Vol. 7 No. 6-text

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Published by the N.S.W. Field Ornithologists Club
Price 250 1 May 1973
Vol. 7 No. 6
This is the Third Annual Report and while it is pleasing
to note a 20% increase in the number of contributors it is even
more gratifying to report that most observers sent in their
records automatically.
During the year some useful comments on the 1971 report
were received and are included as an appendix. It is hoped to
make this a regular feature and follow up discussion on this
years report is invited. The section on escaped birds seems to
serve little purpose and is discontinued.
No new species were recorded in N.S.W. during 1972, however
reports of Silver-grey Petrel, Grey -backed Storm -petrel, Ruff
and White -capped Noddy were either second or third records. On
resident species the re -discovery of a population of Striated
Grass Wrens was outstanding while notable information was also
received for Plains Wanderer, Grass Owl, Plumed Frogmouth, Glossy
Black Cockatoo and Azure Kingfisher. Unusually large numbers of
Plumed Tree Ducks, Marsh Sandpipers and Common Terns were reported.
I am grateful to the following people for assistance in the
preparation of this report: Tim Kenney (Assistant Records Officer:
for considerable help in compiling records, my wife for typing,
Alan Morris and Ernie Hoskin for information and advice on obscure
records and Arnold McGill and John Hobbs for their time and
experience in vetting the more critical records.
Alan E. F. Rogers
(Records Officer)BIRDS 90 may 1973
AA A. Aldridge WK W. van der Kley
MB M. Baldwin NK N. Kurtz
BB H. Bat tam WL W. Labbett
BB B. Bell CL C. Lallas
CB C. Bennett SGL S. G. Lane
RB R. Bigg BL B. Larkins
PB P. Bourke TL T. Lindsey
WB W. Braithwaite LL L. Llewellyn
JB J. Broadbent NWL W. Longmore
PJB P. Broadbent ML M. Lovell
DC D. Cameron AMcG A. mcGill
MAC M. Cameron KMcK K. McKay
ASC A. Cartwright JMcN J. Mcivaughton
WC W. Chandler RMM R. mason
MC M. Cochrane BM B. Miller
AC A. Colemane RM R. Miller
RCC R. Cooke AM A. Morris
RC R. Cooper RN R. Noske
PC P. Cooper JN J. Noyce
JDB J. Debert GP G. Palmer
GD G. Dibley JP J. Purnell
MD M. Dibley HR H. Recher
JD J. Disney GR G. Reidy
AD A. D’Ombrain MR M. Reidy
BF B. Finch DR D. Retmock
RF R. Fordham ER E. Reynolds
AF A. Fox PR P. Roberts
GF G. Francis AR A. Rogers
PF P. Fullagar ABR A. Rose
FG F. van Gessel TR T. Rose
DG D. Gosper DS D. Sawyer
LH L. Haines NS N. Schrader
JH J. Hobbs JS J. Seale
GH G. Holmes AS A. Sefton
EH E. Hoskin LS L. Smith
BH B. Howie DMS D. Stenhouse
JI J. Izzard GS G. Stevens
VJ V. Jenkins IT I. Temby
FJ F. Johnston SV S. Vanags
RJ R. Johnstone BW B. Wallace
HJ B. Jones KW K. Walshaw
TGK T. Kendall JW J. Warbrick
TK T. Kenney EW E. WheelerBIRDS 91 1 May 1973
Emu In late May counts of from 50 to 350 were made in a 10
mile strip from Sayer’s Lake to Manara, 60 miles W of Ivanhoe (NS)
Further records of coastal breeding were provided by three
sightings of family parties in the area between Wooli and Yamba
Wandering Albatross One off Sydney Heads 26 Feb (AR,TK et al).
A report of a large albatross in the same area 20 Feb may have
been the same bird. February records off Sydney are scarce.
Royal Albatross One found dead near Coffs Harbour 22 Jan had
been banded at Campbell Island; see Aust Bird Bander 10:63. One
found exhausted at The Entrance 2 Aug subsequently recovered and
was released (per SGL) see Birds 7:42. Fourth and fifth N.S.W.
Black -brewed Albatross Summer records: one off Cape Solander,
near Kurnell, 15 Jan (AMcG) and one beach washed, “not very old”
near Kioloa 31 March (DMS)
Yellow -nosed Albatross Recorded at sea off Sydney from early
May to end Aug; max. 6 on 6 may (AR,TK,BJ et al).
Silver-grey Petrel Beach washed specimens at Cudmirrah Beach
14 Dec (GR,MR) and at Soldiers Beach near Norah Head 17 Dec (DS)
were the third and fourth N.S.W. records. The close proximity
of the dates is of interest considering it is almost 15 years
since the last record. Remains of both specimens are in the
CSIRO collection Canberra.
Cape Petrel At least 16 beach washed between 1 Sept and 18 Nov
from Shoalhaven Heads north to Tuggerah (DS,AS,AM). At sea off
Sydney Heads: 30 on 19 Aug and 10 on 1 Oct (AR,BB,TL et al).
Great -winged Petrel At least 4 (possibly 8) about 15 miles off
Sydney Heads 25 Nov (AR,TK et,a1). These along with earlier
information indicate that this species is probably an annual
spring visitor to Sydney waters well offshore. One beach washed
at Boat Harbour 9 Dec (AC,AMcG,RB).
White -headed Petrel Beach washed in fresh condition at Garie
Beach 7 march (per ABR) and at Nine Mile Beach Newcastle, dead
about two weeks, 1 Dec (GH); see Birds 7:22.BIRDS 92 1 May 1973
Mottled Petrel One beach washed at Mona Vale 28 Oct (DS);
Australian Museum specimen no. 0.44308.
Gould Petrel One beach washed at Callala Beach, Jervis Bay 17
Jan was the first recovery away from the banding place; see
Aust Bird Bander 10:40.
Brown -headed Petrel One beach washed on Wollongong Beach 22
April was the ninth Illawarra record (AS). One found alive on
Stockton Rifle Range 14 Nov died later (PB,AD).
Dove Prion One beach washed on Bulli Beach 19 Aug (AS).
Thin -billed Prion One beach washed on Bungan Beach near Newport
17 Aug (DS).
Wedge-tailed Shearwater The first bird returned to muttonbird
Island Coffs Harbour on 1 Aug, 2 were present on 2 Aug and large
numbers by 9 Aug (PR). One seen off Botany Bay 5 Aug (BJ) is
probably the earliest return date for the Sydney area.
Fluttering Shearwater Three examples of the form ‘huttoni’ beach
washed at Wanda Beach near Cronulla 17 Jan (FJ), Thirroul Beach
9 April (AS) and at Avoca Beach 20 Nov (DS).
Little Shearwater Beach washed specimens at Thirroul Beach 9
April (AS) and Turimetta Beach near Narrabeen 13 Nov (DS).
Grey -backed Storm -petrel One beach washed at Soldiers Beach near
Norah Head 29 Oct (DS), AM no. 0.44296. This is only the second
N.S.W. record.
White-faced Storm -petrel During July -Sept up to 100 were seen
on Muttonbird Island Coffs Harbour. No definite breeding recorded
although attempts were made at burrow excavation (PR). A new
colony of c. 1,000 nests on Belowla Island Nature Reserve off
Kioloa in Dec (SGL,HB,BJ). One at sea off Sydney Heads 19 Aug
(AR,TK,RC et al) was the first in five years of offshore
Diving Petrel 3 at sea off Sandon Point Bulli 23 July (AS).
Beach washed at Newport 17 Aug, AM no. 0.44266, at Narrabeen
22 Sept (DS) and at Nadgee 25 Oct (AM,BB,PF). These constitute
the fifth to eight N.S.W. records; see Birds 7:75.
Australian Pelican Accurate count of 450 at Kooragang 16 Dec
(GS,DG,BW), the largest number recorded at this locality.BIRDS 93 1 May 1973
White-tailed Tropic -bird An immature female picked up at Gordon
9 March died shortly afterwards (per AM); see Birds 7:5.
Hoary -headed Grebe 8 at Salisbury Lake, 50 miles E of
Milparinka on 5 Jan (RC).
Egret sp. Estimates of up to 1,150 nests at the Gilletts Ridge
colony, Ulmarra in Nov show a marked increase from last year.
The total comprised about 750 Cattle Egrets and 200 each of White
and Plumed Egrets. No Little Egrets were recorded (PR,EW,JMoN).
Cattle Egret New colonies: 35 nests near Lawrence in Feb, not
reoccupied the following season. 5 nests at Carrs Creek Junction
5 miles N of Grafton 14 Feb; colony again in use 15 Dec with 100
birds present and 10+ nests (AM,M). Regularly seen in the
Hawkesbury Swamps June -Oct max. 33 on 9 Sept (DS) and at Pambula
June -Aug max. 4 (NWL). Regular visitor to the Maitland area
arriving in early May and leaving early Dec. This year 18
arrived 14 May and increased to over 200 (PB). 3 in breeding
plumage near Mudgee 28 Oct were the first for that area (JS).
Large Egret colony: now re-established in mangroves to
the west of the old area deserted during bridge construction.
Nest building in progress 16 Dec and some advanced nests with
eggs (GS,DG,BW).
Little Bittern As in 1971 all records were in the months Oct -Jan
(FG,JI,EW,RC,TL) except for one in Centennial Park 4 May (RF).
Nest with 3 eggs at Kooragang 16 Dec (GS,DG,BW).
Brown Bittern Breeding record: nest with 3 young at Barrier Plain
Myall bake 9 Oct (RC). 4 at Kooragang 27 Feb (GH).
Jabiru South coast: single birds at Commonderry Swamp near
Shoalhaven Heads 10 Aug (CD,MD) and near Bega 22 Dec (JMcN).
Records from Sydney northwards are too numerous to publish and
will be omitted in future.
Freckled Duck 40 on Narran Lake 15 Dec and 20 on Monkeygar Creek
Macquarie Marshes near quambone 20 hec (BM).
Plumed Tree Duck barge numbers reported from several parts of
the state. Sydney area: continuous observations in the Windsor –
Richmond area after the Dec 1971 influx except March and April
when apparently absent. Over 200 present in Feb, May, June, Aug
and Sept; max about 245 (AC,RN,JN,ASC et al). Grafton area: presentMay 1973
BIRDS 94 1
throughout the year; max counts, at Waterview 1,400 on 16 bpril
and 800+ on 4 June, at Cowans Creek 700 on 29 Sept (Ew) and 100+
on 4 Nov (JMcN). 250+ at Finley in Jan (JI). 30 at Lake Innes
Game Reserve, Port Macquarie 12 Jan (KMcK). 2,000+ at Lake
Goran 12 May (CL,BM) thought to have been present since Jan.
Large numbers along the Mooki River in June and July were
probably the same birds. See Birds 7:24-26.
Mountain Duck One at Nadgee 12 July (NWL) was the first for
the Reserve. 8 (1 male, 7 females) at Bakers Lagoon 10 Dec (JN),
the first seen in the Sydney area since June 1968. Near Ivanhoe:
2 on 22 March, 1 on 28 April, 9 on 28 May and 2 on 7 Oct. These
along with 1971 records indicate that this area is within the
normal range (JH).
Grey Teal Breeding again recorded at Trenayr, 2 pairs, in Dec (EW
Chestnut Teal 1,300+ at Kooragang 21 May (FG,TGK). 8 at Yamba
5 Nov (JMcN). Near Ivanhoe: 2 on 12 Feb, 22 March and 20 May;
4 on 25 June and singles on 18 June and 8 July (NS,JH).
Blue -winged Shoveler Two pairs at Nadgee 25 April (NWL) appear
to be the first for this area.
Pink -eared Duck At Kooragang: 3 on 8 April then from 1 Oct to
11 Nov with a max. of 20 (DG,FG). 4 at Fearrileys Lagoon near
Richmond 19 Aug (EH).
White -eyed Duck Flocks in excess of 2,000 birds, some estimates
up to 6,000, present on freshwater lagoons at Barrier Plain,
Myall Lakes 9 Oct (ROO/MM,DS); compare Birds 7:60.
Black -shouldered Kite 30 in the Richmond area 20 July (DS).
Large concentrations, 100+ in each case, between Sandy Hollow
and Dunedoo and between Peak Hill and Parkes 25 Aug (PB).
Square -tailed Kite One on a farm at Finley 1 to 13 Jan (JI).
2 at Tibooburra 6 Jan and 1 at Menindee 8 Jan (RC). 1 at
Bakers Lagoon 15 Oct (AC,AMcG,JH) was only the third Sydney
record and the first for over 70 years. Singles near Narromine
28 Dec (AC) and at G’ilgai 29 Dec (MB).
Grey Goshawk One at Northwood in early Feb (RN) and at North
Ryde 5 March (SGL) was probably the bird caught while attacking
poultry at Gladesville 7 March (CB). Breeding recorded at
Wallingat State Forest 6 Oct (RC).May 1973
BIRDS 95 1
Little Eagle Numerous records in the County of Cumberland March
to Sept with a peak in June; mainly single birds (many obs).
Wedge-tailed Eagle Present in numbers, up to 27, at Sayers Lake
18 May to 16 June (NS) often preying on Black -tailed Native Hens.
11 between Ivanhoe and Mount Manara 45 miles west on 25 June (NS).
15 at Wyangala Dam 2 April (AC).
Spotted Harrier 2 at Pitt Town Bottoms 1 Sept (DS,RN) and 2 at
Marley Lagoon 17 Sept (BF,PJB,JB) were unusual for the Sydney
area. near Booti Booti seen to catch a lizard 4 Oct. 2 over
moorland near Myall Lakes 6 Oct (DS). One at Lake Jindabyne
31 Dec (CB).
Osprey at Caringbah 30 Dec (FJ).
Black Falcon One near Wyalong 17 Feb (AMcG). One seen in flight
at Pitt Town Common 9 Aug (RB,LS).
Peregrine Falcon Nesting at Binalong Sept -Oct, one young fledged
successfully. (JP).
Grey Falcon Incubating on a nest near Dareton 27 Aug to 8 Sept
(PB). 3 seen 30 miles N of Wilcannia 6 Oct (WL,AA). Single birds
at Brewarrina Race Course 9 Jan (CB) and in the Ivanhoe area on
19 Feb, 11 March, 28 April, 25 May, 23 Sept and 6 Oct (JH,NS).
Mallee Fowl 2 active mounds at Pulletop 14 Jan (RC) and at
Ingalba in May (MC,JW). 4 birds between Tallimba and Weethalle
26 Aug (PB).
Brush Turkey Single birds observed in the Mount Kaputar National
Park on 4 March and in mid -May confirm sightings there in 1965
and 1967 (GF). One well seen, 2 miles from the foot of Macquarie
Pass 8 Oct, by an observer who is familiar with the species in
Queensland (per AM). This species range previously extended south
to the Illawarra district but has not been recorded there for
some years.
Stubble Quail Far west: two 20 miles W of Wanaaring 4 Jan and
2 at Salisbury Lake 50 miles E of Milparinka 5 Jan (RC). 18 on
Springdale property near Ivanhoe 13 Aug was an exceptional
concentration for this area (JH,NS).
King Quail 2 pairs of adults and 2 chicks in a flooded paddock
at Warriewood 6 Feb, still there 2 weeks later (AM,SGL). SingleBIRDS 96 1 May 1973
birds at Pitt Town Bottoms 13 May and 18 June (AC), at Bushells
Lagoon 2 Sept, at Bakers Lagoon 22 Oct (AC,RC) and at Northmead
31 Oct (AC).
Red -chested Quail 1 near Urunga 3 Jan (FJ). At Balmoral
property near Mudgee: 5 on 5 Jan, 1 on 11 March and 1 on 10
July (AM,NK). Up to 3 recorded regularly in Jan in the Finley
area JI). See Birds 7:9.
Little Quail 12 on grass plains 4 miles from Cooma 11 May (KW).
Plains Wanderer 2 females and 1 male caught and others seen
near Narrandera 12-13 May (WB,LL); details in press.
Brolga Far west: 1 at Birrigoolpa Bore, 65 miles E of Tibooburra
4, Jan (RC). 9 adults at Moally Park 50 miles E of Milparinka
25 Feb (AF). North coast: 14 at Angourie 10 Sept and 2 at
Lawrence 26 Sept (per EW). 3 pairs nesting in a paddock near
Narrandera in Jan (RM).
Lewin Water Rail 2+ at Terrey Hills from 9 June onwards (GP et
al) had probably been there for several months and bred. Singles
near Bungwahl 4 Oct (DS), and at Bushells Lagoon 8 Oct (BF,JB).
One heard calling at Kirkconnell, near Sunny Corner 12 Nov (RC).
Banded Land Rail Breeding recorded at Oatley Bay 18 Dec (MD).
Spotted Crake Nesting colony of c. 30 at Gullivers Swamp,
Finley 13 Feb, several nests found (JI). 8 near Ivanhoe 6 May (NS
Spotless Crake One at Prospect Reservoir 17 June (AC,AR). U1D to
2 at Kooragang 23 Sept -7 Oct (FG).
Black -tailed Native Hen c.10,000 in flooded country near Sayers
Lake on 12 May had dwindled to 10 by 8 July (NS). 2 at Lake
Goran 31 Dec (MAC).
Bustard 2 adults 40 miles N of Tibooburra in the Sturt National
Park 18 Jan (TR).
Painted Sniye Sydney area: 2 at Bakers Lagoon 14 Oct (JP) and 3
on 22 Oct (RC). Hunter area: present at Windeyer Swamp, Raymond
Terrace max. 8 on 28 Oct (AM), Minmi Swamp max. 17 on 16 Dec when
2 nests with eggs found (GS,DG,BW) and at Kooragang (FG).
Spur -winged Plover Nested on industrial sites in the Sydney area
a ft r omT ho tr hen le ci ig th y c( ep ne tr reW .K ) and at Zetland (BJ), the latter only 3 mileBIRDS 97 May 1973
Banded Plover Up to 9 in the Grafton area July -Oct where
seldom recorded (EW). Bred in the Sydney area at Bankstown
Aerodrome (BL) and near the runway out into Botany Bay,
Kingsford Smith Aerodrome (AMcG). 200+ near Fearnleys Lagoon
12 Aug (AC). 300+ at Lake Goran 27 Dec (RC).
Red -kneed Dotterel Recorded many times at the Hawkesbury Swamps
from 23 April to 9 Dec max. 38 on 13 May (AC,RC,RB et al). 2
near Coraki 8 Sept (EW). 4 nests with eggs at Kooragang Dec –
Jan 1973. Maybe the first coastal breeding record for N.S.W.
Double -banded Dotterel Summer record: 1 in non -breeding plumage
at Hawkes Nest 4 Dec (AM,SGL).
Mongolian Dotterel c.800 at Stockton 30 Nov (GU).
Large Sand Dotterel Early record: 4 at Kooragang 2 Sept (FG,TGK):
Max. 5 at Stockton 14 Oct (RC).
Black -fronted Dotterel 150+ at Pitt Town Lagoon 3 June (AC).
Australian Dotterel Plentiful at Clifton Bore, 40 miles E of
Milparinka and Acacia Downs 60 miles NE of Broken Hill 25 Feb (AF),
10 at Coorain Station near Mossgiel 9 April (NS). Nest with 3
eggs at Peneena Station and 9 birds at Morrisons Lake, both near
Ivanhoe 21 Oct (FJ,JH).
Eastern Golden Plover Large numbers at Stockton Feb -March,
max. 350 on 27 Feb (GH).
Grey Plover One in partial breeding plumage at Dee Why Lagoon
15 Sept remained for over a week (DS). An unusual plover at
Bakers Lagoon 8 Oct (JP) was considered to be this species.
Japanese Snipe One near Ivanhoe 20 Feb (JH). One attempting
to feed by a frozen pool at Armidale 24 Aug (MAC).
Little Whimbrel Up to 32 at Lake Goran 24-31 Dec (RC,MAC).
Whimbrel 36 at Towra Point, Botany Bay 16 March (AM,AF).
Marsh Sandpiper Unprecedented numbers for N.S.W. recorded at
Kooragang in Oct and Nov max 210 on 14 Oct (FG); see Birds
7:80. Also notable is a winter record of one at the same
locality on 4 June (FG,TGK). Up to 4 at swamps near Finley
1-3 Jan (JI). At Bakers Lagoon: 1 on 25 Aug (RJ), up to 2 from
2-15 Oct (AC,JP,PJB,JB et al) and 2 on 10 Dec (JN).BIRDS 98 May 1973
Greenshank Up to 20 in the Finley area in Jan (JI). max count
80+ at Kooragang 14 Oct (RC).
Wood Sandpiper One at Finley 3-16 Jan (JI). 5 at Griffith
Sewerage Farm 29 Dec (RC).
Common Sandpiper One at Finley 11 Dec 1971 to 12 Jan (JI).
Early record: one at Kooragang 9 Sept (FG,TGK). One at Bourke
Weir 28 Dec (AC).
Terek Sandpiper 2 at Lemon Tree Passage near Port Stephens
14 Jan (GH). Max count c.500 at Stockton 18 March (AR,AM,TL,MAC).
Knot Apparent passage movement at Kooragang with 60 on 9 Sept
and 150 on 10 Sept increasing to a max of 400 by 30 Sept after
which numbers decreased (FG).
Great Knot Max count 15+ at Kooragang 18 March (AR,TL et al).
Pectoral Sandpiper Single birds at Finley 1-4 Jan (JI), at
Kooragang 20 Nov (AMcG), at Uralla Lagoon 26 Dec (RC) and at
Bakers Lagoon (caught and banded) 30 Dec (SGL). A party of
about 25 birds at Kooragang 30 Dec were all considered to be
this species, however, only a few called in flight to confirm
this (DS).
Sanderling One at old Cooks River mouth, Botany Bay 12 Sept
Broad -billed Sandpiper c.180 at Kooragang 26 Feb (GH).
Black -tailed Godwit 400+ recorded on several occasions at
Bar -tailed Godwit Max count 800 at Stockton 14 Jan (GH)
Ruff One at Kooragang 27 Feb (GH,DG et al) is only the second
confirmed record for N.S.W. see Aust Bird Watcher 7:233.
White -headed Stilt Large numbers: 370 at Kooragang 12 Aug (FG,
TGK), 280+ at Homebush Bay 8 July and 300+ at Pitt Town Lagoon
12 Aug (AC).
Banded Stilt An immature at Kooragang 9-23 Sept (FG,TGK).
Avocet A notable series of records at Kooragang: one on 22 and
27 May, up to 19 during much of July and August, 15 in Sept and
e eta rl ay l) .O ct dropping to 12 by mid -Oct and 4 on 11 Nov (FG,TGK,GHBIRDS 99 1 May 1973
Southern Stone Curlew Bred successfully, rearing one chick at
Careel Bay near Avalon in Jan (GP,RC,MD,GD). Heard calling on
12 occasions and seen once in the Rooty Hill area between 12 May
and 2 Sept (RCC). One calling at Nadgee in July was a new
record for the reserve (IT).
Southern Skua One off Nadgee 22 April (NWL). More commonly
recorded at sea off Sydney than in recent years with up to 3
seen regularly from 15 July to 19 Aug (AR,TK,TL,BJ,HB et al).
Pomarine Skua Max. off Sydney Heads during the summer was 15-20
on 26 Feb, mainly well offshore (AR,TK et al).
Southern Black -backed Gull Max. of 18 adults and 8 young
counted on the Five Island Group during Dec (SGL,HB,BJ). This
is an increase since the 1969-70 season when 11-12 adults were
estimated, see Aust Bird Bander 8:32.
White -winged Black Tern Blo to 11 in the Finley area until 18
Jan (JI). Seen regularly at Kooragang Jan -March max. 25 on 3
March (FG,TGK,GH et al) also 4 on 9 Sept and 1 on 11 Nov (EH,AC).
Caspian Tern One at Bakers Lagoon Oct (AMcG), an unusual
locality for the Sydney area.
Gull -billed Tern 65 at Kooragang 16 Sept (FG) appears to be the
maximum recorded there. One at Long Reef 7 Oct (AMcG) is only
the seventh Sydney record.
Common Tern A very large concentration of c.1,500 at Newcastle
Bight 6 Feb were probably attracted by an abundance of fish close
inshore as evidenced by the catches of beach fishermen (GH).
This is the largest number recorded in N.S.W.
Sooty Tern An adult found alive at Athol Gardens, Mosman 17 Aug
is now in Taronga Park Zoo (per AM). 4 immatures and adult
beach washed or storm blown between 20 Oct and 10 Nov at
locations from Coledale to Grafton (BJ,DS,EW).
Little Tern Large concentration: 700+ at Kooragang 10 Dec (FG,TGK:
Noddy An adult at North Solitary Island 8 April (AM). Records
of thi8 species in N.S.W. are rare.
White -capped Noddy One caught at Forster 3 April (JDB). This is
only the second definite record for N.S.W.BIRDS 100 1 May 1973
Top -knot Pigeon Recorded almost continuously in the Royal
National Park from 12 June to the end of the year (AC,LS,RC et
al). Largest numbers present in June and July with 200+ on 28
June (GD,MD) and 300+ on 15 July (FJ,AMcG et al). Probably
bred, 4 apparently used nests being located on 30 Dec (FJ). 50+
at Barren Grounds 8 Jan (TL).
White -headed Pigeon Sydney area: up to 2 at Wahroonga Aug and
early Sept (JP), 1 at Roseville 14 Sept (PC). 4 at Bulli 5 Aug
Bar -shouldered Dove 2 at Brewster Weir, Lachlan River 19 Oct
(FJ) and 2 at Shearlegs Tank near Cobar 27 Dec (AC).
Peaceful Dove 1 at Ivanhoe 6 Nov (NS): seldom recorded in this
Crested Pigeon Further evidence of the coastal spread, pairs
being noted at Badgery Creek on 12 Feb and 5 March (AC), at
Asquith Golf Course 30 July, near Camden 29 Nov (RC) and at
Bakers Lagoon 12 Nov (AC).
Musk Lorikeet Numerous flocks of up to 50 noted in the Sydney –
Wollongong area from 12 June to 24 July with one flock at
Caringbah remaining to early Oct (FJ et al).
Swift Parrot 23 at Caringbah 8 April (FJ). At Oatley Bay: 30
on 9 April, flocks of 12, 20 and 100+ on 12 June, all flying N
and 5 on 20 Sept (GD,MD). 2 at Richmond Air Base 17-21 July (JN).
Several at Ingalba Nature Reserve, Temora in July and August
(MC,JW). 5 at Tambar Springs 4 Sept (AM).
Glossy Black Cockatoo Breeds in small numbers in the hills
stretching from Narrandera to the Lachlan River (JI) extending
considerably the range noted by Forshaw in “Australian Parrots”;
see Birds 7:73. Three sightings, each of 4 birds, just E of
Mount Hope 20 Feb (RM). c.15 at Moorebank 19 July (AMcG), an
unusual suburban record.
Gang Gang Cockatoo 300+ in the Budawang Range W of Batemans
Bay 31 Dec (AC). Small numbers again recorded in the Epping –
Pennant Hills area.
Major Mitchell Cockatoo 2 flocks totalling 60 at Roto 20 May (NS)
Flushed from 2 hollows several times, probably nesting, along theBIRDS 1101 1 May 1973
Anabranch W of Wentworth early Sept (PB).
Long -billed Corella 5 in Red Gums on the Lachlan River, about
25 miles NW of Hay early Sept (AS), were north of the normal
Superb Parrot Flock of 33 near Gooloogong 27 Dec (AC), reasonably
far north for the southern population.
Regent Parrot Observed along the River Murray near Wentworth
27 Aug to 8 Sept (PB).
Pale -headed Rosella 8 in the area between Goodooga, Brewarrina
and Bourke 2 Jan (RC).
Bourke Parrot 11 in Belar scrub feeding on Cassia seeds near
Ivanhoe 7 Oct (NS). 4 seen 25 miles N of Wilcannia 8 Oct (WL,AA).
Turquoise Parrot Localities not noted in 1971 report:- 2 at
Mount Kaputar National Park 29 May (AM), 9 in the Weddin Range
near Cowra 22 July (AC) and 3 at Kooragang 20 Nov (AMcG). Again
reported from Warrumbungle National Park, Widden Valley, North
Kurrajong, Springwood, Annangrove and Temora.
Black -eared Cuckoo One in the Cocoparra National Park on 23
Jan and 8 Feb after previous records of up to 2 pairs in Oct
1971 (VJ). Single birds at Kooragang 2 Jan (FG), at 2
localities near Grenfell 15 Oct and at Coolbaggie Creek near
Gilgandra 23 Oct (FJ).
Shining Bronze Cuckoo One beach washed at Soldiers Beach, Norah
Head 28 Sept (DS) and one found dead in Grafton 9 Oct (EW)
occurred during the normal migration period of this New
Zealand species. One at Coffs Harbour 22 Feb (PR) may have
been on return passage, see Birds 7:26.
Koel Latest and earliest records in the Sydney area were 21
March and 19 Sept respectively, both at Thornleigh (BH).
Channel -billed Cuckoo First records were 21 Sept at Gilgai (MB)
and 23 Sept at Coffs Harbour (PR) then many records from Sydney
northwards to the end of the year.
Pheasant Coucal Singles at Prospect Reservoir Jan (GD,MD)
and at Naremburn 16 Nov (WC) were unusual localities for the
Sydney area.May 1973
BIRDS 102 1
Powerful Owl One calling at Bayview 13 Oct (LB).
Barking Owl Heard calling at Mount Wilson during Jan and finally
sighted 12 Feb (ER).
Boobook Owl Bred in Dec near Ivanhoe where it is of very rare
occurrence (NS,JH).
Masked Owl One found dead at Pennant Hills 7 Sept (per JD)
AM no. 0.44309.
Grass Owl Nested successfully near Harrington during April (DC).
First breeding record for N.S.W., details in press.
Plumed Frogmouth The head, wing and feathers of a bird found in
the Big Rocky Creek area north of Lismore 28 June were sufficient
for it to be identified as this species. AM no. 0.44232.
Early the following day a live bird was observed in the same area
(DC,BW). This is only the third positive record for N.S.W.
Owlet Nightjar Sydney area: single birds observed on the West
Head Road, Kuring-gai Chase on 22 Jan (RC et al) and 9 June
(per ABR).
Spotted Nightjar On 13 Feb 43 were counted in the headlights of
A train at night between Roto and Mellelea, near Euabalong West,
a distance of 46 miles (NS).
Spine -tailed Swift Last record c.100 near Orange 31 March (AR)
First record: 6+ at Myall Lakes 5 Oct (RC).
Fork -tailed Swift An ususual movement took place over Sydney on
23 Dec.. From 07.45 to 10.00 hrs 400+ passed over Oatley Bay (GD,
MD); from 09.00 hrs many hundreds were seen over Moorebank (AMcG);
100+ were seen at Caringbah (FJ); many at Mona Vale Beach (RJ);
c.50 over Lion Island (SGL,JB,PJB) plus small numbers at Artarmon
(SV) and Roseville (RN). Most birds were recorded as drifting
slowly westwards. On the same day and perhaps associated with
this movement were 50 at Toronto (GH) and 500+, also moving
westward, at Walcha between 19.30 and 20.00 hrs (RC).
Azure Kingfisher One well seen on three occasions at Dareton on
27 Aug, 2 and 4 Sept (PB). This record extends the range of this
species about 80 miles westwards, the previous limit being
approximately the junction of the Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers.BIRDS 103 1 May 1973
Redrbacked Kingfisher One near Ballina 2 June (DMS), see 1971
report. Generally returns to the Ivanhoe area during Sept,
breeds, then departs in late Dec or early Jan before the really
hot weather sets in (NS,JH).
Rainbow Bee -eater 10 near Wallacia 16 Sept (AC). There is only
one earlier record for the Sydney area, a single bird seen on
12 Sept 1965.
Dollar Bird First arrivals: 2 Oct Coffs Harbour (PR), 4 Oct
Wallis Lake (DS) and 8 Oct Gilgai (MB). Last seen at Armidale
28 March (GH). c.40 hawking in one flock near Palm Beach prior
to roosting 21 Jan (GP).
Skylark Albinistic (cream -coloured) individual at Bakers Lagoon
15 Oct (AC,AMcG).
White -backed Swallow 4 at Bakers Lagoon 16 May (FJ,AMcG) and 9
June (DS). o.6 at Pitt Town 1 July and 12 Aug (AC,AMcG,RC,FJ).
3+ near Wisemans Ferry 4 June (TL). 5 at St. Albans Common
12 June (RC). Winter records are scarce in the Sydney area.
Ground Cuckoo -Shrike More plentiful than usual in the Ivanhoe
district in winter with numerous records from May to early Oct
(NS). 3 at Balmoral property near Mudgee 10 July were unusual
for this area (AM,NK).
Little Cuckoo -Shrike C.40 Cuckoo -Shrikes seen near Mount Colah
(ABR,ML) in Kuring-gai Chase 12 June were apparently all this
species; see Birds 7:59.
Cicada Bird A male seen 15 miles N of Coonabarabran on 15 Feb
(AMcG) was west of the normal range.
White -winged Triller A male at Caringbah on 7 Oct (FJ) was an
unusual coastal record for thistypically shale country species.
Red -whiskered Bulbul Now recorded as plentiful at Coffs
Harbour with several breeding records (PR) see Birds 7:46.
Spine -tailed Log -runner A female well seen for ten minutes on
fallen logs in the Royal National Park near Sutherland 26 Oct
Cinnamon Quail Thrush 5 seen one mile north of Tibooburra
23 June (WL,AA).BIRDS 104 1 May 1973
Grey -crowned Babbler Probably on the limits of its range at
Ivanhoe occurring in small numbers north and south of the town
but not to the west (JH).
Chestnut -crowned Babbler 7 in Bimble Box Pine scrub at Nyngan
19 June (AM).
Tawny Grassbird 2 in heath behind the beach at Cape Hawke near
Forster 4 Jan (Gq. 1 at Bakers Lagoon from 7 May to 28 May
(GD,MD,AC,EH,AMcG and on 10 Dec (JN). 2 in cane grass at
Pitt Town Bottoms 18 June (AC).
Brown Songlark A male singing at Mona Vale 2 Nov (LH); an
unusual locality for the Sydney area.
Rufous Songlark Unusual localities: singles at Nadgee 3 Sept
(NWL) and at Homebush Bay 25 Nov (EH).
Blue Wren Again recorded at Willandra Creek Mossgiel with 4 on
16 Nov (NS), see 1971 report.
Black -backed Wren 2+ pairs frequented lignum clumps on
Thelangerin property Hay in early Sept (AS);
evidence that this is not solely a mallee species.
Mangrove Warbler Up to 9 at Kooragang (many obs). One in
mangroves at Hawkes Nest 5 Oct (RC), apparently a new locality.
Little Thornbill Seen in very small numbers around Ivanhoe
24 May to 24 July; apparently a winter visitor only (JH).
Shy Heath Wren Pair seen near West Wyalong April (AR) at the
eastern edge of this species range.
Striated Grass Wren 3 seen and heard in thick spinifex and
mallee scrub country south of Cobar 16 Dec (RM). This outstand-
ing discovery is the first direct evidence of this species in
N.S.W. since 1883.. The observer is familiar with the calls and
habits of the species in NW Victoria where it is moderately
common; further details in press.
Crimson Chat As in 1971 very few records in the eastern sector
of the state.
Gibber Bird 15 counted between Tibooburra and Packsaddle
Creek about 90 miles further south 6 Jan (RC). A pair at
Packsaddle Creek 21 June and another 1 mile NW of MilparinkaBIRDS 105 May 1973
22 June (AA,WL). One possibly two pairs at the isolated
breeding locality SW of Ivanhoe from 13 Aug (RM,JH).
Pink Robin A bird at Yeramba Lagoon 20 Aug (GD,MD) was
considered to be this species; for further details see Birds 7:60.
Rufous Fantail Late Sydney record: one at Castle Hill 22 April
Satin Flycatcher Only one Sydney record, a male at Longueville
7 Nov (RN), compared with many in spring 1971. Plentiful and
breeding at Sunny Corner State Forest, 10 males observed on
Dec (GD,MD,RC).
Gilbert Whistler Noted as fairly plentiful in the mid west of
the state with sightings of two pairs in mallee west of West
Wyalong, several pairs in whipstick mallee at Rankins Springs
16 Oct (FJ) and one at Thelangerin NW of Hay early Sept (AS).
Black -capped Sittella 4 at Ivanhoe 20 May in company with
Whitefaces and Thornbills (NS). 7′ at Bodadah 27 Dec (AC).
Red-browed Tree -creeper c.4 in forest country near Picton
April (AMcG). Several records from Lady Carrington Drive,
Royal National Park may all refer to a pair which bred there
successfully in Nov (BF,JB,PJB,AMcG).
Yellow -tailed Pardalote Observed at Ingalba Nature Reserve
Temora in Jan (MC,JW) indicating an overlap area with the
Spotted Pardalote.
Black -headed Pardalote One nesting at Laurieton 13 Oct (RC)
mated with an Eastern Striated Pardalote; details in press.
Red -brewed Pardalote 2 at Packsaddle Creek 90 miles S of
Tibooburra 21 June (AA,WL).
Silvereye 12+ showing plumage similarity to the Tasmanian
form wintered in the Ivanhoe township from 27 April to 2 Sept (JH)
Brown Honeyeater Small parties observed in the Mount Kaputar
National Park on 23 and 24 May (AM,GF) were south of the known
inland range; see Emu 62:153.
Scarlet Honeyeater One at Nadgee feeding in Coastal Ash
(Eucalyptus seiberi) during several days in June (NWL,HR) was
the first for that area.BIRDS 106 May 1973
Black Honeyeater Isolated pairs feeding on Eremophila seen on
three occasions near Ivanhoe 26 Oct -2 Nov (NS).
Pied Honeyeater A pair seen in the Nandewar Ranges on 23 May
(GF) were far to the east of the normal range. A few during
Sept around Ivanhoe when the Eremophila longifolia was in bloom
Lewin Honeyeater Recorded in rainforest type vegetation at
three localities in Mount Kaputar National Park during May (AM,
GF). This is some 50 miles SW of the previously known inland
range, see Emu 62:155.
Yellow -fronted Honeyeater Up to 12 present from 13 July to 4 Aug
in the Cocoparra National Park (VJ). 1 near Ivanhoe 21 Oct (JH).
Brown -headed Honeyeater Observations indicate that the species
is on the fringe of its range in the Ivanhoe district and
confined to mallee areas, none having been observed in other
timbered country (JH).
Little Friar Bird One at Cromer Golf Course Aug (DS) appears
to be the first Sydney record since Nov 1967, see Birds 2 part 4.
Yellow -winged Honeyeater At least 4 watched for over 20 minutes
in mallee scrub 1 mile W of Balranald 26 Aug (PB). This is only
the third occurrence in this area, previous records being of
single birds near Irymple (Vic) and west of Euston (per JH),
see Emu 61:51.
White -fronted Honeyeater One at Cocoparra National Park 30
March was the first record for the area. A pair on Scenic Hill,
Griffith 19 Oct (VJ). Other records from Cobar, Ivanhoe and
Kinchega (AC,NS,RC).
Painted Honeyeater Present in the area from Wanganella to north
of Jerilderie from Dec 1971 to early April (JI) mainly associated
with Boree (Acacia pendula) see Emu 61:51. Observed in the
Ingalba Nature Reserve near Temora during Oct (MC,JW).
Regent Honeyeater Observed for several days in June at Nadgee
(NWL,HR) mainly feeding on Coastal Ash.
Dusky Miner A small group 4+ in mallee scrub about 15 miles W
of Euston 26 Aug and 9 Sept (PB). Although previously noted in
this locality this sighting is important since this is one of
the States rarest birds.BIRDS 107 May 1973
Bell Miner New colony noted at Black Hill mid way between East
Maitland and Wallsend (PB).
Tree Sparrow One at a garden feeding tray at Northmead 18 May
(AC). Although two clutches of eggs found at Beecroft in 1949
were referred to this species, see Birds of Sydney p 106, this
is the first sight record for the County of Cumberland.
Apostle Bird A pair in a garden at Caringbah Nov and at Lucas
Heights 13 Nov (FJ) along with reports of birds at Cronulla Golf
Course and Sutherland may all refer to the one group of birds,
possibly escapes.
Masked Wood Swallow A small influx occurred in the Sydney area
in mid Sept along with much larger numbers of the following
species. Up to 4 in the Scheyville area from 14 Sept to 2 Oct
(EH,AC,RN,RJ,SV), 4+ at Cobbity 16 Sept (AC,AMcG) and 2 at
Fearnleys Lagoon 15 Oct (AC).
White -brewed Wood Swallow 4 near Scheyville 14 Sept (EH) were
the forerunners of large numbers there and at Greendale on 16
Sept.. Many remained in the Scheyville area to breed: 4 nests
with eggs on 4 Nov were all in fence posts (AC,AMcG,AR,RN et al).
Little Wood Swallow Found breeding in the Warrumbungle National
Park in mid Dec (FG). This is probably the southern limit of
this species breeding range, see also Aust Bird Watcher 3:78.
Pied Currawong Appears to be a true winter visitor in the
Maitland area arriving in early May and departing in Aug (PB).
White -backed Magpie One 30 miles E of Broken Hill in company
with a Black -backed Magpie 1 April (NS). One showing White –
backed characteristics paired and nested with a Black -backed
Magpie at Ivanhoe (JH). Sydney records are regular and will
no longer be listed.
Regent Bower Bird Continues to be recorded at Mitchell Park,
Cattai (many obs).
Little Raven Flock estimated at 700 near Bobadah 27 Dec (AC).BIRDS 108 1 May 1973
Appendix A
1971 Report – Addition and Comments
Sooty Oystercatcher North coast: not considered rare, at least
between Nambucca and Wooli where it occurs in equal numbers with t
Pied Oystercatcher. Numerous offshore islands in this area may
provide breeding sites (PR).
White-browed Babbler Warrumbungle National Park: 1971 record
was not the first for this area, 3 being seen at Gales Bore on
the extreme southern edge of the park on 31 Aug 1962 (GS).
Fairly common north of the Warrumbungles in the Inverell district
Whiteface Northern tablelands: nomadic parties occur around
Inverell (MB).
Gibber Bird Present at a locality SW of Ivanhoe 5 June 1971
(JI,RM), well isolated from its normal range.
Apostle Bird Eastern distribution: studied regularly at uilgai
during the last 10 years (MB).
Appendix B
Kermadec Petrel 4 (3 dark phase, 1 light) observed from Big
Slope flying off the end of mount Gower above King Point late
evening 16 Jan (PF).
Black -winged Petrel Found on eggs at North Head mid Jan. Out
of 15 captured 3 had been banded at the same place the previous
summer (PF,JD).
Wedge-tailed Shearwater Breeding in good numbers on Rabbit
Island: 51 nestlings banded during a short visit in early
April (SGL).
Straw -necked ibis The bird recorded in 1971 appears to have
remained throughout the year (DR).
Black Duck Again bred successfully at the south end of the island.
Apparently now a breeding resident (DR).
Woodhen Total world population in Sept was 17 birds all thenBIRDS 1’09 1 may 1973
colour banded,. Paired birds held 8 territories and a single
male held a ninth. Absence of Woodhens from the Big Slope and
from the hanging valley off the western side of Mount Gower was
confirmed (PF,JD).
marsh Crake A specimen (AM no 44313) obtained on 25 Aug was
the first for the island (per JD).
Silver Gull An adult at the Lagoon 18 Jan (PF).
White -capped Noddy Single birds seen off Big Slope 16 Jan (PF)
and at weds Beach 8 April (SGL).
blackbird Well established on Mount Gower judging from nests
found and especially the number of singing males in Sept (PF,JD).
Song Thrush Eggshell found on Mount Gower and a bird singing
on 7 Jan indicate that this species is now established on the
mountain (PF,JD).
Noisy Friarbird One calling on Mount Gower 7 Jan was probably
the bird reported during 1971 (PF).
Saturday, 19 May – Kenthurst
Leader: A. Colemane 630.6504
Meet 8.30 a.m. Rogans Hill in Old Northern Road, Aylward &
Kennedy’s Hardware Store
Saturday, 24 June – Royal National Park
Leaders: G. & M. Dibley 570.1298
Meet 9.45 a.m. east side Heathcote Station. Train ex Wynyard
8.40 a.m., St. James 8.45 a.m. Change at Sutherland. Short
walk, important activities for newcomers and experienced.
Bring notebook and pencil. Carry Lunch.
Saturday, 21 July – Taronga Zoo3IRDS 110 1 May 1973
Vowra Point, Botany Bay, 17 February, 1973. This trip was led
by Ernie Hoskin with 19 people attending. We started out with
rain and mosquitos and ended up with sunshine and a good bird
list – 50 all told. The bush areas yielded a few species, best
of which was a Dollar -bird, but the chief interest of the day
was focused on the array of water birds present. These included
skuas, terns, gulls, waders, ibis, spoonbills, herons, egrets,
pelican, cormorants, moorhens, ducks and swans. An Australian
Goshawk and a White -breasted Sea -Eagle were also seen.
On the Salicornia flats were hundreds of White Ibis and Eastern
Curlews, whilst on the beaches were about 120 Bar -tailed Godwits.
Two Mangrove Herons were seen and also a Caspian Tern. A lone
Pied Oystercatcher was frequenting the area, together with c.20
Grey -tailed Tattlers and 3 Whimbrels. An Arctic Tern was
identified amongst a flock of 50 Common Terns, and above the
beach the remains of a Short -tailed Shearwater were found.
(D. Sawyer)
Kooragang Island, 17 March, 1973. 49 members journeyed by bus
o Newcastle to be met by another 20 members at the site. They
saw a profusion of waders not seen in Sydney since the destructior
of the Cook’s River Mouth. These included species rare in the
area such as Curlew, Broad -billed and Terek Sandpipers and
Black -tailed Godwits. At the area near the bridge there were
at least 2000 waders including both species of Godwit, Mongolian
Dotterels and 3 Greenshank. At one stage a Curlew and a Whimbrel
stood within a few metres of each other as if to demonstrate to
the observers the size difference. At other areas good views
were obtained of numbers of Egrets, one Sea -Eagle and five
Mountain Ducks, which flew overhead. Kooragang may be the
northern limit for the species. One member who took the wrong
direction early in the day was rewarded with the sight of two
Jabirus. In all 70 species were observed.
(J. Francis)BIRDS 111 May 1973
Museum Meeting, 15 Feb 1973. One of our younger members,
Mr Murray Bruce, spoke on “Birds of Timor”. Being interested
in birds of Celebesian, Moluccan and Lesser Sunda Subregions of
the Australasian Region, he decided to spend a month in
Portuguese Timor, flying in from Darwin.
Timor is zoogeographically close to the Asian Oriental
Region. In spite of its proximity to Australia (about 300 mis.)
the deep channel between the two has been an effective barrier
for many Australian species. (less than 36% of the checklist
for the Island).
His visit was the first bird study trip since the collection
by G. Stein, 1931-32. He recorded 105 species in Portuguese
Timor with at least 18 new records for the area and included
Bonellis Eagle, Spot –breasted White -eye, White-browed bush
Warbler, Island leaf Warbler, Timor grass Warbler and Timor
Sparrow. He traversed the island from north to south reaching
8,000ft in the mountains. The area is not easy to travel
around and transportation was quite a problem. He was very
lucky to have covered so much of the island during his trip.
His account of his experiences re accommodation and food
problems were most interesting. Naturally he did not have
much time for bird photography but managed to get some
distant pictures of Pied Chat, Jonquil Parrots and close-up
of Yellow -headed Lorikeet. However he had photographed many
of the colour plates from books on Asian and New Guinea birds
and these were used to advantage to illustrate a most interest-
ing talk. Other pictures showed the arid and eroded nature of
the island and the rain forest areas of the mountains. It is
hoped Murray will write up his findings for a later copy of
(G. Dibley)BIRDS 112 May 1973
21 June R. Mason Chairman’s Address
20 July G. Horey Australian Bird Atlas
16 August C. White Birds of Kenya and Aldabra
(All meetings commence at 8.00 p.m. in the Lecture Room,
Australian Museum, College Street, Sydney. Meetings close
10.00 p.m-)
1972 Annual Bird Report

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    Notices 109
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    84 Arabella St., Longueville 42-2418
    Field Day Organiser: Mrs M. Dibley
    18 Russell St., Oatley 570-1298
    Hon. Editor: A. K. Morris 631-7892
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