channel in the lake bed (JB). Unusual breeding records.
    Hoary -headed Grebe P. poliocephalus 701 Jan, 492 Feb, 1165 Mar at Lake Bathurst,
    highest count since 1984-85 (CABR); Nesting Lake Cowal 19 Nov, 4 pairs per
    hectare (Aust. Birds 23: 32-35)
    Australian Little Grebe P. novaehollandiae 50+ McGraths Hill STW 18 Feb (AB). A large
    number for the Sydney region.
    Little Penguin Eudyptula minor4 Runway Beach, Botany Bay 8 Jan (PMa); 1-2 Merimbula
    Harbour 29 Mar (AB).
    Black-browed Albatross Diomedea melanophrys 6+ off Nelson Bay 4 May (JP); A mixed
    flock of 200+ of this species together with Shy Albatross feeding off Point
    Perpendicular at the entrance to Jervis Bay 28 Sep (GLC). A large concentration.
    Yellow -nosed Albatross D. chlororhynchos 2 Seal Rocks 7 Jul (JP). 12+ off Nelson Bay 4
    May (JP). There are few published records for the Mid -north Coast; Many sighted
    during pelagic trip off Sydney Heads 17 Jun (RT).
    Shy Albatross D. cauta 15 off Wollongong 24 Sep (DF et al). An unusual concentration. Also
    refer Black-browed Albatross above.
    Northern Giant Petrel Macronectes halli 1 found beach -cast on Bhewherre Beach, Jervis
    Bay Oct (AKM, RMa).
    Cape Petrel Daption capense2 off Wollongong 24 Sep (DF et al). Less common than usual
    and the only report submitted for 1989.
    White -headed Petrel Pterodroma lessonii 3 off Wollongong 23 Jul (DF).
    Providence Petrel P. solandri Many off Sydney 17 Jun (FOC) and off Wollongong Oct
    Tahiti Petrel P. rostrata 2 during tropical storm Ballina 24-26 Apr (JI,GH). at sea off
    Wollongong 19 Feb (DF et al ).1 at edge of shelf off Wollongong 11 Dec (ABW
    14:172). Records under review by the NSWORAC and if accepted will be the 18th –
    20th records for NSW.
    Kermadec Petrel P. neglecta3 at sea off Wollongong 30 Apr (DF et al). Record under review
    by the NSWORAC and if accepted will be the 7th record for NSW.
    Mottled Petrel P. inexpectata 1 during tropical storm Ballina 24-26 Apr (JI, GH). 14th record
    for NSW if accepted by NSWORAC.
    White -necked Petrel P. cervicalis 1 during tropical storm Ballina 24-26 Apr (JI, GH); 1 at sea
    off Wollongong 22 Jan (DFet al ). 14th and 15th records for NSW if accepted by
    Page 43 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2Black -winged Petrel P. nigripennis 1 during tropical storm Ballina 24-26 Apr (JI, GH); 1 at
    sea off Wollongong 26 Nov (DF). 19th and 20th records for NSW if accepted by
    NSWORAC and consistent with known status.
    Cook’s Petrel P. cookii 1 during tropical storm Ballina 24-26 Apr (JI, GH). 13th record for
    NSW if confirmed by RAOURAC.
    Gould’s Petrel P. leucoptera 7 at sea off Wollongong 22 Jan, 1 on 19 Feb and 4 on 26 Nov
    (DF et al).
    Buller’s Shearwater P. bulleriSingle birds at sea off Wollongong on 19 Feb and 26 Nov (DF
    et al).
    Fairy Prion Pachyptila turtur 100+ Seal Rocks 8 Jul (JP).
    Streaked Shearwater Calonectris leucomelas Single birds at sea off Wollongong 19 Feb
    (DFet al), 19 Mar (CJC) and 31 Oct (AMcB).Earliest summer record, 1 Bass Point
    6 Dec (CB); all records subject to NSWORAC review.
    Wedge-tailed Shearwater Puffinus pacificus 1 during tropical storm Ballina 24-26 Apr (JI,
    GH), late date.
    Sooty Shearwater Puffinus griseus 20+ off Nelson Bay 4 May (JP). 1 Norah Head 15 Dec
    (CJ&KC) and off Wollongong Oct (CBOC).
    Short -tailed Shearwater P. tenuirostris 180 000 including 1 albino during tropical storm
    Ballina 24-26 Apr (JI, GH). This is unusual as the northwards migration is usually
    via the central Tasman Sea. Departure: Munmorah SRA 29 Apr (AKM). Arrival:
    Munmorah SRA 8 Sep (AKM); 50+ off Kurnell 29 Aug (H&BM).
    Fluttering Shearwater P. gavia Feeding rafts of cal 0 000 shearwaters, almost certainly this
    species, close inshore at Moruya Heads 12-13 Nov (ENHS).
    Hutton’s Shearwater P. huttoni 1 during tropical storm Ballina 24-26 Apr (JI, GH); 1+ off
    Wollongong Oct (CBOC).
    Little Shearwater P. assimilis 1 at sea off Wollongong 28 May (MJC et al), 1 off Wollongong
    4 Jun (AE); 1 off Batemans Bay 24 Jan, now in Australian Museum (RT).
    Wilson’s Storm -petrel Oceanites oceanicus 1 off Nelson Bay 4 May (JP). There are few
    records for the Mid -north Coast.
    Black -bellied Storm -petrel Fregetta tropica 4+ at edge of continental shelf off Wollongong
    26 Nov (DF et al). Record under review by the NSWORAC.
    White -bellied Storm -petrel F. grallaria 1 at sea off Wollongong 28 May (MJC et al). Record
    under review by the NSWORAC.
    Common Diving Petrel Pelecanoides urinatrix off Wollongong 22 Jan (ABW 14:176).
    Record under review by the NSWORAC.
    Australian Pelican Pelecanus conspicillatus Present Tuggerah Lakes all year maximum 490
    on 25 Sep (AKM). 450 birds in nesting colony at Blackall Bay, Brisbane Water 21
    Dec. 53 pairs on eggs, a creche of 32 small birds and 20 large non -flying young
    (AKM); 4 nests with eggs Lake Cowal 16 Sep (Aust. Birds 23: 32-35); Estimated
    300 adults and 600 young in nesting colony at Lake Brewster 18 Jan. The colony
    remained until at least 14 Sep (JB).
    Australasian Gannet Morus serrator Recorded on coast in Eurobodalla in all months and in
    greater numbers than in 1988. Maximum 160 – 170 flying south at Burrewarra Point
    in Sep (ENHS).
    December 1992 Page 44Darter Anhinga melanogaster 40+ nests at Norahville STW 27 Feb (AKM, TMo, DSi). 36
    maximum count for the year at Tuggerah Lakes 18 Jun (AKM); 1 Wolli Creek,
    Earlwood 5 Feb (NRa); 6 nests with eggs in 0.5 hectare of Red Gum at Lake Cowal
    19 Nov (Aust. Birds 23: 32-35).
    Great Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo 7 pairs nesting Centennial Park 25 Jun. 3rd nesting
    record for the park (EH); Nesting in Red Gums at Lake Cowal 18 Nov (Aust. Birds
    23: 32-35).
    Pied Cormorant P. varius Present all year Tuggerah Lakes maximum 58 on 27 Dec (AKM).
    Little Black Cormorant P. sulcirostris 25+ pairs nesting at Lawrence 13 May (GC); 266
    maximum count for the year at Tuggerah Lakes 18 Jun (AKM); 234 Windang 23
    Sep (CJC); Nests with eggs and young in Red Gums, Lake Cowal 19 Nov (Aust.
    Birds 23: 32-35); 100+ pairs nesting Gingham Watercourse, Yarool HSD 58 km
    north-west of Moree Sep 88 – Feb 89, nests in Coolabah and Belah (LBI); Ca 50
    nests Wilbriggie, 20 km south of Griffith 28 Jan (JB).
    Little Pied Cormorant P. melanoleucos 10+ nests Coutts Crossing 21 Oct and 3+ nests
    Middle Boambee 26 Dec (GC); Present all year Tuggerah Lakes maximum 516
    on17 Mar (AKM); Nests with eggs and young in Red Gums, Lake Cowal 19 Nov.
    40 nests in 0.5 hectare while other nests distributed unevenly through the area
    (Aust Birds 23: 32-35).
    Great Frigatebird Fregata minor 10 during tropical storm Ballina 24-26 Apr (JI, GH).
    Least Frigatebird F. ariel Ca 83 during tropical storm Ballina 24-26 Apr (JI, GH), an
    exceptional number.
    Red-tailed Tropicbird Phaethon rubricauda blown inland to Casino during tropical storm
    24-26 Apr (JI); adult freshly beach -washed Wamberal Beach 19 Mar (AKM),
    record confirmed by NSWORAC; 2, 15 km off Wollongong 22 Jan (DF et a/).
    White-tailed Tropicbird P. lepturus 8 during tropical storm Ballina 24-26 Apr (JI, GH); 1 off
    Wollongong 12 Mar (CG).
    Pacific Heron Ardea pacifica Eurobodalla nesting records: Bird on nest near Moruya 6 Jan,
    breeding Moruya Heads Nov -Dec, bird on nest at Kerta HSD 26 Dec (ENHS); 100+
    nests with eggs and small young Wilbriggie 28 Jan and 150+ nests 28 Sep (JB).
    White-faced Heron A. novaehollandiae Present all year Tuggerah Lakes maximum 122 on
    27 Dec (AKM); 165 Pyree to Numbaa 25 Jun (CJC), large concentration.
    Cattle Egret Ardeola ibis 200+ nests Middle Boambee 26 Oct -31 Dec (GC); 203 lower
    Shoalhaven Valley 25 Jun (CJC), an exceptional number; 20 pairs nesting
    Gingham Watercourse, Yarool HSD 58 km north-west of Moree Sep 88 – Feb 89,
    nests in Coolabah and Belah (LBI), first breeding record for North-west Plains;
    Numerous at Mullengudgery Siding near Nyngan June (TBO 689, 89). 2 pairs
    nesting at Hunts Block, north Macquarie Marshes 20 Nov (WT); 160 Fivebough
    Swamp, Leeton 2 Apr (KH). 80+ Griffith 11 Aug (JB).
    Great Egret Egretta alba 20+ nests with large young Lawrence 13 May and again 26 Oct
    and 2 nests Middle Boambee 26 Oct (GC); 15 nests in hectare of Red Gum at
    Lake Cowal 6 Dec (Aust. Birds 23: 32-35); 100+ pairs nesting Gingham Watercourse,
    Yarool HSD Sep 88 – Feb 89, nests in Coolabah and Belah (LBI); 100-200 nests
    Bora Channel, Macquarie Marshes NR 2 Oct, 20+ nests Hunts Block, north
    Page 45 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2Macquarie Marshes 20 Nov (WT); Ca 50 nests Wilbriggie 28 Jan and 50+ 28 Sep
    (JB) and 100+ nests Peppermint Swamp 35 km south-west of Booligal 9 Nov (JB, PM).
    Little Egret E.garzetta 8 nests Chittaway Point Oct -Dec (AKM, TMo); 17 Windang 17 Mar
    (CJC); 100+ pairs nesting Gingham Watercourse, Yarool HSD Sep 88 – Feb 89,
    nests in Coolabah and Belah (LBI); 100 – 200 nests Bora Channel, Macquarie
    Marshes NR 2 Oct, 20+ nests Hunts Block, north Macquarie Marshes 20 Nov (WT);
    20 nests Lake Brewster 15 Feb (JB).
    Intermediate Egret E. intermedia 20+ nests Lawrence 13 May and 3+ nests 26 Oct (GC);
    5 sightings of up to 3 birds in Eurobodalla from May to Oct (ENHS); 2 Lake
    Ginninderra 17 May and 9 Lake Bathurst 22 Oct (CABR); 300+ pairs nesting
    Gingham Watercourse, Yarool HSD Sep 88 – Feb 89, nests in Coolabah and Belah
    (LBO; 1500-2000 nests Borah Channel, Macquarie Marshes NR 2 Oct, 750+ nests
    Hunts Block, north Macquarie Marshes 20 Nov (WT); 500-1 000 nests Wilbriggie
    28Jan and 100+ on 19 Oct (JB). Ca 500 nests Peppermint Swamp 9 Nov (JB, PM).
    Largest number of nests for many years.
    Eastern Reef Egret E. sacra 1 Congar Point, Moruya 6 Aug (RW, JBr).
    Mangrove Heron Butorides striatus A nest with 2 juveniles Chittaway Point 17 Jan (Corella
    14: 27-28) and a nest with eggs 21 Oct (AKM); 1 Exile Bay, Mortlake 3 Feb
    (H&BM); 3 Comerong Island 19 Mar (CJC). 1 Shoalhaven Heads 3 Nov (IBOC);
    Present Nelligen 10 Sep (AC), well up the Clyde River.
    Rufous Night -heron Nycticorax calidonicus Centennial Park 25 Jun (EH); Nests with eggs
    in crowns of lignum bushes and trees at Lake Cowal 19 Nov. 10+ nests per hectare,
    some juvenile birds (Aust. Birds 23: 32-35); 15+ pairs nesting Gingham Watercourse,
    Yarool HSD Sep 88 – Feb 89. Nests in Coolabah and Belah (LBI); 500 pairs Borah
    Channel, Macquarie Marshes NR 2 Oct (WT NP&WS); 300+ nests Wilbriggie 28
    Jan, 50+ 28 Sep and 200+ 19 Oct (JB). 100 nests Peppermint Swamp 9 Nov (JB,
    Little Bittern Ixobrychus minutus 1 adult male Narrabeen Lagoon 20 May (FL). 1 male
    Cobbity 25-26 Feb (N&JR, JDi); in Nitre Goosefoot swamp north of Conargo 26
    Nov (PM). Endangered species, few records.
    Black Bittern Dupetor flavicollis juvenile Jerusalem Creek, Bundjalung NP 18 Feb (GC),
    1 Murwillumbah 20 Aug (RJ&DA); 1 imm at Berkeley Creek, Chittaway Point 11
    Apr (AKM, TMo), 1 in drain at edge of Tuggerah Lake, Berkeley Vale 27 Aug (TMo).
    Endangered species, few records.
    Australasian Bittern Botaurus poiciloptilus 3 Lake George 17 Dec (MLe). Endangered
    species, few records.
    Black -necked Stork Xenorhynchus asiaticus Many reports for Northern Rivers and Mid –
    north Coast including nesting at Grafton and Corindi (GC et af). A total of 14
    sightings in the lower Hunter Valley from Jan to Mar and Oct to Dec; a maximum
    of two birds (HBOC).
    Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus 2 McGraths Hill STW 18 Feb and 2 Pitt Town Lagoon 25 Feb
    (AB); 30 nests in 1 hectare at Lake Cowal 19 Nov, full extent of colony unknown
    (Aust. Birds 23: 32-35); About 500 Fivebough Swamp, Leeton 8 Jan (KH). 1 000
    nests Booligal 9 Nov some with clutches of 6 eggs. Ca 700 pairs nesting at
    Merrimajeel Creek, Booligal HSD 9 Nov and ca 600 pairs nesting at Mirrool Creek,
    December 1992 Page 46Gunbar area 14 Nov. In both cases the rookeries were shared with large numbers
    of Straw -necked Ibis(PM), see below; 25 Frome Swamp, Sturt NP 6 Mar (CJC).
    Australian White Ibis Threskiornis molucca 2 nests Lawrence 13 May (GC); 49 maximum
    count for the year at Tuggerah Lakes 28 Nov; 60 feeding at Marrickville football
    oval 27 Apr (MA); Recorded all months Eurobodalla. Small numbers Jan – Feb
    rising to 100+ from Jun to 6 Jul, declining to 46 in Aug then low numbers for the
    rest of the year apart from about 30 at Moruya Heads 16 Dec (ENHS); 50 nests
    in 1 hectare Lake Cowal 18 Nov, extent of colony unknown (Aust Birds 23:32-35);
    2 700 nests in six colonies north Macquarie Marshes 10 Sep, all on eggs (AKM);
    300+ nests Wilbriggie 28 Jan and 100+ nests 28 Sep. Ca 200 nests Bri Bri HSD,
    Gunbar 30 Jan and 500 nests 27 Oct. 300 nests Barrenbox Swamp 18 Mar and
    50 nests 27 Oct. The following nest counts made on 27 Oct: 50+ Warburn 20 km
    west of Griffith, 3 000 Booligal HSD, 1 000 Cuba Dam, Merrowrie Creek, 1000
    Great Cumbung Swamp, Oxley and 1 000 Torry Plains HSD 80 km east of
    Balranald (JB). This represents the largest breeding record in recent years.
    Straw -necked Ibis T.spinicollis 5 000 pairs nesting at Lake Cowal 20 Oct (IBOC). 5000-
    10 000 nests in 40 hectares of lignum Lake Cowal 19 Nov (Aust. Birds 23:32-35);
    6 700 nests in five colonies, north Macquarie Marshes 10 Sep (AKM); The
    following nest counts made on 27 Oct: 8 000 Berangerine Swamp, Gunbar, 10 000
    Booligal, 5 000 Cuba Dam, 5 000 Great Cumbung Swamp, and 5 500 Torry Plains
    HSD (JB). Ca 6 000 pairs nesting at Merrimajeel Creek, Booligal HSD 9 Nov
    (see Glossy Ibis) and ca 8 000 pairs nesting at Mirrool Creek, Gunbar area 14
    Nov (see Glossy Ibis and Royal Spoonbill) (PM); 4 000 pairs nesting Narran Lake
    Jul following April flooding but only 2 000 pairs remaining Aug with many nests
    deserted, reasons not known (PT). Good breeding year.
    Royal Spoonbill Platalea regia 10+ nests in Forest Red Gum, Alumny Creek, Grafton 19 Aug
    (GC); Present all year Tuggerah Lakes maximum 43 on 21 Aug (AKM); 20
    Bicentennial Park, Homebush 22 Jan (AB); Ca 30 on a pond beside the Tathra –
    Bega road 25 Mar (AB); 3 pairs per hectare nesting Lake Cowal 18 Nov (Aust. Birds
    23: 32-35);ca 20 nests at Bora Channel, Macquarie Marshes NR 2 Oct (WT
    NP&WS); 10 nests Wilbriggie 28 Jan (JB). ca 10 nests Bri Bri HSD, Gunbar 30 Jan
    (JB). ca 300 pairs nesting at Mirrool Creek, Gunbar area 14 Nov (PM).
    Yellow -billed Spoonbill P. flavipes 10 Tilba Lake in Mar (ENHS), large concentration for
    South Coast.
    Magpie Goose Anseranas semipalmata 3 Lawrence 31 May -11 Jun (CBo, GC, ALi); 3 adults
    and 4 juveniles at Seaham 8 Dec (MxM); 1 pair with nest and 16 eggs in top of
    lignum bush, Lake Cowal 19 Nov (Aust Birds 23: 32-35); 12, 10 km east of Wee
    Waa 21 May (DR). 5 north Macquarie Marshes 23Jun (PT). A pair with 4 half grown
    young at Willancorah Wetlands, Macquarie Marshes NR 9 Sep (MM et al); 3 adults
    and some small young at Warburn Swamp 15 km north-west of Griffith (Aust. Birds
    23: 41). A good year with breeding at four separate localities in NSW.
    Wandering Whistling -duck Dendrocygna arcuata 2 Alumny Creek north of Grafton 18 Feb,
    1 Port Macquarie 8 Apr, 11 Moonee 6 May and 1 Cowans Ponds 24 Jul (GC); 5
    Shortland Wetland Centre 29 Mar and 33 on 14 Dec (CJC); 5 (1 pair and 3 young)
    in pools and lignum, and a nest with 6 eggs Lake Cowal 6 Dec (Aust. Birds 23: 32 –
    Page 47 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 235); 7 at Sandy Camp HSD, Macquarie Marshes 9 Sep (MM, AKM). More records
    and locations than usually reported.
    Plumed Whistling -duck D.eytoni Maximum 250 South Grafton/Coutts Crossing/Carrs
    Creek 16 Apr -24 Jul (GC); 42 Shortland WC 10 Jan (CJC).
    Black Swan Cygnus atratus Present all year at Tuggerah Lake maximum 1416 on 27 Dec
    (AKM); 020 Lake Illawarra east 14 Apr (CJC); 345 Wallaga Lake 30 Mar (AB);
    407 Jan, 713 Feb, 262 Mar at Lake Bathurst and 235 Mar, 455 Apr, 339 May at
    Lake George (CABR). Larger than usual concentrations in south-east NSW.
    Freckled Duck Stictonetta naevosa 1 Cowra 24 Mar (FOC / CBOC); 14 Lake Bathurst 19
    Feb, at the same place 19 Mar and 6 Lake George 29 Mar (MLe); 4 Lake Cowal
    18 Oct (CBr) and 2 pairs with nests and 7 eggs 19 Nov (Aust. Birds 23: 32-35); 2
    Fivebough Swamp 5 Mar and 4 on 26 Mar (KH). 19 killed at Barren Box Swamp
    and an estimated 50 alive 17 Mar. An estimated 100+ killed on the opening day of
    the duck shooting season (AT); Coloured males present and probably breeding at
    Merrimajeel Creek, Booligal HSD Nov and Dec, and several pairs probably
    breeding at Black Swamp near Boorooban during summer 1989-90 (PM).
    Cape Barren Goose Cereopsis novaehollandiae Wollongong Golf Course 14 Mar (CJC),
    origins unknown.
    Australian Shelduck Tadorna tadornoides 107 Jan, 171 Feb at Lake Bathurst and 135 Mar,
    400 Apr, 394 May at Lake George (CABR); 50 Lake Cowal 20 Oct (CBr). Numbers
    consistent with previous records.
    Pacific Black Duck Anas superciliosa Present all year at Tuggerah Lakes maximum 301 on
    27 Dec (AKM)
    Grey Teal A. gibberifrons Present all year at Tuggerah Lakes maximum 755 on 17 Mar
    (AKM); 3 090 at Lake Bathurst in Feb and 5 800 at Lake George in Mar (CABR).
    Chestnut Teal A.castanea Present all year at Tuggerah Lakes maximum 167 on 27 Dec
    (AKM); 324 Lake Bathurst Feb and 925 Lake George Apr (CABR). Large
    Northern Shoveller A. clypeata male at Lake Cowal 17 Oct (Aust. Birds 23:32-35). Record
    submitted to RAOURAC but not accepted. (Ref. RAOURAC Opinions and Case
    Histories 1988-1991).
    Blue -winged Shoveller A. rhynchotis 7 Tuggerah Lake in Feb and Mar (AKM); 900 Lake
    George in Mar and 1 670 in Apr (CABR). Large concentrations for the latter
    Pink -eared Duck Malacorhynchus membranaceus 2 050 Lake Bathurst in Feb (CABR).
    Large concentration for the Southern Tablelands.
    Blue -billed Duck Oxyura australis3 at Riverstone wetlands throughout Jan (JDi); 5 Wingello
    5 Nov (CBOC); 1+ Wards Mistake, Inverell 30 Dec (CBOC); Max 55 Lake Bathurst
    in Mar and 41 in May (CABR); 10 Lake Cowal 18 Oct (CBr) and 2 on 19 Nov (Aust.
    Birds 23: 32-35); 3 Imperial Lake, Broken Hill 31 Jul, gone the next day (AKM).
    Musk Duck Biziura lobata adult female Port Macquarie STW 23 Dec (GC); female and
    1 1
    2 young Wyong STW 26 Nov (FZ). First breeding record for the Central Coast; 12
    Haywards Bay, Lake Illawarra 10 Dec (CBr).
    Osprey Pandion haliaetus No survey carried out in NSW in 1989 however reports were
    received of pairs nesting at Banora Point, Iluka, Yamba, Coffs Harbour, Corindi,
    December 1992 Page 48Bonville and Nambucca Heads (GC, G&LH, DSe). Elsewhere: Pair nesting Coffs
    Harbour Civic Centre 12 Jun (G&LH); 1 Stockton Bridge 10Jan (CJC); Single birds
    at Widgett Farm 7 May, Mossy Point Jun, and Surf Beach 21 Jul (ENHS); 1 Lake
    Cowal 19 Oct (JR).
    Letter -winged Kite Elanus scriptus 1 Lake Cargellico 8 Dec (RT).
    Crested Hawk Aviceda subcristata Recorded at 5 locations in the Northern Rivers
    throughout the year (GC); 1 Cobcrofts, Werrikimbe NP 21 Jan (SD); 5 sightings in
    the Newcastle area between Jan and Jul, all single birds except for 6 seen at
    Rankin Park in May (HBOC), 1 displaying male at Cooranbong 14 May and 4 – 6
    birds at the same locality four days later (HBOC), 2 Lisarow 1 Oct and 1 on 15 Oct
    (JHa), 1 Ourimbah Creek, Ourimbah 19 Oct and 1 adult male at the Rainforest
    Centre, Gosford 23 Nov (AKM), Katandra Reserve, Lisarow 25 Nov (JHa) and
    Strickland SF, Narara 14 Dec (C&KC); 5 Dural 5 Apr (M&GRe); Appin 27 Nov
    1 1
    (Aust. Birds 24: 89-96); 2 adults and 2 young at nest, 10 km north of Coolatai 29
    Dec. This is approaching the species’ western limit and is well west of the nearest
    breeding record at about the same latitude (ABW 12,90).
    Black Kite Milvus migrans 1 Moruya aerodrome 16 Jun and 1 Moruya Heads 10 Nov
    (ENHS); flying over Munghorn Gap 27 Aug (JHa); Murrumbateman 9Jan and
    1 1
    1 Gungahlin 3 Feb. 1st sightings in ACT since 24 Feb 1987 (CABR).
    Square -tailed Kite Lophoictinia isura Coutts Crossing 5 Feb and 27 Aug (GC); Nortons
    1 1
    Basin, Wallacia 9 Apr (TS). Annangrove 14 May. This appears to be the
    seventh record for the County of Cumberland since 1895 (KB). Shoalhaven SF,
    Nowra 6 Oct (JH); 1 Coolangubra SF 4 Nov (SD); 1 Torryburn, west of Armidale
    30 Jul (BWi) ,1 on 14 Sep (ARA Newsletter11:8) and a pair same place Dec (BWi);
    1 near Glen Davis 19 Mar (CG). Present at Coerheide HSD, Wollar 2 Dec (T&EK);
    1 Attunga SF 30 Aug (AH); 1 Rocky Glen 23 Sep (SD). 1, 7 km east of Coolatai
    29 Dec (IMcA); Kinchega NP early Sep (BW). Endangered species, all reports
    Black -breasted Kite Hamirostra melanosternon 1 Lake Cowal 18 Oct (CBr et al); 1 at 91 Mile
    Bore west of Wanaaring and Fort Grey 5 Mar (CJC). On nest Fort Grey area, Sturt
    NP 10 Sep (PM).
    Whistling Kite Haliastur sphenurus A pair nesting at the Spit Bridge, Mosman 2 Sep
    (BHa).This is the 2nd pair nesting in Sydney Harbour the other pair having nested
    on Shark Island / Bradleys Head.
    Collared Sparrowhawk Accipiter cirrhocephalus 1+ fledgelings Apsley Falls, Walcha Jan
    (SD); immature Ourimbah 4 Feb (JHa), adult at South Tacoma near Wyong
    1 1
    7 Feb (AKM), 1 The Ridgeway, Lisarow 1 Oct (JHa); 1 Japanese Garden, Cowra
    24 Nov (AC); 1 Mount Stuart HSD, Sturt NP 5 Mar (CJC).
    Grey Goshawk A.novaehollandiae 1 (white morph) at the end of Mullet Creek, Brisbane
    Water NP 20 Aug (FvG) and a pair The Ridgeway, Lisarow Oct (JHa); Dural
    1 1
    30 May (M&GRe). 1 Sylvania 6 Feb (BS), 1 (white morph) Cumberland SF 21 Oct
    (BH); 1 Berry and 1 Bomaderry 5 Nov (CBOC); Recorded at eight locations in
    Eurobodalla and in all months from Mar to Dec (ENHS).
    Red Goshawk Erythrotriorchis radiatus Northern Rivers (locality withheld) Sep (Aust Birds
    24: 72 – 89). Endangered species.
    Page 49 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2White -bellied Sea-eagleHaliaeetus leucogaster 1 immature flying over Waverley 17 Feb
    and 1 adult Balmain 23 Feb (FB); 1 Lake George 23 Apr and 2 on 21 May, 1
    immature Lake Bathurst 23 Jul and 2 birds on 19 Nov (MLe); An immature at Hunts
    Block, north Macquarie Marshes 20 Nov (WT); 2 Lake Brewster 29 Jun (JB). More
    widespread in inland NSW than is perhaps generally recognised.
    Wedge-tailed Eagle Aquila audax 1 overJolls Bridge, Mooney Mooney 23 Feb (AH); 1 upper
    Kangaroo River 2Jan (CJC);1 Bewley Point 27Jan (AB). Unusual coastal location.
    Little Eagle Hieraaetus morphnoides 1 Berkeley Vale 5 and 7 Oct (TMo, AKM); 3 light phase
    at Shellharbour 24 Mar (CBOC). Rare on the Central Coast and Illawarra coast.
    Spotted Harrier Circus assimilis 1 Cronulla HS swamp 11 Nov (TO), an unusual Sydney
    record; 1 juvenile at Yarrowitch south-east of Walcha 14 Jan (SD); 1 Ginninderra
    Pk HSD 12 Mar and 1 immature Lake George 19 Mar (CABR); 1 juvenile
    Fivebough Swamp 15-29 Jan (KH), breeding 40 km north of Griffith 1 Nov (JB).
    Swamp Harrier C.approximans 5 Bundjalung NP in Jul, courtship / territorial display seen
    (SD); Tuggerah Lakes, Berkeley Vale 13 Oct. Rare on the Central Coast (TMo).
    immature Eastlakes golf course 12-13 Mar (RMo); Resident at both Barlings
    Swamp and Tilba Lake with possible nesting at the former. Other sightings
    between Jul and Dec at Trunketabella and Widgett Farm where one was seen to
    take and eat the eggs of both Australian Little Grebe and Purple Swamphen
    Black Falcon Falco subniger Tilba Lake 15 Apr (ENHS); A pair at Hunts Block, north
    Macquarie Marshes 20 Nov (WT); Single birds at Fivebough Swamp 29 Jan and
    17 Dec (KH); 1 Narran Lake 25 Mar (BB), and bird on nest Fort Grey area, Sturt
    NP 10 Sep (PM).
    Peregrine Falcon F. peregrinus 1 over Clarence and Margaret Sts, Sydney 21 Jun (AB),
    2 adults and 3 young nesting at the top of the Qantas building, Sydney 27 Nov (LL
    NP&WS); 3 Upper Kangaroo Valley 2 Jan, 1 Meroo 5 Jan, 1 Rose Valley south of
    Kiama 3 Jun (CJC). 2 Wingecarribee 5 Nov (CBOC); 1 at Japanese Garden,
    Cowra 26 Dec (CBOC); 1 Galore Hill NR near Lockhart 23 Jan (CJC), single birds
    at Fivebough Swamp 5 Feb, 19 Feb and 26 Mar, and 2 juveniles 19 Mar repeatedly
    stooping at Australian White Ibis which circled continually higher until the falcons
    lost interest (KH); 1 Mount Stuart Stn, Sturt NP 5 Mar (CJC).
    Little Falcon F. longipennis 1 Hurstville Grove 25 May (GF), 1 Stoney Creek Road, Bexley
    26 Jun (H&BM), Belmore 25 May (KE). Indicates widespread status in the
    Sydney region; A pair hunting over Lightning Ridge Common 26 Mar (AKM).
    Grey Falcon F. hypoleucos Sturt NP 10 May (M&GRe). Only record for 1989.
    Brown Falcon F. berigora 3 Bundjalung NP Jul; courtship seen (SD).
    Malleefowl Leipoa ocellata seen between Little Mogo and Broken Arrow HSD on the Ulan
    side of Goulburn River, 10 km north of Wollar. Well east of usual records (FP);
    Present Loughnan NR near Hillston 1 Oct (FOC / CBOC); 3 unhatched eggs
    located after nesting completed Coombie HSD, Roto during May (JHo), 5 active
    nests seen during aerial survey Mallee Cliffs NP 8 Aug, most ever recorded (MWi
    NP&WS). Endangered species, all reports published.
    Australian Brush Turkey Alectura lathami Present Bouddi NP Sep -Nov with one chick in
    adjoining garden, McMasters Beach(LM), Mill Creek, Dharug NP 29 Sep
    December 1992 Page 50(CBOC), a small flying chick in garden at Ourimbah 17 Oct (AKM), and a male with
    a nest mound at Somersby Oct – Nov (WF). Becoming more common on the
    Central Coast.
    Stubble Quail Coturnix pectoralisSingle birds at Tilba Lake in Feb and Dec and at Bermagui
    in Mar (ENHS), 4 Bomaderry 5 Nov (CBOC); 12 Lake Bathurst 22 Jan (CABR).
    Painted Button -quail Turnix varia Castlereagh SF 15 Apr (RT) and present Corrabare SF
    18 Jun (TO); 2 Back Yam ma SF 24 Mar (AOR eta!); 3 in mallee at Yathong NR
    16 Nov (PM);
    Little Button -quail Turnix velox 1 Japanese Garden, Cowra 31 Oct (AC); 1 Harpary HSD,
    Baan Baa 3-11 Nov (DR).
    Red -chested Button -quail T. pyrrhothorax A pair in lucerne Harpary HSD, Baan Baa 3 Nov
    (DR); 1 Deniliquin 21 Feb and breeding recorded in plains country north of
    Conargo in Nov, several clutches of chicks and juveniles (PM).
    Buff -banded Rail Rallus philippensis Swansea 22 Dec (CS), present Morisset Hospital
    12 Mar (ALH), on farm dam at Somersby 21 Nov (WF); 2 Crosslands, Hornsby
    15 Jul (CBOC); 2 south Shellharbour Swamp 19 May (CJC), 2+ young Wollongong
    Botanical Gardens 25 Sep (TS); Single birds at Congo Creek or Congo Point in
    Jan, Feb and Mar and a pair at Bermagui Sep -Dec. The first sighting here for some
    years (ENHS); Single birds at Fivebough Swamp 11 Nov and 3 Dec (KH).
    Widespread species.
    Lewin’s Rail R. pectoralis 1 Mill Creek, Dharug NP 20 Feb (JSa), 1 Chittaway Point 9 Sep
    (TMo); 2 adults and 2 young Woolaware Swamp Jan -Mar (JF et a/ ).
    Marsh Crake Porzana pusilla 2 Shortland WC 10 Jan (CJC); 2 Woolaware Swamp Jan -Mar
    (JF, DSi); 2 Lake Cowal 19 Nov (Rust. Birds 23: 32-35); 2 The Mole HSD,
    Macquarie Marshes 10 Sep (TK); Single birds at Fivebough Swamp 2 Apr, 26 Nov
    and 3 Dec and 2 on 19 Nov (KH), 2 Weisners Swamp 20 km west of Culcairn 28
    Nov (JB); Large numbers in Goosefoot / Canegrass swamps north of Conargo 26
    Nov, breeding (chicks) recorded (PM).
    Australian Spotted Crake P. fluminea caught and banded Kooragang Island 4 Feb and
    4+ on 11 Mar (FvG); 2 Woolaware Swamp Jan -Mar (JF, DSi); 1 adult and 1
    immature Lake Bathurst 22 Jan and immature on 19 Feb (CABR); impaled alive
    1 1
    on barbed-wire fence in flooded paddock at Fivebough Swamp. Removed but died
    later (KH).
    Spotless Crake P. tabuensis A pair Chittaway Point 9 Sep (TMo), 1 Shortland WC 14 Dec
    (CJC); adult killed by cat Wycombe Road, Neutral Bay 2 Sep (JCo), AMSR
    0.60993, 2 Woolooware Swamp Jan -Mar (JF, DSi).
    Eurasian Coot Fulica atra Maximum 2 210 Lake George Apr (CABR). Large concentration.
    Brolga Grus rubicundus 2 The Mole HSD, 2 Stanley HSD and a pair with 2 young at Sandy
    Camp HSD, Macquarie Marshes 10 Sep (WT NP&WSet a/ ). 3 south-west of
    Condobolin 8 Dec (RT); 2 at Fivebough Swamp 12 Mar and 9 on 19 Mar (KH).
    Australian Bustard Ardeotis australis at Eummering HSD, Hillston 28 Feb (VC); Present
    Stun NP 10 May (M&GRe). Only records received 1989.
    Comb -crested Jacana Irediparra gallinacea 2 adults Tuggerah Lagoon 29 Jan (AKM,
    TMo), Seaham Swamp Nov (MxM), Shortland WC Nov (MWa). Unusual
    1 1 1 1
    Hunter Region records.
    Page 51 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2Bush Thick -knee Burhinus magnirostris roadkill Karuah 24 Jun (HBOC), no recent records
    for this location.
    Beach Thick -knee Esacus magnirostris 2 South Ballina Dec (K&AL), pair Red Rock and 1
    at Sawtell 30 May (RI). Apart from Red Rock the other locations are new for this
    Painted Snipe Rostratula benghalensis 3 at Fivebough Swamp on 8 Jan and 1 on 22 Jan
    (KH). Endangered species, all records published.
    Pied Oystercatcher Haematopus longirostris Nest with 2 eggs Comerong Island 12 Oct
    (CJC); 20 Merimbula Harbour 24 Mar (AB).
    Sooty Oystercatcher H. fuliginosus 5 Toowoon Bay rocks 26 Jan (AKM), 2 Norah Head, 6
    Toowoon Bay and 11 Bateau Bay 27 Feb. Few published records from the Central
    Coast (AKM,TMo, DSi); 16 Long Reef 25 Feb (LG); 1 Merimbula Harbour 24 Mar
    Masked Lapwing Vanellus miles Present all year at Tuggerah Lakes maximum 94 on 27 Dec
    Banded Lapwing V tricolorl pair with two young at Broadmeadow 14 Nov (HBOC); Nesting
    Windsor 21 Oct (N&JR); 1 Fivebough Swamp 22 Jan and 2 on 16 Jul (KH); A flock
    of 49 plus some other birds at Narran Lake 25 Mar (BB).
    Grey Plover Pluvialis squatarola 1 Tuggerah Bay 25 Sep (AKM, TMo); 1 Prince Edward
    Park, Concord 3 Feb (H&BM); 1 Windang 7 Jan and 2 on 18 Sep (CBr), 2
    Comerong Island 22 Nov (CJC). A better than average year.
    American Golden Plover P. dominica 1 Comerong Island 5 Oct (CJC). Record not accepted
    by NSW ORAC.
    Lesser Golden Plover P. fulva Results for summer wader count in Feb: 118 Clarence /
    Richmond; 650-700 Kooragang Island, 66 Tuggerah Lake /Toowoon Bay / Norah
    Head; 25 Parramatta River, 74 Botany Bay; 233 Shoalhaven Estuary (Stilt16: 23-
    42). 2 overwintering on Comerong Island May -Jul (CJC); Maximum 21 Lake
    Bathurst Jan- Feb (CABR). Arrival: 2 The Entrance, Tuggerah Lakes 2 Sep (AKM).
    Red -kneed Plover Erythrogonys cinctus Present Kooragang Island 4 Feb -11 Mar, maximum
    60+ (FvG, AKM, TMo). 2 on Tuggerah Lake at Berkeley Vale 1 Mar; an unusual
    location (AKM); 2 Masons Park from early Dec (TKy); 1 Why Juck Bay, Lake
    Illawarra 16 Dec (CB); 1 immature Lake Bathurst 20 Nov and 1 on 19 Mar (CABR);
    3 downy young at Fivebough Swamp 15 Jan (KH); 500+ Frome Swamp, Sturt NP
    6 Mar (CJC).
    Hooded Plover Charadrius rubricollis 1 Yowaga Point, Moruya 4 Aug and 1 Congar Point,
    Moruya 6 Aug (RW, JBr), A pair on Bherwerre Beach, Jervis Bay 1 Oct (RMa,
    AKM), A pair Narrawallee Creek NR 1 Oct (MjC, PR), 9 on 6 beaches in Nadgee
    NR 28 Oct, no breeding observed (AKM). Endangered species, reports consistent
    with known distribution.
    Mongolian Plover C. mongolus 34 Clarence / Richmond; 84 Hunter Estuary (JP); Nil
    Parramatta River and 34 Botany Bay; 10 Shoalhaven Estuary. All summer wader
    count ca 20 Feb (Stilt 16: 23-42).
    Double -banded Plover C. bicinctus Arrival: 1 Long Reef 12 Feb (AB), 6Quibray Bay 15 Feb(GW);
    1 Comerong Island 12 Feb (AOR). Maximum 238 Comerong Island 4 May (CJC); Present
    Lake Bathurst Feb -May, maximum 124 Apr (CABR); Fivebough Swamp 16 Apr (KH).
    December 1992 Page 52Large Sand Plover C. leschenaultii 13 Clarence / Richmond summer wader count 20 Feb
    (Stilt 16: 23-42); Windang 29 Nov (CJC). Fewer records than usual for southern
    Red -capped Plover C. ruficapillus Maximum 180 Lake Bathurst in Jun (CABR); 100+ Frome
    Swamp, Sturt NP 6 Mar (CJC).
    Black -fronted Plover C. melanops 2 Banksmeadow, Botany Bay 1 Apr (RMo).
    Inland Dotterel Peltohyas australis Balranald early Sep (BW).
    Black -winged Stilt Himantopus himantopus Present all year at Tuggerah Lakes maximum
    77 on 17 Mar (AKM).
    Banded Stilt Cladorhynchus leucocephalus Fivebough Swamp 5 Feb -19 Mar. The first
    known record for the swamp (KH).
    Red -necked Avocet Recurvirostra novaehollandiae 320 Hunter Estuary summer wader
    count 20 Feb (JP). 13 Lake George 29 Mar (MLe); 200+ Frome Swamp, Sturt NP
    6 Mar (CJC).
    Ruddy Turnstone Arenaria interpres 55 Toowoon Bay and 18 Norah Head 27 Feb (AKM,
    TMo, DSi); 27 Long Reef 31Dec (AB); Fivebough Swamp 22 Oct (KH).
    Eastern Curlew Numenius madagascariensis 111 Clarence / Richmond; 320 Hunter
    Estuary (JP); 206 Shoalhaven Estuary. All summer wader count ca 20 Feb (Stilt
    16: 23-42). 8 maximum count for the year at Tuggerah Lakes 27 Dec (AKM); 3
    Merimbula Harbour 24 Mar (AB). Recorded throughout the year in Eurobodalla,
    maximum 150 Moruya Heads in Dec (ENHS).
    Whimbrel N. phaeopus Recorded throughout the year in Eurobodalla with a maximum of 20
    at Moruya Heads in Dec (ENHS). 9 Merimbula Harbour 24 Mar (AB).
    Little Curlew N. minutus spotlighted Eureka Plains, 24 Sep (JSm) north-east of Enngonia.
    Wood Sandpiper Tringa glareola 1 Pitt Town Lagoon 25-26 Feb (AB, AOR), 1 Bakers
    Lagoon 8 Oct (AOR); 12 Fivebough Swamp 22Jan (KH), 17 Lake Cargellico 8 Dec
    (RT). Departure: Fivebough Swamp 9 Apr. Arrival: Fivebough Swamp 10 Sep, late
    date (KH). Fewer records and locations than usual.
    Grey -tailed Tattler T. brevipes 5-10 Moruya Heads Jan -May then none until 2 at Tilba Lake
    Oct (ENHS). Arrival: The Entrance, Tuggerah Lakes 2 Sep (AKM).
    Wandering Tattler T. incana 1 Ballina 15 Jan (TBO 687 6/89); 1 Bass Island, Five Islands
    NR 17 Jan (CBr). The first record from this location since 1913 although others
    have been recorded from Windang Island, Bellambi Point 7 Oct (CJC).
    Common Sandpiper T. hypoleucos 1 Kooragang 20 Feb, summer wader count (JP); 1 Little
    Lake, Wollongong 27 Dec (MP); Pambula STW 28 Mar (AB); Fivebough
    1 1
    Swamp 19 Nov (KH); 1 on dam 5 km north of Bourke 10 Mar (CJC).
    Greenshank T. nebularia 35 Kooragang 20 Feb, summer wader count (JP), 25 maximum
    count for the year at Tuggerah Lakes 22 Oct (AKM); 1 McGraths Hill 25 Jun
    (CBOC); 43 Windang 2 Mar (CJC); 1 Lake Bathurst 25 Sep (MLe); 20+ Narran
    Lake south 25 Mar (AKM et al ) Departure: Chittaway Point 11 Apr (AKM);
    Fivebough Swamp 19 Mar (KH). Arrival: 2 Chittaway Point 26 Aug (AKM, TMo);
    Fivebough Swamp 2 Sep (KH).
    Marsh Sandpiper T. stagnatilis 115 Hunter Estuary 20 Feb summer wader count (JP),
    5 Shortland WC 29 Mar(CJC); 5 Windang 13 Feb (RT); 10 Frome Swamp, Sturt
    NP 6 Mar (CJC). Departure: Fivebough Swamp 12 Mar (KH); 12+ Narran Lake
    Page 53 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2south 25 Mar (AKM et al). Arrival: The Entrance 7 Oct (AKM); Fivebough Swamp
    10 Sep, late date (KH).
    Terek Sandpiper T. terek 18 Clarence / Richmond; 80 Hunter Estuary (JP); 8 Botany Bay.
    All summer wader counts 20 Feb (Stilt 16: 23-42).
    Japanese Snipe Gallinago hardwickii 2 Fivebough Swamp 23 Sep and 1 on 8 Oct (KH).
    Departure: Chittaway Point 4 Mar (AKM). Arrival: Chittaway Point 26 Aug (AKM,
    TMo); Pitt Town Common 26 Aug (PC). Later arrivals than usual.
    Black -tailed Godwit Limosa limosa 91 Clarence / Richmond; 450 Hunter Estuary (JP); None
    Parramatta River and Botany Bay. All summer wader counts 20 Feb (Sti/t16: 23-
    42). with Bar- tailed Godwits at south Chittaway 4 Oct (AKM, AM), 3 000+
    Stockton 14 Dec (CJC), highest count ever in NSW; 17 Comerong Island 5Jan and
    4 on 25 Feb (CJC); 2 Fivebough Swamp 12-26 Mar (KH); 4 Narran Lake south 25
    Mar (AKM et al ).
    Bar -tailed Godwit L. lapponica 490 Clarence / Richmond; 2 400 Hunter Estuary (JP); 287
    Parramatta River and 650 Botany Bay; 750 Shoalhaven Estuary. All summer
    wader count (Stilt 16:23-42); 147 maximum count for the year at Tuggerah Lakes
    27 Dec (AKM); 729 Comerong Island 29 Dec (CJC). An exceptional number at
    this location being the largest in 15 years of census data; 80-90 Merimbula harbour
    24 Mar (AB); 2 Lake Bathurst 22 Oct (MLe).
    Red Knot Calidris canutus 80 Kooragang 20 Feb, summer wader count (JP).1 The Entrance
    7 Sep (AKM), 30+ Picnic Point Reserve, The Entrance 7 Oct. Rarely recorded on
    the Central Coast (AKM, TMo); 396 Comerong Island 12 Oct (CJC); A flock seen
    briefly at Bermagui 30 Sep (ENHS); 1 adult Fivebough Swamp 8 Oct (KH). Arrival:
    Tuggerah Bay 2 Sep (AKM).
    Great Knot C. tenuirostris 15 Clarence / Richmond; 8 Hunter Estuary 20 Feb (JP), all
    summer wader counts (Stift16: 23-42). Chittaway Bay, Tuggerah Lakes 29 Nov.
    1st Central Coast record (TMo), 6 Stockton 14 Dec (CJC); 1 SAR Base Botany Bay
    28 Oct (N&JR), 10 north Botany Bay 5 Nov (JSe); 2 Windang 13 Feb (RT).
    Sharp -tailed Sandpiper C. acuminata215 Clarence / Richmond; 1 065 Hunter Estuary (JP);
    41 Parramatta River and 59 Botany Bay; 6 Shoalhaven Estuary. All summer wader
    count (Stilt 16: 23-42). 39 maximum count for the year at Tuggerah Lakes 22 Oct
    (AKM); 1 000+ Frome Swamp, Sturt NP 6 Mar (CJC), 1 000+ Narran Lake south
    25 Mar (AKM et al). Departure: Tuggerah Bay 18 Mar (AKM); Fivebough Swamp
    12 Mar (KH). Arrival: 11 Chittaway Bay, Tuggerah Lakes 29 Aug (TMo); Fivebough
    Swamp 23 Sep, very late (KH).
    Pectoral Sandpiper C. melanotos 1 Sandbar 5 Jan (JuW), 1 Kooragang Island 11 Mar (FvG),
    5 Stockton Bridge Nov -Dec (HBOC); 1 Masons Park, Homebush 30 Apr (JSe); 1
    Lake Bathurst 22 Jan and 4 on 19 Feb (MLe): 1 Fivebough Swamp 5 Feb, 3 on
    19-26 Feb and 2 on 5 Mar (KH); Tullakool Salt Works Jan -Feb (PM). An average
    White-rumped Sandpiper C. fuscicollis 1 Tenambit Common, near Maitland 21 Dec (GH).
    Record under review by NSWORAC.
    Red -necked Stint C. ruficollis 136 Hunter Estuary 20 Feb, summer wader count (JP). 60
    maximum count for the year at Tuggerah Lakes 22 Oct (AKM); 2 Fivebough
    Swamp 12 Mar and single birds on 23 Sep and 8 Oct (KH). These reports do not
    December 1992 Page 54reflect the numbers of this species normally present in NSW each summer.
    Curlew Sandpiper C. ferruginea 129 Clarence / Richmond; 950 Hunter Estuary (JP); 241
    Parramatta River and 113 Botany Bay. All summer wader count 20 Feb (Stilt 16:
    23-42). Single birds at Fivebough Swamp 26 Feb and 17 Sep (KH). Departure:
    Budgewoi 28 Feb (AKM). Arrival: 2 The Entrance 4 Sep (AKM).
    Sanderling C. alba 4 Norah Head 14 Dec (CJC); 1 north Botany Bay 29 Oct (RMo); 2
    Windang 20 Sep (CBr) and 3 on 16 Oct (CJC). An average year.
    Broad -billed Sandpiper Limicola falcinellus 1 caught and banded Stockton 11 Mar (FvG).
    Ruff Philomachus pugnax 1 Tullakool Saltworks 5 Feb (PM).
    Australian Pratincole Stiltia isabella 19+ Narran Lake south 25 Mar (BB).
    Great Skua Catharacta antarctica Five Islands 23 Jul (DF).
    Arctic Jaeger S. parasiticus Departure: Wamberal 9 Apr (AKM); Botany Bay 4 May (KE);
    1 South Shellharbour Beach 4 Apr (CJC). Arrival: 1 off Swansea 11 Nov (TQ).
    Pomarine Jaeger S. pomarinus 1 off Sydney 17 Jun (FOC); 6 off Comerong Island 13 Feb
    Silver Gull Larus novaehollandiae 100 pairs nesting at any one time throughout the year in
    Rozelle Bay (PS); 3 Mokley Bore, 1 immature Fort Grey and 32 Frome Swamp, all
    6 Mar in Sturt NP (CJC).
    Pacific Gull L. pacificus 1 adult Windang 14 Jan, this is the first adult recorded here since
    1959 (CBr), 1-2 immatures Windang Jul -29 Aug (CJC), immature Wollongong
    1 1
    Harbour 18 Jul (CJC), 1 immature Shoalhaven Heads 26 Oct (BW). Arrival: 2
    immatures Windang 23 Jun (CJC).
    Kelp Gull L. dominicanus 1 Sandbar 5 Jan (JuW), rarely recorded on the Mid -north Coast;
    1 immature Norah Head 14 Dec colour -banded Five Islands 1989 (CJC); 1
    Shoalhaven Heads 5 Jun (CJC); 2 Crookhaven Heads 19 Apr (CJC), 12 Wardens
    Head, Ulladulla 26 Apr (CJC), immature Green Point, Jervis Bay 28 Sep (GLC),
    2 immatures Congo Point 27 May (ENHS). Increasing in numbers in Illawarra and
    the South Coast.
    Whiskered Tern Chlidonias hybrida Adults feeding downy young at Fivebough Swamp 24
    Dec. First breeding record for this location (KH).
    White -winged Tern C. leucoptera 2 north Botany Bay 5 Feb (CG); Present Windang 1 Jan –
    11 Apr, maximum 5 (CB, CBr, CJC), 1-2 off Wollongong 28 Nov (ABW14:177),
    Windang 25 Dec (CJC).
    Gull -billed Tern Gelochelidon nilotica 5 Hillston district Oct (TQ), adult Fivebough
    1 1
    Swamp 5 Nov (KH), 12 Mirool Creek, Griffith 27 Dec (BHa).
    Caspian Tern Hydroprogne caspia Present all year at Tuggerah Lakes maximum 29 on 22
    Oct (AKM); 75 Windang 3 Jul (CJC).
    Common Tern Sterna hirundo 680 north Botany Bays Feb (CG); 100+ Windang 5Jan (CBr).
    This is the largest number recorded in the Illawarra region. 21 Comerong Island
    9 Sep (CJC).
    Arctic Tern S. paradisaea 1 at sea off Wollongong 27 Aug ( TBO 691 10/89) and 2 on 24
    Sep (DF et al); 1 off Eden 11 Mar (MCa). Records under review by the NSWORAC.
    Sooty Tern S. fuscata 550 observed during tropical storm Ballina 24-26 Apr (JI, GH),
    found dead Fallow Beach, Byron Bay 27 Apr, AMSR 0.60826; 3 at sea off
    Wollongong 22 Jan (DF et al ).
    Page 55 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2Little Tern S. albifrons Breeding records from 7 nesting sites in NSW: 3 adults and one nest
    with eggs Bonville 7 Nov (MD NP&WS). 16 nests with 32 eggs and 4 runners
    Nambucca Heads 17 Nov (NP&WS Dorrigo) and 1 nest with 1 egg plus 3 runners
    30 Nov (DS). 5 pairs nesting Belongil Creek, Byron Bay 4 Dec, some runners (JWi);
    20 pairs nesting Tuncurry / Forster 4 Dec, some young (DTu); 5 pairs nested
    Botany Bay between 27 Oct 1988 and 3 Feb 1989, 5 young known to have reached
    flying stage (KE, DL); 4 plus downy juvenile Comerong Island 13 Feb. The first
    breeding record here for 12 years (CJC). No breeding birds at Tuross Beach south
    for the first time in some years however Tilba Lake had a maximum of 100 birds
    5 Feb and 18 nests, 21 eggs and 1 runner on 31 Dec (ENHS). Other records: 112
    Stockton 14 Dec (CJC), 158 Picnic Point, The Entrance 15 Dec (CJC); 40 north
    Botany Bay 5 Feb (CG), an immature at Boat Harbour Aug -Sep had been banded
    at Sperm Whale Head, Victoria (JPe); 8 Comerong Island 19 Mar (CJC), 350
    Windang 20-27 Mar (CBr, AMcB), 1 Comerong Island 5 Jun (CJC). Arrival: 1
    Windang 6 Aug (CJC).
    Common Noddy Anous stolidus during tropical storm Ballina 24-26 Apr (JI, GH); 2
    Newcastle beach 15 Jul (GA). Records under review by NSWORAC.
    White Tern Gygis alba 3 during tropical storm Ballina 24-26 Apr (JI, GH); 1 at sea off
    Wollongong 28 May (MJC et al ), 1 off Wollongong 4 Jun (AE). Records under
    review by NSWORAC.
    Superb Fruit -dove Ptilinopus superbus Male calling Boomerang Falls 23Jan-20 Feb (ED);
    a juvenile found dead Moruya 16 May and sent to Aust. Museum (ENHS).
    Rose -crowned Fruit -dove P. regina 2 adults and 1 immature Bass Point Reserve 17 May –
    18 Jun (CJC, DF). Southern limit of distribution.
    Wompoo Fruit -dove P. magnificus Corlette, Port Stephens 23 Aug, stunned on the road
    (HBOC). 1 Blackbutt Reserve, Newcastle Oct (WB) and 1 New Lambton Hts 16 Oct
    Topknot Pigeon Lopholaimus antarcticus Present Wyong, Ourimbah, Gosford and Bouddi
    Peninsula 20 Mar -4 May, maximum 220 (AKM, MT); Present Berry 16 Mar -14 Apr,
    maximum 120 on 16 Mar (CJC, AHo, J&PM) and in other areas of coastal Illawarra
    27 May -5 Nov, maximum 150+ Bulli 7 Oct; 100+ feeding in fig trees in remnant
    rainforest at Green Point, Jervis Bay (GLC), 20 Burrewarra Point 29 Jul and 20
    on 14 Aug (ENHS). Large numbers for Illawarra and the South Coast.
    White -headed Pigeon Columba leucomela 15+ Stroud 26 Mar -23 Apr (JDu, CJC); Present
    Matcham, Ourimbah, Wyong 25 Feb -20 Mar, maximum 4+ (AKM, TMo, AS), 1
    Stanhope Creek, Hunter Valley 24 Sep (HBOC); Present in Sydney’s northern
    suburbs Feb -Oct maximum 18 during the latter period (RA, AHe, RMa, IMcA,
    AEFR, SSa); Present Berry / Foxground 19 Mar -3 Jun maximum 20+ (CJC,
    J&PM), Berry 5 Nov (CBOC); 3 Culburra 5 Jun (CJC), single birds or pairs sighted
    on 5 occasions in Eurobodalla Jul -Aug (ENHS). Rarely recorded on the South
    Brown Cuckoo -dove Macropygia amboinensis 1 immature flew into window at Terrigal 6
    Feb (MC), 1 in a garden at Ourimbah 17 Oct (AKM); 6 Deep Creek, Narrabeen 22
    Feb (NM); pair nesting Upper Kangaroo River 2 Jan (CJC), 2 Bass Point 16 Aug,
    first record (CJC); Kioloa beach 27 Jan (AB).
    December 1992 Page 56Bar -shouldered Dove Geopelia humeralis 1 Towra Point NR 26 May (JF). The only regular
    location in the Sydney region.
    Emerald Dove Chakophaps indica 1 Comerong Island 19 Mar (CJC, CSm); 1 male
    Burrewarra Point 26 Mar (ENHS).
    Common Bronzewing Phaps chalcoptera 30+ at a waterhole Goonoo SF, Dubbo 11 Mar
    Brush Bronzewing P. elegans 2 Strickland SF 13 Dec (CJC). Present Askania Park,
    Ourimbah 14 Dec (CJ&KC); 2 Macquarie Pass NP 23 Sep (CJC).
    Red-tailed Black -cockatoo Calyptorhynchus magnificus 36 Bourke STW 4 Mar (CJC), 29
    Wilcannia 17 May (R&LS). Consistent with known distribution.
    Glossy Black Cockatoo C. lathami3+Wildridge HSD, Pappinbarra Oct -Dec (PvdL); 3 Tumbi
    Umbi 19 Mar (BK), 2 Corrabare SF 18 Jun (TQ), 5 Mooney Creek, Brisbane Water
    NP 1 Sep (RSh), 4 Mill Creek, Dharug NP 29 Sep (CBOC), present Dyers Crossing
    18-20 Nov (HBOC); 5 at West Head, Kuring-gai Chase NP 19 Mar (AW), 3
    Annangrove 28 Jun and 12 Nov (KB), 2 adults and 1 young Deep Creek,
    Narrabeen 28 Dec (AF); Maximum 4 seen or heard intermittently in Eurobodalla
    Feb -May and Oct -Dec (ENHS), 3 feeding in casuarinas at Huskisson 5 Oct (JH),
    present Nelligen 10 Sep (AC), several Yambulla SF 23 Oct -8 Nov (RT); 3
    Glenbrook 30 Jul (CBOC), 1 female and 1 juvenile Glen Alice 2 Sep (RWe), 1 pair
    seen regularly in the Winmalee area throughout Autumn, Winter and Spring and
    3 birds including 1 fledgeling on 26 Oct and 28 Oct (NK); 21 at a waterhole Goonoo
    SF 11 Mar (CJC); 3 Brobenah Hills 5 Nov (KH).
    Yellow -tailed Black Cockatoo C. funereus 80+ Garrawarra near Sutherland 27 May (N&JR);
    Flock of 100+ near Shooters Hill between Oberon and Wombeyan Caves 7 Aug
    Gang -gang Cockatoo Callocephalon fimbriatum 2 West Pennant Hills 2 Sep (RPo).
    Long -billed Corolla Cacatua tenuirostris 2 at North Haven 9 Jun ( TB0691 10/89); Common
    Central Coast, maximum 97 Berkeley Vale, Dec (AKM); 10 Camden area 4 Jun
    (JDeH), 13+ Cobbity 30 Dec (EH).
    Little Corella C. sanguinea 40 at Wallalong north-east of Morpeth 13 Jan (HBOC); 100+
    Camden area 4 Jun (JDeH); 26 Numbaa Island 4 May (CJC), 21 East Nowra 3 Oct
    (CJC), 8 Woonona Beach 13 Nov (IBOC); 2 Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay 2 Oct
    (AKM), 20-25 Mossy Point 18-31 Dec (ENHS); 80 Macquarie River, West Dubbo,
    8 Mar (T&FB); 43 over Leeton 31 Jan (KH). Numbers continue to increase in
    coastal districts.
    Pink Cockatoo C. leadbeateri 15 Broken Hill 15 May (M&GRe).
    Sulphur -crested Cockatoo C. galerita 572 together with C. tenuirostris and C. sanguinea
    (see above) near Camden 4 Jun (JDeH et al).
    Musk Lorikeet Gossopsittaconcinna9+ feeding in flowering Rough -barked Apple Angophora
    floribunda at Pearl Beach 10-11 Mar (J&PW); Large flocks feeding on Spotted
    Gum Eucalyptus maculata flowers in Murramurrang NP 30 May -2 Jun (AKM), 10
    Nadgee SF 3 Nov (RT).
    Red -winged Parrot Aprosmictus erythropterus Present Munghorn Gap 6 May (JHa, HP) at
    the southern limit of its range; 2 on Werris Creek Rd via Premer 16 Aug (T&FB).
    Page 57 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2Superb Parrot Polytelis swainsoni i 4 Murrumbateman 24 Oct (CBN 12/89); 6 Cowra 3 Mar
    2 at Japanese Garden, Cowra 21 Sep and 7 on 23 Nov (AC); 4 Fivebough Swamp
    26 Aug (KH), ca 10 near Berrigan 25 Dec (PM); 18 adults at Bourke 6 Jun (MM),
    rarely recorded this far west.
    Cockatiel Nymphicus hollandicus 2 at Japanese Garden Cowra 24 Dec (CBOC).
    Ground Parrot Pezoporus wallicus 3 Bundjalung NP Jul (SD); 25 during annual count at
    Barren Grounds 26 Feb (PRa), 2 Knights Hill 5 Nov (CBOC); 4 Tianjara Falls 12
    Feb (RT), present Ben Boyd NP 27 Mar (RJ), single birds flushed at Tilba Lake 26
    and 27 May (ENHS), believed to be a new location. 5+ Nadgee Moor, Nadgee NR
    27 Oct (GMcD, AKM).
    Swift Parrot Lathamus discolor 2 Hume Hwy / Henry Lawson Drive, Villawood 30 Jul
    (CBOC), Gannons Park, Peakhurst 3 Sep (KD); No records Eurobodalla 1989
    (ENHS); 3 Cowra 23 Jun (AC).
    Port Lincoln Parrot Barnardius zonarius 1 Cooper Park, Elizabeth Bay Apr (MF), 1 Glebe
    2 Jul (ACI). Escapees.
    Mulga Parrot Psephotus varius Small numbers at Narran Lake and Lightning Ridge 25-26
    Mar (BB).
    Blue -winged Parrot Neophema chrysostoma A pair at Nadgee Moor, Nadgee NR 27 Oct
    (Aust. Birds 24:40), last recorded here 27 Apr 1972. No records Eurobodalla 1989.
    Tilba Lake records show long and thorough observation of a pair in Sep 1983
    Turquoise Parrot N. pulchella 2 at Flaggy Creek near Kahibah 27 and 29 Nov (HBOC); 1
    Tinda Creek, Putty 11 Nov (TO), 6 Capertee Valley 11 Nov (NK); 4 Attunga SF 11
    Feb and 30 Aug (AH); 2 Wyangala Dam 8 Apr (AC); 3 Jingellic 28 Dec (TBO 695:
    20); 20+ Back Yamma SF 24 Mar (FOC / CBOC),10+ Conimbla NP 24 Mar , 30+
    23-25 Apr (N&JR, FOC, CBOC); 1 female between Deniliquin and Mathoura Sep,
    2nd record for the district (PM); female at Byrock June (TBO 689, 8/89), this
    record is well west of its usual range.
    Oriental Cuckoo Cuculus saturatus Rankin Park Nov -Dec and Cooranbong Nov -Dec
    1 1
    (H BOC).
    Pallid Cuckoo C. pallidus 1 Castlereagh SF 2 Sep (AB); An egg in the nest of a Yellow -tufted
    Honeyeater, Moruya 24Jan (Aust. Birds 23:28-29), out of season nesting. Arrival:
    Moruya 20 Sep (ENHS); Common and calling, Broken Hill, Mootwingee NP and
    Kinchega NP 21 Jul – 11 Aug (AKM).
    Brush Cuckoo C. variolosus 1 juvenile Askania Park being fed by a pair of White-browed
    Scrubwrens, 13 Dec (CJC). Departure: Tuggerah Bay 24 Feb (AKM). Arrival: 1
    Morisset Hospital 26 Oct (AH); Nadgee NR 28 Oct (AKM).
    Fan -tailed Cuckoo C. pyrrhophanus 10 calling in Thirlmere Lakes NP 13 May (CJC);
    Common Mootwingee NP, Umberumberka and Broken Hill along timbered water
    courses May -Aug. Rarely recorded from these locations (NS, AKM).
    Black -eared Cuckoo Chrysococcyx osculans 1 Bulga 11′ Nov (DH), 1 Cocoparra NP 4 Jul
    (ABe), Yelarloon 28 Dec (NSWBA). The only reports.
    Horsfield’s Bronze -cuckoo Chrysococcyx basalis Common Mootwingee NP, Umberumberka
    and Broken Hill area along timbered water courses May -Aug. Rarely recorded
    from these locations (NS, AKM).
    December 1992 Page 58Shining Bronze -cuckoo C. lucidus lucidus Present Castlereagh SF 15 Apr and 2 Jul (RT).
    Common Koel Eudynamys scolopacea Juvenile being fed by Red Wattlebird, Gymea 12
    Feb ( TB0687, 6/89); 1 Mount Pleasant and 1 Gerringong 12 Nov (IBOC); 1 Bawley
    Point 27 Jan (AB). Departure: Berkeley Vale 2 Mar (AKM), 1 Brightwaters via
    Morriset 14 Mar (AH); Artarmon 5 Mar (AB). Arrival: Berkeley Vale 23 Sep (AKM);
    Davidson SRA Oct (AB), Artarmon 4 Oct (AB); Winmalee 10 Oct (NK).
    Channel -billed Cuckoo Scythrops novaehollandiae juvenile being fed by Currawongs at
    Springfield, Gosford 21 Dec. Departure: Chittaway 4 Mar (AKM). Arrival: Winmalee
    18 Sep (NK), 1 Somersby 23 Oct (WF); Present Eastwood 25 Sep (WBr), 3 Fagans
    Park; Dural 25 Oct (NM); 1-2 Woonona 2 Nov (IBOC).
    Pheasant Coucal Centropus phasianinus male at Little Bay, Nelson Bay 19 Oct (KD), 2
    Morisset Hospital 26 Oct (AH); 1 Madden Plain 31 Dec (IBOC 4/90); Seen near
    Leura on railway line, Mar (PU).
    Powerful Owl Ninox strenua 1 calling at Ourimbah 19 Apr (DO’B); 1 Lady Carrington Drive
    north 19 Feb (JF) and southern end of the Royal NP 4 Mar (TQ), Benowie Track,
    1 1
    Elouera Bushland Reserve 4 Mar (NM), a pair Davidson SRA 6 Apr, a pair with a
    juvenile 1 Nov and 1 male 31 Dec (PAn, SC), 1 heard Annangrove 8 Oct (KB),
    heard calling at Lane Cove Bushland Reserve, Gore Hill 10 Nov and 12 Nov (IC),
    1 adult Tunks Creek, Hornsby 26 Dec (RMa); 1 Bass Point 21 May -12 Sep; 2
    Culburra 8 Jun -22 Nov with 2 chicks first observed 27 Sep, 2 on 22 Nov , 1 on 8
    Jun and heard 10 Jun (CBOC / FOC, CJC,AKM,BV,DWr); Pair calling at
    Munghorn Gap 6 May and 1 calling 27 Aug (JHa, HP), a new location for this
    Boobook Owl N. novaeseelandiae 1 in suburban garden Artarmon 6 Mar (AB).
    Barking Owl N. connivers Pair Stannix Park 2-3 Jul and a pair with 1 young at the same
    place 27 Nov (PCh, DH, R&GT); A pair Brobenah Hills 5 Aug (KH).
    Barn Owl Tyto a/ba 3 Back Yamma SF 26 Mar (AOR et al), Gooloogong 26 Sep (AC); 3
    dead on road near Narrandera 27 Aug (KH).
    Masked Owl T. novaehollandiae 1 roadkill at Buladelah Jun (HBOC).
    Sooty Owl T. tenebricosa 1 Forest Top and 1 The Blackbutts, Border Ranges NP 20 Jul (SD);
    2 Valentine nr Belmont, Jan (MN), heard calling 3 times at Lisarow 30 Aug (JHa),
    1 heard calling Bradys Gully, Erina 3 Dec (DO’B); 2 (including 1 juvenile)
    Helensburgh 14 Nov (RJ); pair Bellbird NR, Eden 26 Oct (RT), East Boyd SF
    1 1
    2 Nov (RK). Some new locations for this species.
    Australian Owlet -nightjar Aegotheles cristatus Helensburg 29 Sep (TG); Present Clyde
    Mountain near Braidwood 9 Sep (AC); 2 Lightning Ridge 26 Mar (AKM et al ).
    White -throated Nightjar Caprimulgus mystacalis 1 Corrabare SF 11 Feb (TQ), Juvenile
    found at Wyee in December (per AKM), seen Bradys Gully, Erina 28 Dec (DO’B).
    Few published records for the Central Coast; Nesting Yambulla SF, Eden Nov
    Spotted Nightjar C. guttatus 1 seen south of Hillston 28 May (TQ); 1 Wyangala Dam 18 Mar
    Spine -tailed Swift Hirundapus caudacutus 1 000+ Comerong Island 5 Jan (CJC); About 200
    near Eden 26 Mar and a flock 16 km north of Tuross Heads 30 Mar (AB); 200+
    North Wagga Wagga 21 Jan (CJC). Departure: Berkeley Vale 31 Mar (AKM);
    Page 59 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2Artarmon 11 Mar (AB) Arrival: 50 Morisset 6 Nov (AH). Berkeley Vale 16 Nov
    (AKM); Artarmon 23 Oct (AB), Thornleigh 4 Nov (AEFR); 3 Greenwell Point 22
    Nov (CJC).
    Fork -tailed Swift Apus pacificus Groups of 7, 8 and 20 at Gerringong on 8, 15 and 20 Jan
    (IBOC), 4 Gerringong 3 Jun (CJC). Only records for 1989.
    AzureKingfisher Ceyx azureus at nest hole North Creek 4 km south of Lennox Head 9 Sep
    (BWi); Numbaa Island 19 Apr (CJC); 6 Maules Creek, Boggabri 17 Jun, the creek
    being in flood (DR).
    Forest Kingfisher Halcyon macleay111 Bundjalung NP Jul (SD); 1 found dead Avalon 21 Oct
    (AMSR 0.60888). 3rd record for the County of Cumberland.
    Red -backed Kingfisher H. pyrrhopygia 1 Fivebough Swamp 20-28 May. First record at this
    location (KH).
    Sacred Kingfisher H. sancta Departure: St Huberts Island 12 Apr (AKM). Arrival: Berkeley
    Vale 16 Sep (AKM).
    Rainbow Bee -eater Merops ornatus 7 Bucketty 17 Feb (AKM); Small parties of 7-25 per
    group moving north over Fivebough Swamp on 12 Mar (KH). Arrival: Small flock
    Maitland 3 Sep (FvG). 1 Elderslie, Hunter Valley 24 Sep (HBOC); Griffith 28 Sep
    Dollarbird Eurystomus orientalis 1 Old Stock Route, Scheyville 25 Feb (AB); 1 Lake
    Brewster 15 Feb (JB). Departure: Moruya 8 Feb (ENHS). Arrival: 1 Davidson SRA
    23 Sep (AB); Burrewarra Point 17 Oct (ENHS).
    Noisy Pitta Pitta versicolor 1 Border Ranges NP 19-20 Jul (SD); Present Gloucester Tops
    5 Nov (FvG) and near Dungog Nov -Dec (HBOC); 1 found at The Entrance, banded
    and released at North Entrance littoral rainforest 1 May (AKM).
    Albert’s Lyrebird Menura alberti 1+ Border Ranges NP 19-20 Jul (SD).
    Superb Lyrebird M. novaehollandiae A nest with 1 young near Avoca Beach 1 Oct (JMe);
    14 seen at Joadja 18 Jun (KB).
    Singing Bushlark Mirafra javanica 1 Jaspers Brush 4 Nov (IBOC); 1 Conimbla NP 14 Jan
    (AC); 16 Galore Hill NR near Lockhart 23Jan (CJC), singing at Fivebough Swamp
    17 Sep (KH); 4 Warrego River west of Bourke 4 Mar (CJC).
    Skylark Alauda arvensis 1-2 Tilba Lake Apr -May and 2 Aug -Dec. Not sighted for some years
    at Tuross where a few birds previously resident (ENHS).
    White -backed Swallow Cheramoeca leucosternum 16 Conimbla NP 14 Jan (AC); 3 The
    Rock 28 Jan (CJC), Fivebough Swamp 25 Apr -6 May (KH); 10 Tibooburra 5 Mar
    Tree Martin Cecropis nigricans Departure: Munmorah SRA 14 Apr (AKM). Arrival: Bouddi
    NP 28 Aug (AKM).
    Fairy Martin C. ariel Arrival: Tuggerah 18 Sep (AKM); Bankstown 9 Sep (AKM).
    Little Cuckoo -shrike Coracina robusta 2 Wyangala Dam 18 Mar (AC); 1 Killaloe HSD via
    Macquarie Marshes 12 Nov (T&FB), 2 Burrendong Arboretum 20 Aug (T&FB).
    Cicadabird C. tenuirostris 1 Bamerang 5 Jan (CJC), 2 Rose Valley south of Kiama 5 Jun
    (CJC), 2 Mount Kembla 17 Oct (CJC). Departure: Eurobodalla 18 Feb (ENHS);
    Winmalee 6 Mar (NK). Arrival: Rumbalara Reserve, Gosford 17 Oct (AKM);
    Moruya 15-16 Oct (ENHS).
    December 1992 Page 60Ground Cuckoo -shrike C. maxima Several at Glenoak 27 Mar (MxM); Yelarbon 28 Dec
    (NSWBA); 1 Gooloogong 17 Dec (AC); 1 Condobolin 8 Dec and 3 Lake Cargellico
    9 Dec (RT); 4 Terinka Stn, Sturt NP 6 Mar (CJC).
    White -winged Triller Lalage sueurii 1 female Bermagui 4 Nov. The first sighting for many
    years (ENHS). Arrival: 2 Douglas Park 6 Dec (IBOC); Cocoparra NP 8 Sep (JB).
    Varied Triller L. leucomela 1 Border Loop, Border Ranges NP 19 Jul (SD); 1 male Copeland
    near Gloucester 28 Jan (LG).
    Australian Ground Thrush Zoothera dauma 1 Strickland SF, Narara 31 Dec (RP); 6 Mount
    Kembla 17 Oct and 5 Minnamurra Falls 30 Oct (CJC).
    Rose Robin Petroica rosea 6 Thirlmere Lakes NP 13 May (CJC); 2 Culburra 10 Jun (CJC);
    chick Lapstone Jul (R&GT).
    1 1
    Flame Robin P. phoenicea Present Galston 13 May (D&GM), 1 Castlereagh SF 15 Jul
    (R&GT), Cobbity 22 Jul (CBOC). Unusual for Sydney region.
    Red -capped Robin P. goodenovii 1 pair with 2 chicks Castlereagh SF 14 Nov (RT); Present
    Conimbla NP 24 Mar (FOC / CBOC).
    Hooded Robin Melanodryas cucullata 1 Camden area 4 Jun (JDeH et a/). Declining in the
    Sydney region.
    Crested Shrike -tit Falcunculus frontatus 14 Kinchega NP 14 Nov (RA).
    Olive Whistler Pachycephala olivacea 1 Barren Grounds 9 Jan (IBOC). Prior to 1986 this
    species had only been recorded twice in the area but since then there have been
    a number of records; Present Tennyson Creek Flora Reserve 28 Jan (RT).
    Gilbert’s Whistler P. inornata 2 pairs Bumbaldry Creek near Cowra 23-25 Apr (N&JR);
    Present Charcoal Tank, West Wyalong 24-27 Mar (N&JR) and on 2 Jul (ABe) and
    present Loughnan NR, Hillston 1 Oct (FOC / CBOC). Endangered species, all
    records published.
    Golden Whistler P. pectoralis Small numbers Mootwingee NP and Umberumberka, near
    Broken Hill May -Aug. Not previously recorded at either location and presumably
    present due to good conditions. All immature birds. They were the same birds as
    they were banded and retrapped during the period (NS, AKM).
    Rufous Whistler P. rufiventris Departure: Chittaway Point 6 May (AKM) Arrival: Chittaway
    Point 21 Aug (AKM).
    Crested Bellbird Oreoica gutturalis 1 male and a begging juvenile Gwydir Park Road TSR,
    Torryburn 13 Aug and a male with another fledgling / juvenile at the same place
    17 Sep. Easterly breeding records (BWi); 5 (2+3) Lightning Ridge 26 Mar (AKM
    et al ).
    Black -faced Monarch Monarcha melanopsis Departure: Maulbrooks Road, Moruya 3 Feb,
    1 juvenile Broughton Creek bridge, Berry 14 Apr (J&PM). Arrival: Annangrove 3
    Oct (KB), 1 Hurstville Grove 5 Oct (GF); Pedro Swamp 4 Oct, Bermagui 5 Oct,
    Myrtle Beach 29 Oct, Maulbrooks Road, Moruya 18 Nov was later than usual
    Spectacled Monarch M. trivirgatus 1 East Ballina 11 Sep (BWi), observed Red Rock 27 Sep
    (GC); Nesting Port Macquarie 22 Nov (KB); 1 Royal NP 11 Nov (T&CQ).
    Leaden Flycatcher Myiagra rubecula 1 male Deniliquin SF 25 Dec (PM). Arrival: 1 male
    Cumberland SF 1 Sep (RT); Nadgee NR 27 Oct (AKM).
    Page 61 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2Shining Flycatcher M. alecto 1 female in mangroves at Cobaki Broadwater 14 Nov and 5
    Dec (EBi). Record accepted by the NSWORAC. First confirmed NSW record.
    Rufous Fantail Rhipidura rufifrons 2 Mirambeena Regional Park, Lansdowne19 Apr (JAi);
    Pambula 28 Mar (AB). Late dates.
    Grey Fantail R. fuliginosa Common Mootwingee NP, Umberumberka and Broken Hill
    area along timbered water courses May -Aug. Rarely recorded from these locations
    (NS, AKM). Departure: Griffith 9 Sep although still present at Cocoparra NP at this
    time (JB). Observer suggests this species may oversummer in moister gullies.
    Logrunner Orthonyx temminckii 2 Foxground 7 Jan (IBOC).
    Spotted Quail -thrush Cinclosoma punctatum 2 Corrabare SF 11 Feb (TQ); 2 Knights Hill
    5 Nov (CBOC); 5 Bellanglo SF near Berrima 17 Apr (CJC), 1 Joadja 18 Jun (KB),
    present Clyde Mountain near Braidwood 9 Sep (AC), and Yambulla and East Boyd
    SFs 23 Oct -8 Nov (RT).
    Cinnamon Quail -thrush C. cinnamomeum Sturt NP 10 May (M&GRe). Rarely reported in
    Chestnut -breasted Quail -thrush C. castaneothorax 1 male 76 km south of Hungerford 7 Mar
    (CJC). Pair ca 60 km north-west of Louth 27 Sep (PM). Rarely observed in NSW.
    Hall’s Babbler Pomatostomus halli20+ 10.5 km north of Fords Bridge 9 Mar and 6, 5 km east
    of Lower Lilla Stn same date (CJC). 8 Homestead Creek Gorge, Mootwingee NP
    29 Jul (AKM), a group ca 60 km north-west of Louth 27 Sep (PM), a new location
    for this species in NSW.
    Clamorous Reed -warbler Acrocephalus stentoreus Singing at Fivebough Swamp 20 Aug
    Little Grassbird Megalurus gramineus 1 Gunning 18 Jul (CABR). Unusual location.
    Rufous Songlark Cinclorhamphus mathewsi Arrival: Cocoparra NP 13 Aug (JB).
    Splendid Fairy -wren Malurus melanotus Several flocks at Lightning Ridge 26 Mar (RA).
    Red -backed Fairy -wren M. melanocephalus Present Dyers Crossing 18-20 Nov (HBOC),
    near southern limit of range.
    Southern Emu -wren Stipiturus malachurus 2 pairs Toolajoola 2 Jan (CJC), 10+ along the
    escarpment fire trail between Bulli and Corrimal 25 Feb (CJC), 3 Knights Hill 5 Nov
    Eastern Bristlebird Dasyornis brachypterus 12 Knights Hill 5 Nov (CBOC); 8 Jervis Bay 12
    Feb, (RT), 5, on 25 Mar (CBOC), pairs seen at seven locations Jervis Bay NR 27
    Sep -4 Oct (GLC).
    Pilotbird Pycnoptilus floccosus 6 Mount Kembla 6 Oct (DF); 1 Pinkwood 27 Sep and a
    reliable report of at Bermagui Sep -Oct (ENHS). Present Nullica, East Boyd,
    Nadgee and Yambulla SFs 23 Oct -8 Nov (RT).
    Large -billed Scrubwren Sericornis magnirostris 1 Murramarang 15 Feb (ENHS).
    Yellow -throated Scrubwren S. citreogularis 1 Myrtle Beach 15 Jan and 12 May (ENHS). Few
    records for the South Coast.
    Chestnut-rumped Heathwren Hylacola pyrrhopygia Present Jervis Bay 12 Feb (RT) and in
    logged area of Yambulla SF 24 Oct (RT); 1 female with 3 dependent fledgelings
    in the Bolivia Range 12 km north of Deepwater 2 Oct (BWi); 1 Dargon near Bell 12
    Nov (LH); 2 near Breadknife, Warrumbungle NP 23 Sep (T&FB).
    December 1992 Page 62Redthroat Pyrrholaemus brunneus 4 between Mootwingee NP and the Silver City Hwy 11
    Sep (PM); Many at Balranald early Sep (BW).
    Rufous Fieldwren Calamanthus fuliginosus campestris 1 in saltbush and scattered bluebush
    between Mootwingee NP and Silver City Hwy 11 Sep (PM).
    Weebill Smicrornis brevirostris 5 Dapto 6 Dec (IBOC).
    White -throated Warbler Gerygone olivacea Moruya 25 Jan and on 28 Oct (ENHS).
    Departure: Berkeley Vale 16 Apr (AKM). Arrival: Tuggerah Bay 25 Sep (AKM).
    Southern Whiteface Aphelocephala leucopsis Joadja west of Mittagong 8 Oct (KB, BW).
    Red-browed Treecreeper Climacteris erythrops 2 Thirlmere Lakes NP 13 May (CJC); A
    group of 3 nest building at Jervis Bay 27 Sep -4 Oct (GLC).
    White-browed Treecreeper C. affinis 1 ca 65 km north of Bourke 7 Aug (PM), pair feeding
    young in nest ca 100 km north-west of Cobar 27 Sep (PM).
    Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater Acanthagenys rufogularis Nambucca Heads 26 Feb, rare
    Northern Rivers (TBO 687, 6/89).
    Striped Honeyeater Plectorhyncha lanceolata Three sightings at Edgeworth between16
    Jun and 5 Aug (HBOC). Observed at Blackalls Park, Speers Point and Warners
    Bay, Lake Macquarie on three occasions in Sep and Oct, max 2 (BMcG).
    Noisy Friarbird Philemon corniculatus Centennial Park 23 Jun (IMcA).
    Little Friarbird P. citreogularis 100+ Red Rock 25 Mar (JDi).
    Regent Honeyeater Xanthomyza phrygia 1 Minnie Waters, Yuraggir NP 12 Feb (DG); 1
    Burragorang Valley 25 Nov (CBOC), a pair with 2 young and a pair with a nest in
    Narrow -leaved Ironbark at Nattai River, Oakdale 26 Nov (BH); 2 adults and 2
    young. Berrara near Sussex Inlet Jan (SM), single birds at water bowls in two
    separate gardens in Moruya 1-2 Mar and 3 Apr respectively (MCr, DFe), 2 adults
    and 2 young in garden at Moruya 4-10 Dec, and 2 adults, 1 young and feathers of
    a young bird at the same place on 11 Dec (ENHS); 5 pairs nesting at Matomi HSD
    between Uralla and Bundarra 7 Oct -8 Nov (HH, BWi), 20+ adults produced 10+
    fledglings in the Bundarra district in Spring (ABW14: 277-281); 8 reports covering
    the period 19 Mar -11 Nov from the Capertee, Glen Davis, Glen Alice area.
    Maximum 9 birds on 19 Mar and 1 pair nesting 10 Sep. Birds seen in Ironbark,
    White Box and Mistletoe (CG, MH, NK, RMo, SN, RWe), 7 in Ironbark / White Box
    Dunville HSD east of Kandos 2 Sep (RWe) and 1 Kandos 29 Nov (CY), 3 Munghorn
    Gap NR 1 Dec (AOR); 1 Gundaroo 7 Oct (CBN 12/89), 1 Wollondilly River,
    Wombeyan Caves Road 5 Nov (JN), a pair nesting in Canberra 11 Nov (BF), 1
    Paringa HSD via Captains Flat 31 Dec (FOC); 8 Nerrigah 11 Mar (DWr); 2
    Bindawalla HSD, Quirindi 10 Nov and 2 Lowes Creek near Quilpolly Dam, Quirindi
    12 Nov (JuB); Small numbers present Camp Blackman, Warrumbungles NP Jan –
    mid Feb (CB). A good spread of records for this Endangered Species.
    Blue -faced Honeyeater Entomyzon cyanotis Elermore Vale 23 Jul (GA) and Valentine
    1 1
    5 Sep (HBOC), nesting at Wamberal Jan -Feb (MC); 2 adults and 2 young Stannix
    Park 27 Feb (LG), nesting Garland Valley, Putty 11 Nov (TO); 4 Bourke 4 Mar
    Yellow -tufted Honeyeater Lichenostomus melanops 1 at Dobroyd Head 31 Aug, the first
    record for Sydney Harbour NP (RI); Late breeding record of a nest parisitised by
    a Pallid Cuckoo at Moruya 24 Jan (Aust. Birds 23: 28-29).
    Page 63 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2Fuscous Honeyeater Lichenostomus fuscus South Turramurra 9 Apr (IMcA).
    Black -chinned Honeyeater Melithreptus gularis 3 Castlereagh SF 25 Jun (CBOC); Present
    Burragorang Valley 25 Nov (CBOC); Present Gwydir Park Road TSR, Torryburn
    13 Aug and on the Bundarra – Barraba Road 17 Sep (BWi); 2 feeding in Mistletoe
    sp. Attunga SF 11 Feb (AH); 4 Cowra 3 Mar (AC), 1 Glossodia 25 Nov, 1
    Burragorang Valley 25 Nov (CBOC); Present Conimbla NP 24 Mar (FOC /CBOC).
    Declining species, all records published.
    Brown -headed Honeyeater M. brevirostris 2 adults and 2 young Darkes Forest 5 Mar (PRa).
    Breeding record.
    Brown Honeyeater Lichmera indistincta 16+, 76 km south of Hungerford 7 Mar (CJC).
    Painted Honeyeater Grantiella picta Castlereagh SF 3 Sep (JDeH); 3 Munghorn Gap NR
    1 Dec (AOR); 1 n -w of Wallangra 29 Dec and 1 nr. Yallaroi 29 Dec (NSWBA); A
    large group West Wyalong 24-27 Mar (N&JR), 2 adults and 2 young Lake Cowal
    20 Oct (CBr); 3+ Ingalba NR 16 Oct (MC). Endangered species, all records
    Crescent Honeyeater Phylidonyris pyrrhoptera Present Mount Keira 27 May (N&JR).
    White-cheeked Honeyeater P. nigra 1 at Yerrinbool 2 Jul (GF); 1 Burrewarra Point 23 Aug
    (ENHS). Unusual southern records.
    White -fronted Honeyeater P. albifrons 10 Hungerford and 11, 76 km south of Hungerford
    7 Mar (CJC), dominant honeyeater Mootwingee NP 28-29 Jul (AKM); Common in
    eucalypts around Broken Hill 23-31 Jul (AKM).
    Black Honeyeater Certhionyx niger 8, 76 km south of Hungerford 7 Mar (CJC). The only
    report received for 1989.
    Scarlet Honeyeater Myzomela sanguinolenta 4+ West Head 4 Jun (KN). Winter sighting; A
    few at Bamerang late Jan (IBOC), 1 at Cudmirrah NR 30 Sep (AKM); Heard
    several times at Bermagui in May, 4 at Congo and 6 Tuross Sep and then
    regularly seen and heard in Eurobodalla Oct -Dec (ENHS); 1 male feeding in
    ironbark at Glen Alice 2 Sep (RWe) and 1 Kandos 29 Nov. Very unusual here (CY).
    Feeding on Mistletoe (Dendropthoe vitellina) at Lapstone 8 and 9 Nov (RT).
    Departure: Chittaway Point 18 Mar (AKM). Arrival: Bateau Bay 17 Sep (AKM).
    Orange Chat Ephthianura aurifrons 36 Frome Swamp, Sturt NP 6 Mar (CJC).
    White -fronted Chat E. albifrons Regular Lake Bathurst, max 42 (CABR); 12 Bunglegumbie
    Rd sewage ponds, Dubbo 26 Jan (T&FB), unusual at this location.
    Gibberbird Ashbyia lovensis 5 Mount Stuart Stn 5 Mar and 9 Mokley Tank 6 Mar (CJC), ca
    6 west of Tibooburra 9 Sep (PM), all inSturt NP. Few reports received.
    Red-browed Pardalote Pardalotus rubricatus Present Sturt NP 10 May (M&GRe), 1 heard
    calling on Darling R, Louth 27 Sep (PM). Consistent with known distribution.
    European Goldfinch Carduelis carduelis 2 at Newtons Flat, Nadgee NR 28 Oct. 2nd record
    for the reserve (AKM); 50 Fivebough Swamp 2 Apr and 50-60 on 9 Apr (KH).
    House Sparrow Passer domesticus 32 living in abandoned house Fortville, Sturt NP 6 Mar
    Beautiful Firetail Emblema belle 3 Winifred Falls Track, Royal NP 5 Mar (JR) and 1+ on 10
    Jun (N&JR); 2 Yerriyong SF 10 Jan (IBOC); Present Yambulla SF Oct and Nov
    (RT); Present Cahills Lookout, Katoomba 12 Mar (NK).
    December 1992 Page 64Diamond Firetail E. guttata 2 Attunga SF 30 Aug (AH); Several near Cobar 9 Jul. Near
    western limit at this latitude (PM). Small numbers in Mootwingee NP May -Jun. Not
    previously recorded here as the habitat not suitable. Nearest permanent population
    is along the Darling River 200 km to the south-east (NS).
    Double -barred Finch Poephila bichenovii Small flock near Mount Hope 5 Sep (PM). At
    western limit of distribution.
    Black -throated Finch P. cincta 4 Maclntyre River, Inverell 24 Oct (RBr), record under review
    by the NSWORAC.
    Plum -headed Finch Aidemosyne modesta 3 near Glen Davis 19 Mar (CG); Present Back
    Yamma SF 26 Mar (AOR et al ).
    Chestnut -breasted Mannikin Lonchura castaneothorax Present Nurragingy Reserve,
    Doonside 7 Apr (JMi); 100+ Pyree 23 Jul (CJC).
    Nutmeg Mannikin L. punctulata Present Nurragingy Reserve, Doonside 7 Apr (JMi).
    Common Mynah Acridotheres tristis A pair feeding young at Bawley Point 21 Dec (CBN 3/
    90). Is this a southward extension of this species’ range? The RAOU Atlas (1984)
    suggests a continuous coastal range between Sydney and Melbourne; 4 in the
    main street at Murrurundi 13 Aug (DR).
    Olive -backed Oriole Oriolus sagittatus Pair near Fort Grey camping area, Sturt NP 12 Aug.
    There were good inland rains in 1989 (PM). This species was not recorded this far
    west during the RAOU Atlas (1977-1981). Common along creeks Mootwingee NP
    Jun -Jul. Not previously known from this location (NS, AKM). Pair near Mount Hope
    hotel 9 Jul (PM). Near western limit at this latitude.
    Figbird Sphecotheres viridis A pair in fig trees at Waverley 29 Aug (FB); 3 Gerringong 21
    Aug and 2 on 14 Nov (G&JPa); 2 at Nowra 5 Aug, 1 on 1 Sep and 1 on 29 Oct (DWr),
    all near southern limit of range, (cf ABW 14, 282-285).
    Spangled Drongo Dicrurus hottentottus 1 Burrewarra Point 8 and 20 Apr. Surprisingly
    scarce in Eurobodalla this year (ENHS).
    Satin Bowerbird Ptilonorhynchus violaceus female or young male near Gore Hill 24 Apr
    Regent Bowerbird Sericulus chrysocephalus Male feeding on Coast Wattle seeds Boambee
    28 Sep (Aust. Birds 23:40); Male built a bower in a private yard at Yattalunga near
    Saratoga Aug -Sep. A female was seen nearby (DWi).
    Green Catbird Ailuroedus crassirostris 1 in a garden at Ourimbah 17 Oct (AKM); 12 Berry
    Mountain 4 Jan, feeding on Diospyros australis fruits (CJC).
    Paradise Riflebird Ptilofis paradiseus 1 Telegherry SF, Dungog 4 Jun (HBOC), present
    Gloucester Tops 5 Nov (FvG). Southern limit of range.
    White -winged Chough Corcorax melanorhamphos 6 Morisset 17 Apr (AL), 6 Bonnells Bay,
    Lake Macquarie 18 Apr (ALH), 5 Munmorah SRA 17 Jun, 1st park record (AKM).
    Unusual Hunter region records.
    Apostlebird Struthidea cinerea 6 Mount Druitt 16-30 Jan (JDi). Presumed escapees.
    White- breasted Woodswallow Artamus leucorhynchus Departure: Budgewoi 20 Mar (AKM),
    Brig htwaters via Morisset 4 Apr (ALH). Arrival: Wyong STVV 25 Sep (AKM).
    Masked Woodswallow A. personatus 1 Stannix Park 9 Sep (AB). Arrival: 100+ Comerong
    Island Oct (AKM, RMa).
    Page 65 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2White-browed Woodswallow A. superciliosus Arrival: 200+ Comerong Island Oct (AKM,
    RMa); 45+ Winmalee 19 Oct (NK).
    Little Woodswallow A. minor 3+ Lightning Ridge 26 Mar (RA).
    Pied Butcherbird Cracticus nigrogularis 1 Morisset Hospital 19 Jun and 26 Oct (AH).
    Grey Currawong Strepera versicolor 1 Darkes Forest 29 Aug (H&BM); 1 Knights Hill 5 Nov
    (CBOC); Present Bondi SF Jan (RT), Meringo 25 May (ENHS), present Clyde
    Mountain near Braidwood 9 Sep (AC); 2 Joadja 18 Jun (KB, BW).
    Little Raven C. mellori 9 Berry 27 May (DWr); 1 Bondi SF Jan (RT); A flock Walcha 8 Jan
    (SD). A flock Kentucky near Uralla 10 Feb (ST).
    Richard’s Pipit Anthus novaeseelandiae The bird observed at Fivebough Swamp 25 Jun
    was singing (KH).
    Superb Fruit -Dove Ptilinopus superlous Male calling Boomerang Falls FR 24 Oct (ED).
    Regent Honeyeater Xanthomyza phrygia 8+ foraging in eucalypts adjacent to
    Camp Blackman, Warrumbungle NP 6 Apr (D&CG).
    December 1992 Page 66APPENDIX Warners Bay, Lake Macquarie 32’58’S 151° 39″E
    1 Wyee 33°11’S 151° 29″E
    Yattalunga nr Gosford 33-28’S 151′ 21″E
    Reported Location Approx. Grid Reference
    Balmain 33°52’S 151″11’E
    Bankstown 33°55’S 151° 02’E
    Belmore 33°55’S 151° 05″E
  2. NORTHERN RIVERS Bexley 33°57’S 151° OTE
    Bicentennial Park, Homebush 33°51’S 151° 05’E
    Camden 34’04’S 150°41″E
    Cobaki Broadwater 28° 11’S 153° 31″E Castlereagh SF, Londonderry 33°41’S 150° 45″E
    Minnie Water, Yuragir NP 29° 47’S 153° 16’E Crosslands, Hornsby 33’38’S 151* OCE
    North Creek, 4 km s. of Lennox Head 28° 49’S 153° 36’E Darkes Forest 34°14″S 150′ 55’E
    Eastwood 33°47’S 151° 05’E
    Elizabeth Bay 33°53’S 15r 13’E
  3. MID -NORTH COAST Fagan Park, Galston 33’39’S 151° 03″E
    Gannons Park, Peakhurst 33°58’S 151° 03’E
    Buladelah 32°27’S 152°12’E Glebe 33°53’S 151° 11″E
    Cobcrofts, Werrikimbe NP 31°13’S 152°10’E Helensburgh 34°11’S 150° 59’E
    Copeland 32’00″S 151°50″E Lane Cove Bushland Reserve,
    Gloucester Tops 32’05″S 151°30″E Gore Hill 33°49’S 151° 11’E
    North Haven 31nes 152’48’E Madden’s Plain 34°15’S 150’56’E
    Mirarrbeena Regional Park.
    Lansdowne 33°54’S 150°58’E
    Mount Druitt 33°47’S 150’49″E
    Nortons Basin, Wallacia 33°53″S 150°37E
  4. HUNTER O Prld in cS eto Eck d wR ao ru dt e P, aS rkc ,h Ce oyv ni cll oe r d 3 33 3″ °3 56 1′ ‘S s 1 155 10 ‘ O52 7″ “EE Spit Bridge, Mosman 33°48″S 151°15’E Blackall Bay, Bbane Water Sylvania 34°01″S 151’07’E Tunks Creek. Hornsby 33°40’S 151°04’E B Bro an dn ye sl ls G B ula lyy ,, EL ra inke a Macquarie 3 3 3’27′” SS 1 155 11 °” 23 31 “‘E E V W il ala vw eo rlo ed y 3 33 3” °5 53 4’ ‘S S 1 15 50 1° °5 18 6’ ‘E E Brightwaters via Morisset 33’07’S 151.32E West Head, Ku-ring-gai Chase NP 33°35’S 151°18’E Bucketty 33’07’S 15108″E West Pennant Hills 33°45’S 151’03’E
    Cooranbong 33’05’S 151°27’E
    Dungog 32’24’S 151°47″E
    Edgeworth 32°56’S 151°3TE 5. ILLAWARRA
    Elderslie nr Branxton 32°36’S 151-21’E Dapto 34°30’S 150’48″E
    Elermore Vale 32°55’S 151°40’E Douglas Park 34°12’S 150°43’E
    Flaggy Creek nr Kahibah 32’58’S 151″43’E Gerringong 34’45’S 150°49’E
    Jolts Bridge, Mooney Mooney 33°29’S 151°11″E Haywards Bay, Lake Illawarra 34°33’S scraivE
    Karuah 32’39’S 151’58’E Jaspers Brush, Nowra 34°48″S 150°40″E
    Little Bay, Nelson Bay 32’43’S 152″OVE Knights Hill, Robertson 34°37’S 150°42″E
    Matcham 33°25″S 151°25″E Macquarie Pass NP, Robertson 34°34’S 150’39’E
    Mooney Mooney Creek, Meroo, Berry 34°49’S 150’36’E
    Brisbane Water NP 33’26’S 151°15’E Minnamurra Falls, Kiama 34°38’S 150°43″E
    Morisset 33’07″S 151°31’E Mount Pleasant, Kiama 34°43’S 150°50’E
    Mullet Creek, Brisbane Water NP 33’30’S 151’15″E Nanai River, Oakdale 34°05’S 150°30’E
    Newcastle Beach 32°56’S 151°47″E Rose Valley, se. of Kiama 34°43’S 150’48″E
    Picnic Point Reserve, The Entrance 33°20″S 151°30’E Shellharbour Beach, Wollongong 34°35’S 150’52’E
    Rurrizelara Reserve, Gosford 33’26’S 151’21’E Shellharbour Swamp, Wollongong 34°35’S 150’52″E
    St Huberts Island, Woy Woy 33’30’S 151″21’E Upper Kangaroo Valley 34°41’S 150’361
    Scone 32’03’S 150’52’E Wollongong Botanical Gardens 34″25’S 150°53’E
    Sornersby 3322"S 151I7TE Woonona Beach, Wollongong 34'22'S 150°55'E Spears Point, Lake Macquarie 32'58'S 151"38'E Berrara, Sussex Inlet (ILL/SC?) 35°12'S 150'32"E Springfield, Gosford 33'26'S 151°22'E Green Point, Jervis Bay (ILUSC) 35°01'S 150'46'E Stanhope Creek nr Maitland 32'37"S 151°23E Huskisson (ILL/SC) 35'03'S 150'40'E Strickland SF, Narara 33°23"S 151°19'E Hyams Beach. Jervis Bay (ILUSC) 35'06'S 150'42'E Telegherry Forest Park, Dungog 32°13'S 151'00'E Point Perpendicular (ILUSC) 35'05'S 150°48'E Tenambit Common, Maitland 32'45'S 151°3TE Shoalhaven SF, Nowra (ILUSC) 34°54'S 150°35'E Terrigal 33°27'S 151°26'E Toowoon Bay 3s-t2S 151°30"E Yerriyong SF,Nowra (ILUSC) 35'07'S 150°25"E Tumbi Urrbi 33'22"S 151°27'E Valentine, Lake Macquarie 33'01'S 151°38"E Page 67 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 26. SOUTH COAST Lake Ginninderra Canberra 35°14'S 149'04'E Paringa HSD via Captains Flat 35°34'S 149'27E Wollondilly River, Bellbird NR, Eden 37'01'S 149"55'E Wornbeyan Caves Road 34*18'S 150'04"E Ben Boyd NP, Eden 37'06'S 149"57E Clyde Mountain nr Braidwood 35'33'S 149'57'E Coolangubra SF, Bonbala 37'00'S 149*30'E Cudmirrah NR, Berrara 35°13'S 150°32*E 10. NORTH-WEST SLOPES Kerta HSD, Moruya 35°55'S 150°05'E Meringo 35"59'S 150'09'E Moruya Aerodrome 35°54'S 150'08'E Ashford 29'20*S 151'061 Mossy Point 35°51'S 150°10"E Attunga SF, Tamworth 30°56'S 150°55'E Nadgee SF, Eden 37°20'S 149"52E Bindawalla HSD, Ouirindi 31"25'S 140°42'E Narrawailee Creek NR, Mollymook 35°19*S 150'28'E Coolatai 29°15'S 150°45'E Nelfigen 35°39'S 150'08I Lowes Creek nr Qui!poly Darn, Nerrigal 35'06'S 150'06'E Quirindi 31-25'S 150°42'E Newtons Flat, Nadgee NR 3722’S 149°57’E Maules Creek, Boggabri 30a33’S 150°0O ‘E
    Nullica SF, Eden 37’03’S 149’45’E Rocky Glen 31’07’S 149.34’E
    Parrbula STW 36″55’S 149’53’E Wards Creek Road via Premer 31°28’S 150*17’E
    Surf Beach nr. Batemans Bay 35°46’S 150-13’E
    Tennyson Creek FR, Bondi SF,
    Borrbala 37°10’S 149’08’E
    Trunketabella. Bodalla 36″34’S 150″04’E
    Burrendong Arboretum 32°40’S 149°07″E
    Goonoo Goonoo SF, Dubbo 32a05’S 148°50’E
    Bolivia Range, 12 km n. of Deepwater 29°21’S 151°54’E
    Bundarra 30°10’S 151°04’E
    Inverell 29°46’S 151`09’E
    Matorri HSD between Uralla and
    Bundarra 30″22’S 151°15E
    Torryburn w. of Armidale 30*27’S 151°13’E
    Yarrowitch 31-17’S 152’00’E 12. SOUTH-WEST SLOPES
    Conimbla NP, Grenfell 33″51’S 148°24’E
  7. CENTRAL TABLELAND Charcoal Tank, West Wyalong
    Burrbaldry Creek, nr Cowra 33°53’S 148-28’E
    Coerheide HSD, Wollar 3215’S 149°55’E
    Dunville HSD, e. of Kandos 32°55’S 150°25’E
    Glenbhpok 33°45’S 150’38’E 13. NORTH-WEST PLAINS
    Kandos 32°52’S 149″58’E
    Katoomba 33°42’S 150°18’E
    Lapstone 33°47’S 150°381
    Gingham W’course. Yarool HSD,
    Laura 33°43’S 150’20’E
    Shooters Hill 33°53’S 149°51’E 58 km nw of Moree 29″14’S 149″15’E
    Taraiga 34-24’S 149*49’E Wee Waa (10 km e. of) 30’12’S 144°32’E
    Wollar (10km n. of, on the Ulan side
    of the Gouburn River) 32°15’S 149°55’E
    Wyangala Darn, Cowra 33″59’S 148°57’E
  9. SOUTHERN TABLELAND Condobolin 33’05’S 147.09’E
    Hunts Block, north Macquarie Marshes 30°40’S 147’35’E
    Killaloe HSD, Macquarie Marshes 30°48’S 147.20E
    Bellanglo SF, Berrima 34-31’s 150’13’E Mullengudgery Siding nr. Nyngan 31°41’S 147’26″E
    Canberra 35°18’S 149’07’E Sandy Carp HSD, Macquarie Marshes 30°52’S 147°44’E
    Ginninderra Park HSD, ACT 35°13’s 14909E Stanley HSD, Macquarie Marshes 30’54’S 147°38’E
    Gundaroo 35’02’S 149’16’E The Mole HSD, Macquarie Marshes 30’50’S 14729’E
    Gungahlin, ACT 35°14’S 149’07’E
    Gunning 34°47’S 149°16’E
    Joadja, w. of Mittagong 34’24’S 150°14’E
    Lake George, Canberra 35*05’S 149°24’E
    December 1992 Page 6815. RIVERINA Index of Observers
    Berangerine Swamp, Gunbar 34°05″S 145°16″E JAi J Aitken
    Berrigan 35°40″S 145°49″E GA Glen Albrecht
    Booligal HSD Booligal 33°52’S 144°52’E RA Reg Angus
    Bri Bri HSD, Gunbar 34°03″S 145’21″E RJ&DA Reg & Dianne Angus
    Cuba Darn, Merrowrie Creek 33°52″S 144°29″E PAn Patrick Antcliffe
    Culcairn 35°40″S 147°03″E MA M Archibald
    Currawarna SF, w. of Wagga Wagga 35°01’S 147’05’E ABW Aust Bird Watcher journal
    Deniliquin SF, Deniliquin 35°33″S 144°59″E ARA Aust Raptor Assoc newsletter
    Eumemering HSD, Hillston 33°41″S 145°26″E WB Wilma Barden
    Galore Hill NR, Lockhart 35°11’S 146°47’E CB C Bennett
    Great Cumbung Swarrp, Oxley 34°17’S 144°00″E ABe Allan Benson
    Griffith (40km n.) 33°58S 146°07″E EBi Eric Birt
    Ingaba NR 34°30″S 147°28″E T&FB Tony and Fay Bischoff
    Livingstone SF, 35 km s -w. of LBI Lesley Blackburn
    Wagga Wagga 35.23’S 147°21’E CBo C Bolton
    Merrimajeel Creek, Booligal HSD 33°50″S 144°50″E RBr R. Bradley
    Narrandera 34°45″S 146°33″E CBr Chris Brandis
    Peppermint Swamp, 35 km sw of KB Kehh Brandwood
    Booligal 34°03″S 144°36T JB John Brickhill
    The Rock 35″17″S 147°07″E JBr J Bright
    Torry Plain HSD, 80 km e. of Balranald 34.31″S 144°04″E WBr W Brimble
    Wagga Wagga 35°07″S 147°22″E BB B Brown
    Warburn Swamp, 15km nw of Griffith 34°11″S 145°56″E FB F Brown
    Weisners Swamp. 20 km w. of Culcairn 35°40″S 146°49″E JuB Judy Browne
    AB Andy Burton
    IC I Campbell
    CABR Canberra Annual Bird Report
  10. UPPER WESTERN CBN Canberra Bird Notes
    MC M Carey
    Bourke (65 km n.) 29°33″S 145°50″E VCa V Cashmere
    Darling River, Louth 30’28″S 149°07″E MCa Mike Carter
    Eureka Plains, ne. of Enngonia 29°04″S 146°05″E CJC Chris Chafer
    Fords Bridge (10.5 krn n.) 29°40″S 145°25″E CJ&KC CJ & K Chafer
    F Fo or rt t vG ilr lee ,y , S tS ut ru t r Nt PN P 2 29 9′ °0 05 0″ ‘S S 1 14 41 1° °1 10 0″ “E E P SC Ch P S i Cer hre e rC ryh arbonneau
    Frome Swamp, Sturt NP 29`05’S 141°24’E GC Greg Clancy
    Homestead Creek Gorge, ACI Audrey Clucas
    Mootwingee NP 31°15″S 142°18″E JCo J Cochrane
    Hungerford (76 km s.) 29°38″S 144°19″E MjC Marj Cochrane
    Lightning Ridge 29°26″S 148°00″E AC Athol Colemane
    Louth 30°31″S 145°07″E VC Val Cooper
    Louth (60 km nw.) 30°06″S 144°46″E PC Peter Croft
    MCr Michael Crowley
    Lower Lilla Had (5 km e.)
    Mokley Bore, Sturt NP 29’21’S 141’46’E CBOC Cumberland BOC
    Mount Stuart Hsd, Sturt NP 29°38’S 141°41’E ED Elizabeth Date
    Narran Lake, Brewarrina 29°52″S 147°201 SD Stephen Debus
    91 Mile Bore w. of Wanaaring 29°40’S 147°28’E JDi Jim Dixon
    Teurika Hsd, Tibcoburra 29°15’S 142’48’E KD Ken Dixon
    Warrego River w. of Bourke 29°59″S 145°23″E JDu John Duranti
    MD M Dwyer
    KE Keith Egan
    ENHS Eurobodalla Nat Hist Soc Report 1989
  11. LOWER WESTERN AE Allan Evans
    DFe Mrs D Ferris
    DF David Fischer
    Imperial Lake, Broken Hill 31°56″S 141°29″E MF Ms M Fisher
    Kinchega NP, Menindee 32°29″S 142’21″E BF Brian Fitzgerald
    Mount Hope 32°50″S 145°52″E WF Wayne Flynn
    AF Allan Foster
    JF Jim Francis
    GF Graeme Fry
    DG David Geering
    CG Chris Gladwin
    LG Luke Goodwin
    Page 69 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2D8CG Dennis 8 Carl Gosper JP Jim Perry
    GLC Gould League Camp RPo Robyn Pogany
    TG T Grant FP F Povak
    NIH Mrs Hanke TO T Quested
    JHa Jett Hardy PRa Peter Ram
    BHa Barbara Harvey NRa Neil Rankin
    AH Anne Hatton M&GRe M & G Reidy
    JDeH John De Heaume DR Del Richards
    AHe A Henderson AOR Allan Richards
    HH H Hines PR Peter Roberts
    JH John Hobbs JR John Robertson
    DH Dion Hobcrott JiR Jim Robinson
    GH Glenn Holmes AEFR Alan Rogers
    G&LH G &L Hopkins N&JR Neil and Judith Russill
    LH Lauris Hopkins JSa J Sanders
    EH Ernie Hoskin SSa Sandy Sansom
    JHo J Houghton CS C Scouler
    AHo A. Howarth JSe John Seale
    BH Barbara Howie DS David Secombe
    HBOC Hunter BOC PSe P Settle
    KH Keith Hutton R8LS R 8 L Sharrock
    IBOC Illawarra BOC RSh R Sheafle
    JI J lmrie NS N Sheppard
    RI Rita Ingrouille DSi David Siems
    IREEK IlliabakF_Jipaboth Karplus CSm C E Smith
    RK R Kavannagh JSm Jo Smith
    TKy Tom Kelsey LS Lola Smith
    NK Neil Kirby AS Andrew Sourry
    TK T Korn JS J Stephenson
    BK B Kyte BS Betty Stokes
    DL Darielle Larkins PS Phil Straw
    FL F Laughland JT John Tarr
    MLe Michael Lenz AT Andrew Taylor
    HL H Linacre PT P Terrill
    AU A Lithgow DTh David Thomson
    LL L Llewellyn ST S Tremont
    K&AL Kay & Arthur Lloyd DTu David Turner
    IPrIcA Ian McAllan RT Dick Turner
    AMcB Allan McBride R8GT R & G Turner
    GMcD George McDonald WT William Turner
    BMcG B McGregor MT Maureen Tyler
    PMa Peter Mackey PU P Uhlman
    MxM Max Maddock BV Barry Virtue
    MM Michael Maher FvG Fred van Gessell
    PM . Phillip Maher PvdL P van der Linde
    J&PM J 8 P Mallard MWa M Walker
    H8BM Hilary & Betty Mannes AW A Waterworth
    RMa Richard Mason BW Bill Watson
    NM Norma Maxwell RW Russill Watts
    JMe J Meani J&PW John 8 Pauline Waugh
    [AGM Don 8 Gwen Meek RWe Rick Webster
    LM L Melville DWh D White
    JMi Jane Miller JuW Judy Wiles
    SM Sandra Mordet EMI Beth Williams
    AKM Alan Morris MWi Michael Williams
    AMo A D Morris JWi J Willows
    TMo Tim Morris GW G WInterflood
    RMo Rob Morrow DWr Dianna Wright
    SN S Nappe CY C Yates
    MN M Noonan FZ F Zuckerman
    JN Judy Noppe
    DOS D O’Brien
    G&JP G 8 J Parker
    MP M Parkinson
    HP H Parsons
    RP Robert Payne
    JPe Joy Pegler
    On Saturday 11 January 1992 the NSWORAC was formed. This committee consists
    of members of the NSW FOC, Cumberland BOC, Illawarra BOC, Hunter BOC and the NSW
    Bird Atlassers. The members of the Committee are: R.M. Cooper (Chairman), A.K. Morris
    (Secretary), W. Barden, C. Chafer, D. Hobcroft, I. McAllan, A. Palliser and R. Turner. The
    objective of the Committee is to provide an informed, discerning and impartial appraisal of
    claimed records of birds rare in New South Wales and Lord Howe Island. The work of the
    Committee will supplement the NSW Annual Bird Report.
    To guide potential contributors of records, the Committee established a Review List
    of those species which they will consider in addition to records of birds far outside their
    accepted range within New South Wales. This list is set out below as Appendix 1. The names
    used are based on the Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic Birds (HANZAB)
    (RAOU, Oxford University Press 1990). The species listed are those that have been
    recorded in NSW less than 1.5 occasions per year in seven of the last ten years. Included
    are pelagic seabirds within NSW and up to 50 kilometres offshore, tide -line specimens,
    collected specimens, road kills, deceased passage migrants and other specimens excepting
    birds from avicultural origins. For the present the Committee has set 1987 as the date from
    which records can be appraised, although older records may be reviewed at the Committee’s
    The Committee has agreed to work closely with the Royal Australasian Ornithologists
    Union Records Appraisal Committee (RAOU RAC) and any submission now received for
    species on the RAOU RAC Review List are referred onto that organisation. However, initially
    this was not the case and hence there has been some overlap in determining some NSW
    Up until November 1992 the Committee had received 95 submissions. As some
    of these records go back to 1987, there is some considerable backlog but it is hoped that
    this will be overcome in 1993.
    Set out below are brief details of the Cases which have been determined, including
    some referred to the RAOU RAC for consideration. A full report on each decision is available
    from the Secretary, and in respect to RAOU RAC decisions, unless already published (see
    R.M. Patterson 1991 RAOU Records Appraisal Committee, Opinions and Case Summaries
    1988-1991. RAOU Report No. 80), contact should be made with the Chairman, C/- RAOU,
    21 Gladstone St, Moonee Ponds Vic 3021 for details.
    Page 71 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2LIST OF CASES
    Case No. 2 Pink Robin Petroica rodinogaster
    Details not published
    A small Petroica robin was observed at Korrungulla Swamp, Primbee on 4 September 1987
    in remnant rainforest. It was viewed for 20 minutes at a distance of 15-20 m feeding on
    insects. There was no white in the outer tail, uniform dark brown plumage dorsally, buff wing
    bars, pink wash on most of the breast and belly. The bird did not call. The Committee
    accepted the record as the lack of white in the tail feathers is diagnostic for the species and
    buff wing bars are also diagnostic for brown plumage birds. The description would indicate
    that the bird was moulting into 1st year adult male plumage which is consistsant with the date
    seen as the species breeds between September and February.
    Verdict: Accepted
    Case No.3 Yellow Chat Epthianura crocea
    Details published: Aust. Birds 23, 22-23
    A chat was observed with Orange Chats E. aurifrons, in saltbush/blue bush plains, 69km
    east of Broken Hill on 15 October 1987. This bird was bright yellow and evenly yellow over
    the head, throat, breast, and abdomen, with a small black half circle crescent at the base
    of the throat/top of breast interface in the centre. The description did not mention the critical
    field marks of iris colour or the colour of the upper -tail coverts. The habitat was not typical
    for the Yellow Chat and the diagnostic call was not heard. The Committee considered that
    the description was not adequate enough to be considered as the first accepted record for
    Verdict: Not accepted
    CASE No. 5 Audubon’s Shearwater Puffinus Iherminierl
    (RAOU RAC CASE NO 109)
    Details published: Aust. Birdwatcher 12, 141-149
    Excellent views and photographs were taken of a medium-sized black and white Puffinus
    shearwater off Wollongong during an organised seabird excursion on 28 February 1987.
    The bird had a more distinct sharply defined black and white pattern ventrally and uniformly
    black, nor brown underparts compared to similar Hutton’s P. huttoni and Fluttering
    Shearwater P. gavia. It was larger than the latter and had white axillaries, with straighter
    wings and longer tail. The complexity of identification of small black and white shearwaters
    does not enable the Committee to give enough space to outline reasons for acceptance.
    Interested readers are urged to consult Mike Carter’s exhaustive paper for full details.
    Verdict: Accepted
    December 1992 Page 72CASE No. 7 Redshank Tringa totanus
    Details published: AusL Birds 24, 22
    This bird was seen feeding with two Greenshanks T. nebularia at Wallagoot Lake between
    Bournda Island and Tathra on 29 December 1987. The bird was slightly smaller than the
    Greenshank and had bright red legs. As the observer did not record the colour of the basal
    mandibles, length and shape of bill, wing pattern in particular the white wedge in the
    secondaries nor call, the Committee considered that the description was too inadequate for
    the first confirmed sighting for NSW.
    Verdict: Unanimously not accepted.
    CASE No. 9 Cox’s Sandpiper Calidris paramelanotos
    Published: Aust Birds 22, 91-92
    An unusual Ca/idrissandpiper was seen at Stockton Bridge, Newcastle on 26 January 1988,
    at a distance of 50m feeding with Curlew Sandpipers C. ferruginea. It was immediately
    noticeable as different by its dark olive legs, streaked breast and crown, and richer brown
    hue to upperwing feather tracts. The bird was watched for some minutes before it moved
    and subsequently re -located and watched for a further four minutes. Full description was
    provided and the Committee considered that the description fulfills accurately published
    information on this poorly known debatable species.
    Verdict: Accepted
    CASE No. 11 Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica
    Details not published
    At least two probable Barn Swallows seen, mainly on the Newcastle Water Reserve near
    Shortland Wetland Centre on 12 March 1988. The observers saw birds which had very blue
    backs, paler below, white on tail and long tail feathers, and dark blue/black breast bands.
    Some observers saw the birds perched on telegraph wires. The Committee accepted the
    record because although no one observer saw all the key features corroborative evidence
    was obtained from a number of people. Third NSW record.
    Verdict: Accepted
    Page 73 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2CASE No. 12 Wilson’s Phalarope Phalaropus tricolor
    Details published: Aust. Birds 24, 39-40
    On 3 April 1988 at the Tullakool Evaporation Ponds in south-west NSW, among a small
    group of waders was a small pale bird swimming near, but apart from the rest. This bird was
    seen to spin in close circles feeding in the water, a number of times, in the manner of
    phalarope. It was a small but longish looking wader, the size of a Marsh Sandpiper Tringa
    stagnitalis. This or another bird was seen two days later. The Committee considered that
    no detail in the published description adequately eliminates the Marsh Sandpiper, a species
    which regularly swims phalarope style. No mention was made of the distinct pot-bellied jizz,
    or extent of white on back. Mention is made in the description of a ” white rump and tail’ yet
    Wilson’s Phalarope has a contrasting pale grey tail from the white upper -tail coverts. Marsh
    Sandpiers have a much whiter tail. On the second occasion it was considered that the
    observer may have had poor views of a Curlew sandpiper C. ferruginea in partial breeding
    moult hence the reddish brown colouration of the flanks.
    Verdict: Not Accepted
    CASE No. 18 Oriental Plover Charadrius veredus
    Not published
    A distinctive medium sized plover seen by two observers at the edge of a tidal estuary at
    Picnic Point, The Entrance on 13 November 1988 for ten minutes in good light. Field notes
    were taken and a sketch made. The bird was considered to be an Oriental Plover.
    Description included dark cap, pale buff breast, white belly, no wingbar, dark rump, pale
    between bill and iris, black bill, generally brown bird with orange legs, smaller than Pacific
    Golden Plover Pluvialis fulva with which it was associating. The Committee accepted the
    record because all of the important diagnostic features were seen.
    Verdict: Accepted
    CASE No. 19 Red-tailed Tropic -bird Phaethon rubicauda
    Not published
    An adult Red-tailed Tropic -bird was found dead on Wamberal Beach on 19 March 1989. The
    carcase was fresh, the two long red tail feathers were present, bill red, feet black, no mottling
    on the basically white plumage, and there was a prominant black spot behind the iris. The
    skin was not kept but notes made at the time of observation.
    Verdict: Accepted unanimously
    December 1992 Page 74CASE No. 23 American Golden Plover Pluvialis dominica
    Published: Aust. Birds 24, 1-3
    On 3 October 1989 at the southern corner of Comerong Lagoon Comerong Island amongst
    a mixed flock of waders, two observers considered that they were able to identify an
    American Golden Plover. An additional submission was madetothe Committee. Unfortunately
    none of the features observed are considered diagnostic for American Golden Plover and
    all fall within the known variations of the Pacific Golden Plover. The field identification criteria
    of these two species has until recently been fraught with difficulty and some individuals will
    defy identification even on current knowledge. The Committee declined to accept the record
    which has been submitted to the RAOU RAC for ultimate review.
    Verdict: Not accepted
    CASE No. 24 Northern Shoveler Anas clypeata
    (RAOU RAC Case No. 121)
    Published: Aust. Birds 23, 37-38
    On 17 October 1989 on Lakeside HSD, Lake Cowal a duck was observed to rise from the
    lake about 300 m from the observers who were in a motorised dingy. The duck flew north
    for a few seconds, belly banked to the observer, continued in a south-westerly direction for
    nearly 500m, then turned north again to cross the path of the observer just over 500m away
    before continuing northwards and out of sight. The bird was considered to be an adult male
    Northern Shoveller. The observation was reviewed by the RAOU RAC and the reasons for
    their non -acceptance of the record have been published (Patterson 1991)
    Verdict: Not Accepted.
    CASE No. 25 Black -throated Finch Poephila cincta
    Not published.
    On 24 October 1989 a finch was observed in thick vegetation on the bank of the Maclntyre
    River in Inverell. No notes were taken at the time butthe bird was identifiable with illustrations
    in a Field Guide as a Black -throated Finch. The Committee considered that without field
    notes it was not rational to accept the record. In view of the rarity of the species, an attempt
    should have been made to describe the bird. Was it the southern race? Was it a juvenile?
    Could it have been an escapee? These questions remain unanswered.
    Verdict: Not accepted
    Page 75 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2CASE No. 30 Tahiti Petrel Pterodroma rostrata
    Not published
    Two petrels were sighted on four occasions 18km N.N.E. of Wollongong on 24 April 1990
    and photographs taken.The birds were observed to be slim -headed, long -winged, large
    Pterodromas with no white in central underwing coverts and upper parts basically very dark
    brown. The throat/neck to upper breast was very dark brown being sharply demarcated from
    white lower breast to undertail coverts. The Committee considered that the photographs
    confirmed, and the long -winged, slim -headed jizz compared with the manner of flight is
    diagnostic with the Tahiti Petrel.
    Verdict: Accepted
    CASE No. 32 Black Tern Chlidonias niger
    Published: Aust. Birds 24, 5-8
    A small tern was roosting at high tide on the Pimelwi Rocks at Boat Harbour on the Kurnell
    Peninsular on 10 March 1990. The bird was seen again on 17 March and photographs were
    taken. The description and photographs identified the birds as a first year basic plumage
    Black Tern. The Corn mittee accepted unamimously the observation but the record was then
    RAOU RAC. This is the third NSW record.
    Verdict: Accepted
    CASE No. 39 Streaked Shearwater Calonectris leucomelas
    A Streaked Shearwater was seawatched with a telescope from North Head on 10 February
    1991, at a distance of one kilometre. The bird was flying south and the flight was noted as
    being more rapid flapping than the accompanying Wedge-tailed Shearwaters P. pacificus.
    The birds was seen for three minutes and the weather was generally overcast, a description
    was provided. The Committee considered that the bird was simply too far away to view the
    most obvious field characteristics of face and head, to differentiate accurately between the
    Streaked and Cory’s Shearwater C. gravis.
    Verdict: Not Accepted
    December 1992 Page 76CASE No. 40 Common Noddy Anous stolidus
    A Common Noddy landed on a boat at Manly on 21 January 1991 and because it had a
    broken wing, it was taken to Taronga Zoo for veterinary attention, where it is currently (2/
    12/1992) still on display. It was described as being dusky smoky brown, length and
    dimensions marginally finer than Crested Tern Sterna bergii but similar in wingspan and
    size, a white cap, demarcated from lores, tail long and unforked.
    Verdict: Accepted Unanimously
    CASE No. 41 Masked Owl Tyto novaehollandiae
    Between 18-30 April 1991 a Masked Owl was identified perched on the side of a road at dusk
    at Heathcote East, at the edge of Royal National Park by one observer. Another observer
    returned to the site with a torch and was able to clearly see the bird. Described as
    approaching 50 cm in length, feathered legs, dark tan colour with darker spots on breast,
    and a blotchy back, definately not white underneath. The bird called a loud deep rasping
    scream. The Committee accepted this record of the Masked Owl, a bird rarely seen in Royal
    Verdict: Accepted
    CASE No. 42 Little Friarbird Philemon citreogularis
    Full description has been provided of an adult Little Friarbird at Lake Illawarra on 27 April
  12. This would be the 6th record for the Illawarra Region. The Committee considered that
    all diagnostic field characteristics were seen.
    Verdict: Accepted
    Page 77 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2CASE No. 43 Bourke’s Parrot Neophema bourkil
    Two small parrots were seen flying across the observer’s car and over the road while the
    car was still moving at Gilgandra 25 June 1991 and they were considered to be Bourke’s
    Parrots. The birds did not stop and the observer was unable to pull over to watch the birds.
    No notes, photographs or sketches were made at the time. The Committee considered that
    this observation was well east of the birds current known range and that Blue Bonnet Parrots
    Psephotus haematogaster could conceivably be mistaken for Bourke’s Parrots
    Verdict: Not accepted
    CASE No. 45 Pied Butcherbird Cracticus nigrogularis
    Full description was provided of an adult Pied Butcherbird near Heathcote High School, near
    Royal National Park on 17 August 1991. The bird was carrying nesting material. As the
    location was most unusual the Committee had requested a full submission. All characteristics
    were described. This is the first County of Cumberland record since 1968 (E.S.Hoskin The
    Birds of Sydney 1991).
    Verdict: Accepted
    CASE No. 46 Fairy Tern Sterna nereis
    A small tern similar in size to a Little Tern S. albifrons was photographed at Long Reef 9
    August -14 September 1991. The bird had an orange brown bill with black tip, legs orange
    brown, dark shoulder patch, head having a white crown with a black nape extending through
    eye midway between bill and iris, the crown near nape having grey flecking indicating
    immature/non-breeding plumage, orange eye -ring, back pale grey, wings pale grey with
    primaries longer than tail. The Committee considered that the bird seen was in fact a first
    year Little Tern, moulting into breeding plumage because of its orange -brown bill and legs,
    grey not white wings, black primaries (grey in Fairy Tern with outer primary having a white
    shaft), and a dark carpal bar (absent in Fairy Tern).
    Verdict: Unanimously not accepted
    December 1992 Page 78CASE No. 47 Long -toed Stint Calidris subminuta
    A small stint was seen at Fivebough Swamp, Leeton on 18 August 1991 and some notes
    were taken including yellow green legs, slightly decurved fine bill, paler at the base. It was
    considered to be a Long -toed Stint in worn alternate plumage moulting into basic (= winter
    plumage). The Committee considered that the notes were too brief to rule out Least
    Sandpiper C. minutilla even so the record was accepted on the grounds that the latter
    species has yet to occur in Australia; Long -toed Stints have previously been recorded by
    the author at Fivebough Swamp and he had had not been required to keep detailed notes;
    and that the small size, yellow -green legs, rufous -edged scapulars and two -toned bill rule
    out the other contenders such as Tem ninck’s Stint C. temninkii. The record has subsequently
    been published (Aust. Birds 26, 20-28).
    Verdict: Accepted
    CASE No. 51 Franklin’s Gull Larus pipixcan
    (RAOU RAC Case No.132)
    A black -headed gull was seen associating with Silver Gulls L. novaehollandiaeat Menindee
    Lake on 3 October 1991. Notes, drawings and a tape recording were submitted to the RAOU
    RAC for consideration. The RAOU RAC considered the description insufficient to produce
    positive identification of the bird. It may well have been the species claimed, but they were
    unable to accept the record.
    Verdict: Not accepted
    CASE No. 55 Long -toed Stint Calidris subminuta
    Another Long -toed Stint was seen at Fivebough Swamp. Leeton from 9 December 1991to
    9 February 1992 but this time a full description was obtained and published following
    acceptance of the record by the Committee (see K. Hutton 1992 Aust. Birds 26, 20-28). The
    Committee considered that the description of the bird as given was consistent with an adult
    Long -toed Stint in basic (= non -breeding plumage).
    Verdict: Accepted
    Page 79 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2CASE No. 58 Red-tailed Tropic -bird Phaethon rubicauda
    This bird was found exhausted in a clear paddock near Havannah Street, Bathurst on 14
    December 1991, following a storm. No written description was provided but a photograph
    was taken and published in the Bathurst Advocate of 16/12/91. The photograph clearly
    showed the two, long red tail streamers, the red bill, the black line through and past the eye
    and some black near the flanks. The Committee considered that the obvious large size and
    plumage characteristics clearly distinguished it from the the White-tailed Tropic -bird P.
    Verdict Accepted unanimously
    CASE NO. 65 White -necked Petrel Pterodroma cervicalls
    Two large Pterodromas were seen off Wollongong on 16 February 1991, one was 11
    nautical miles and the other 3 nm E of Wollongong. They were described as being smaller
    than Great- winged Petrels P. macroptera, with fine short black bill, medium size petrel, pure
    white underparts and underwing coverts, noticeable black bar extending from carpal into
    median under -primary coverts, also extending alonhg leading edge of fore primaries, the bar
    being thinner and more crescent than Black-winged/Gould’s Petrel P.nigripennis/leucoptera.
    Under primaries tipped darker, no sign of moult, conspicuous dark eye enhanced by dark
    extension of feathering anterior to eye and dusky blackish hood. White frons, lores and fore
    crown. Conspicuous broad -white collar across neck separating cap from mantle. The
    second bird had the same features. The Committee considered that the above features
    identified the birds as White -necked Petrels.
    Verdict Accepted
    CASE No. 68 Grey Petrel Procellaria cinerea
    (RAOU RAC Case No. 140)
    A tide -line specimen, about two weeks old was located on Flat Rock Beach, Ballina on 17
    February 1985 and in due course sent to the Australian Museum where it has been lodged
    as specimen 0.61992. The plumage description and the detailed sketch of the bill confirmed
    the identification supported by the measurements provided. The details were submitted to
    the RAOU RAC who accepted the record unanimously. Second NSW record.
    Verdict Accepted Unanimously
    December 1992 Page 80CASE No. 69 Common Noddy Anous stolidus
    On 23 February 1992 a juvenile Common Noddy was located at North Curl Curl, near Manly
    and a full description taken. Even though the the white cap was not present, the bird was
    identified by its almost uniform brown plumage, size (larger than Common Tern Sterna
    hirundo), long blunt -ended tail, black bill, white crescent above and below the eye.
    Verdict Accepted unanimously
    CASE No. 77A Buff -breasted Sandpiper Tryngites subruficollis
    (RAOU RAC Case No. 139)
    A sandpiper was seen at Lord Howe Island on 6 April 1992 for a period of 15 minutes. The
    bird was standing by small freshwater pond in short grass. The report was submitted to the
    RAOU RAC who advised that although the description contains some indications that the
    bird may have been a Buff -breasted Sandpiper from the habitat, the yellow legs and short
    dark bill, and the absent of an eyestripe or white in the underparts, there are some features
    which may not be consistant. (Note that Buff -breasted Sandpipers may have pale,
    occasionally pure white, under -tail coverts). The RAOU RAC considered that there was
    insuffient detail to confirm the identification.
    Verdict Not accepted
    Alan K. Morris, 1 Wombat St, Berkeley Vale, NSW 2259
    Page 81 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2APPENDIX 1 REVIEW LIST Pied Heron Ardea picta
    Great -billed Heron Ardea sumatrana
    Common Name Scientific name Cape Barren Goose Cereopsis novaehollandiae
    Burdekin Duck Tardorna radjah
    Fiordland Penguin Eudyptes pachyrhynchus Northern Shoveler Ansa clypeata
    Royal Abatross Diomedea epomophora Cotton Pygmy -Goose Nettapus coromandelianus
    Grey -headed Albatross Diomedea chrysostoma Green Pygmy -Goose Nettapus puichellus
    Sooty Albatross Phoebetria lusca Red Goshawk Erythrotriorchis radiatus
    Light -mantled Albatross Phoebetria palpebrats Black -breasted Button -quail Tumix melanogaster
    Southern Fulmar Fulmarus glacialoides Red -backed Button -quail Tumix macubsa
    Kermadec Petrel Pterodroma neglects Corncrake Crex crex
    Herald Petrel Pterodroma arminjoniana American Golden Plover Pluvialis dominica
    Tahiti Petrel Pterodroma rostrata Ringed Plover Charsdrius hiaticula
    Kerguelen Petrel Pterodroma brevirostris Oriental Plover Charadrius veredus
    Mottled Petrel Pterodroma inexpectata Upland Sandpiper Bartramia longicauda
    Soft -plumaged Petrel Pterodroma monis Redshank Tringa totanus
    White -necked Petrel Pterodroma extema Asian Dow itcher Limnodromus sempaimatus
    Cook’s Petrel Pterodroma cook! Hudsonian Goclwit Limosa haernastica
    Juan Fernandez Petrel Pterodroms cervicatis White -romped Sandpiper Calidris fusicollis
    Blue Petrel Halobaena caerula Baird’s sandpiper Calidris bairdii
    Broad -billed Prion Pachyptila vittata Westem Sandpiper Calidis mauri
    Medium -billed Prion Pachyptila salvini Long -toed Stint Calidris subminuta
    Grey Petrel Proceilaria cineree Little Stint Calidris minuta
    Black Petrel Pro cellaria parkinsoni Cox’s Sandpiper Calidris paramelanotus
    Westland Black Petrel Proceilaris weatlandica Buff- breasted Sandpiper Tryngites subruficollis
    White -chinned Petrel Procellaria aeguinoctialis Red -necked Phalarope Phalaropus lobatus
    Streaked Shearwater Calonectis leucomelas Wilson’s Phalarope Phalaropus tricolor
    Audubon’s Shearwater Puffinus Iherminieri Oriental Pratincole Glareola maldivarum
    Pink -footed Shearwater Puffinus crealopua South Polar Skua Stercorcarius maccormicki
    Manx Sheanvaler Puffins put finus Sabine’s Gull Lams sabini
    Grey -backed Storm Petrel Oceanites nereis Franklin’s Gull Larva pipixsn
    Black -bellied Storm Petrel Fregatta tropica Black Tern Chlidonius niger
    White -belied Storm Petrel Fregatta grallaria Arctic Tern Sterna paradisaea
    Common Diving Petrel Pelecanoides urinatrix Roseate Tern Sterna dougalli
    Georgian Diving Petrel Pelecanoides georgicus Black-naped tern Sterna sumatrana
    Red -footed Booby Sula sula Fairy Tern Sterna nereis
    Masked Booby Sula dactylatra Common Noddy Anous stolidus
    Brown Booby Sula leucogaster Black Noddy Anous minutus
    Black -faced Shag Leucocarbo fuscesoens Grey Noddy Procelsterna albivittata
    Greater Frigatebird Fregata minor Torresian Imperial -Pigeon Ducula spirrhoa
    Red-tailed Tropic -bird Phathon rubicauda Flock Bronzewing Phaps histronica
    December 1992 Page 82Squatter Pigeon Phis scripts Pink Robin Petroica rodinogaster ‘
    Double -eyed Fig -Parrot Psittacukrostris diopthalma Red-lored Whistler Pachycephala rulogularis @
    Night Parrot Geopsittacus occidentalla Thick -billed Grass -wren Amytomis textiles
    Paradise Parrot Psephotus puicherrimus Banded Whiteface Aphelocephala nigricinta
    Bourke’s Parrot Neophema bourkii Black- eared Miner Manorina melanotis
    Scarlet -chested Parrot Neophema spendida Purple -gaped Honeyeater Lichenostomus cratitius
    White-rurrped Swiftlet Coltocalia spodiopygia Yellow -bellied Sunbird Nectorinia jugularis
    earn Swallow Hirundo rustica Yellow Chat Ephthianura crocea
    Yellow Wagtail Morse/Na flava Black- throated Finch Pecphila cincta cincta
    Yellow -headed Wagtail Motacilla citreola Painted Firetail Ent)lama pktus
    Song Thrush Turdus phitomelos
  • Excluding South Coast Region
    @ Except for Nombinnie-Round Hill NRs

Excluding Upper and Lower Western Regions

Entries in bold are on the RAOU Review List for Australia
At 1015hrs on 3 April 1992 while observing waterbirds at a pond adjacent to Wentworth Rd,
Botany, a Purple Swamphen Porphyrio porphyrio was observed with a live European
Starling Sturnis vulgaris in its beak which it proceeded to kill by shaking and striking against
the mud. When the starling was dead the Swamphen proceeded to pull small portions of
flesh from the body and feed it to two juvenile Swamphens, one of which was still down
covered and the other in juvenile feathered plumage. When the juveniles were sated the
adult bird consumed the remainder of the carcass.
did not observe the capture of the starling which was an adult plumaged bird. All
the events recorded were observed with a 70mm spotting scope 20x magnification at a
distance of about 40 metres.
This observation is not an isolated incident in respect to Swamphens killing of other
birds and feeding their young.
E.S. Hoskin in litt. 20/5/92 gives details of the following: Swamphen attempting to
remove young from White -breasted Woodswallow’s Artamus leucorhynchus nest in
Centennial Park in October 1990; One seizing ducklings observed by C. Bonser (The Bird
Observer 630:70); One attacking a Black Duck Anas superciliosa duckling, eventually
killing it at Castle Hill (The Bird Observer 623:114); Eric Wheeler at Clarenza saw a
Swamphen chase and catch a Black Duck duckling on 26/12/82 and C. Nixon (The Bird
Observer 623:114) saw a Black Duck duckling attacked and killed near Kew, Victoria.
All these observations relate to Black Ducks which have large clutches and which
breed in situations away from water and are vulnerable while walking to water. One would
expect that Maned Duck Chenonetta jubata young would be equally as vulnerable, but
doubt the Swamphen would not care which species it would take when needing food for itself
and young.
am grateful for the assistance of E. S. Hoskins in obtaining the references used in
this short note.
Keith Egan, 1 Bowman St, Mortdale, NSW, 2223.
December 1992 Page 84BOOK REVIEW
Threatened and Extinct Birds of Australia. Edited by Stephen Garnett, Royal
Australiasian Ornithologists Union. RAOU Report Number 82, Australian National
Parks and Wildlife Service, $18.00 plus postage from RAOU.
With the recent changes in the legislation concerning rare and threatened species the birds
listed under this category have come to the forefront of public interest. In this publication
Stephen Garnett has brought together necessary and important information for use by both
amateur birdwatchers, students, academics and professionals.
Garnett summarises and reviews each endangerred species providing information on
present and past distribution, population sizes, habit preferences and threats to habitat,
reasons for extinction where appropriate and conservation measures required. Thus the
information provided gives ready access to specific habitat requirements and the current
distribution status of each species which is invaluable to environmental managers for
interpreting whether such species would exist in an area.
The publication points to the fact that clearance and fragmentation of habitat, altered fire
regimes and exploitation are the main threats to the extinction of our bird species. This is
due to the lack of understanding of our biological systems and the previous lack of an
adequate data base.
The publication is extremely informative providing background information on our threatened
bird species. For further detailed information the reader is referred to a list of references on
each species. The book is a worthwhile addition for the enthusiast whilst providing valuable
resource data to students, researchers, land managers and amateur bird watchers.
Robert Payne.
Page 85 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2BOOK REVIEW
The Birds of Sydney. By E.S. Hoskin (K.A. Hindwood & A.R. McGill), 1991. Printed and
published by Surrey Beatty & Sons Pty Ltd, Chipping Norton, NSW, 292pp., 14 colour
photographs and 2 coloured plates, numerous figures, maps and tables. $39 plus
In the late 1960’s when I became engrossed in bird watching, Arnold McGill put me
in the way of the book, The Birds of Sydney 1958 by Hindwood & McGill. It became my
constant companion because of the anecdotal style, the interesting snippets of ornithological
history, and the current status information of each of the species known for Sydney.
Therefore when this, the 1991 edition of The Birds of Sydney by Ernie Hoskin, lobbed on
my desk, I was very pleased to see it. In the intervening years I had annually updated my
book and kept a record of the new additions and change in status for each of the species.
It was great to see how faithfully and diligently Em Hoskins had updated the records of his
friends, Keith Hindwood and Arnold McGill, to ensure a very complete, concise and factual
account of the birds of Sydney.
The main portion of the book is the Systematic List of 447 native species recorded
from 1770 to 1989 forthe County of Cumberland. Each species entry includes a three or four
line description of the bird cross referenced back to G. Pizzey Field Guide to the Birds of
Australia, or to the illustrations provided by the author; and a summary of the past and
present distribution and status for each species. This section includes many interesting
facits of history and information culled from the personal records of Keith Hindwood. For the
least common species each record is listed, ie Painted Firetail, two records during the 1896
drought or the Southern Fulmar, three records each with the details of the event!
The main section also includes the black and white figures that depict the head and
bill of many species of seabirds, complete drawings of waders, and the head and bill of many
honeyeaters. In addition one colour plate illustrates the heads of thornbills and warblers,
while the other colour plate depicts the Rock Warbler, the only bird confined to the
Hawkesbury Sandstone habitat. All these illustrations have been made by the author.
Another chapter details the 35 introduced species ( fortunately all have not survived)
and gives details of their original introduction, as well as description and current status. A
Provisional List of ten species reported to occur is provided and these records are to be held
in suspense until additional confirmation is forthcoming. Finally another list of six species
is given of records considered to be erroneous.
If you want to know where to watch birds around Sydney, this book has suggested
December 1992 Page 86locations grouped in habitat types. Do you want to know the earliest arrival and latest
departure dates of migrants, see Chapter Nine! How to tell similar species apart? Long -toed
and Red -necked Stints for instance, this book has the answers! What trees to plant to bring
the birds to the garden? What species have become rare? What species have changed their
status? Ern has the answer for you!
The Birds of Sydney is also adorned with 14 coloured photographs taken mostly by
the author, that depict the main bird habitats around Sydney. The other two photographs
including the cover plate were taken by Allan Foster. This book illustrates the many skills
and diligent record keeping of Ern Hoskin, a person known to us all as leader of Beginner
Outings and a patient guide who is willing to share with any one his love for native birds and
his concern for their conservation.
One of my criticsms of the Book is that a number of birds are included on the
Systematic List of Native Species that considered should be on the suspense list. These
are primarily birds known to be avairy escapees whose distribution lies a long way from
Sydney and doubt that drought had anything to play with them arriving here! Such species
include eight parrots, the Diamond Dove and three grass finches. In addition unless the early
records of the Red-tailed Black Cockatoos were verified specimen records for Sydney, feel
that they are in fact Glossy Black Cockatoos because their food “casuarina seeds” is the
staple diet of the latter species. Finally the Long -billed Corella was not drought assisted to
Sydney, rather when they became a pest in the mallee wheat belt of Victoria in the early
1980’s a license dealer was allowed to trap and sell them interstate. Many were for sale in
Sydney at $10 each and they were soon bought up and liberated.
However overall this is a great treasure of information on the birds of Sydney and
recommend its purchase and congratulate the author.
Alan Morris
Page 87 Australian Birds Vol. 26 No. 2BOOK REVIEW
A Cabinet of Reed -Warblers by L. M. Courtney -Haines, Surrey Beatty, Chipping
Norton, NSW, 1991. Paperback, 1/30x245mm, 95pp. and xvii, 8 drawings by the author
including two colour plates, Rrp $22.
The author is known to many of our readers as a pioneer in the formation of the FOC.
When in 1966 the RAOU abruptly abolished its state branches the NSW Chairman Laurie
Haines, backed by a grant from the Gould League of Bird Lovers, shouldered the burden
of establishing a new group (known then as the Gould League Birdwatchers). He was
Honorary Secretary – Treasurer from the start and undertook the editorship of “Birds” in

  1. Lola Smith took over as Secretary in 1970 but Laurie continued as Editor until 1972
    when he handed over to Alan Morris.
    A Cabinet of Reed -Warblers is described on the title page as, “A monograph dealing
    with the acrocephaline warblers of the world, and embracing all known species and sub-
    species”. Courtney -Haines has searched the literature on the genus Acrocephalus (much
    of it dating from the nineteenth century) and drawn on the observations and collections of
    a wealth of correspondents, and this book will be of enormous value to specialist students
    of the group. To the lay reader, it gives a fascinating insight to the milieu of the old-time bird
    students where the emphasis was upon the collection of skins and eggs. It is remarkable,
    incidentally, how many of the sources have a military or a clerical background, and how few
    of them were women.
    27 species are treated, the size of each entry being determined largely by the amount
    of published information available. For the well documented species such as the European
    Reed -Warbler this consists of a substantial chapter covering most aspects of the bird’s life
    with particular emphasis on the song and eggs (but suprisingly little on migratory movements).
    For the rarer species, notably those endemic to various Pacific islands, it may amount to no
    more than a careful description of the bird, its nest and eggs and few field notes. Some of
    these are now extinct and for Acrocephalus orinus, based upon one specimen shot while
    in migration, half a page is enough to tell all that is known. A six -page entry is given to the
    Australian Reed -Warbler; while acknowledging that it is accepted as a race of the
    Clamorous Reed -Warbler the author takes the opportunity to provide a comprehensive
    review including a very interesting commentry on the distinct south-western race gouldi.
    The author has had a life-long interest in birds of the marshes and his elegant
    descriptions of reedbeds and the songs of reed -warblers lift this book above the ordinary.
    It will be of perennial interest to students world-wide and it is to be hoped the publishers will
    make a special effort to promote it on the international market.
    Peter Roberts.
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    Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic Birds” S. Marchant & P. Higgins (Eds.)
    Volumes 1 & 2; and “Handlist of Birds in New South Wales”. A.K. Morris, A.R. McGill and
    G. Holmes 1981 Dubbo: NSWFOC.
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    Finch, B.W. and M.D. Bruce. 1974. The Status of the Blue Petrel in Australian Waters Aust.
    Birds 9, 32-35
  14. Acknowledgements to other individuals should include Christian names or initials.Volume 26, No.2 December 1992
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    A.C.G. Burton 1989 New South Wales Bird Report 41
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