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Price 250. Published by the N. S. W. Field Ornithologists Club
1st May, 1971.
Vol. 5 No. 6
PATRON: A. H. CHISHOLM, O. B. E. , F. R. Z. S.
84 Arabella Street,
Longueville. 2066
Phone: 42.2418
OFFICER: 18 Russell Street,
Oatley. 2223.
Phone: 57,6298
10 Loquat Valley Road,
Bayview. 2104.BIRDS 66. 1st May, 1971
This preliminary report arises from the need to publish
annually all the interesting records from the State in a readily
available form. It is intended to act as a guide to contributors for
a more comprehensive effort in 1971, The success of this venture
depends largely on members participation and it is hoped that by
accurate and systematic recording all will work to achieve a really
first class report increasing in value each year.
I would like to acknowledge the considerable assistance given
by my assistant editor Tim Kenney in the preparation of this report,
Arnold McGill and the late Keith Hindwood examined the more
unusual records and gave much helpful advice and encouragement,
Alan Rogers
(Records Officer),
EA E, Amey RJ R. Johnstone
RB R. Bigg MK M. Kaveney
RBe R. Bergen TK T. Kenney
AC A. Colemane WK W. Van der Kley
MC M. Cameron ML M. Lovell
RC R. Cooper SGL S. G. Lane
GD G. Dibley TL T. Lindsey
MD M. Dibley AMcG A. McGill
JD J. Disney RM R. Mason
RF R. F ordham AM A Morris
BG B. Goldstein GM G. Marshall
HG H, Goldstein RN R. Noske
LH L. Haines AR A. Rogers
EH E. Hoskin ABR A. Rose
GH G. Holmes GR G. Reidy
JH J. Hobbs PR P. Roberts
KH K. Hindwood LS L. Smith
MH M. Hay MS M. Spinaze
FJ F. Johnston SV S. VanagsBIRDS 67o 1st May, 1971
C, S, Io R, 0, 1969)
Emu A group of 68 including 3 half grown birds near Pulletop Reserve
16 Septo (AC), An unusually large number for this area,
Wandering Albatross 8 off Sydney Heads 19 Dec. (TK et al); 12 off
Botany Heads 26 Dec. (AMcG), Records for late Dec, are scarce and
generally of single birds,
Black-browed Albatross 5 off Sydney Heads 19 Dec, (TK et al).
Shy Albatross One off Sydney Heads 2 May; several records Aug –
Oct. , max, 16 off Kurnell 19 Aug (AR). One off Kurnell 26 Dec (AMcG),
Buller’s Albatross An adult off Sydney Heads 2 May (AR), Fourth
Australian record and only the second live example; the date compares
closely with the first record on 26 April, 1969.
Yellow -nosed Albatross At sea off Sydney Heads: 5+ on 2 May, one
on 1 Aug and 3 on 5 Sept (AR, TK et al).
Cape Petrel At sea off Sydney Heads; 3 on 5 Sept. and 6 on 24 Oct.
(AR, TK et al,
Wedge-tailed Shearwater Late record: 1 off Sydney Heads 2 May,
First return record 250+ off North Bondi 25 Aug compared with 18
Aug 1968 and 24 Aug 1969 (AR).
Sooty Shearwater incubating in burrows on Cabbage Tree Island
12 Dec (AM),
Fluttering Shearwater Large numbers off Booti. Booti Beach 21 Nov
(AMcG), Several hundreds moving north off Newcastle 29 Nov (GH)
Wilson’s Storm -petrel co 5 at sea off Botany Heads 24 Oct (AR, TK et al)
Brown Gannet Immature off Brunswick Heads 25 Nov. (A McG, MK),
Little Pied Cormorant 78 nests at Kurnell Swamp 14 March (GD, MD)
Crested Grebe Nest with 3 eggs on the lagoon at Maryland home-
stead Bringelly 22 Feb, (RC), First breeding record for the county
of Cumberland, 100+ on Liddell Power Station Lake 28 June (AM).BIRDS 68. 1st May, 1971
Cattle Egret Regularly reported from the Windsor -Richmond area
with a max, of 27 near Wilberforce on 25th April (KH, EH), South
coast records: 2 near Bomaderry 14th June (AR), 2 in breeding
plumage near Pambula 4th Oct (AM). 64 at Tynedale near Grafton
26th Oct. (RF).
Plumed Egret c. 30 pairs nesting in mangroves on Kooragang Island
Newcastle Jan. -Feb. (GH).
Little Bittern Male at Yeramba Lagoon 20th Dec. (GD, MD).
Black Bittern One at Cabramatta Creek, Warwick Farm 7th June
(KH, EH)
Brown Bittern One remained on a small dam at the rear of
Ferguson’s Nursery, Baulkham Hills from 2nd March to at least
5th April (AC). One at Bushell’s Lagoon 10th May (TL).
Jabiru Single birds recorded from Pitt Town Lagoon, adult 17th
Jan, (TL, AR), Nelson 15th Aug. (PR) and Lake Cathie immature
3rd Oct. (AR),
Straw -necked Ibis One at Centennial Park 15th Aug. (KH, EH),
Glossy Ibis Regularly reported in small numbers from April on-
wards at lagoons in the Windsor -Richmond area; max, at Pitt
Town 25th Oct, (KH, EH) 500+ at Lake Brewster 15th Sept. (FJ).
Plumed Tree Duck Two at Pugh’s Lagoon, Richmond 19th Nov,
(RN, RJ, SV),
Freckled Duck 39 at Kinchega National Park 9th Oct, (AM).
Mountain Duck Two at Kinchega National Park 9th Oct. (AM),
somewhat north of the normal range.
Grey Teal Pair with 6 young at Eastlakes early Nov, (EH). Rarely
recorded breeding near Sydney,
Blue -winged Shoveler Recorded at the Windsor -Richmond lagoons
Feb, -July; max, 74 at Bushell’s Lagoon 26th July (AC),
Pink -eared Duck The build-up of a flock frequenting Baker’s,
Fearnley’s and other small lagoons nearby was remarkably wellBIRDS 69. 1st May, 1971.
documented, 8 present on 30 Jan (LS, RB) were recorded regularly
until mid April when a build-up occurred with 12 on 18 April, 17 on
25 April (KH, EH) and 24 on 9 May (AC, AR). Numbers then remained
steady until a further sharp rise in July with 54 on 26 July (AC). Such
numbers are exceptional in the County of Cumberland.
Letter -winged Kite. One at Warrumbungle National Park 3 Jan (MC,
TL), Well seen as it flew directly overhead giving good views of the
“bold inverted W” on the underwing. Record accompanied by a full
description including comparison with a Black -shouldered Kite which
was present at the same time.
Fork -tailed Kite One over a residential suburb of Tamworth 22 Feb.
Square -tailed Kite One over savannah woodland near Armidale 16
Sept (GH).
Collared Sparrowhawk Pair feeding young in a nest in a turpentine
at Green Point near Gosford 19 Dec (GH).
Little Eagle One over Northmead 19 July (AC). Seldom reported
from areas,
Spotted Harrier Recorded from many parts of the State in larger num-
bers than usual. (Many obs. Regularly observed taking quail flushed
during CSIRO surveys when Little, Black and Peregrine Falcons con-
sistently failed (AM). One at Baker’s Lagoon 21 Oct (AM) is unusual
for the Sydney area.
Red -chested Quail Only 8 near Mudgee and 2 near Edgeroi where in
1969 they were noted as “abundant in all pastures and crops” (AM).
Little Quail Very scarce in the Mudgee and Narrabri areas where
large numbers were recorded in 1969 (AM).
Lewin Water Rail One at Bushell’s Lagoon 17 Jan (TL), Larger
size than crakes and long slender bill noted.
Marsh Crake Regularly recorded at Bushell’s Lagoon from 3 Jan to
21 Feb, Max. c, 12 (KH, EH, GD, TL, AR). Two at Centennial Park 8
and 15 Aug (KH, EH). One at Yeramba Lagoon 25 Oct (GD, MD).
Spotted Crake One at Bushell’s Lagoon 17 Jan (TL, AR). One at
Kurnell Lagoon 28 June and 18 July (AC, AMcG). 8 at the sewage works
Armidale March and at Kooragang Island, Newcastle 23 Aug. (GH).
7 6
Spotless Crake Single birds at Bushell’s Lagoon 3 Jan (KH, EH)
Yeramba. Lagoon 25 Oct (GD, MD).BIRDS 70. 1st May, 1971
Painted Snipe One possibly two at Pitt Town Lagoon from 3 to 10
Jan, (KH, EH, TL).
Sooty Oystercatcher One about one mile upstream on the Woolombi
River near Tuncurry 21st Nov. (AMcG), 4 near Wooli in Dec. (MS)
appear to be the first record for this area.
Banded Plover Maximum at Richmond Airfield 58 on 31st Oct.
(AC et al),
Red -kneed Dotterel Regularly reported by many observers from
Bringelly max. 3, Bushell’s Lagoon max. 7 and the Baker’s-Fearnley’s
Lagoon area max. 8. 19 Kooragang Island, Newcastle 31st May (GH).
Double -banded Dotterel One at Botany Bay on 1st Nov. (AM). A
rather late date for this winter visitor.
Grey Plover 20+ at Comerong Island 3rd Oct. (GD, MD et al),
Whimbrel 15 at Towra Point 9th May (KH, EH).
Eastern Curlew Estimate of 1000 at Kooragang Island, Newcastle
29th Nov, (GH).
Greenshank Many observations in the Sydney area; max. 13 at
Bringelly 8th March (RC). 11 at Barrenbox Swamp 22nd Oct. (AM).
Wood Sandpiper Two near Luddenham 17th Jan, (AC, AMcG).
Common Sandpiper Inland record: one at Pammamaroo 4th Nov.
(HG, EG).
Terek Sandpiper Estimate of 600 at Stockton 1st Jan. (GH). One at
Boat Harbour 12th Dec. (AMcG), seldom reported from this locality.
3 at Ballina 28th Dec, (MS),
Great Knot 3 at Boat Harbour 5th & 12th Dec, (AMcG).
Sharp -tailed Sandpiper Late record: one at Baker’s Lagoon 9th May
(AC, AR), Only later record for the Sydney area was one on 14 June,
Red -necked Stint Inland record: 11 at Kinchega National Park
9th October, (AM).
Southern Skua One off Sydney Heads 5th Sept, (TK et al).BIRDS 71, 1st May, 1971
Pomarine Skua c. 9 off Sydney Heads 19 Dec (TK et al),
Arctic Skua Late record: one off Sydney Heads 2 May. First return
record Sydney Harbour 24 Oct. (AR et al).
Southern Black -backed Gull 4 (2 adults, 1 sub -adult and 1 first year)
at Windang 13 June (AR). 3 inmatures at Botany Bay 17 Jan (RC).
One adult off Sydney Heads 19 Dec (TK et al),
Caspian Tern 7 Windang 13 June (AR). One at Kurnell 17 July (RC)
and one in full breeding plumage on the northern flats of Botany Bay
7 Nov (KH, EH).
Common Tern Max. in Sydney area 150 at Boat Harbour 7 Nov (AM).
Sooty Tern An immature beach -washed at One Mile Beach, Forster
27 Dec (GH).
Purple -crowned Pigeon Adult male killed when it flew into a store
window at Cowan 30 Oct (per JD).
Top -knot Pigeon Two at Comerong Island 3 Oct (GD, MD et al).
White -headed Pigeon Two near Spring Gully, Wahroonga 28 Nov feed-
ing on camphor laurel berries (Cinnamomum camphor) and the fruit
of the large leaved privet (Ligustrum lucidum) (ABR, ML, RBe), One
stunned on roadside at Bayview 5 Sept (LH).
Crested Pigeon 6 Maryland, Bringelly 22 Feb and 8 March (RC, GD
MD). 2 at Longneck Lagoon 30 Aug (AC).
Swift Parrot Up to 12 regularly recorded at Munghorn Gap Nature
Reserve from 24 April to 28 July (AM). 2 at Toongabbie Creek,
Northmead 3 Sept. (AC).
Yellow -tailed Black Cockatoo. c. 45 flying over the Princes Highway
at Engadine 13 June (AR),
Glossy Black Cockatoo Recorded from the Kanangra-Boyd and Dharug
National Parks (RC et al). 10 at Pine Creek State Forest, Repton
3 Oct (GH).
Gang Gang Cockatoo Several at Beecroft 20 June (KH, EH),BIRDS 72. 1st May, 1971
Little CoreIla c, 20 near Pitt Town 31st Oct. (EH et
Cockateil A flock of 28 at Wilberforce 7th July were almost certainly
wild birds by virtue of their numbers (AM). 4 at Bringelly (RC) and
at Northmead (AM) may have been escapes.
Superb Parrot 8 near Narrabri 29th July (AM), This is close to the
northern edge of their range,
Red -winged Parrot One female at Windsor 5″ Sept. (AMcG). Possibly
an escapee. About a dozen records known for County of Cumberland,
Adelaide Rosella A pair of birds showing features of this species were
watched feeding on river gums at Narranderra on 17th Sept. (AC). A
small population of this species has been studied in the Mildura area,
however, the present sighting is some 200 miles further east and
further information would be of considerable interest.
Budgerygah Up to 15 near Pitt Town throughout Oct, (AMcG, AC, GR,
EH et al).
Black -eared Cuckoo At least four miles north of Bumbaldry 11th
and 12 Sept. (MC, TL).
Koel Last autumn record for Sydney area 6th March at Balmoral
(EA). First spring record for Sydney 3rd Oct. (RC).
Channel -billed Cuckoo fully grown immatures being fed by Pied
Currawongs at Springwood 21st Feb. (AMcG, KH et al), 2 at Mudgee
29th Oct. (AM). Several records from the McDonald River area
north of Wiseman’s Ferry during Oct and Nov. max. 5 on 1st Nov.
(AC, TK, AR). Sydney area records: pair flying over Parramatta
5th Nov. (AC), one at Eastwood 16th Nov. (EH) and one at Northmead
28th Dec. (AC).
Pheasant Coucal One at Prospect Reservoir 24th April is the first
record for this area (AC), One at Marley Lagoon 28th July (AR); this
species is seldom seen in the Royal National Park although there are
old records for the locality. One in the back garden of his home at
Lindfield for about eight hours 18th Dec. (KH).
Powerful Owl One in remnant rainforest at Cockle Creek, Bobbin
Head 28th Aug. When approached closely it flew off carrying the
remains of a Raven (ABR),BIRDS 73. 1st May, 1971
Barking Owl Recorded from Narromine (RB), Morton National Park
(RC, GD) and Comerong Island (GD, MD),
Boobook Owl One roosted regularly in the same tree in Hyde Park,
Sydney from 13th Oct, to 30th Nov (JD),
Barn Owl Marked increase in records throughout the State including
several from built-up areas near Sydney, (PR, ABR, EH et al), The
large number of dead birds found probably indicates a decreasing
food supply following a period of abundance during the 1969-70 mouse
Masked Owl One at Comerong Island 3rd Oct, (GD, MD, HG, BG)
Spotted Nightjar One at Pulletop Reserve 13th Sept, (FJ),
Dollar Bird Last autumn record 8th March at Longueville (LS); first
spring records 3rd Oct, Laurieton (AR) and 4th Oct. Hornsby (WK).
The earliest spring record for Sydney is 29th Sept. 1943; last autumn
record 23rd March 1969 (per KH),
Singing Bushlark 30+ in lucerne paddock at Pitt Town 5th Oct. (AMcG)
and present throughout month, an unusually large concentration.
White -backed Swallow Near Baker’s Lagoon; 3 on 30th AugĀ° (AC)
and 4 on 31st Oct. (EH et al).
Cicada Bird Several records in the Hornsby area during Nov. and Dec.
(WK, RC, RM), Found nesting at Scheyville during Dec. (KH, EH), This
species, well distributed in -the sandstone areas, seldom breeds in the
shale country,
Blackbird Now regularly recorded at Castle Hill following a first
appearance during spring 1969 (RB), One at Yera.mba. Lagoon 22nd
Nov, (GD, MD),
Emu -wren Recorded in the Upper Blue Mountains at Lawson, Went-
worth Fails, Hartley Vale, Minni Ha -Ha Falls and near Mount Hay at
altitudes up to 3000 feet (JH) The only two previous records from the
mountains are specimens taken at Bowenfels in 1889 and Medlow Bath
in 1933 (per KH),
Whiteface Regularly recorded in the Greendale area. (many obs. ),BIRDS 74. 1st May, 1971
Rock Warbler Recorded from the inner Sydney area at Ashton Park,
Mosman (EA).
Crimson Chat A good survey failed to locate any of the large concen-
trations present in central north-western areas during the previous
two years, Only sighting was 6 near Armatree 18 Oct (AMcG).
Hooded Robin Present in the Wallacia area during Feb and March;
max_ 7 on 22 Feb (RC).
Grey Fantail Up to 40 counted in a small area at Silverdale on 13 Sept
mostly in one large eucalypt (SGL); a remarkable concentration for
this species.
Satin Flycatcher Sydney record; a male at Eastwood 25 and 28 Oct (EH)
Spectacled Flycatcher A bird considered to be this species was watched
for 20 minutes at Ball’s Head, Wollstonecraft on 7 Nov (RN). Although
the observer has had experience of the species in the Port Macquarie
region the exceptional nature of this record makes further confirma-
tion desirable,
Red-lored Whistler pairs located in the reserve at Pulletop
13 Sept (FJ).
Gilbert Whistler Increase in numbers observed in whipstick mallee
areas near Griffith; also recorded in similar habitat near West
Wyalong 12-13 Sept (FJ),
Olive Whistler One near Barrington House 22 March (TL), two in the
New England National Park 17 Oct (GH).
Black Honeyeater Apparently a small influx into central areas of the
Sta .e with records near Griffith 13 Sept (FJ) and west of Moulamein
4 Oct (MC, TL).
Yellow -faced Honeyeater
White-naped Honeyeater By regular observation the migration periods
of these species through the Upper Blue Mountains were determined as
follows; Northward 5 April to 27 May, Southward 31 July to 27 Oct.
It was thought that the commencement of the southward migration was
probably timed to coincide with the profuse blossoming of the various
district banksias,, There is little or no feeding during the northward
movement (JH), Several hundred Yellow -faced Honeyeaters on northwarc
passage at Cabbage Tree Island 19 April (AR, TK),BIRDS 75. 1st May, 1971
White -throated Honeyeater 4 at Wooli 7th Dec. (AM), not far north
of their known southerly. range.
White-cheeked Honeyeater pairs near Wentworth Falls (2900 ft,
3 )
15th July, one pair breeding and subsequently rearing two young, A
pair feeding two young at Bull’s Camp, Woodford during August and
indications that up to pairs were present, One at Medlow Bath
(3150 ft.) 6th Sept, Generally considered a strictly coastal species,
nesting in the freezing conditions of the Upper Blue Mountains in
mid -winter was most unexpected (JH).
Tawny -crowned Honeyeater Two near Wooli in Dec. (MS); this
species is rarely observed on the far north coast.
Painted Honeyeater Pair trapped at Munghorn Gap Nature Reserve
27th Nov. (AM).
Regent Honeyeater Many more sightings than usual. Regularly
observed in the Wisemen’s Ferry – St. Albans area during Oct. & Nov.
with breeding proved at St. Albans Common (AC), A pair nest build-
ing at Longneck Lagoon 27th Oct. (RC), Adults feeding young
Cudgegong 4th Jan. (MC, TL).
Little Wattle -bird, Between 26th July & 21st Aug. 4 nests were found
in a dense area of Banksia ericifolia at Bull’s Camp, Woodford (1850
ft.) Two of the nests contained one egg which later hatched although
neither of the birds fledged probably due to the bitterly cold weather
at the time (JH). Breeding records of this mainly coastal species
are unknown in the Blue Mountains.
Plum -headed Finch Regularly observed near Pitt Town during Oct.
and early Nov. with a max. of c, 30 (many obs), This is the largest
number recorded in the County of Cumberland.
Chestnut -breasted Finch Up to 250 near Pitt Town during Oct.
(AMcG et al).
Tree Sparrow at Cowra 14th Sept. (AC), possibly indicating a. spread
northward in N. S.W. Further observations would be of interest.
Spangled Drongo Records during Oct. -March are detailed as this
species is normally a winter visitor to the southern half of the
State. Single birds at West Pymble 18-23 Feb. (per KH), MarylandBIRDS, 76, May, 1971
homestead, Bringelly 28 Feb (KH, AMcG), Scheyville 31 March(LS)
and in the grounds of Sydney University 29 Dec (GM), Two at
Austinmer 30 Oct (MH),
Pied Currawong Found nesting in Centennial Park 31 Aug and
Hyde Park 11 Sept. (KH, EH).
Grey Currawong One at Yalgogrin, west of Wyalong 16 Sept (AC),
very far west for this species, A young bird, flying but still
showing traces of down, at Heathcote 13 Dec (GD, MD), Probably
indicates nesting in Royal National Park.
Grey Butcherbird An albinistic bird, the whole plumage being a
dirty white colour, observed near Wiseman’s Ferry 31 March (AMcG).
Regent Bowerbird Several records from Mitchell Park, Cattai
during July; max. two males three females, 11-12 July
(AC, KH, EH).
Addendum No. The following probable “escapes” were reported:
one long -billed Corella Centennial Park 7 Nov (EH); Port Lincoln
Parrot Centennial Park 31 Aug (EH); Blue Bonnet at Longueville
9 Sept (LS); male Crimson Finch at Castle Hill 8-9 March (RB) and
up to 6 Crimson Finches in Centennial Park during May (per KH),
Addendum No. 2 The following entry was received after ‘the
Report was typed
Gould Petrel 552 different birds caught on Cabbage Tree Island
between 5 and 12 Dec. It is now thought that the population may be
of he order of 2000 birds – greatly exceeding previous estimates.
(P Fullagar, J, McKean, J. Lewis, M, Carins),BIRDS 77. 1st May, 1971
MEETING, 18th February, 1971
Address and Slides
Mr. Arnold McGill gave an outstanding talk on “Terns. ” Of
the 43 species of Terns and 42 species of Gulls occurring throughout
the World, 21 species of Terns and 3 species of Gulls have been re-
corded in Australia and of these, 16 species of Terns and all three
species of Gulls are on the N. S. W. list,
Only one Tern, the Little Tern, breeds in the County of
Cumberland, Mr. McGill explained difficulties in the identification
of some of the species which are only seen here in non -breeding
plumage. He showed slides of Crested Terns on Moon Island, nests,
eggs and young of Little Terns taken at Kingsford Smith Airport.
Other slides included Common, White -fronted and White -winged
Black Terns.
Mr, Reg, Fordham, 12th February, Centennial Park – 8 Marsh
Terns, Mrs. Ann Bainbrigge, February, Narraweena – 25 Galahs.
MEETING, 18th March, 1971
Mr. Paul Barnes, President of The National Parks Association
and member of the National Parks and Wildlife Service Advisory
Council, gave a talk “Wildlife Habitats of the Future “
Mr. Barnes spoke of National Parks, Faunal Reserves and
State Parks existing before the National Parks Act of 1967 and
traced the progress made since the passing of the Act giving acreage
of the various National Parks, State Parks and Nature Reserves.
The number of Parks and Reserves has grown considerably over
the last 4 years but Mr. Barnes pointed out that more has to be done
to impress the Government and all concerned of the needs of the
future. The next few years are critical,. What is not reserved in
the next ten years will be lost forever.BIRDS 78. 1st May, 1971
Mr. E. Hoskin and Mr. K, Hindwood, 27th February, Cattai Ridge Rd.
Hillside – Glossy Black Cockatoo. 6th March, Botany Bay –
2 Caspian Terns, 1 Black -backed Gull,
Mrs. M. Dibley, 28th February, Yeramba Lagoon – Brown Bittern.
7th March, Royal National Park, Heathcote – Beautiful Firetail.
It was with much sorrow that we learnt of the sudden passing of Mr.
Keith Hindwood who was well known to us all – a man whose advice
and knowledge of Ornithology has been of great assistance to the
N. S. W. Field Ornithologists’ Club.
By his reputation and publications he has inspired others to pursue
the study of birds and awakened the desire to learn more of the wild-
life sharing the world around us.
He will be sadly missed by all members of the Club who extend to
Mrs. Hindwood their deepest sympathy.
Munghorn Gap – 20th and 21st March, 1971
Excellent outing, perfect weather and 30 persons attended. Ninety
five species were recorded and included Lyrebirds. and 4 old nests
on ledges in caves. Turquoise Parrots, Rock Warblers, Chestnut-
tail(,d Heath Wren, Regent Honeyeaters, Cicada -bird; Spotted, Striated
and Eastern Striated Pardalotes, Eastern Shriketit, Grey -crowned and
White-browed Babblers.
Leader, Alan Morris and Ranger Ken Metcalfe helped considerably.
Mr. and Mrs. Dibley’s telephone number, coinciding with issue of new
directory, probably in May, will be 570.1298.BIRDS 79, 1st May, 1971
Saturday, 22nd May, 9.00 a. m.
Towra Point, Botany Bay.
Leader:- E, Hoskin, 88.2900.
Meet at junction of Captain Cook Drive and Elouera Road. We
will then proceed along Drive to first dirt track on left. Carry
Sunday, 20th June, 10,00 a. m, sharp
Heathcote State Park.
Leader:- Mrs. M. Barnes, 524,7321,
Meet near Waterfall Station at Corner Store on west side of
Princes Highway. Cronulla train from City Circle leaves Central
at 8.50 a. m. Change to motor train at Sutherland.
Carry lunch, Walking will be along tracks – distance up to
Future Excursions
Sat. 24th July – National Park. Also boat trips.
Sat. 21st Aug. – Bouddi State Park via Gosford.
Sat, & Sun. 18th & 19th Sept. m Wattagan State Forest via Morisset.
Sat. 23rd Oct. – Blue Gum Creek, Springwood.
Sat. 20th Nov. Hawkesbury Swamps,
Sat, 4th (& Sun. 5th) Dec. Comerong Is. via Nowra,
For Bouddi trip, and perhaps others, a bus will be arranged
Details later