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Price 25c. Published by the N. S, W. Field Ornithologists Club
Vol. 6 No. 6 1st May, 1972
As the 1970 report was intended to be of a preliminary nature,
paving the way for more comprehensive efforts in the future, it is
very pleasing to note an increase of over 80% in the list of contrib-
utors for 1971. This response from members has been matched
editorially by almost doubling the length of the report and adding a
section on Lord Howe Island.
No comment on records for 1971 would be complete without
reference to the untimely passing of Keith Hindwood. His detailed
records, kept meticulously for over 30 years, contain such a wealth
of information that no report on the birds of this State could be
adequately edited without reference to them. He gave much encour-
agement during the preparation of the first report in addition to
fulfilling his role as official advisor; it is to be hoped that
these reports will assist in the continuation of his work. Mr. John
Hobbs has kindly agreed to fill the vacancy arising; his extensive
experience of birdlife in the more remote parts of the State will be
particularly valuable.
gratefully acknowledge assistance and information from Ernie
Hoskin, Alan Morris and Tim Kenney (assistant Records Officer) in
the preparation of this report. Arnold McGill and John Hobbs gave
willingly of their experience in examining the more unusual observ-
ations and critically reading a preliminary draft.
Alan E. F. Rogers
(Records Officer)BIRDS 7d. 1st May, 1972
GA G. Alcorn TK T. Kenney
BA B. Amey NLK N. Kirby
BA A. Bainbridge WK W. Van der Kley
MB M, Baldwin NK N. Kurtz
HB H. Battam SGL S. G. Lane
RB R. Bigg DL D. Larkins
CMB C. Bonser TL T. Lindsey
PB P. Bourke AL A. Lloyd
CB C. Boyd AMcG A. McGill
MAC M. Cameron JMcI J. Mcllroy
SC S. Chittick JMcK J. McKean
GPC G. Clancy BMcK B. McKelvey
GC G. Clark JM J. Mack
NC N. Clark RM R. Mason
MC M. Clayton AM A. Morris
AC A. Colemane RN R. No ske
RC R. Cooke DR D. Retmock
R MC R. Cooper ER E. Reynolds
FMC M. Crawford PR P. Roberts
GD G. Dibley IR I. Robinson
MD M. Dibley AR A. Rogers
JD J. Disney ABR A. Rose
EE E. Eakins KS K. Schaefer
DE D. Eldridge NS N. Schrader
HFC H. Fairlie-Cunninghame AS A. Sealy
JF J. Francis HMS H. Sealy
PF P. Fullagar HS H. Skrzynski
LH L. Haines LS L. Smith
KH K. Hindwood (the late) MS M. Spinaze
JH J. Hobbs IS I. Standring
GH G. Holmes GS G. Stevens
EH E. Hoskin DS D. Stringfellow
FJ F. Johnston WS W. Sweeney
RJ R. Johnstone GT G. van Tets
BJ B. Jones SV S. Vanags
MK M. Kaveney E W E. WheelerBIRDS 70 V . 1stt May, 1972
Emu Widespread and common in the Ivanhoe district with regular counts
of 100+ in a day, In Nov. an exceptional flock of 350 was present at
Bellevue Station, 20 miles south of Ivanhoe; the attraction being a
crop of oats and wheat growing around the perimeter of a drying swamp
(JH). Records in August and of an adult leading a party of young on
21 Nov. indicate the continued existence of the small coastal population
near Wooli (PR, DE). Also recorded nearby at Station Creek feeding on
dune vegetation within 50 yards of the sea (PR).
Shy Albatross Fewer observed off Sydney than usual, max. 10 off Cape
Solander 25 July (AMcG). 34 at sea between Ulladulla and Brush Island
30 Nov. (AM).
Yellow -nosed Albatross Off Sydney Heads: 1 on 19 June, 3 on 23 Oct.
(TK, AR, RMC et al).
Cape Petrel Off Sydney Heads: up to 4 on 2 Aug. 50+ on 18 Sept.
feeding around an oil slick about 12 miles offshore and c. 10 on 23
Oct, (TK, AR, TL et al), One freshly beach washed at Brush Island
30 Nov, (AM), a late date
White -headed Petrel Although there are about a dozen N. S. W. records
one seen about 12 miles off Sydney Heads Sept. appears to be the
first occurrence at sea; previous records being for beach washed or
storm blown birds. Detailed notes submitted included size as slightly
larger than nearby Cape Petrels, stubby black bill, white head with
blackish patch through eye and grey upper wing with darker super-
imposed W pattern (TK et al), Further details in press.
Cook’s Petrel One freshly beach washed at Newcastle Bight Dec
1 d
(GH). Third Australian record.
Fairy Prion Freshly beach washed specimens at Wanda Beach, Cronuila
5 Dec, (AR) and Nobby’s Beach, Newcastle 9 Dec. (GH). Prions are
rare in N. S. W. waters in December.
Fleshy -footed Shearwater 200+ off Sydney Heads 13 March, mainly well
offshore (TK, TL et al).BIRDS 1st May, 1972
Wedge -tailed Shearwater Birds had returned to Muttonbird Island
Coff’s Harbour by 9 Aug. after being absent during May, June and
July. In a study sample of 50 burrows first eggs were laid on 20 Nov
(PR). A light phase bird was caught on North Solitary Island on
Dec (HB, AM, SGL). This is the first record of this colour phase on
the east coast of Australia. Further details in press.
Buller’s Shearwater One freshly beach washed on Wanda Beach,
Cronulla 23 Jan. appears to be the 9th Australian record (AM).
Sooty Shearwater One freshly beach washed at Merimbula 23 May (AM).
This species is rare in N. S. W, waters after early May.
Fluttering Shearwater Several thousands feeding off Cape Banks at
the entrance of Botany Bay 25 Sept. (BJ, HB).
Wilson’s Storm -petrel 20+ off Sydney Heads 23 Oct. with a max. of
13 around the boat at any one time (TK, AR et al).
Darter Regularly observed at the Hawkesbury Swamps, max. at
Maraylya 24 July (RM). An interesting association was noted on 25
Sept. near Richmond when an armada of 43 Pelicans, which had been
watched feeding in a tight bunch for about 10 minutes, split up to
reveal a Darter in the middle (ER).
Pied Cormorant 65 fishing in a loose raft off Hawks Nest, Port
Stephens 3 Dec. (GH).
Crested Grebe A pair with a week old chick at Prospect Reservoir
20 Nov. (AC) and two nests, one with 4 eggs, 22 Dec. (EH) constitute
the second record of breeding within the County of Cumberland.
Breeding also noted at Wanganella Swamp (AMcG). Max. numbers. at
Prospect Reservoir 46 on 7 Aug. (AC); at Liddell Lake 100 on 1 Dec.
Egret sp. The colony at Gilletts Ridge, Ulmarra was estimated at
c. 300 nests on 9 Nov. This comprised approximately 600 Cattle Egrets,
150 White Egrets and 50 Little Pied Cormorants (RMC). An earlier
visit in Oct. indicated small numbers of Plumed Egrets but no little
Egrets (PR).BIRDS 81. 1st May, 972
Cattle Egret Frequently recorded at the Hawkesbury Swamps from
April to Nov. max 36 at Bushells Lagoon 24 July (RM). Further
south coast records. 2 at Bega 24 May, 2 at Pambula 26 May (AM) and
4 at Moruya 23 Oct. (GC, NC).
Little Bittern One at Yeramba Lagoon 9 Oct. (AL) and 28 Dec. (AMcG),
3 in cumbungi swamp near Woolgoolga 9 Nov. and 1 on 28 Dec. (PR).
Black Bittern Single birds at the entrance to Barragoot Lake south
of Bermagui 30 May (AM) and at Nadgee Nature Reserve 30 Dec. (JMcI)
further extend the southern limit of the range in N.S. W. see Emu
Jabiru Sydney area: recorded at Pitt Town Lagoon 21 May (RN), Bakers
Lagoon 23 May (AC, DS) and at McGraths Hill 20 Nov. (EH et al).
Frequently reported from Taree northwards, future records will not
be listed.
Glossy Ibis Up to 3 seen on the Hawkesbury Swamps April -Dec. (AC EH)
Plentiful along Willandra Creek, Mossgiel in Nov. with a total of
approximately 600 birds. A few pairs nested in the idis rookery at
Morrison’s Lake near Ivanhoe (JH). 20 at Booligal Wildlife Reserve
12 Feb. (NS).
Royal Spoonbill Colony of several hundred nests near Gillett’s
Ridge, Ulmarra 21 Nov. (PR). A few pairs nested at Morrison’s Lake
near Ivanhoe (JH).
Plumed Tree Duck Remarkable numbers for the County of Cumbe Hand
were observed in the Windsor -Richmond area during Dec. First noted
at Pitt Town Lagoon with 64 on 9 Dec. (RB, LS) and present there for
4 days with a max. of 141 on 11 Dec. (EH). Apparently not recorded
in the following two weeks then several reports of up to 100 near
Richmond 28 Dec. onwards (LS). It seems likely that a large flock
was present in the area throughout the whole period since over 200
were present on a hitherto unwatched swamp near Richmond early in

  1. Breeding record: pair with at least two young near Ulmarra
    31 Dec. (MAC).3IRDS 82. 1st May, 1972
    Mountain Duck Up to 9 present near Ivanhoe during Nov. (JH). This
    is north of the normal range (see Frith “Waterfowl in Australia?’
    p. 143).
    Grey Teal Breeding records’ pair with 8 young at Yeramba Lagoon
    24 Jan. (GD, MD). 3 adults accompanied by 8 young at Trenayr 23
    Oct. (EW). Frith comments “There are few records of breeding on
    the east coast”.
    Chestnut Teal Two on the NSW/SA border at Lake Boolka, 130 miles
    north-west of Broken Hill 27 April (JM). This is well to the north
    of the species normal range. 2 near Lawrence 26 July (EW) and a
    pair of Artificial Lake Lismore 29 Aug. (MS), Records from the
    north coast are scarce.
    Wood Duck One in unusual habitat on the mud flats at Kooragang, New-
    castle 28 Aug. (GH). An albino near Ivanhoe on 15 Nov. was all
    white apart from a brownish stripe on the wings (JH),
    White -quilled Pygmy Goose 3 at Rocky Dam reserve, 60 miles NNW
    of Inverell Aug. (MB) see Birds 6,20-1,
    Crested Hawk Single birds at Bawden’s Bridge near Grafton 19 Sept.
    and at Lions Park, Lismore 12 Dec. (EW).
    Red -backed Sea Eagle Twice observed in the city of Grafton during
    Sept., once perched on a television antenna (EW),
    Grey Goshawk An adult female remained at Northmead for two weeks
    from 18 April (AC). Other records from Munghorn Gap (GD, MD, RMC),
    Springwood (A.McG), near Taree (LS), Tilba,(MAC) and Robertson (SC),
    the last two being white phase birds.
    Little Eagle Coastal breeding record: nest under construction at
    Station Creek 21 Aug; large rufous young visible in the nest 18 Dec.
    (PR). Several records from the Hawkesbury Swamps. Seems to be
    expanding generally both in numbers and range.
    Osprey Recorded inland at Maitland 11-12 Aug. (PB),_ see Birds 6 41,
    and in the St. Albans-Wisemans Ferry area 19 Oct. and 3 Nov.
    (CMB, RB).BIRDS 83. 1st May, 1972
    More coastal records than expected with cc currences at Wallis Lake
    Seal Rocks, Coif’s Harbour, Station Creek, Wooli and Evans Head.
    Black Falcon Single birds at Llangothlin Lagoon 4 March (AM) and
    near Armidale 27 Dec. (RN).
    Grey Falcon Two seen 26 miles W of Bourke 14 June (MAC, TL). One
    watched for three hours at Balmoral near Mudgee 21 June (NK).
    Mallee Fowl Seven mounds located at Ingalba Nature Reserve near
    Temora but only one thought to be active (GC,NC). This is one of
    the most easterly breeding localities in the State. 27 active mounds
    on Yathong Nature Reserve 30 miles N of Roto (IR per AM), active
    mounds on Popiltah Station 80 miles S of Broken Hill (BMcK per AM).
    Brush Turkey One observed on dry plateau country between the Wolgan
    and Capertree Rivers 5 miles S of Glen Davis 9 May (HFC). A most
    unlikely locality but the observer knows the brid well and has photo-
    graphed them in the past. Two in the Styx River State Forest near
    Ebor 18 Sept. (GH).

Red -backed Quail One seen closely on the Broadwater — Wardell heath

land 20 Nov. (AMcG).
Painted Quail One at Round Hill 15 Sept. (GC,NC) and c. 16 at
Pulletop 16 Oct, (MC).
Red -chested Quail One flushed on Bellevue Station near Ivanhoe Nov.
(JH). This is a considerable extension of range inland see Emu 71:

  1. 6 flushed while harvesting at Balmoral near Mudgee 30 Dec. (NK).
    Little Quail Generally common in the Ivanhoe district Sept. -Dec. (JH).
    Flushed while harvesting at Balmoral near Mudgee, 7 on 23 Dec. and
    2 on 30 Dec. (NK).
    Brolga Pair at Bungawalbin 14 Feb. (MS). Two near Lawrence 16
    March (AM) and 3 in the same locality 9 July (EW). One at Euabalong
    16 Nov. (JH).BIRDS 84. 1st May, 1972
    Banded Landrail A pair accompanied by downy chicks seen feeding on
    a dead bandicoot by the roadside at Jackadgery 28 Nov. (EW). One
    on North Solitary Island 6 Dec. (AM). Several records from Prospect
    Reservoir, max. 4 on 2 Dec. (AM),
    Marsh Crake Numerous records from the Hawkesbury Swamps during
    Jan. and Sept. -Dec. , max. 22 at Bushells Lagoon 11 Sept. (AC).
    qpotted Crake Single birds at Bushells Lagoon 17 Jan. (TL) and near
    Stockton 17 Nov. (AM).
    Spotless Crake Nesting recorded from a swamp near Maitland Golf
    Course during Feb. (PB) see Birds 6A1. One caught at North
    Richmond 24 April died shortly afterwards (AM) see Birds 6:17,
    Black -tailed Native Hen Several large flocks at Menindee 3 Nov (NS).
    Bustard Recorded from Kinchega, Wanaaring, near Wilcannia and
    South of Bourke. For details see Birds 6:54.
    Painted Snipe More frequently reported than usual. A male near
    Wollongong 1 Feb. (MAC) and a flock of 5 near Richmond 24 April
    (AMcG) were the only records for the early part of the year. The
    following series of observations, remarkable for the County of
    Cumberland, probably refers to the same set of birds; up to three
    (one male, two females) at Bushells Lagoon 14-27 Nov. (TL, AC, EH,
    RMC) then up to four (Two males, two females) at Bakers Lagoon
    11-27.Dec. (MAC, RN, RJ,SV et al), North coast one at Coraki 21
    Nov. (per MC) and a female on a swamp north of Ulmarra 31 Dec.
    Sooty Oystercatcher One at South Wall, Ballina 21 Nov. (MS). This
    species is rare on the north coast.
    Banded Plover Numbers rose markedly at Richmond Aerodrome from
    mid Oct. onwards with a max. of 95 on 11 Dec. (RMC, AC, KS).
    Red -kneed Dotterel In contrast to the influxes of recent years there
    were only two records from the County of Cumberland; one at Pitt
    Town Lagoon 27 Jan. (AM) and 2 at Fearnley’s Lagoon 13 Nov. (AC,
    RB).BIRDS 85. 1st May, 1972
    Double -banded Dotterel. Large numbers at Lake Bathurst in late June
    and early July with up to 500 in scattered flocks 26 June (MC).
    Mongolian Dotterel About 100 still remaining at Swan Bay, Port
    Stephens 25 May (GH): a late date.
    Large Sand Dotterel Observed in small numbers at Botany Bay, Boat
    Harbour, Stockton and Comerong Island.
    Japanese Snipe One flushed at approx. 3,000 feet on Kings Tableland
    near Wentworth Falls 13 March (JH,AMcG).
    Marsh Sandpiper Present at Bakers Lagoon from 30 Oct. to 19 Dec. max.
    4 on 11 Dec. (RN, RJ, SV, AR, RMC). Up to 5 at Ivanhoe 3-20 Nov. (jH).
    Greenshank 80 at Kooragang Island, Newcastle 26 Aug. (GH), possibly
    the largest number reported from the State. Present at Ivanhoe 3-20
    Nov, max. 9 (JH).
    Wood Sandpiper Inland records single birds at Barrenbox Swamp neRr
    Griffith 14 Feb. (MAC, TL) and at Ivanhoe 22 Sept. (JH).
    Wandering Tattler A pair watched and photographed at Long Reef May
    (RN, RJ, SV). 6-7 note call heard several times. The record is
    further substantiated by a close up photograph on which the length of
    the nasal groove is clearly visible. at Red Rock State Park 26 Sept,
    (TL, PR). Call notes well heard; one observer is familiar with the
    species in the U.S.A.
    Terek Sandpiper One at Comerong Island 5 Dec. (GD, MD, RMC), the
    first for that locality.
    Great Knot A flock of 9 at Harrington 14 Nov. and at Byron Bay 17 Nov.
    possibly were the same birds despite the fact that these localities
    are over 200 miles apart (AMcG). Also recorded at Botany Bay,
    Swansea and Stockton.
    Sharp -tailed Sandpiper One at Boat Harbour on 10 Oct. appeared to be
    still in full breeding plumage (AR, TK). 3001- at Bakers Lagoon 27
    Nov (AC). Flock of 400 at Ivanhoe throughout Nov. (JH).BIRDS 86. 1st May, 1972
    Pectoral Sandpiper One at Bakers Lagoon 11-26 Dec. seen with a
    second bird 19 and 26 Dec. (EH, AC, TL). One at Bushells Lagoon 18
    Dec. (GD, MD) may have been one of these birds.
    Red -necked Stint Inland record- up to 23 at Ivanhoe during Nov. (JH).
    Curlew Sandpiper Inland record: up to 4 at Ivanhoe during Nov. (JH).
    Broad -billed Sandpiper One at Boat Harbour 3 and 13 Nov. (AMER):
    seldom reported from this locality.
    Black -tailed Godwit Up to 200 at Stockton in both summer seasons
    covered by this report (GH, AM, RMC). Inland record, at Bellevue
    Station near Ivanhoe in late Nov. and early Dec. (JH).
    Bar -tailed Godwit 800 at Stockton 7 Dec. (GH).
    Ruff A Reeve at Kurnell Swamp 25 Sept. (FJ) is the first record for
    N. S. W. Observed for 10 minutes at a range of 50 feet in company
    with Sharp -tailed Sandpipers to which it was agressive. Compared
    with this species it was slightly larger, more robust, longer in leg
    and with a more upright stance and lacked the rufous on the crown and
    the head strip. The observer is familiar with the species having
    watched one for over an hour in Western Australia.
    Southern Stone Curlew One at Careel Bay 5 Feb. (KH) see Birds 6 18.
    A pair at the same locality several times Aug. -Oct. (RMC). 2 calling
    at night at Rooty Hill 7 Aug (RC).
    Oriental Pratincole One at Bakers Lagoon 22 May (JH,AMcG) was the
    first record for the State since an immature male was shot near
    Botany Bay in 1877. This was followed by an even more remarkable
    occurrence of a party of 12 at the same place on 11 Dec. (RMC). 5
    were present the next day (AC) and 3 the following day remained and
    were seen by many observers until 19 Dec. A single bird was pre
    sent for a further week being last seen on 26 Dec. (EH).
    Pomarine Skua 10-15 off Sydney Heads 13 March, mainly well off-
    shore (TK, RMC, TL).BIRDS 87. 1st May. 1972
    Southern Black -backed Gull Breeding continues on Moon Island and at
    the Five Islands (AM, HB, BJ). Recorded outside the breeding season
    at Botany Bay, Swansea, Lake Illawarra and Long Reef (KH,AMcG, RN).
    Marsh Tern Breeding recorded at a marshy lagoon 12 miles south of
    Glen Innes 28 Dec. 30+ birds present; one nest seen with two large
    young, others in the reeds (RN) c. 50 at Llangothlin Lagoon March
    White -winged Black Tern 10 at Stockton 18 March (AM) see Birds 6:37.
    Present in the same area until 26 April when 2 out of 12 were in full
    breeding plumage; max. 15 on 9 April (IS).
    Caspian Tern One at Boat Harbour 23 Jan (AM). Adult and immature
    on Botany Flats 6 March (KH, EH). Records of this species are scarce
    in the Sydney area.
    Sooty Tern One beach washed at Boat Harbour 27 Nov. (FJ).
    Little Tern Small colonies reported from Nadgee, Sawtell and Station
    Creek (AM, PR). c. 400 at Stockton 18 March (AM).
    Crested Tern Several hundred pairs nesting on Pig Island just outside
    Coff’s Harbour in Dec. (PR). c. 8, 000 pairs nesting on North Solitary
    Island early Dec, (AM, HB, SGL).
    Grey Noddy Fresh remains of one picked up on a road near Bungwahl
    21 Jan. 6th record for N.S. W. (Per KH).
    Wompoo Pigeon Small flocks commonly seen in rainforest remnants at
    Bruxner Park and Woolgoolga (PR).
    Top -knot Pigeon Southerly record: 6 flying along the coast over dune
    country south of Bermagui 30 May (AM). Generally regarded as much
    more abundant in the Coff’s Harbour area than for many years. In
    April and May flocks of from 30-150 were common over the town (PR).
    150 at Wallis Lake 3 Sept. (GH).
    White -headed Pigeon One observed at Hornsby 6 Feb. (CB) see
    Birds 6:2.3IRDS 88. 1st May, 1972
    Bar -shouldered Dove One at Round Hill 5 Oct. (GC,NC), close to the
    western edge of this species range. One at Comerong Island 4 Dec.
    (GD, MD) well south of the normal range.
    Diamond Dove 2 pairs in the Mann River Valley 10 Nov. (RMC).
    Green -winged Pigeon Single birds 5 miles NE of Branxton 14 June
    and 25 Sept. and at Howes Valley near Putty 20 Nov. (MC), Unusual
    Crested Pigeon 12 at Bringelly 5 June (AMcG).
    Wonga Pigeon One at Munghorn Gap 30 May (GH) where apparently
    it is a regular winter visitor (per AM). Several at Loquat Valley,
    Bayview during Dec. (LH).
    Swift Parrot Notable scarcity of records, the only occurrences being
    5 at Gerogery near Albury 8 May (MC), one at Warrumbungle National
    Park 13 June (GH) and undated reports from the Temora area.
    Yellow -tailed Black Cockatoo More Sydney suburban records than
    usual with reports from Forestville, Gordon, Pennant Hills and
    Hornsby, all in winter (SGL, HS, EE, FMC),
    Glossy Black Cockatoo 10+ at Nadgee 3 Jan (MAC). Pair at Bruxner
    Park 19 Sept. (PR). 3 close to the coast at Laurieton 15 Nov. (RN).
    Regular reports of small numbers along the Hawkesbury River and
    its tributaries (AC, GS).
    Red-tailed Black Cockatoo 21 near Louth 14 June (MAC, TL). 300+
    near Bourke Aug. (JF).
    Gang Gang Cockatoo feeding in Scribbly Gums at Pennant Hill Park
    14 June (SGL), Seldom recorded in the Sydney suburban area.
    Sulphur -crested Cockatoo 360 near the CSIRO research station,
    Kemps Creek 27 March (AC).
    Major Mitchell Cockatoo c. 50 (30 in one flock) at Mount Nobby, NW
    of Condobolin 2 Oct . (MC). Flock of 54 at Kaleentha, near Menindee
    27 April (NS).3 IRDS 89. 1st May, 1972
    Little Corella Upwards of 100 seen at Pitt Town Bottoms at irregular
    intervals (AC, AMcG, LS). This population, almost certainly derived
    from escaped aviary stock, has been present and increasing in the
    Windsor-Riverstone area for at least 16 years. One at Mount Nobby
    9 April (MC) and 20-30 at Lake Brewster 4 Oct. (GC,NC) were close to
    the eastern edge of the natural range
    Long -billed Corella One on 6 July (RB, LS) and 2 on 16 Oct. (AC, WS)
    at Pitt Town Bottoms, in company with Little Corellas and Sulphur –
    crested Cockatoos, were probably escapes. Similarly one at Arncliffe
    Sept. (AMcG).
    Cockatiel 15 at Bringelly 14 June (AC, AMcG).
    Pale -headed Rosella One present in the South Grafton area for several
    months (E W)
    Bourke Parrot Three sightings in the Ivanhoe district Sept. -Dec. with
    a max. flock size of 9. Appeared to the few patches
    of Mulga which at this locality is at the extremity of its natural range
    and very scattered (JH). One 20 miles west of Wilcannia 10 April
    (TL, MAC).
    Turquoise Parrot As this species has in the past been classed as rare
    the numerous records for this year are given in detail. In future all
    sightings should be reported. Sydney area: 3 at Scheyville 12 Jan.,
    2 at Blue Gum Creek, Annangrove 23 Jan (AC), 11 at Lynch’s Creek,
    Yarramundi 29 May (GPC), 1 on 29 Aug. (AC) and 2 on 22 Oct. and 10
    Nov. (AS, HMS) at Kenthurst, 2 near Springwood 13 Dec. (AM). Munghorn
    Gap: 2 on 29 May (GH), 1 on 6 Nov. (AM), several parties of up to 7
    1-4 Oct. (GD, MD, RMC). During this period a female was watched
    feeding young and a pair were observed in courtship display and feeding.
    Hunter Valley’ near Sandy Hollow 3 on 30 May (GH) and 4 on 4 July (AM).
    Southern Districts: a male at Gooloogong near Cowra 11 April (AC), 2
    at Ingalba near Temora 13 Dec. thought to be the first record for this
    area, (per AM), and c. 22 at Gerogery near Albury 8 May (MC). Western
    Districts a pair involved in courtship feeding 15 Sept. and a single
    male 5 Oct. at Round Hill, possibly a new locality (GC,NC).BIRDS 90. 1st May, 1972
    Ground Parrot 15 at Nadgee 12 Jan (AM).
    Oriental Cuckoo An adult male in open forest country at Greendale
    20 March (AC, AMcG). Although very shy and elusive several views
    of the thickly barred underparts were had during 15 minutes of obser-
    vation. This species is very rare in N.S. W.
    Black -eared Cuckoo Single birds observed 30 miles north of Broken
    Hill 11 April (TL) and 10 miles south of Engonnia. 13 June (TL, MAC)
    Present at Round Hill on both 15-17 Sept. and 5 Oct. (GC, NC).
    Koel Last recorded date in the Sydney area 17 March at Ashton Park.
    First arrival in Sydney 4 Oct. at Balmoral (BA). By comparison the
    first arrival in the Coff’s Harbour area was 19 Sept. (PR).
    Channel -billed Cuckoo Sydney area: singles at Castle Hill 4 Nov (RB)
    and Hornsby 20 Nov. (RM). One calling at Medlow Bath 11 Dec. (GA).
    Pheasant Coucal Sydney area: one at Deep Creek, Narrabeen Lakes
    15 May (NLK).
    Powerful Owl One flushed from Kellys Creek, Royal National Park
    on 28 Nov. was mobbed by Currawongs. The size was described as
    11 times that of a Currawong with wing span close to 4 feet. The
    white underparts with V shaped barring were clearly seen (DE).
    Barking Owl One at Bodalla 1 Jan. (MAC). 2 calling at Ingalba
    Nature Reserve, Temora Oct. (GC,NC).
    Boobook Owl The bird recorded in Hyde Park (see 1970 report) was
    seen regularly until 25 Aug. An analysis of pellets showed that it
    was feeding mainly on beetles and House Mice (JD). See Birds 6:28.
    Barn Owl One killed during July in Royal National Park had recently
    eaten a Marsupial Mouse (Antechinus sp. ) and 2 House Mice (Mus
    musculus) (ABR). One at Hoxton Park near Liverpool 31 Oct. (DL).
    Masked Owl One killed by a car near Brisbane Waters National Park
    27 Aug. (ABR).BIRDS 91 1 st May, 1972
    Tawny Frogmouth 4 in Nielson Park for three weeks from 10 Jan (HS).
    Nesting -in the Botanical Gardens 30 Aug. (EH).
    Spotted Nightjar Recorded from Mount Nobby near Condoblin in April
    and Oct. Nest with one egg at Pulletop 17 Oct. (MC).
    Spine -tailed Swift Early record. flock over Moss Vale 2 Oct. (SC).
    Late record: one at Lindfield 2 April (RMC). Unusually large numbers
    for the inland at Ivanhoe in late Dec. see next species.
    Fork -tailed Swift During stormy weather over the Christmas period
    large flocks of this and the previous species came and went at Ivanhoe.
    Many thousands were involved but both kept separate never mixing,
    either in different areas or on different days. On 26 Dec. passage of
    Fork -tailed Swifts eastward continued from early morning to sunset
    and at lease 50, 000 birds would have passed over Ivanhoe (JH).
    Azure Kingfisher One at Centennial Park 24 July (AB)was the first
    for the park since 1961. Previous to this there were many records
    and breeding occurred in the 1950’s.
    Laughing Kookaburra One at Mossgiel early Oct. First observation irt
    this area by a resident of 50 years standing. (per JH).
    Red -backed Kingfisher One at Artificial Lake, Lismore 29 Aug. This;
    and earlier observations indicate that this inland species is a regular
    winter visitor in small numbers to the Richmond River Valley, records
    occurring right to the coast at Ballina (MS).
    Dollar Bird One at Woody Head 10 Sept. (GH) compared with the
    earliest Sydney record of 29 Sept. 400 miles further south.
    Superb Lyrebird During June singing birds were located in the Kuringai
    Chase, area as follows: 5 at Duffys Forest, 1 at Bobbin Head, 1 at
    Smith’s Creek and 2 at Coal and Candle Creek (HS). 5 observed and
    another 12 calling in Royal National Park 24 July (GD, MB et al).
    Ground Cuckoo -shrike 2 at Armidale 13 May (GH).BIRDS 92, 1st May, 1972
    Cicada Bird One on top of Mount Banks in the Blue Mountains 31
    Oct. (MAC),
    White -winged Triller A female near Cobbity 24 July (AMcG); winter
    records for Sydney are very scarce. A. male near Mullumbimby 18 Nov.
    seen in company with a male Varied Triller, a rare occurrence as
    the ranges of these two species seldom meet (AMcG, MK).
    Spotted Quail Thrush A female at Kanangra-Boyd National Park 9
    April (RMC) was the first for this area. seen in the Banyabba Nature
    Reserve 9 Sept. (E W). 2 pairs at Munghorn Gap 1 Oct. (GD, MD),
    Chestnut Quail Thrush Two in the Ballyrenie Hills west of Cowra 11
    April (AC), well eastward of the normal range. The birds appeared
    to be associated with the tussock grass areas fringing small grassy
    river flats. Observed again in the same area early in 1972.
    Cinnamon Quail Thrush Small parties were seen approx. 10 miles
    north of Silverton 26 and 30 April (JM).
    White-browed Babbler 10 at Warrumbungle National Park 13 June;
    the first for this area (GH).
    Blue Wren Present in small numbers in lignum areas along Willandra
    Creek Mossgiel (JH).
    Red -backed Wren Males first noted in breeding plumage at Coff’s
    Harbour on 7 Aug. Many in eclipse previous to this (PR).
    Southern Emu -Wren A pair on Kings Tableland, a high mountain
    heath (approx. 3, 000 ft. ) near Wentworth Falls 13 March (JH,AMcG).
    A nest with 3 young found at Minni Ha Ha Falls 26 Nov. A local
    resident considers that this species has inhabited the hanging swamps
    of the Minni Ha Ha Falls Reserve for many years (GA). See also
    1970 report.
    Mangrove Warbler Recorded for the first time in the Port Stephens
    area with 3 at Swan Bay 25 May and at Taylors Beach near Soldiers
    Point 17 Dec. (GH) Reported as common and breeding at Tuncurry
    14 Nov. (RN).BIRDS 93. 1st May, 1972
    Western Warbler Present in small numbers at Ivanhoe probably marking
    the western extremity of this species range in N.S. W. (JH).
    Little Thornbill A flock between Ivanhoe and Cobar 19 Sept. (JH).
    This is close to the north-western limit of the N.S. W. range.
    Brown Thornbill An unusual nesting site was found at Scheyville on
    4 Oct. The nest was suspended from a low stick with the base resting
    on the ground in an area surprisingly open and lacking in general
    ground cover (AC, AMcG).
    Red-tailed Thornbill 6 Acanthiza sp., watched in Eucalyptus/Callitris
    association at Moonbi near Tamworth 26 June, were apparently this
    species although the rumps were perhaps not as bright as on far
    inland individuals. Calls and habits typical of this species being
    extremely active and tending to remain high in trees (GH).
    Large -billed Scrub Wren 3 on 24 Oct. and 1 on 13 Nov. at Mitchell
    Park, Cattai (AC), an unusual locality.
    Shy Heath Wren Observations in April and Oct. indicate a resident
    population at Mount Nobby, north-west of Condobolin, probably marking
    the north-eastern edge of the N.S. W. range (MC).
    Striated Field Wren Several records from Nadgee Nature Reserve, max.
    28 on 11 Jan. (AM).
    Rufour Field Wren Two, 15 miles east of Broken Hill 11 April (TL, MAC)
    Whiteface Northern Tablelands: one out of normal range near Wollo-
    mombi Falls 5 Feb. (AMcG). Sydney area: 2 at Greendale 4 Dec. (AC).
    Rock Warbler Two at Yeramba Lagoon 21 Feb. 5 nests found at Mung-
    horn Gap Nature Reserve 1-4 Oct. (GD, MD). During Nov. a pair
    seriously investigated a garage at Kenthurst as a prospective nest site
    Apparent coutship feeding observed with one bird catching spiders and
    feeding the other (AS, HMS).
    Eastern Bristle Bird 4 just outside the Gurumbi Nature Reserve near
    Jervis Bay 28 Aug. (MC). This confirms previous unpublished records
    from this area.BIRDS 94. 1st May, 1972
    Crimson Chat As in 1970 a rare species in the eastern half of the
    State the only record being a male at Lake Brewster 4 Oct. (NC, GC)
    Red -capped Robin Sydney area┬░ seen at Greendale, 4 males and 3
    females 15 March, a pair 18 April and single females 26 June and 4
    Dec. (AC,EH).
    Flame Robin Sydney area: 2 at Scheyville 17 May (AC) and a pair at
    Bakers Lagoon 21 May (RN).
    Hooded Robin Sydney area: observed only at Greendale with a pair
    27 March (AC, EH), a female 17 May (RN, SV) and a male 4 Dec. (AC).
    Satin Flycatcher More spring records from the Sydney area than
    usual. First observed 26 Sept. at Northmead (AM) then noted at
    Hornsby, West Pennant Hills, Longueville and Toongabbie, mostly
    male birds (RN, WK, LS, CMB).
    Black -faced Flycatcher Early records: a male killed at Wahroonga
    22 Sept. (per JD) and another seen at Castle Hill 27 Sept. (RB). There
    is only one earlier record for the Sydney area on 14 Sept. 1947.
    One near Branxton 25 Sept. (MC).
    Gilbert Whistler Nest with eggs at Mount Nobby 3 Oct. (MC). At
    least 2 pairs on the edge of Ingalba Nature Reserve Temora in 10
    year old regrowth 6 Oct. One nest found in an old Babblers nest
    (GC, NC).
    Olive Whistler Single birds in the New England National Park on 17
    April (GH) and 24 Dec. (RMC). 3 calling frequently from high up in
    the Antarctic Beech canopy in the Styx River State Forest near Ebor
    27 Sept. (GH).
    Black -capped Sittella One at Pulletop 16 Oct. (MC). Although the
    habitat in this reserve is probably very suitable this is well to the
    east of this species normal range.
    Red-browed Tree -creeper 2 at Styx River State Forest near Ebor 18
    Sept. (GH) and 1 on Comerong Island 4 Dec. (GD, MD); unusual
    localities.BIRDS 95. 1st May, 1972
    Yellow -tailed Pardalote One flushed from a typical nesting tunnel
    on flat ground in open dry sclerophyll forest at Munghorn Gap Nature
    Reserve 3 Oct. (GD). Although probably breeding the bird did not
    re-enter the tunnel while under observation. The bright yellow rump
    was well seen on several occasions. This represents a significant
    eastward extension in the range of this species.
    Eastern Silvereye One at Mount Nobby, NW of Condobolin 2 Oct. (MC).
    Pied Honeyeater c. 8 in the Lake Bancannia area, 80 miles north of
    Broken Hill, 2930 April. Observed feeding in flowering Eremophila
    bignoniiflora (JM).
    Yellow -fronted Honeyeater Very plentiful at Round Hill mid Sept. and
    early Oct. feeding on flowering mallee (GC, NC).
    Yellow -plumed Honeyeater Commonly noted at Ingalba Nature Reserve,
    Temora (GC,NC); probably the most easterly locality for this species
    White -throated Honeyeater Again recorded in the Wooli district wh
    would thus appear to be within the normal range (AM).
    Blue -faced Honeyeater 2 at Balmoral property near Mudgee 15 Nov.
    (NK). This species is uncommon in this locality.
    White-cheeked Honeyeater Nests were again found on Kings Tableland,
    Wentworth Falls during July and Aug. indicating that the Blue Mount ins
    are part of this species normal range (JH); see 1970 report.
    White -fronted Honeyeater Plentiful around Louth 14 June (TL, MAC) and
    at Round Hill mid Sept. and early Oct. (GC, NC).
    Tawny -crowned Honeyeater Recorded throughout the year at Coff’s
    Harbour, Station Creek and Wooli (PR). Previously considered scarce
    on the north coast these and earlier records (per JH) indicate that
    this species occurs regularly as far north as Evans Head. Plentiful
    at approx. 3, 000 ft. on Kings Tableland near Wentworth Falls 13 March
    when a nest with 4 eggs was found (AMcG, JH).BIRDS 96. 1st May, 1972
    Painted Honeyeater 2 at Round Hill 5 Oct. (GC,NC) possibly the
    first record for this locality.
    Regent Honeyeater c. 100 at Munghorn Gap 12 April (AMcG, FJ).
    Other records from Putty, Glen Davis and Binalong (TL, MAC, AM).
    Bell Miner A new colony discovered upstream of Long Point look -out
    Shoalhaven Gorge 7 Nov. (SC).
    Little Wattle Bird Again nested at Bulls Camp in May. Almost
    certainly a regular breeder in the Blue Mountains, see 1970 report
    Beautiful Firetail Several records from Heathcote and Royal National
    Parks March -Aug. max. 5 at Curra Moors 31 July (AC, GD, MD).
    Also seen near Blackheath (AMcG) and at Gurumbi Nature Reserve,
    Jervis Bay (MC).
    Plum -headed Finch A male at Bushells Lagoon 17 Jan (MAC) was the
    only record from the Sydney area in contrast to the previous year,
    see 1970 report. 60+ near Glen Davis 30 May (TL, MAC).
    Chestnut -breasted Finch Recorded in the Windsor Area July -Nov.,
    max. 200+ 4 Sept. (AC, AMcG, RB, LS).
    Indian Mjnah A pair in a garden at Moss Vale 8 Aug. (SC), thought
    to be the first occurrence in this town.
    Apostle Bird Easterly record: party at Goonoo Goonoo near Tam –
    worth 20 March (GH).
    Grey Currawong One near Blayney 31 Jan (GH)
    Pied Butcherbird One at Dooralong near Wyong 2 June (GH).
    White -backed Magpie 2 on Boyd Plateau, Kanangra-Boyd National
    Park 9 April were the first for the park (RMC). Sydney area: one
    at Fearnley’s Lagoon 17 July (AC, AMcG), Intermediate birds but
    close to this species at Richmond 29 Dec. (LS) and at Hornsby late
    Nov. and Dec. (ER).BIRDS 97. 1st May, 1972
    Spotted Bower Bird Frequently observed in the Ivanhoe area (NS, JH).
    Regent Bower Bird Several records from Mitchell Park, Cattai Oct -Dec.
    (AC, AMcG, RB). Still occurs at the regular feeding spot at Kincumber
    near Avoca in numbers up to 40 (per AM).
    Little Crow Permanently abundant at Ivanhoe where it is the town
    scavenger walking tamely through backyards and fowl houses. About
    200 roost each night in the Belar on the town fri nge (JH).
    Appendix A The following reports, all from Sydney suburbs, were
    considered as referring to escaped aviary stock:- Collared Dove (Sea –
    forth), Major Mitchell Cockatoos (Toongabbie West), Little Corella
    (Manly), Cockatiel (Oxford Falls), Green Rosella (Peakhurst), Pale –
    headed Rosella (Beecroft), Port Lincoln Parrot (Baulkham Hills, West
    Ryde and Palm Beach) and Blue Bonnet (Palm Beach).
    As there were several visits of ornithological significance during
    1971 this is an appropriate time to commence an annual summary of
    island records. To assist with this the editor would be grateful to
    receive brief notes from all future visitors.
    Great -winged Petrel One seen at sea south of Kings Point March
    (PF, JMcK, GT). First record.
    Kermadec Petrel Several seen at Balls Pyramid mingled with large
    numbers of Brown -headed Petrels March (PF, JMcK, GT). At least
    12 around Balls Pyramid 6 Dec. (TL).
    Black -winged Petrel Breeding was confirmed in March when chicks were
    found in two burrows on North Head (PF, JMcK, GT). Although watched
    for, none were sighted on the main island in the two weeks preceeding
    10 Dec. (TL).
    White -necked Petrel One seen in flight north of Balls Pyramid on
    March (PF, JMcK, GT). First record.BIRDS 98. 1st May, 1972
    Brown -headed Petrel From a study of distribution and density of
    occupied burrows made during March, April, July and Oct. the
    population on Lord Howe was provisionally estimated at 11,000
    breeding pairs (PF, JMcK, GT).
    Little Shearwater The breeding population of Roach Island was
    provisionally estimated at 4,000 pairs. None were breeding on
    Rabbit Island (PF, JMcK, GT).
    White -bellied Storm -petrel Breeding on Roach Island was confirmed
    during March when 12 nests were examined. It was thought that the
    colony probably exceeds 1,000 pairs. This is a significant discovery
    since although small numbers have been seen for many years the sus-
    pected colonies had never been found (PF, JMcK, GT).
    Straw -necked Ibis One observed during Feb. behind Old Settlement
    Beach was seen again in July (PF, JMcK, GT). This appears to be
    the second record.
    Black Duck A pair bred at the south end of the island during Nov.
    (DR). 8 seen at the swamp behind Blinkenthorpe Beach 28 Nov.
    Woodhen Several surveys have shown the population on top of Mount
    Gower to consist of 20 adults and juvenile (JD).
    Japanese Snipe 5 at the swamp behind Blinkenthorpe Beach 28 Nov.
    Common Sandpiper One at Old Gulch 27 and 29 Nov. (TL).
    Wandering Tattler One seen Feb. -March on the rocks below Flag-
    staff Point and at North Beach Reef (PF, JMcK, GT). The only
    previous record appears to be one collected in 1914.
    Curlew Sandpiper One at Lagoon Beach Dec. (TL).
    Silver Gull One seen over the lagoon 25 Nov. (TL).
    White -capped Noddy Seen in small numbers at Balls Pyramid and off
    the main island during Feb. -March (PF, JMcK, GT) and late Nov. –
    early Dec. (TL), The possibility that this species breeds on the cliffs
    below Malabar or at Balls Pyramid requires investigation.BIRDS 99. 1st May, 1972
    White Tern Breeding continues. Nests with eggs found in both
    summer seasons covered by this report (DR).
    Spine -tailed Swift One over Malabar 25 Nov. (TL).
    Fork -tailed Swift Reports of this species in mid Nov., by a resident
    Mr. Ray Schick, were confirmed when 9 were seen at close range over
    Malabar on 26 Nov. (TL). First record.
    Welcome Swallow One present for about a week at the end of Nov. (TL).
    Black -faced Cuckoo -Shrike A Cuckoo Shrike considered to be this species
    was present for much of the year (DR).
    Noisy Friar -bird One seen in a Eucalypt behind Pine Trees 28 Sept.
    (AM) was reported by residents to have been present for a few weeks.
    First record of a species of Meliphagidae on the island.
    The field excursion to Maryland and Cobbitty on 18th March, 1972
    was well attended with 58 members present and the weather was perfect.
    The first stop was on the property “Maryland” near Bringelly, where
    several species of waterbirds were noted, in particular, a pair of
    Chestnut Teal with four young. Also of interest was a Brown Songlark,
    which was observed by most members.
    After leaving “Maryland” we proceeded to the 1,700 acre property
    of Mr. Downs, near Cuthill, Cobbitty. Quite a variety of birds were
    seen here in the open forest, including Painted Quail, Diamond Firetail,
    King Parrot, Bell Miner, Rufous Fantail, Rainbow Bee -eater and three
    occupied nests of the Banded Finch. Species total for the outing was
    69 native and 5 introduced, bringing to a close a most enjoyable day.
    A. Colemane (Leader)BIRDS 100. 1st May, 1972
    A camping -bus trip from Perth to Albany and Kalgoorlie has been
    arranged by the B.O. C. 9th to 29 October, 1972. Cost approx. $190
    including meals. Own camping gear must be provided. Interested
    persons contact Miss Helen Aston, Bird Observers Club, 16/563
    Glenferrie Rd. Hawthorn, Victoria. 3122.
    Saturday – 20th May. Albion Park (see March issue)
    Sunday – 18th June. Woronora River (Leader P. H. Barnes 524-7321)
    Meet 10.0 am at Woronora Dam in first parking area on left.
    Turn right from Princes Highway 2.5 miles south of Waterfall and
    drive miles. Carry lunch. Persons travelling by train arriving
    Waterfall 9.21 a. m. can be picked up if they make arrangements with
    the Dibleys, Tel. 570-1298 by Wednesday, 14th June.
    MUSEUM MEETINGS – See January issue.
    Hon. Editor: A. K. Morris
    20 Harrison St., Old Toongabbie 631-7892
    Hon. Sec. -Treasurer: Mrs. L. Smith
    84 Arabella St. Longueville 42-2418
    Field -Day Organiser: Mrs. M. Dibley
    18 Russell St., Oatley 570-1298
    ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION – Due 1st July each year.
    Single Member – $2. 00; Junior Member – $1.50; Family – $2.50.
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